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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Tokyo ESP 18

The Professor Strikes Again!

+ posted by trotskey as translation on Jun 1, 2012 02:48 | Go to Tokyo ESP

-> RTS Page for Tokyo ESP 18

[Thanks to RegalStar for fixing my translation]
pg. 2
The Professor Strikes Again!

pg. 3

[behind the congressional building]
In response to further acts of terrorism
congress plans to pass new regulations to deal with the espers tomorrow.

Though, even after establishing these laws,
who will enforce them?
The white girl?

The police also agree that this will be difficult to enforce.
Afterall, our side has espers too.

As "the white girl"'s crew were witnessed at the scene of the terrorist attacks, rescuing victims
and fighting the terrorists.

They too would become the target of the new regulations...

pg. 4
Perhaps they are the only ones
capable of dealing with the espers or perhaps
they are messengers of justice.

This beacon of hope in “the white girl” seems to have taken root among citizens

It makes little difference
as the harvest period approaches.

A period of increased brutality,
terror, and despair.

pg. 5
After having contact with the light fish,

She has had ESP for about 6 months.

Due to a number of reasons,
she's been using her abilities to fight terrorists

Next time she has free time
she wants to go on a real date

That day would be
the best day of her life.

pg. 6
Good morning!
Gotta work hard today!
Bye Bye Peggi! See you during lunch break.
Be a good penguin and stay hidden.
peggi: [squak]

This feeling of excitement
was like nothing before.

But I never imagined

That this day
would be my last day of high school

pg. 7
Yesterday, it looked like
the white girl
was on a ferris wheel and fighting against the ghost.

I heard she was wearing our school uniform.
ahh, she fell off the tanker in the photograph.
This sailor uniform is rare among high schools.
What? No way!

Even if she is one of the students in this school
disclosing her identity would be really bad

Of course! She'll have to drop out!
But it is not like she's human anyway.
Right, but I still want her signature.
If we find her, we'll probably be on TV!

pg. 8
Will I need to wear a mask?
[notey-things]:convenient plastic bag hero mask!!
I probably won't be able to eat at the cafeteria with Azuma if I drop out
Dad works hard enough to pay my tuition.

Pg 9.
[plate]:fire hydrant

An explosion?
What happened?

Who's that?
They've got a weapon!

Pg 10.
hrm, regardless of the school's location, they all feel different

So dull,

I've long wanted to watch a school get absolutely destroyed.
Anyone who's anyone,
take cover.

Granted, I just dropped out of school last year

Pg 11
What just happened?
Why now of all times?...

Pg 12
This is bad!
A woman carrying a gun is coming up here
Everyone, escape quickly!

Really? A terrorist? Here?
Run where?

But here in the school
if I use my ESP
then everyone will know


Pg 13
This is just like destroying an ants nest.

If you don't escape
it's the end of the road for you!

I'll send everyone backwards

100-pace spirit punch!

Pg. 14

Pg. 15
Cut that out!
Missed me.

Finally, “the white girl” appeared.
And was even able to pass through the shock wave.

Crap! I don't know what I'm doing.


Trying to hide...
There's no room for me to hesitate.

teehee. Oh, I know.
You can pass through things.

Pg. 16
Let's fight!

This here girl's name is Lin Lingqian
People who live by the water call me “The Evil Ghost of the Woods”

That was close...
Her hands are impressive.

This person, their fighting is terrifying!

Pg. 17
Say, are you with the professor?
What are you doing at this school?

That's a stupid question.
We should be asking why you are at this school.

“white girl”-chan

Pg. 18
Eeeh!? Rinka!
Are you not her?
You are “the white girl”

And not just her sister?
Why would you join the terrorists?

No reason
I'm just helping for fun and nothing else

Pg. 19
Since we've gained ESP
stealing things became too easy and boring

Ever since that day
my sister has remained well known


not good... Enemies of this level
two of them fighting together

Pg. 20


You aren't trying to escape, are you?

Pg. 21
Because we will have no trouble
publicly executing hostages

A third person?


my body, I can't control it anymore!!

Pg 22.

How can this be?!
I can't move, I can't teleport,
I can't even make a sound
That hurts! That hurts!

Once anyone sees my eyes
They become my stringed puppets.

Pg. 23

My body is moving on its own

Could it be the enemy's ESP?

By the way, I should tell you
your tragic story is being broadcast live

Pg. 24
This is the payback for your silly so-called heroics
Despite having ESP

Look at them ganging up on her

you still oppose the terrorists

Stop fighting

This girl...
She works in our shop!

Send a police car immediately!

That guy...

The public should start a witch hunt
In order to prevent such people from appearing.

Pg. 25
Let this be a warning to the rest of the world.

khh, This is bad...
“the white girl”
is going to get killed

ack! I wasn't prepared for this...
The school they attacked.
Immediately over there I hurry!

eheh, Even against your unfriendly classmates
You still won't fight back?

Pg. 26
Is there no way out of this?
Where did peggi get off to?



Pg. 27
Rinka and Azuma,
you want me to kill them both?

Is that a problem?

You planned to use them as a warning from the beginning
is that why you let them act freely?

And what if I did?
As far as you've come, you hesitate to finish?

Pg. 28
Everything stems from fear
In order to restructure human society
In order to prevent the thing that killed her
To fix this ugly world
Have you not already made up your mind?
abandon your humanity, Mina

Pg. 29
My determination has not changed

But that day

I didn't save Azuma to kill him for his fish today.

quit playing around
the police should be here shortly


not good. If I continue to get beat up like this
I could really die.

Pg. 30
Hurry up and finish the task
I'll be sending this man on his way.

Wait a minute...

Pg. 31
Wait a minute...
Where are you taking him

Don't take him away

Pg. 32
would this sort of thing happen

Because of this
before we could enjoy it.
When you finally
agreed to a date?

Pg. 33
I hate this...
You're still hanging on, aren't you?
Hurry up and die, eh~


Pg. 34

Pg. 35

Pg. 36
Rinka is already dead

You can no longer
return to where you were

Pg. 37

That sort of thing...

Pg. 38
hurry, hurry, hurry
Her heart's stopped

Rinka, she
was “the white girl” all along

She's my daughter!! Let me through!!
Calm down sir

How about the Defibrillator?
We just tried that

Pg. 39
Reports state that the number of wounded has risen above 40
A death toll has yet to be announced
video of the crime has spread throughout the network
The current situation is such that people are afraid to go outside

All of the city's schools have closed

The video showed a high school freshman being attacked
According to eye-witness testimony, she is “the white girl”

She's “the white girl”?
Isn't she adorable?

she's dead?

Pg. 40
[sign]:tokyo metropolitan hospital

Where am I?

Pg. 41
O, you've regained consciousness!

Still can't get up
You're in the hospital

They took Azuma

The country is interested in your story
It'd be safest for you to stay here

Pg. 42
Now's not the time for this

If I don't hurry
and find Azuma...

The handcuffs
I should be able to pass through them


They're stuck on
But why?

Pg. 43
I can't pass through
anything anymore?

[teaser]:A hero that lost her power?

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