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Translations: Gintama 679 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Tokyo ESP 22

+ posted by trotskey as translation on Apr 4, 2013 00:40 | Go to Tokyo ESP

-> RTS Page for Tokyo ESP 22

Pg. 1
[In the wild abandon]
How many days
have I already been on this island...

What's Tokyo like now?

Everything I've done up until now
what's the significance...

Pg. 2
I know just one thing clearly,
that I must stop the professor

Off I go...
To meet up with the professor once more
[Bamboo Raft Mk 1]
[coconuts filled with rainwater]
[dried fish]

Continuously teleporting across the water will consume a lot of strength...
I have to bring this raft to rest on, so I can break up the trip with rest breaks

[hu hu]
naïve navigation method

So you're finally heading out to sea?


Pg. 3
It's been my greatest delight the past few days
to watch your heart change

It somehow hurts to think that this will be the last time

This voice in my head...
Am I just hearing things?

There couldn't possibly
be other people on the island

Ah ah
You forget that not all espers are human...

Do you really think your power alone
will bring you safely to land?

Pg. 4
As of last week, there have been over 500 injured in terrorist attacks
Temporary shelters on the outskirts of Tokyo
are already crowded with refugees

It's almost Christmas now
How long with this continue!?

This reminds me of the war...
Can the government really win?
Maybe if we had espers on our side we could...

Reception Facilities

Grand Barrage

Pg. 5
She really is...
Going so hard at it every day

one versus five!

The most important part of group battle is "positioning"
You have to judge everyone's movements, and move away before you're surrounded

If you lure the enemies into a column, their bodies become your shield
and the fight becomes 1 on 1

Pg. 6
The time since this practice began is over
two months

following the passage of time
anxiety and uneasiness grew

Keep going, keep going
Push your body and mind to the limit!
Turn your senses to the max


don't think too much...

Worrying about things is useless

Just hold determination in your struggles

Pg. 7
It should be almost visible now
The flow of “qi” around you

What kind of person...
She's getting stronger by the day

Anyhow, I am also a professional fighter

what is prompting her to progress so rapidly?

Pg. 8
Excuse me for calling you here so suddenly

Idiot, don't be so loud.
It'd be bad if someone found us

Say, you ran from your house again, didn't you?
Sorry, father
What can we accomplish with just us two?
We've been away from Rinka and co for quite a while.

She'll definitely return
She isn't the type to stand still

So for that time's needs...

Pg. 9
For the past few weeks, I've been running from my house
In order to check at the history of things on the ground
I've gone to the scene of the attacks to capture the enemy's footprints

I have a vague idea of the professor's whereabouts
Peggi is still alive

I cannot hide you anymore
tomorrow I'll have you report to the reception facilities
I know that!
anyway, I can't go home

What's the battle plan?
where can I start to help?

Pg. 10

It's a rare sight
In Tokyo
to snow on Christmas

Isn't it fine?
It's sign of the big things that are going to happen
Give Peggi your full attention.

Pg. 11
Congressional Hall

The metropolitan area's blockade has hit the limit

If we continue to prevent societal function
It might end up having a severe effect on the world economy
If we cannot eliminate terrorist organizations within the year
The US said they will send their army in for an intervention
This will simply not do

If the self-defense force actually show some results...
What does the public security intelligence report say?
Where are the enemy's weapons...?

I say...

This is going nowhere
How long will you continue to talk like this?

Pg. 12
“ESP Zone” requirements have been posted since june
Yet the government has made no response
Even underestimating us, treating us as it would a normal terrorist group


The chairman has already died.

You bunch of idiots are really unreliable

From today on
Tokyo will be under the control of espers

Pg. 13
You need not answer
because the nail has already been set in the board


It's bad
Congress has been invaded!!
What'd you say?


an attack?

The thing that put it here disappeared
They've also appeared in the North and Northwest

Don't hit the boxes

The South as well!!

Pg. 14
You will all become hostages

Until humanity discovers
A new generation of world domination

Pg. 15
Emergency Alert!
Just now congress has been invaded by several terrorists

A massive explosion occurred in Nagata district
It is not clear whether the congressmen are safe...

Those walking nearby are urged to seek shelter immediately

Do not go out until the all-clear is issued!
So they finally went to suppress the central district...
The professor has made his move?

other terrorist attacks are also happening

Right now...
this reception facility's

ground-level entrance
Is being attacked by some other team

Pg. 16
The main entrance has been breeched
don't let them into the other floors

don't shoot your own men

can't move
moving on...
please kill yourselves


My body itself!?

Pg. 17
Those being held in the facility!

We're comrades who will bring you freedom!

[invisibility powers]
The alarm system has been disabled
now is the time to fight

To get rid of unequal treatment
to build the paradise of our choosing...
Shot from the other side of the wall!?


With us
let's give congress a piece of our minds!!

Stop listening to her nonsense!
Everyone back to the room!

Pg. 18
We can get out of here?
But...It'll be awfully dangerous with the terrorists and all...

Well, isn't this just great?
Such a great opportunity is hard to pass down

What's wrong with it...
It's not like we have any other choice

Do you have any plan?
Are you really going to battle them?

It's the same with me
I've only one road to take

No one is standing on the side of humanity

Those here would all become your enemy

Pg. 19
Even so

I still
have things to fight for

I have honed my skills since I was little
If they are to have any meaning

Then it would be
for today's battle

Pg. 20
Hone skills..

Beef up the defense on the front! They're coming down by the elevator!!
Wait a minute
Don't rush too close or you will kill yourselves!

The enemy has hypnotizing powers...
She can manipulate everyone that makes eye contact with her
She's using those guarding above as a shield to attack here!!

A meat shield!?
Oi... can we believe this?

Entrance lighting
Can it be manually turned off?

Pg. 21

What is this? The underground guards are awful.
I didn't need to come down myself at all

The lights...

Pg. 22


The white girl!?

You still haven't died?

Pg. 23
Ow, Ow
a panda!?

These two, by fighting in complete darkness,

Actually plan to avoid my eyes?
Don't look down on me

You guys should die



Pg. 24

all with... her eyes closed...

she's constantly moving to avoid being sandwiched

Our bodies are back in control now...

Pg. 25
Such beautiful footwork

Can you sill pass through objects?
At your school I saw with my own eyes that your light fish has left your body

My 100-pace spirit punch
Will you be able to avoid it this time?

killing intent...?

qi is currently gathering toward her fist

Her power is repulsion
a good opposite of my father's attraction power
The qi gathers at the fist and is then sent out

But before the attack

if that direction
is changed....

Pg. 26


Pg. 27

Pg. 28
did that do it?...

my foot...

There are enemies above the ground too
Inmates, get back inside!

Pg. 29

We're not yet finished
You scumbag...

That sure hurt a lot

100-pace spirit punch!

Pg. 30



Those guys really can't be taken lightly

Pg. 31
With this...
We're even now

inferior race

You humans should just all die

Pg. 32

I just... kicked her...

I also
want to fight for my honor

a “miracle”

Pg. 33
The plan has at last entered the final stage

From now, the world shall be reborn!
The truth shall finally be made known!

The congressional hall
is starting to move

Why are we shaking now?
Quick, find something to hold onto

You lousy humans
I give you two options

Pg. 34
Obey me
or perish

Pg. 35
What's this now?

I finally decided to make the trip out here
and strange things are happening again

Is the time of judgment near!?

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