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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Tokyo ESP 21

+ posted by trotskey as translation on Nov 10, 2012 11:46 | Go to Tokyo ESP

-> RTS Page for Tokyo ESP 21

Pg. 1
[a frustraded Rinka...]

For someone who hunts your own kind
Here you have no companions

I already...
am neither a human

nor an esper

I don't know how long I'll have to remain in this prison

Oh!? We meet again, “white girl”!

Pg. 2
The color has drained from your face
Have you hit rock bottom?
But since we meet again
I shall take you to your new hell

Who are you?

huh...You've got to be kidding me!!
Not only did you destroy my organization,
but you even took my ESP away


Pg. 3
He really is
The villain from that time!?

Oi oi~ What's all this noise about, Merayama?
Are you two friends?

Come with me so we can “practice” boxing.
stinky little brat..!
Everyone, let's go to the boxing ring

Quit bothering me..!
Do you underestimate the underworld?
that esper gang you were a member of?
which has already been destroyed?

Pg. 4

underground facilities
sports center

Why can we have a boxing ring?

It's said to be for
prisoners to let off steam

Mr. Pompadour was originally a boxer
Merayama hasn't hit him yet


There aren't even... protective gears here

The staff here are also spectating
This is already the third fight held here

Pg. 5
Kill him!

Hasn't this gone on long enough?

you might kill him at this rate

No need to worry, old man...
This guy...

has always been a villain that's deserved death

And this is valuable entertainment!
Wait.. wait...
It's also helpful for suppressing riots.

I beg of you...
I surrender...

I'm merely venting on behalf of everyone here
To prevent the build up of anger

Pg. 6
“White girl”
You wanted to be the protector of humanity,

so you'd like to save even this kind of trash?

I'm begging you
please spare me
no good
not unless you can hit me

Why is Merayama here?...
and the many ordinary people besides him?

Pg. 7

It's the same as you.
Even though they've lost their ESP

since they've been changed, they are put in prison

Even the government is unclear about the details of the cell mutation
I suspect they are worried about the possibility of “relapse”


This is just a possibility
no one has yet managed to restore their ESP

At least for the inmates here
they've lost their will to achieve their goals

Pg. 8
Jeez, Merayama is crying, has he no pride?
At least hit him once!
Are you a man?


I don't have any reason to help him

He is a villain...
Not only did he slaughter innocents
And hold Murasaki captive
he even burned my house down

He only will feel resentment after being defeated
A hopeless villain, that's all


Pg. 9
I've hit you
So we're done here


don't be so pleased

Oi oi oi

Pg. 10

Wait a minute
You should end this match

You sure have guts
How about you switch in?

Don't bother this guy
Are you trying to get killed?

Everything has its limits

Pg. 11
Stop while you can
You brats

How can he have such an aura...

Pg. 12
Does he want to eat us?
Let's go...

It's really embarrassing to lose so utterly
leave me alone for a bit

What have I done!?
Now I really can't show my face...

Your body reacts quicker than your mouth
You must have gotten that from your father

This situation reminds me of your father when he was younger

Pg. 13
A vigilante with a burning sense of justice
The reason he was dismissed from the police force
was because of his desire to expose the corrupt behavior of his colleagues

Even government officials were involved in corruption cases
In the end, upper management pressed down and sent him out

However, you fundamentally
deeply inherited
This belief of his

Pg. 14
Without any justification
and no heed to risks

you confront the tragedy before you

and act subconsciously

This is your power
which you've had since before you met Azuma

and has for a long time resided in your heart

The instinct
of justice

Pg. 15
That sort of thing...
In this place, completely lacks significance

I really
had a lot of valuable people around me

My thanks to them
My apologies to them
and more
If only I had expressed them

Pg. 16
If I can do more
If I become stronger


Pg. 17

Even if it's for vengeance
the professor's behavior is still wrong

Pg. 18
Then can you
Forgive the ones who killed your parents?

To kill the only man with clues about the dark council

whether through will or mind control...
it was certainly done with ESP obtained from the slate

The terrorist attacks we caused,
should make that person feel a world of pressure and panic

And so we wait until he appears, unable to stop himself
That will be our best opportunity

Pg. 19
The death of my parents

And even that civil war

If it was all simply because of some people's selfish desires...

Will I be able to forgive it all?


If you were me

In this situation...
what would you do...

Pg. 20
All teams have been deployed

Nearby residents have been evacuated

Ok... let's “break in”
We've been given permission to use live ammunition

We've finally found the enemy's stronghold!
Make sure the professor is shot dead!

Pg. 21
The stage to lure out the enemies in...
Why did you choose Tokyo of all places?

because the peace of this town

renders me speechless

Pg. 22
So here from the beginning
there was no such thing as justice

As a prominent city in the world

but filled with only a flock of vain people
of a lower class, only out for their survival

Pg. 23
Repent as much as you'd like

Indulge in peace
don't ever see the truth

Your own stupidity

now it is your turn
Engulfed by the fire of the civil war's burning ember

Pg. 24
In light of the indescriminate terrorist attacks that started last night
The government has ordered the evacuation of downtown residents

The military in district 7 has set up a line of defense...

Although looking towards the world right now for a plan
Is it possible to finish this within the year?
There are rumors out that the Esper Taskforce has been disbanded

While the current situation is unprecedented
our country will never give in to terrorists

Pg. 25
The reserve force has been deployed as a cautionary measure

We really are sinking deeper and deeper in

They don't understand that in a straight-forward attack
they really have no chance
If they continue like this, I don't know how long they can maintain this prison

Do you think we'll have an opportunity
to be able to escape

but it'll take no small trick to get us out of here

When that time comes...

Pg. 26
If I become stronger

Will you be able to use your clairvoyance again

To tell me
Where the professor hides

Still want to fight him?

Even without ESP...

Pg. 27
I can't
always being dejected like this

Even if I was almost killed
Even if my ESP is gone
What is there to be afraid of?

Azuma also
is definitely still living

and only those two can tell my where he is

So we can rescue my father

Pg. 28
In order to bring back life like before

I must win...
There is no other way

Pg. 29
Do you really plan to take us 1 on 3?

Let's have a little fun
Don't blame us if you break a few bones

Step by step

I'll do what I can for now

Pg. 30



This girl...
Is she for real?

Speaking of which, your training before was only half done
Fights against them can't even count as sparring

I should be working on my recovery training now too...

Pg. 31
Then allow me, Yoda
To be your opponent here

To help you master
Your "Senju Counter"

[Follow your instinct of justice to stop the professor's plans!]

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