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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 5

Chapter 5


-> RTS Page for Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 5

[Scanlation with this translation reserved for otakami & Simple Scans]

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 5
[There were a lot of bold and quasi-bold fonts used, but I just put them all under “bold.” Typesetter can ignore most of these if you match fonts with the original raws.]
[[ i] stands for italics]
[So there were 2 added pages in the tankoubon and an edited panel. I’ve put them at the end of the chapter while the rest is based off of the magazine version.]

p. 00
A synopsis for Shinigami-sama ni so far
Ruka: Last time Hibiki did a summary of Shizuka in 3 panels so I’ll do it in 2.
Shinigami Ruka
Ruka mutter: Th...this is just out of obligation, okay? [1]

While Hibiki was proceeding with her plan, Shizuka had a bad premonition and checked everyone’s belongings... then –
Shizuka: Wha...what is this!? I think I’ve found something outrageous!!

Kuroneko’s underwear
SFX [underwear]: stretch
Shizuka: Bikini underwear!!
SFX: sparkle

And now the real story starts


Shizuka: Ngh... Hi... Hibiki?

Hibiki: Hey... Shizuka... can we sleep together tonight?
Shizuka: ...What’s up all of a sudden?

Side: Their last night together tranquilly sets in...

Hibiki: We’re not going to [ i]be here[ i] tomorrow. [2]

Hibiki: I’m sorry, Shizuka...
SFX: grasp
Shizuka: Why’re you apologizing?

Shizuka: You’ve got nothing to apologize for, Hibiki.
Hibiki: That’s not true... It’s all my fault. All because of my “last request”...

Shizuka: Do you feel responsible?
Hibiki: .........

Hibiki: ‘Cause...
If you die like this, Shizuka...

Hibiki: I’d... I’d...

Hibiki: Have made you suffer...
And kept making you suffer...

And then made you die.

Shizuka: It’s OK... Hibiki –
Shizuka: I’ll protect everything.

And then, the day of the sentence –

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 5

All resistance turned out to be futile as the siblings entered the trial...
Are they going to have to helplessly accept their punishment...!?
Not-necessary-but-on-bottom-left: Tankoubon volume 1 on sale March 20!!

Shinigami Chief Ayame

Ayame: [bold]The sentence will now be carried out.[bold]

Ayame: But still,

Ayame: Your hair color is as vulgar as usual, hmm Satsuki?
SFX: hee

Satsuki: Ha. And I’m surprised you’re not bored of having that same old hair for decades [ i]Ahome[ i]. *[t/n: Aho means idiot]
Ayame: How dare you –

Sasuke/Masamune: *Ahem! [cough]

Ayame: Excuse me for that... Let us continue.
Shinigami Hibiki, Shizuka Akida, step forward.


SFX: clench

Hibiki: Shinigami Chief, I beg of you!!

Hibiki: Please make my punishment harsher!
Hibiki: And in exchange,
Please... save Shizuka Aida.

Ayame: Cease this.
Ayame: Though you are new, you are still a Shinigami. You must not do [ i]something as unsightly[ i] as a dogeza.* [t/n: Japanese term for bowing down to the ground and prostrating oneself]

Ayame: Although there were some [ i]unforeseen circumstances[ i], the judgment has already been passed.
Ayame: No objections shall be acknowledged.

Ayame: Stand, Hibiki.
SFX: grit

Shizuka: ...Haha
Shizuka: “Unsightly,” you say...

Shizuka: Excuse me~ may I ask a question?

Ayame: What is it all of a sudden?
Shizuka: You see... I’m a little confused by being told “I will die” without ever really knowing what was going on.

Ayame: I see... it’s true you have the angle of a victim as well.
Ayame: Very well then. You can go ahead and say it.
Shizuka: Thank you very much. Um... alright, then.

Shizuka: [bold]What is a shinigami?[bold]

Ayame: ...Now that’s an awfully basic question.
Shizuka: Yes, I’d very much like it if you explained it to me.

Ayame: I understand.
I shall explain it then.
SFX: ahem

Ayame: The Shinigami... are a “system.”

Ayame: We exist to facilitate the reincarnation of souls...
It can be said that all of our work is ultimately for this purpose.
Ayame: For example, the “last request” is the same.
The sense of regret taints one’s soul. A tainted soul becomes unable to be reincarnated... So we do it to prevent this.
Ayame: That is to say, Shinigami are an overarching structure to protect the providence of reincarnation; an “absolute system.” [3]

Shizuka: I see...
Shizuka: Then what is the most important thing to these Shinigami?

Ayame: Order.
It can even be said that the meaning of our existence would be gone if that were lost.

Shizuka: So, a Shinigami disturbed the order they are supposed to preserve... Is that contradictory action the root of the problem here?
Ayame: That is correct. [ i]Contradictions[ i] are “sins” for us.

Shizuka: I feel relieved after hearing that.
Now I can die without any regrets.

Ayame: That’s good to hear.
Ayame: Now, then –
Shizuka: [bold]Then,[bold]

Shizuka: [bold]About my “last request” –[bold]

Ayame: What?

Saaya: .........

Satsuki: .........

Ayame: Whatever are you... talking about?
Shizuka: Huh? But I haven’t had my “last request” granted yet.

Ayame: That should not be the case. You are currently standing here because you were revived by Hibiki.

Shizuka: Wait, what? Wasn’t I dying because that was “cancelled?”
Which means...

Shizuka: My “last request” is still [ i]unused[ i], isn’t it?

Ayame: ...I see.
...If that were the case, what would you wish for?

Shizuka: Since I’m a human, please forgive me for any [ i]unsightliness[ i].
SFX: slump...

Shizuka: [bold]Please save Hibiki.[bold]—

Ayame: Wha...

Hibiki: What the heck are you saying!!?

Hibiki: You must be retarded! Do you even know what you’re saying!?
Hibiki: Besides, even if you did that for me, I... I –
Shizuka: I’m sorry.

Shizuka: I tried my best and thought long and hard about this, but this was the only way I could come up with.

Shizuka: But it’s okay. You tried to protect me to the very end with your life on the line.
Shizuka: ...That made me really happy. I’m already completely satisfied with my life... So –

Shizuka: There’s nothing to cry about, Hibiki.

Ayame: Wa- wait a minute. I never said that I would grant...
Shizuka: You will!

Shizuka: You teach that “Shinigami must always fulfill a last request to the maximum extent,” don’t you?
Ayame: ...Th...that’s –

Shizuka: And it’s not like my request involves “murder” or “resurrection” which cannot be granted.
Shizuka: Also...
Saaya: ......

Shizuka: I’ve heard that there were unforeseen circumstances in this incident and it wasn’t all Hibiki’s fault.
Uh huh, I did say that. That was me.

Shizuka: Please, give Hibiki who is but a fledgling Shinigami...
Shizuka: Just one more chance.

Shizuka: I beg of you.

Shizuka: I beg of you!

Shizuka: I beg of you!!!

Ayame: [bold]I understand.[bold]
Ayame: [bold]I shall grant you that request.[bold]

Whoa, that guy really did manage to protect Hibiki...

Saaya: .........

Ayame: ......... Now then, though there has been a slight change in the decision,
Ayame: Shizuka Aida’s “re-killing” will be carried out as scheduled.
SFX: jolt

Hibiki: You can’t!

Hibiki: Stop!
Hibiki: I’m begging you,

Hibiki: Don’t kill my brother!! [I don’t know if this is better as onii-chan or brother]

SFX [Ume (the smallest girl)]: squeeze

Hibiki: I’m begging you.

It’s over... Well, he [ i]did[ i] do very well.

Shizuka: Heh...

Ayame: !?
Ayame: Wh...what is it?

SFX: smirk

Shizuka: [bold]A ha x 18 [just the ha’s][bold]
Shizuka: [bold]Ha x 11 !![bold]

Ayame: What is... going on...
Shizuka: [bold]Ah~~ [ i]thank goodness.[ i][bold]

Shizuka: You just activated my “Trap Card,” whoops granted my “last request,”
Shizuka: Didn’t you?

Shizuka: There was something that always bothered me.

Shizuka: Though Hibiki believed in me... and as a result, granted my request...
Shizuka: I, not having any memories, could not be certain.

Shizuka: However, it became clear once [ i]another Shinigami[ i] granted my request.
Ayame: Wh...what did?

Shizuka: Hibiki had said this: “those who have committed murder are forcibly removed from becoming the target of the “last request””...
Shizuka: Which means...

Shizuka: [bold]I did not kill my family![bold]

Ayame: By now... that doesn’t...
Ayame: Have anything to do...
Shizuka: It has everything to do with this!!!
SFX: jolt

Shizuka: I’m seriously angry.
Satsuki: That’s what he meant!

Shizuka: You people have made two mistakes.

Shizuka: Firstly, you granted Hibiki’s “last request.”
Hibiki: To give you the greatest punishment
Shizuka: I was to be executed due to Hibiki’s request.
Aren’t Shinigami [ i]not[ i] supposed to grant requests that lead to “murder?”

Shizuka: Let’s say that [ i]by chance[ i] this was the result of the trial... however,
This leads to the second mistake.
Shizuka: The fact that I was “falsely accused.” This would mean...

Shizuka: The Shinigami who are supposed to preserve the order of death are just going to
Kill little old me, who is completely innocent.

Ayame: W...wait a minute. That happened because Hibiki wished for it in the first place.
Ayame: You are making leaps in logic by saying that “Shinigami killed you.”

Shizuka: [bold]Heh, heh, heh. [ i]Ah~, thank goodness[ i][bold]
Shizuka: [bold]That you’re so~~~ [bold]

Shizuka: [bold]Stuuupid![bold]
SFX: smile~

Ayame: Wha!

Shizuka: Contradiction [x 10, various cutoffs]
Shizuka: What you’re saying is full of contradictions.

Shizuka: I died because Hibiki requested it. Sure, that’s true.
But the Shinigami who granted it is innocent,
Saaya: .........

Shizuka: While Hibiki, who simply gave Asami Arisawa a healthy body, is going to hell!?
Shizuka: Why is it the Shinigami’s fault only in this case!?

Ayame: Th...the numbers are different. In Hibiki’s case, excluding you, six people were killed.
Ayame: This is a l...large distinction.

Shizuka: Look, consider a man who was hired to murder someone
And a man who sold a knife which was used for murder.
Shizuka: Which of these has the heavier sin?

Ayame: Th...that’s according to your surface logic. We emphasize the results.
It’s a matter of how many casualties were born through the Shinigami’s involvement.

Shizuka: [bold]A~~~h <3 [ i]thank goodness[ i], you replied exactly like I thought.[bold]
Shizuka: [bold]Congrats, you just made another contradiction![bold]

Shizuka: Since you emphasize the results so much...
Shizuka: If Hibiki’s request was never granted, [ i]nothing[ i] would have happened [ i]in the first place[ i].

Ayame: ...So basically,
Ayame: Are you saying that Saaya is to blame for all of this?

Shizuka: [bold]No, no... that’s not it.[bold]
SFX: step
Shizuka: [bold]Think rea~~lly hard about it. Why things end up like this...[bold]
[bold]Whose fault is it that the Shinigami who said that “contradictions are sins” is miserably spewing out all these contradictions?[bold]

Shizuka: Who?
Shizuka: Who?
SFX: step x 3
Shizuka: Huh? Who was it again?

Shizuka: The one who created the first contradiction by granting [ i]my request[ i]...
Who was it again?

Shizuka: Saaya?
No, that’s not it.
SFX: step x 4
Shizuka: Satsuki?
Shizuka: Oh, it’s Hibiki!
No, that can’t be right.
Shizuka: What the~~
I wonder who it was.

Shizuka: [bold]Say,[bold]
[bold]Who was it again?[bold]
Ayame: Th...that’s –

Shizuka: It was you, wasn’t it?

Shizuka: What are you gonna do now?
What are you going to do?
Shizuka: Will you go to hell?
Shizuka: Nope, it’s the sin of the most important person, the [ i]Shinigami Chief[ i].

Shizuka: [bold]Will all the Shinigami go to hell in joint responsibility?[bold]
Shizuka: [bold]You don’t want that? You don’t want that, do you? Don’t you want to do something about it?[bold]

Shizuka: [bold]There is just one![bold]
[bold]Just one way to solve everything![bold]
Ayame: Wh...what is it?

Shizuka: Pretend none of it ever happened.

Ayame: Um... What exactly do you mean by that?

Shizuka: Just say Hibiki’s “last request” never happened.
SFX: twirl
Shizuka: If you do that, all the contradictions will disappear, and so will your sin.

A-ha~, so [ i]that’s[ i] how it is.
Ayame: So you want to do away with your death as well?

Shizuka: Though that’s what I’d like... You couldn’t be satisfied with that, could you?
After this, feel free to punish me in any way you see fit.
SFX: step x 3
Ayame: Wha... then for what reason did you...

Shizuka: I wanted to erase the fact that Hibiki killed me with her request.
She was grieving over that the entire time...
SFX: pat
Hibiki: Onii-chan,
Ayame: I... I see. So that was your true objective...

...Well, that makes sense... I suppose.
He won’t say “ah~, thank goodness” to me again, will he...
It’s okay... it should be okay. He even said we could do whatever we wanted to him after this...

Ayame: ...Okay~ I understand. Although I say this with extre~~me reluctance, we shall say Hibiki’s “last request” never happened.
I am [bold]so[bold] not gonna forgive you, Shizuka Aida!

Shizuka: [bold][ i]A~~~h, thank goodness.[ i][bold]
SFX: eek

Shizuka: I’ve received that “line.”

Shizuka: [bold]With that line[bold]
SFX: shut
Shizuka: [bold]My “scenario” enters its epilogue![bold]

Ayame: S...scenario? What are you talking about?

Shizuka: [bold]All of the pleading, derision, indignation, and coercion up until now were part of my scenario to extract a certain statement from you.[bold]
[bold]Those words were... “Hibiki’s “last request” never happened.”[bold]
[bold][ i]Never happened,[ i] in other words, [ i]cancelled[ i]. That’s right, just now...[bold]
Shizuka: Hibiki’s last request was restored!

Shizuka: Now, Hibiki, say your “last request.”
Hibiki: Huh...? Oh... right.
Hibiki: Please, forgive Shizuka Aida... my brother! [onii-chan vs brother thing again]

I have no choice but to approve of the reinstatement of Hibiki’s “last request.” If I didn’t, it would contradict with how I restored Shizuka Aida’s request... This was all calculated? ...You’ve got to be joking... Th...that can’t be possible.

Shizuka: Thanks for your hard work

Shizuka: Shinigami Chief Ayame-san, with the leading role.
SFX: drop

Satsuki: Hee hee...hee
[bold]A ha ha ha ha![bold]

Satsuki: Heheh... heh heh heh

Satsuki: It’s your loss,
Satsuki: Ayame!

Satsuki: You won’t be able to see through him no matter how much harder you struggle.
Ayame: ......... [o.o she’s so cute]

Satsuki: But, still... We can’t just let him go, can we?
How about you hand his life over to me?
Satsuki: I like this guy.

Satsuki: Of course, I will take responsibility for everything the boy has done.
Satsuki: You don’t have to worry; if something happens, I’ll kill him and send him over to you right away.

Ayame: .........
Ayame: Shizuka Aida, I have a question for you.

Ayame: Why... did you do something like this?
Shizuka: That’s... because I made a promise.

Shizuka: A promise to protect everything.
Shizuka: My little sister is not the kind of girl who’d enjoy being the only one saved.
SFX: nod, nod

Ayame: ...But even so, did you really think you’d be able to pull off this crazy stunt?
Ayame: If I felt like it, it would have been a simple task to kill you.

Shizuka: That is because I believed in you, Shinigami Chief.

Shizuka: You said that
Shizuka: The Shinigami held “order” with the utmost importance.

Shizuka: I trusted that there were no lies in that.
Shizuka: Hence, I believed you would not kill me unreasonably;

Shizuka: That you would listen to what I had to say, answer to that, and go through with the sentence after you had convinced me...
That’s why I thought it could be done... but... even so, I was quite lucky.
Ayame: ...And why was that?

Shizuka: You were an individual as sincere and sublime as I had thought.

Ayame: .........

Ayame: Hmph!
SFX: whirl
Ayame: I will be leaving!

Ayame: Satsuki, I will be leaving him with you.
Satsuki: A’ight.
Shizuka: Uh... um,

Shizuka: Although we were doing this to save ourselves...
Please forgive us for our numerous insolences.
SFX: bow

Ayame: .........

Ayame: There was one more thing. Concerning Shinigami Hibiki...
Hibiki: Y...yes.

Ayame: You will be relocated to surface duty as well.
Ayame: Go and study under Satsuki from square one.

Shizuka: We did it~!!


Satsuki: Ah~, that really made me laugh.
[ i]Ahome[ i] didn’t even stand a chance.

Satsuki: But,
I wonder how it would have gone if it was you...
SFX: step x 3

Satsuki: [bold]Saaya.[bold]
Saaya: .........

Satsuki: [bold]Nah, you wouldn’t have been able to handle it either.[bold]
Satsuki: [bold]Not while holding on to a [ i]secret.[ i][bold]

Satsuki: What happened 3 months ago?
Saaya: ......

Satsuki: I know that you don’t make mistakes.
There’s [I ]something[ i] you can’t say, right?

Satsuki: It’s just, those two will come, chasing after the truth...
And one day, they will find it.
Saaya: ......

Saaya: .........
When that time comes –

Saaya: When that time comes, it’s only a matter of erasing it [ i]again[ i].
The brother’s will to protect his younger sister brought forth a miracle...!

4-koma [tankoubon version]
Fully prepared

Hibiki: Say, Shizuka –

Hibiki: Things went well because of the Shinigami Chief’s personality, but...
Super straight-laced

Hibiki: If she was
Hibiki: Different, what would you have done?

Shizuka: [bold]Oh, that’s okay. I prepared 8 kinds of scenarios.[bold]
Sheets: Hotheaded type, inhumane [slightly cut off], ruthless [slightly cut off], very* [t/n: There is only one kanji showing, 極, which doesn’t tell me very much.]

Added/edited pages [Additions labeled 38 and 39, page 40 edited in volume raws. The first two belong between double spreads 34-35 and 36-37, while page 36 was edited.]

[t/n: So, there were two pages added to (and one panel edited in) this chapter in the tankoubon. This was most likely to do with Shizuka acting OOC in this part (not like his character was THAT defined at this point) as well as to more fully explain how Shizuka planned things out. I thought the magazine version was a bit cooler (perhaps mostly because that was my first impression), so I did the chapter based on the magazine version. Here are the added pages and the changed panel, which go right after the double page spread where he mentions his “scenario.”]

Shizuka: [bold]This scenario consists of three parts.[bold]

First, chapter 1 “Pledge”
Here I wanted you, the Shinigami Chief, to “pledge” that Shinigami must not have contradictions.
Ayame: Pledge! I swear that contradictions are sins for all of us Shinigami.

Next, chapter 2 “Contradiction” Of course my goal was to make you contradict yourself.
[top] Ahahahahaha
[mid left/right] Stoopid x 2
[mid right (under stoopid)] nipa~
[bottom] It was you, wasn’t it
To that end, I did some rather grandiose acting.

For you who pledged not to make contradictions, they became “dead ends” in a maze of words,
SFX [Ayame]: glance, glance
Walls: Contradiction x 3 [one is almost fully covered]
And no matter what you tried to say, the walls of contradiction would obstruct the way.

Then the epilogue “Last Request” I was to point out the only way out to you, who got stuck,
Ayame mutter: Oh my
Shizuka mutter: Hey over here
And make you say a certain statement...

Shizuka: [bold]And that was “Hibiki’s “last request” never happened.”[bold]
[bold][ i]Never happened[ i], in other words, [ i]cancelled[ i]!
Shizuka: [bold]Which means... that’s right, just now!![bold]

Shizuka: Hibiki’s last request was restored!
SFX: chills

I would like to take the time here to note that the first few pages of the (or at least my) raws for chapter 4 were likely out of order. I believe that the second color page, with Kuroneko and the tied up girls, should have come first, followed by the picture of the siblings in between the action. At least, that’s how it is in the tankoubon :P. I’d say the synopsis goes at the very beginning, before the color pages.

[1] Ruka is likely referring to the “giri” or “obligation” chocolate she is holding in her hand, which is (“cheap”) chocolate given by females to males that are casual acquaintances, etc., i.e. without any romantic implications, on Valentine’s Day in Japan.

[2] She says it in a way that can be interpreted as “going to pass away” as well as to disappear.

[3] Eh, I did my best here. She says “absolute system” in Japanese, which is said more in a descriptive way, then says it in Engrish, which is like the actual name.

I didn’t really notice this until much later, but Hibiki is written with katakana when Shinigami address her, but in kanji when humans address her. Not saying much, but yeah.

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