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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Tokyo ESP 24

+ posted by trotskey as translation on Jun 28, 2013 17:21 | Go to Tokyo ESP

-> RTS Page for Tokyo ESP 24

Pg. 1
The National Diet
Breaking into the villain’s headquarters!

The bus is flying!!
It's being pulled by the helicopter?

We're getting in!

Fools...To dare enter head on...

Uh oh!! They have an electromaster!

Pg. 2
flying, frying right to me

Here goes nothing...

Pg. 3

“Force field”!?
Woah... ah... ah...
You really had such a powerful ability?

Of course, I'm an esper after all!
I just came along on a whim
But I can only do this in front of me
and I can't use my hands during...

We're about ready to break in
Find something to hold on to.


Pg. 4


We're in...?
I'll go find a high place to set this bird down

Pg. 5
ow ow ow
Everyone get out of the bus quickly.
The enemy will be here soon


fire a burst through that door!!
there are two people inside



Pg. 6
This time, there are two people coming
Everyone move!! Guns armed


A real gunfight broke out
I have...
no idea what to do here...

oh crud


Pg. 7
Like this...
I never have the opportunity to get close to the enemy

Get to the front, pompadour!
Open your shield to defend us from ESP
got it!!

Although I've long know such a scene was coming
it is a very different feeling than before

It is way too easy to get yourself killed in an instant

This is scary...
For now, I need to calm down

Pg. 8
Is everything alright...
Even if you hide here it's fine.
Because your father and I agreed to make sure to bring you back safely

This shouldn't be anything Yoda and the police force can’t handle
You're pretty beat up, and your wounds reopened on the bus; you really didn't need to come along

Without ESP
I really can't help with anything...


I must ask Minami
to tell me the whereabouts of Azuma

I’m ok
I will not drag you down
I'm afraid, yes, but so is everyone
Please don't die on me, Mr. Nabeshima

Then at least let be give this back to you

Pg. 9
Your personal item
To protect it from the police
I've been holding onto these for you

We must reach our destination before we are surrounded

According to my “clairvoyance”, the hostage Diet members are all concentrated in one place...
That place has four guards...
I'll tell you the exact location

Your top mission is to rescue the hostages

Pg. 10
Only a battle...
This is the path I have chosen

The police force has broke in
But the police department was given no such orders
What's going on here...
We can't dwaddle like this any longer

Mobilize the standby forces!
but the hostages could...

Pg. 11
If this is anything like the tanker incident
the hostages are good as dead

A few dozen terrorists...
How long can we allow them to toy with this country in the palm of their hand!!

aah~...This war in the air just won't end
But we have to protect this penguin...
Shouldn't we have dressed for this better...?

Pg. 12
Speaking of which, you guys
Wouldn't one animal manipulating esper be enough?
Get it to make some weird postures
OK, you heard him penguin

Say, could you control humans with that?
No way. It only works on creatures of low intelligence
[Meaning "Stupid"]



This ball..
is my father's treasure from participating in the baseball team

Pg. 13
Recollections of youth



Hey mister

Don't point that thing at kids

What, you little brat

Regained control

Pg. 14



Hooray!! We finally found you!
I'll never let you separate from me again

Sorry to break up your happy reunion, but
Right now, we have no choice but to borrow Peggi's flying ability

Pg. 15
I'm going...
to the diet hall to save my mom

You've actually gained ESP
which means you've lost your chance at the good life

Since I was little, I attended school without any time to play
studying hard without complaint...

It has always been my dream
to participate in the Diet, like my mom

I never imagined
that things would turn out like this...

Pg. 16
Really the future is...
powerless to grant your wishes

The worst ending, this,
if I have the ability to change that ending,

I absolutely
can't run away


I'm going too!!
The one that just broke in with the bus is definitely Rinka!!
Of course that's not OK!
You stay here


Pg. 17
Isn't this just perfect?
you seem to have gotten strong Murasaki
Who's there!?
And the more fighters we have the better

She's invisible
an enemy!?
The sound is coming from there...

why don't you count me in on this
As I am also looking for a way into the Diet...

This sound...

If Rinka is still living, I want to go all the more

It really is...

Pg. 18
I won't accept this
Putting aside her duel with me to get herself killed in there

The hostages in the Diet number are probably over 300

Don't worry. They can't come here
What the hell is the Self-Defense Force doing
go take some photos!
Can't they just fire a missile or something

It was fortunate that during the tanker incident, the “white-haired girl” came to save us
This time though, if the Diet falls from the sky...

Pg. 19
The time at school, Rinka also had come to save us...

with these two hands... to Rinka...

Sorry Rinka!!
I've been horrible...

Always making fun of her...

Even though I only...
wanted to be friends with her...


done something I can't undo...

Pg. 20
It's hopeless...
we will never be saved

If I had known...
that this would be the end...
I would've been a better mother to Ayumu

In fact, I'm supposed to properly protect him...

Hey, you...
You wanted to create a world where espers can live freely, right?
Is that why you did all this...
Even though it marks you as an enemy to all humankind?

You should... look for other methods to coexist


it's too late
didn't you hear what the professor said?

Pg. 21
We are the world's new masters
To continue killing humans until they understand
This is our only available option

Can you really do something as ridiculous as conquer the world?
Surely your extinction is also a possibility...

We've been long aware of that possibility
But the important thing is how far we can go, right?

We originally were carefree criminals
for this plan, the professor spent a few years with us, training us to be his shock troops

Pg. 22
Even if we are killed
others may inherit the desire
For revenge
and form a new terrorist organization

This type of terror would spread person to person

For as long as this sick society continues

and someday the era will change

Did you know?
Originally I was just a murderer
But the professor
was able to make me into someone who could change the world

Isn't it the villain's gospel?
“Terror can shake people's hearts”

Pg. 23
We are the police!!
drop your weapons!!

you bunch of lackeys
with the courage to try

You can all go to hell!


Welp, time to use our trick

Pg. 24


Esoteric CPC: Dark Elite!!

Pg. 25

We are the police!
Everyone remain calm

The terrorists are all...
What just happened!?
Have we been saved?

Turn the camera towards
the one standing over there...

You're not dead...
“white-haired” girl?

Pg. 26
So many people...
If we don't take measures with the entire Diet
we won't be able to protect them for very long

Hello, can you hear me?
We are the department that just broke into the Diet

We've secured the first committee of hostages!!
Please rush reinforcements!

Despite being in darkness
she defeated the enemies in an instant
She's the real thing alright...

The white girl?
an esper...
has come to save us!?

Pg. 27
There are about 30 more enemies
Half of you stay here and guard
We'll take care of the other rooms


There's corpses everywhere...
no telling how many people died today

Hey...What are you doing
Let's catch up to them

If we don't film this
what kind of lame newscasters would we be?

Pg. 28
This just in, a reporter has managed to catch the ongoing scene in
the Diet with this stream we are showing to you live

The details are unclear but the two sides are fighting
and from the looks of things, the hostages have been more or less rescued

You people there
It's too dangerous!! get down!!

Why on earth did you come with us?
That video camera isn't filming right now, is it?

Pg. 29


is the “white-haired girl”...

Don't tell me...

Pg. 30
“The white-haired girl”...

She's currently fighting inside the Diet!?

no way....

Is she still alive..?

Are you still alive..?

Pg. 31

It's dangerous!!
run away
you could get killed

Hurry Rinka!
It's too dangerous to fight those people

I apologize for everything!
I'll do anything...

Just please don't die, Rinka!!

Pg. 32

Pg. 33

Why now of all times?

you can do it...

beat 'em up


Prime Minister...

You'll surely win this time!

Pg. 34
You can do it!!!
white-haired girl!

I really have to go to the bathroom...

Pg. 35
despite having no ESP, she dares come

They have recovered the hostages...
and are on their way here to attack
Urushiba Rinka...?

Send me...
I'll kill her this time

We still have
a few last things to finish

Pg. 36
Our customers outside seem to want about the same

I'll let you handle the rest
Why don't we give them a grand welcome

The Diet has sent us a message giving us the location of the hostages!!
We'll use air support to break in from the roof
and completely eliminate the terrorists

Pg. 37
The SDF's anti-terrorism division?

Why don't we break in as well?

Just you wait professor...
I'm going to break your nose

[A friend has returned]

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