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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Tokyo ESP 20

+ posted by trotskey as translation on Sep 16, 2012 14:39 | Go to Tokyo ESP

-> RTS Page for Tokyo ESP 20

Pg. 2
[side-thing]Tokyo falls into a state of confusion after the passing of the “ESP control act”

In the face of the authorities who enforce the arrests
Ordinary citizens held large-scale demonstrations

I was fired due to a misunderstanding
Give my child back
[SIGN]End the ESP control act
The troops wounded me!
The urban chaos has yet to settle

The espers were locked in an underground prison

Citing security concerns, the city did not disclose its location

Even reporting is being restricted by the government
public anxiety continues to grow

Pg. 3
It hurts

We have implanted a monitoring device into your hand

Here you do not have the slightest privacy
Your movements and conversations will be monitored 24 hours a day

Use of ESP is prohibited
Once a problem arises we will take “necessary measures”

Pg. 4
Reception Facilities

Hey, it's that girl
oh hoh

Everyone here is an esper?

Pg. 5
huh? While this really is similar to a prison
It's much more comfortable than I expected

But as a result of their tranquilizer's after-effect
I can't move my legs anymore
That stuff is too toxic for these old bones

No big deal
Don't worry me
It'll be alright

What about my father?

He caused such a ruckus before
So they sent him to another floor already

Pg. 6
“Sleep Capsule”

For those with instant mobility, flying,
fire, electricity, and other difficult
to monitor powers, drugs are administered to force a sleep state
these are “necessary measures”

How long he will be asleep?
is unclear

All these people, are going to stay here forever!?

Pg. 7
Well, we could wait until
the professor suppresses Tokyo
Perhaps then we will be able to leave.

You're the “white girl”
Didn't you take it upon yourself to defeat the espers?

It seems despite trying to help, they gave you no special treatment.
It's your own fault

Get out of sight, eyesore.
If you don't want to get hurt, leave

Pg. 8
You don't know how my mother and your parents died,
you have no right to say such things

My parents were archaeologists...

Pg. 9
Along with the professor's research team
They live in a small country on the border of Russia
The team engages in excavation and survey work

The country, having not been independent for long
began to experience attacks from various guerrilla groups

Before I heard her words,
I had always thought
my parents died in the civil war

The remains of the entrance
ancient in style and condition
discovered by accident

Based on the artifacts and murals
The ruins can be judged to be over 2000 years old.

And then...
yesterday, we discovered this secret room


Pg. 10
A road straight to glory!

Accurate in both size and decoration to the legend
I don't understand how it can be so luminous

This gold foil has also been unusually well preserved

But why would something that disappeared from the middle East 2,500 years ago
be carried to this country
Who cares
This must be the will of God, Professor!

According to the Old Testament...
This was a super weapon, taken into battle to easily conquer territories

This atmosphere... cannot be wrong
This really is...

Pg. 11
The “Ark”
the chest that contains the “Ten Commandments”
(TLN: 2nd edition)

He opened it!?

What's this?

Please be cautious
We just found this yesterday
We don't have the equipment necessary to properly verify...


Pg. 12
This is...
The “10 commandments” tablets?

According to legend
The prophet Moses...
Went up on mount Sinai where God
engraved this contract into these two stones


Pg. 13
It shattered!!
TLN: It just keeps happening...

Look what you've done!

Pg. 14
These are...


Honestly, even if he's a person in charge of this country
That general is a real scumbag!!

Not to mention...
He hurt the professor's wife and my wife fainted due to surprise

Pg. 15
Those fish
Shigetaro, didn't you see it?

I say...
You are far too loud!!

O, hey!!
You're awake!

Be quiet! This is a hospital!

Woah! What! It's..
It's burning!!

Pg. 16
Sorry, your mother and father are unable to leave the site for the moment
Mother too?
Ah, I'll call the servants to help with the house.

They'll take care of you for a few days
Then there should be no problem, right?

At that time I..
Did not know what my parents had dug up
Should I call a friend over to play?
Don't forget to do you homework!

I did not expect
That it turned out the be something to do with the ESP

Pg. 17

What's this living thing?

a fossil
I remembered my previous visit to the museum
and put a miniaturized version of the T-Rex in my mind

From this morning...
I only have to imagine it in my mind
And the objects will appear in front of me
Although I can touch it
the experience can get interesting

But it seems like an illusion
That doesn't actually exist

Could it be because of the light that shot out of the stone
That our bodies underwent this change?

That's what's going on...

My hand is spouting a flame
The flame is not an illusion

Pg. 18
Great news, Mr. Azuma!
Isn't this the same as the legendary miracle!?

What to do...
What do I need to do so that I also have an ability?

I don't know
We should at least set up an international investigation for this

The country responsible for the survey can
Until I get the power from the “ark”
You shall not leave the country!!

Pg. 19
That's a bit difficult to accomplish

Although this country is not a member of the UN
For its government to imprison foreigners who aren't criminals
This logically is not allowed, right?

Who are you!!
This is my country!

We already figured you would try to use this trick
He's a diplomat I invited from Japan

It's also his work to help his fellow countrymen.

I was sent by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
If you have any problems, you'll have to negotiate with me, General

Pg. 20
Kyotaro, he
If he knew his mother changed like this
I don't know if he could accept this

Don't worry about it!
Although, he is our kid
He might even be happy about it.
He might not look it, but he is unexpectedly strong

You should return to japan first
There are still things we don't understand
But staying here is very dangerous

I'm also a bit worried
about our daughter being cared for by relatives in Japan

Pg. 21
Even if I have to
give up on the “ark”
You two are far more important

Then this evening professor,
would you two like to come to my house for dinner?

I want to introduce you to our son
His name is Kyotaro
He said he wants to be like us in the future

Pg. 22
But that evening
the final result was
the parents could not go home

ESP have been confirmed

The tablets are more important than the ark
Only a small number of people know

I have already deployed assault troops
Tonight ends their life

The whole street will be reduced to rubble

Pg. 23
On notice from the government,
the professor's research team
in it's entirety was stuffed into the ruins

A sudden burst of light and sound

met with no resistance

in two seconds
it all ended

Pg. 24

Pg. 25


What happened!?

In accordance with the contract
I will accept this piece of stone
The “ark” and the rest I leave with you
Our relationship
of course, including the tablets is confidential

Pg. 26
Isn't it unnecessary to kill the guards as well?

That's untrue
This is all to camouflage this as the act of guerillas
besides, the number of people who know the truth
should be kept as few as possible


How is this...

Could it be this is...
under instruction of Japan's government

Do you need to know?

you can't do anything

Pg. 27

Pg. 28
Emergency report

The armed mountain guerrillas
Suddenly began to attack the capital
Government forces have already begun their counter-attack

Kyoutaro, are you still at home?
You'll get involved in the street fights

residents are urged to seek refuge
This TV station should also...

Pg. 29

Pg. 30


Don't leave me


In addition, some Japanese got caught up in the civil war

Dozens are missing

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs report,
Evacuation was ordered as early as two weeks ago

Pg. 31
Two months later

The professor escaped the warring country on his own

But waiting for him in Tokyo was...

While I am glad that you are still alive,
by ignoring the evacuation notice, you killed many researchers
Even the university cannot protect you

There was no such evacuation notice
The Japanese government had them killed

Pg. 32
“The Ark”?
Like in that one movie?
If it is a government conspiracy

If you are too believable, won't you get killed?

Besides, haven't you already been expelled from the university?
Your companions who died are, after all

How ugly
Is your head alright
It's your own fault

How about going through Foreign Affairs directly?
Don't put Minami here with us anymore

If it's him...
That diplomat should've known everything...

Pg. 33
Why did we have to die?

If it was all part of his plan,


Pg. 34
I can't stand this...



no way...

Pg. 35
Why did he...?

it's unclear who my enemy is...

This hatred...
who is the proper vent?

Why did she
save me?

Why is it only I
that continues to live on...

I loved you
more than anyone else

Pg. 36
I'm not crazy.
Two people alone in a dark and dreary room.
Minami could only

watch as the
professor's heart gradually collapsed
With all that's happened
the thing that's twisted
is this world

Pg. 37
A few years later


What the...

Pg. 38
Wait...Wait a minute!!
I don't know anything!
It was all the diplomat's plan!!

He gave the weapons to the guerillas
And made the civil war intensify in the country

To get rid of all the evidence
as he ran off with the stone in his hands!!

You are just a sacrifice
for the Japanese government!

That diplomat has already died

Pg. 39
He was part of the “dark council”
within the government
which has diplomats and shock troops at it's beck and call

I didn't know the guy!
Did I mention?

Thank you for looking after
the broken tablets and the ark for me

The “dark council” definitely wants to make use of the tablets
to further their plan

As long as I
make the first step to change the world
That person will be forced out of the shadows

Pg. 40
Lure and kill
all that are related

This country...
what will become of it?

Our country is incapable of revival
We'd be back to how it was before our independence
completely absorbed by the big powers

Pg. 41

I want to introduce you to our son
His name is Kyotaro
He said he wants to be like us in the future


Don't die
Not you too...

Noisy little brat

Pg. 42

Pg. 43
That time...

Professor, why
did you save me?

These new espers have decided to join our cause

give them their uniforms

If we are on your side
We can really change the world as we see fit

Pg. 44
But of course

That's exactly why
we were chosen by the light fish

Starting from nothing,
aren't we building our Eden step by step?

The murderous “dark council”
Must be somewhere watching us

Will I take control of humanity first?

or will they first let slip?

Pg. 45
Everything began to change in Tokyo

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