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Translations: Gintama 704 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

O/A 7

Goldfish Swim Surprisingly Fast

+ posted by umeboshi110 as translation on Feb 13, 2011 13:26 | Go to O/A

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[This chapter has already been scanlated by Maigo.]

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Goldfish Swim Surprisingly Fast
Radio: That was “Cat & Fish” with Ensho Tachibana-san~
Radio: Well then,

Yutaka: We will be starting a new corner for the show from next week.
Yutaka: I would like to garner support from all of you~~
The theme is———

Chapter 7 Goldfish Swim Surprisingly Fast

Yutaka: Hmmmm,
Yutaka: It’s getting pretty clean.
Harumi: What are you saying?

Harumi: There are still this many boxes.
Yutaka: I meant compared to before.

Yutaka: All right, let’s get this all cleaned up by today.
Harumi: Yeah~

Yutaka: ............
Harumi: ............

Yutaka: Huh!? It’s evening already!?
Harumi: No way!!

Yutaka: My goodness, we didn’t get anything cleaned today, either!!
Because you started reading manga!
Harumi: You’re the one who started it with that book!!

SFX: rustle
Yutaka: Hey! I told you to tell me when you open a box......

Harumi: Yutaka-san, what’s this?
Yutaka: Oh, that’s a vase.

Harumi: It looks like it could also be a fishbowl.

Harumi mutter: Unyo~n
Harumi: This is a good chance to keep some goldfi——
Yutaka: No.
Yutaka mutter: I don’t need these.

Harumi: That was a rather quick response.
Yutaka: ......

Yutaka: I don’t have good memories of goldfish.

Harumi: What do you mean by that?
Yutaka: Not telling.

SFX: Flop
Harumi: That’s a huge amount...

Taki: “New Corner (tentative) looking for your past boneheaded traumas,”
Taki: “Bad memories rooted in your heart such as an insignificant* beginning snowballing into a huge problem.”

Taki: “We’ll let Yutaka-chan determine their trauma levels!”
———Is what we’re going for.

Taki: So please choose the letters you will read in the show from here.
The two of you.
SFX: point
Yutaka: I knew it......!

Yutaka: Wai—
Taki: I will have you responsibly read what you chose
So that the content of what you pick won’t be biased.

Yutaka: That smells like sophism......!!
Yutaka mutter: This is probably just because it seems more interesting again.
Harumi: Umm~~
What should we do with something like this?

Harumi: Radio name “Deepthroat” san,
Harumi: “This is about when I was the vice-commander of a submarine.”
“The commander, under orders, tried to enforce the firing a nuclear missile at an enemy country, to which I said “You are wrong”...”

Yutaka: That’s got to be a lie.
Taki: It’s better if we keep it to actual experiences.

Taki: Let’s see......
Taki: If we could, it’d be great if we had experiences from Yutaka-chan herself.

Taki: Don’t you have anything?
Yutaka: Even if you ask me that...

Harumi: Oh,

Harumi: That reminds me, how about that thing about the goldfi—
Harumi: !!

Taki: What was that about goldfish?
Harumi mutter: The face again...
Yutaka: It’s nothing.


Yutaka: Reading this all this is so tiring...!!
Yutaka: There ones with [ i]really[ /i] heavy content mixed in, too.
Harumi: Yes, there are...

Yutaka: But I wonder if there’s any meaning to putting levels on people’s traumas.
SFX: creak
Yutaka: Only that person can understand his emotional scars and the weight he carries.

Harumi: There isn’t any real meaning.
Yutaka: Huh?
Harumi: I think things like that are just performances to heat up the corner.

Harumi: I can understand since I had submitted to these kinds of corners on the radio myself.

Harumi: Just by having it read on the radio, the people who submitted———

Harumi: Just submitting will lift off a little of the weight on their chests.*
*[Lit: relieve them a little from the heaviness in their hearts]

Harumi: If you have something, it might be good if you tried to talk about it, Yutaka-san.

Yutaka: ............


Radio: Now then, let’s move onwards to our rumored new corner!!

Radio: Titled,

Yutaka?: Kaba-Tora-Uma* Cor~~~ner~~~!!
*[Kaba-Tora-Uma = Hippo-Tiger-Horse, and tiger-horse is a homonym of “trauma.”]
Harumi: Yaaaay
Yutaka: Hippo.........
SFX: Cha~charah cha cha~

Yutaka: This corner is one in which we will announce the listener-san’s [ i]bitter[ /i] memories,
Yutaka: And I, Horiuchi Yutaka, and the staff will judge them with three levels and determine the king of the week.

Yutaka: If the trauma level is Tiger it is three points, Hippo it is two points, Horse it is one point.
Yutaka: We will rate them by raising plates with animals drawn on them.
Yutaka mutter: Even though you can’t see it on the radio.

Yutaka: The judges will be ①me ②setup-san ③director-san.
Yutaka: You will vie for the top with the total points from all of us.

Ueda: Okay, switch with Harumi-chan.

Harumi: Let’s go to our first one right away then.
Harumi: Radio name “Fugashiumai”* san.
*[Fugashi is a type of snack, and umai means delicious/yummy]
I’ve had a splendidly obese body since I was young.

Of course lunch time was the most enjoyable part of school for me.
I had seconds of what was served nearly every day.

Egg drop soup, sandwich, and fried chikuwa
Were served that day.

I love all of them.
I go for seconds before everyone could finish saying “itadaki masu.”*
*[Literally “I will receive it,” something you say before eating in Japan so it means something along the lines of “let’s eat.”]

I was aiming for the fried chikuwa.

H: Hey, stop it!!

That was my best friend H-kun.

H-kun and I were best friends with nothing to hide from each other.
Us two were also at the center of the boys.

At first I thought that H-kun stopped me because he wanted to eat the fried chikuwa too.
“Yutaka”: It’s first come, first served~
H: I’m telling you to stop. Quit it already!!
However, he relentlessly hounds me, who simply wanted to obtain seconds.

We become hostile towards each other and the classroom’s atmosphere becomes dangerous.
“Yutaka”: XXXX

I finally snapped——
“Yutaka”: Shut up!!
It doesn’t have anything to do with you!!

H: I’m worried about your body!!
H-kun says that he was worried about my body.
I was bewildered by this unexpected response.

“Yutaka”: Sh– shut up!!
SFX: bam

I ate the fried chikuwa, but I don’t remember its taste.
For a while afterwards we were harsh on each other.

I made up with H-kun since then,
Signs: [above]Kama age* [below] Chikuwa
*[When referring to noodles, kama age is boiled udon with warm dipping sauce]
But even now I feel strange when I see fried chikuwa at udon* shops.
*[Japanese thick noodles]
Harumi: .........So,

Harumi: I think H-kun’s line that “I’m worried about your body” was good,
Harumi: But it gripped me how a fight led to the thing with fried chikuwa.

Harumi: Now, the ratings are——

Harumi: Hippo.
Harumi: Hippo.
Harumi: Horse.
Harumi The total comes out to, um... 5 points~
SFX: parara rappappa~~~

Yutaka: We’ll go on to the second one.
Yutaka: Penname Watarai Keiji-san.*
*[Author’s name]

I think there are people who have experience with this.
When I was young, it was popular to straddle and slide down the handrails of the stairs at my kindergarten.

We called it the “monorail,”
But of course it was dangerous so the teacher forbid it.

One day,
I did the “monorail” when the teacher wasn’t looking.


SFX: grasp
I couldn’t get out.

My leg had gotten stuck between the railing and the wall and I could not get out anymore.
“Yutaka”: Aha... Ahaha....
I laughed at the time for some reason.
I was probably trying to escape from the fear and anxiety by laughing.

Shortly the teacher came over and tried to lift my body but I just couldn’t get out.
“Yutaka” mutter: Byaaaa
I started wailing.

They tried things like rubbing soap on my leg, but it just wouldn’t budge.
“Yutaka” mutter: Byaaaa
Teacher mutter: I’m sorry.
My parents* were contacted and came running over.
*[FYI it’s likely only one parent, but it doesn’t sound right in English. Silly Japanese vagueness.]

By the time I had started to think I would either be like this for the rest of my life or we would have to cut off my leg,
“Yutaka” mutter: Uuu~
I heard the sirens.

The ambulance and rescue team arrived.

The rescue team broke the railing and rescued me with no trouble.
SFX: crack
SFX: Pop

Although even I could tell that the leg that was stuck didn’t have any serious injuries,
Rescue: Can you walk?
There was also the guilt from this becoming such a huge fiasco,
SFX: quiver, quiver
“Yutaka”: Aaaau?
So I must have thought it wouldn’t be good to walk perfectly fine in that situation despite being a child.
I had become like a newborn fawn.

In the end I was sent to the hospital in an ambulance.
Apparently there were rumors even in the kindergarten in the neighboring town that “at the ** kindergarten yesterday, there was a big accident that the rescue team came to.”

Yutaka: “To this day I feel remorseful for having troubled so many people.”
Yutaka: Now, the ratings are——

Yutaka: Horse,
Harumi mutter: That was stupid.
Yutaka: Horse,
Ueda mutter: It’s stupid.
Yutaka: Hippo.
Yutaka: A total of 4 points......

Yutaka mutter: I thought it was good, though...
Harumi: ...Now then——

Harumi: Let’s see~
Before we go on to the next one,
Harumi: How about an experience from me, Horiuchi Yutaka?

Yutaka: Wai......!!

Yutaka: What are you doing on your own!?
SFX: squeak, squeak
Yutaka: I don’t have any———

Sign: About the goldfish
[goldfish is in bigger font]

Taki: Just say it.
Yutaka: !

Taki: You might feel a bit better, you know?

SFX: smile

Yutaka: ...This is about when I was in elementary school——

When I was 9, I went to the local festival with my grandma.
I was a granny’s girl.

Yutaka: Grandma, can I keep this goldfish~?

Grandma: Hmmm~, let’s see.

Grandma: If you can take good care of it, Yuu-chan.
Yutaka: Uh huh.

Grandma: The “Funa Oji-san”* comes to kids who don’t take good care of them,
*[Crusian carp man]
And kidnap them to the bottom of the lake.
Yutaka mutter: Ah~~
SFX: Gyo gyo gyo*
*[fish sound]
SFX: tremble x 3

Yutaka: I’ll take good care of it!!
Grandma: Really?

Grandma: Then I’ll ask you mother for you.
Yutaka: Mhm!

Grandma: Yuu-chan, do you want to anything to eat?
Yutaka: Uuum~
Yutaka: Oh!

Yutaka: I want to eat cotton candy!
Sign [ right]: Yakisoba*
*[Fried noodles]
Sign [black]: Cotton candy
Grandma: Oh! It’s dangerous if you run!

Yutaka: Ever since then......

Yutaka: I have been unable to eat fried fish......
SFX: Cry~~

Radio: Well then, see you next week~~
Radio: Good bye~~~

Yutaka: Phew~ I’m tired.
Yutaka: I’m hungry.
Harumi: Ahaha
Harumi: Would you like to stop by the udon shop below on the way back?

Yutaka: Udon? Sounds good.
Yutaka: Let’s see,
Put on chikuwa tempura... put on shrimp tempura... also squid leg tempura, garland chrysanthemum...

Yutaka: 4 might be too much.
Yutaka: 2 is enough,

Intercom: You get along pretty well.
Yutaka: Stop it.

Taki: Oh, you’re not?
Taki: It’s almost as if you two were always there.

Intercom: It’s a fun fishbowl to watch.
Yutaka: What does that mean?
Intercom: You’ve never heard of it?

Taki: Fishbowl is jargon for the radio broadcast booth*.

Harumi: It’s perfect, just like I thought.

Yutaka: They’ll quickly be constrained when they get bigger.
Harumi: Let’s choose their names.

Harumi: How about this black one is Yutaka,

Harumi: And this red one is Harumi?

Yutaka: I don’t want that.
Harumi: You don’t want it to be your own name?

Yutaka: It’ll be even sadder when they die.

Harumi: .........

Harumi: Even when Harumi dies?

Yutaka: That’s right.

Yutaka: Only if it’s goldfish.
Harumi: Urgh~~~~


Tsuda: Hmmmmm
Tsuda: It looks like categorizing the submissions’ll take until morning.

SFX: flap

Tsuda: ............

Tsuda: If I remember.........

SFX: rustle, rustle
Taki: Good work~

Tsuda: This is it.

Tsuda: ......Just as I thought.
Taki: ?

Tsuda: Please take a look at this.
Taki: What? A fan letter for me?
Tsuda: As if that would [ i]ever[ /i] happen.

Taki mutter: It was just a little joke...
Taki: Hmm, let’s see.

Taki: This is......
Taki: The senders are different, but these two entries–

Taki: Their content is almost–
Taki: The same......?
Chapter 7 END

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