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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Sayonara Folklore 5

Chapter 5

+ posted by Transfade as translation on Oct 3, 2011 14:38 | Go to Sayonara Folklore

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This is reserved for Shi-Ki.

If it is to be used in a scanlation, credit the translator as Transfade. Bubbles that have no need to be translated are not included. Bubble sequence is in order from rightmost to leftmost in most cases otherwise just figure out the flow of the speech bubbles. Generally I may interchange SFX sounds with their onomatopoeia to go with the flow. I may also leave certain phrases in Japanese because I can't think of a suitable English equivalent or the term is recognized by western audiences as is. This translation has yet to be proofread.

Name Mutter: - Means a person says something outside a bubble
SFX: - Sound Effect
Name: Apple Banana(STYLE) Cucumber. Means a particular word has to be done in a specific style
Name(STYLE): - Means the entire sentence is done in the mentioned style.
(Random) - Means a comment only meant for working purposes.
(TN:) - Means this comment is meant to be included in the typesetted version.
(H) - Heart Symbol

Page 101
Box: There is no one else you love more
Box: With this, finally without obstruction, without revulsion
Box: We can go together
Box: What if we are reborn?
Box: No. Rebirth will not await us.
Box: We will wander for all eternity
Box: God. Please.

Page 102
Title: Chapter 5
Box: Curse those lovers in bliss when Monday comes

Page 103
Text: I lost my parents when I was young and was left on my own
Text: I was afraid of monsters and at night I cried shaking in fear.
Text: That's why when it came to the ghosts of those girls
Text: I was honestly afraid.
Teacher: Takase-san. Until tomorrow's meeting is over.
Teacher: You are to stay here in the detention room.

Page 104
Text: Before this, I definitely wouldn't have been able to sleep in this dark room...
Takase: Yeah

Page 105
Takase: I'm not afraid
Text: As long as I think of Sumika's smiling face, I'll be alright.
Takase: Somewhere along the way, I gained all sorts of things haven't I...
Text: Are you okay with me not being around anymore...!?
Text: Didn't you want to go home Sumika...?
Takase: But in the end I wonder I just made her angry...
SFX: Creak

Page 106
Takase(BOLD): Huh
Takase: The floor...
Takase: Wha
Takase: A letter...?
Letter: To the one locked away in the detention room
Takase: What's this doing here?
Takase: ...I wonder if it's okay for me to read it...

Page 107
Text: After having finished writing my reflection letter, I wrote a letter to you of out boredom.
Text: There is stationery inside the table
Text: Whatever you do, please don't shut the floorboard
Text: If you are unable to sleep
Text: You can write an unreachable letter yourself or read someone else's letter in their recipient's place until morning comes.
Text: For good or bad
Text: There is no place to be alone in this lively dorm...
Takase: What a happy letter...
Takase: I wonder what I should write about

Page 108
Sumika: Takase-senpai's in the detention room?
Acchan: ...I see. I'll head over to Takizawa-sensei's place then. Thanks.
Sumika: What's this detention room?
Sumika: Hey!
Acchan: ...It's something like solitary confinement.

Page 109
Acchan: If that's true then you have to go there...
Sumika: Wha...
Acchan: Sorry. I lost myself for a second...
Acchan: At any rate, you're also being detained as well...
Sumika: You are not to leave this room, got it? Good.

Page 110
Sumika: The detention room... Why is senpai...
Sumika: Is she covering for me again...?
Text: I love you.
Text: More than anyone and anything else.
Text: Even if we have to part like this
Text: I will always think of you
Text: Very soon
Text: The two of us will truly be bound together
Text: Finally without anyone to obstruct or revile us
Text: We will be together

Page 111
Text: Rather than to go on living lamenting upon an undesirable love
Text: I know that if death were to come, our souls are forever bound
Text: There is no one who will let this love be
Text: Let us see to it that no one forgets
Text: Let me take you away on Monday’s morning
Text: We have no need for rebirth
Text: We will carve our lives into the school itself
Text: Let us wander here for all eternity
Box: To my dear beloved from yours, T. Kanako
Takase: Could this be...
Takase: From the lover's suicide incident...?
Text: Lamenting upon an impermissible love. You aren't planning on committing a lover's suicide like "those girls"...
SFX: Knock Knock

Page 112
Takase: Huh...
Takase: Ah
Takase: What...?
Sumika: Ahhh

Page 113
Sumika: Senpai!!
Takase: Sumika!?
Takase: What are you doing!? That's dangerous...!
Sumika: That's my line!
Sumika: I heard that you were put into solitary confinement or something like that...!
Takase(BOLD): Ehhh
Sumika: Just get over here!
Takase: Wha...
Takase: I cant do that. If I get out of here then I'll...
Sumika: I have something important to talk to you abut!!
Sumika: Hurry!

Page 115
Sumika: Whoah
Takase: Huh
Sumika: Let's go up there first.
Takase: We-we're going to climb up...!?
Takase: They'll see us you know.
Sumika: It's alright.
Sumika: This is about the two of us so I'd rather that the both of us get punished together.
Sumika: I don't want you to be the only one who get's dragged down.
Takase: Wha... Why are you...

Page 116
Sumika: The thing is that when I first came here, I couldn't be bothered with anyone but myself.
Sumika: I was lonely and I wanted to go home...
Sumika: I didn't think anything of you at all.
Sumika: But you still acted kindly towards me all that time didn't you?
Sumika: I did wonder why. It made me happy.
Sumika: However
Sumika: I didn't feel happy about today at all!

Page 117
Sumika: Say
Sumika: Are you really, really, really okay with me not being around anymore!?
Sumika: I get that you're just thinking about what's best for me but you can't just decide on something all on your own without telling me about it!
Sumika: Truthfully, I really don't know if I'll be able to stand things that I don't like.
Sumika: If you also put on an "I'm okay" face when I'm gone, I wouldn't like that at all.
Sumika: I want to do something for you too...

Page 118
Sumika: Whether it's something good or a bad, how I am supposed to know if you don't say something!?
Takase: But... I thought you liked your sister...
Sumika: I do! Of course I do. But...
Sumika: That's different. It's completely different.

Page 119
Sumika: My heart races when you're around. Even though I wanted to go home, I've been thinking it's alright if I don't.
Sumika: The feeling I get when I think of my sister is a completely different feeling.
Takase: But the... The photo The photo you two took of...
Takase: You kissing... The one I saw...
Sumika: ...Yeah... We kissed...
SmallText: Like normal
Takase(BOLD): Huh!?
TakaseMutter: Like normal!?
Sumika: It isn't?
Takase(BOLD): No, it's not! So... Then...
Takase: Would you do it with me too?

Page 120
Sumika: Huh...
Sumika(BOLD): EHHH!? EHH
Takase: Eh
Takase(BOLD): Ummm
Takase(BOLD): Ahh Ermm
Takase: I... Sorry. It's nothing. Pretend you didn't hear that...
Takase: Like normal... Like normal...?
Sumika: O- Okay
Sumika: What? What am I being surprised about this for? It's fine. Just do it like you usually do.
Text: Touching senpai like this
Text: I feel really embarrassed for some reason...
Text: If I told her "Say what you want to say!", would she have asked for it from the start?
Text: Senpai's so cute

Page 121
Takase: Wha...
Sumika: Senpai. Could you... close your eyes for a bit...
Takase: Ehh... Are... Are you going to kiss me...?
Sumika: I'm not...
Takase: Sumika doesn't have to say anything. She's going to...

Page 122
Teacher: Takase-san!!
Teacher: Sumika-san!!
Takase: Ta... Takizawa-sensei...
Teacher: Don't rush into it...!!
Teacher: Don't take those fleeting emotions seriously!!
Teacher: I'm calling the emergency services so just stay right there...

Page 123
Sumika: Hey wait... We're not jumping off okay!
Teacher: Don't lie to me!!
Teacher: If you aren't then why did you sneak out...!!
Sumika: You trapped senpai in there!
Takase: Su-sumika!
Takase: Sensei... I think she might be afraid of heights.
TakaseMutter: Her hands and voice are shaky...
Sumika: Huh?
Sumika: Just like my sister...
Teacher: What part about the Monday curse do you not understand!?
Teacher: Playing around and mimicking "those girls" like this...

Page 124
Sumika: ...We aren't playing around!
Sumika: Don't lump us together with people who'd want their loved ones dead!
Sumika: It's true that in the beginning we were pretending and causing problems so I'd get sent back to Oneechan's place.
Sumika: But it's different now. If it's for Takase-senpai's sake, I won't touch her.

Page 125
Sumika: Monday. Everyday.
Sumika: I can bear with it if that's what it takes to protect senpai!
Sumika: She did the same for me after all.
Teacher: ...The custom itself caused the problem...
Takase: I... I was always afraid of the curse of "those girls".
Takase: However... That was until I found some letters in the detention room.

Page 126
Takase: They were just two people in love.
Takase: They just wanted the blessing to do so...
Takase: ...I'm sorry for causing all the fuss. I will receive the punishment properly.
Sumika(SKELETALFONT): Hey... senpai...!
Teacher: No
Teacher: That won't be necessary.
Teacher: To punish the both of you...
Teacher: There isn't really a reason for it...

Page 127
Text: That old custom
Text: Is no longer here
Text: I love you
Text: More than anyone. More than anything.
Acchan: It seems that "those girls" didn't die from their lovers suicide.
Girl: It was only an attempt...?
Acchan: Romance going on at an all girls' school isn't good for public decency so the teachers made use of that story.
Acchan: The curse isn't real so it's fine to touch even on Mondays.
Acchan: See!

Page 128
Girl(BOLD): I... I think that's far enough for me today...
Acchan: Really?
Acchan: It really is okay you know.
Girl(BOLD): That... That's not really what I...
Text: Never forget
Text: No matter how lonely it may be, never wish for love to end.
Text: As the only one I vow not to stray from, is the kind, gentle you.

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