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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Tokyo ESP 23

+ posted by trotskey as translation on Jun 28, 2013 02:05 | Go to Tokyo ESP

-> RTS Page for Tokyo ESP 23

Pg. 1
The Diet is floating in midair!?

Someone once said that there are two ways to live
living as if there are no miracles
and living as if ever everything is a miracle

Pg. 2
This "bond" is that miracle!!!

Pg. 3
Light fish, swimming through the night sky as water...

Ever since I bumped into one

I have been able to
read the thoughts of all kinds of living things

Pg. 4
Otherwise known as telepathy
I want to return to the city of these fish...

I know...
As a migrating bird I cannot be lost
But in exchange

You promised that you will help me find a "suitable mate"
you must never forget this agreement
He probably means lover...
I wonder if Peggi would be a good fit?

Pg. 5
Absolutely not!
Due to my heightened intellect
I can no longer stand to be with mere animals

What I want is a being

such that even
after being ripped apart, will still be
more important to me than my life...

Similar to how
the white-haired girl is to you

I would like
to experience what that love is

Pg. 6
Urushiba is dead

No. Impossible.
Not until I've seen it with my eyes.

She definitely
is still in Tokyo
continuing to fight

I'm about to teleport

Pg. 7
Tokyo Esper Reception Facility

We've lost contact with the underground team
We're already finished clearing up here
If we don't hurry up, the reinforcements will come...



Pg. 8
Ah, ah

Hoho, telekenisis?
Looks like you can only control light things

Pg. 9
Panda Barrage!!

Amazing, we've made it to the first floor
I'm feeling a bit nauseous
I already said
I didn't just loiter around here

I've already remembered the map of the building with my clairvoyance

Although there are still a few terrorists
the alarm system is still disabled now, so
it's a good opportunity to rescue Mr.Urushiba from the sleep chambers

Pg. 10
Are you sure you want to wake up everyone?
There are some really evil people in here you know

Shut up...These are Yoda's instructions
If you're afraid, then run away

If this continues...

even if we managed to flee

we would become fugitives

Pg. 11
And since our hands have been marked...
How can we truly escape?


and Azuma...


The Diet is currently floating above the capital
It's almost like it's going somewhere

Pg. 12
The Diet...

Is floating in mid-air?

Headquarters, do you copy?
The guards here have been wiped out

These are all heavily armed espers...

Pg. 13


Pg. 14
Merry Christmas

This announcement is to inform the people of the decision made by the new Diet

From this day forth, Tokyo will be under the control of espers

Those who have not consented to my rule
have no right to survive

Pg. 15
This is a new era of “change”

Nearby helicopters, whether military or civil, will be destroyed

Self-Defense forces and police must disarm within 6 hours to surrender

If not...
every 5 minutes a Diet member will be executed...

Pg. 16
And I will make this building
come crashing down on the city from 1500 meters up

Are you drunk?!
How far do you plan to take this!?
Prime Minister...

Do you really...
plan to start a war?!!

Pg. 17
You should all make yourselves well-prepared
If you are looking forward to the peace of tomorrow

then obediently surrender
and accept our world...

How can they do such a thing...

only then
will the true paradise start

What the? This is...
How did it come to this?


Pg. 18
Those guys... They really do plan to drop the Diet...
This would be much more deadly than the time they dropped a tanker on the city...

If this continues...
There could be thousands upon thousands of victims

The cabinet also became hostages?
Then who is in command?
Contact the Ministry of Defense, now
If only the “white-haired girl” was here now...

The cabinet are all inside too now?
Brought in from a separate unstopped attack
Should we send in rescue teams?

How is this sort of thing one man's decision?
First have the people take refuge.

Fighter jets are ready to go
This way we can keep an eye on the US military's movements

Hello... send out some unmanned scouter planes
if we only depend on the Japanese Government we're powerless

Pg. 19
No matter the justification
The professor's methods are wrong

This isn't a matter or right or wrong

I have already...
crossed the point of no return...

Pg. 20
Absolutely not!!
You still want to go to the Diet?
What can you even do?!!

Your condition is even worse than the time with the ship!!
Even if you simply must have the professor give you information on Azuma
You don't need to have it today

Even if you say that...
This could make many people lose their lives

Like hell! Alone we can't compete with them!!

Oioi...They just reunited and now this
It'll be bad if this drags on...
[3 minutes before]

I don't care about irrelevant people
Just protecting you is enough!

Pg. 21
Let me go
You never would have said such a thing before...

You had your heart set on carrying out justice while in Interpol
Do you now regret it?

what if I do...
This so-called justice is no more than self-gratification in the end
Ultimately, I was dismissed
and forced you to live this life of poverty

Pg. 22
The world doesn't want any heroes...

don't want to see
the face of my dying daughter again

Even if we were poor
My father was still a hero in my eyes

Pg. 23
I always...
hoped to become a person just like my father

Perhaps we can't change anything

there must be an esper
that stands against them

This way...

afterward espers
are not completely regarded as bad people

Pg. 24
You're not an esper anymore!

Here's the thing...
the people don't know that


Everyone still thinks
I'm still the same “white girl”

Pg. 25
Please wait, Rinka!
Don't go!!
Sorry Father

I'm sorry for always being so selfish...

I absolutely can't die

Pay me no mind. I'm strong,
just like my father

Pg. 26


Woah! What the!?

You idiot!! Who taught you how to drive
But she just came out of nowhere...

The police!?

Pg. 27
Come on...
I've already said we've got no time to waste

are you alright?
stand up



I'm just fine
not even a scratch

Pg. 28
If anyone wants to stop me...
I'll just knock them down


She's smiling?
What's with this pressure?

When did you come so far...

Pg. 29
Please don't get angry, I'm truly sorry!
It was purely an accident


Please try to settle down...
We are not your enemies

These people with me now are those I called together
We are your allies!


Those are people who have been saved by you when you were a policeman
and people who have received martial arts instruction from Yoda

Pg. 30
We beg of you!!
Fight with us!!

What are you saying...

I know this is just my opinion
I can only rely on you to protect this city!!

Pg. 31
We're all fully prepared to lose our jobs for this!!
So, to put a stop to the terrorists...
Please lend us a helping hand!!


Pg. 32


It's too enormous...
How can we win...

But still...

My mother, she...
is still inside...

Pg. 33

A helicopter!? This low to the ground...

Rinka's father!?

Honestly... everyone's like this
all idiots trying to rush to their death!!

Listen! Get as close as possible from below
And prioritize the hostages' safety when you get in


Pg. 34
Thank you father!
Take us in!!
Please stay outside father,
as according to the battle plan!!

You say that so easily...
This is the first time I've heard such a battle plan...

This kind of absurd assistance
This is the last time I'll do this!

Pg. 35
I know...
Even if it takes a miracle
I will settle things with you

[Carrying everyone's expectations, they rush towards the Diet]

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