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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 6

Chapter 6


-> RTS Page for Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 6

[Scanlation with this translation reserved for otakami and Simple Scans]

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 6

p.051 (mag 003) (01)
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
SFX: snap
Ruka: Hey, Hibiki!
You’re on standby now. You should be wearing your uniform!
SFX: c’mon!

Hibiki: What about that?
Ruka: ......
Yoshino mutter: Aha~ <3
SFX: click click

Answering to the demand, Shinigami-sama arrives with opening color pages!!

[Blue]: I will grant your last request.
[Green]: Then the volume 1 that will be released on March 20...
[Blue]: I shall grant that request!
[Red]: The awaited volume 1 is to be released March 20!!
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 6
Yama-guichi Mi-ko-to
Box: The Square Enix Horror Fair is open!! Refer to page 50 for details!
Board right: March 20 (Sat.) Daily duty: Masamune Sasuke (forever)
Board middle: ☆ A Shinigami is!!
[Partially blocked by Hibiki]in points of the “Last Request”
Concerning the rules
In [blocked] danger
What [blocked] in this case? [haha, these lines are guesswork]
Board left: Stick to the deadline for assignment submissions!

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

p.055 (mag 019)
New Onigiri Available
We’re having a sale

SFX: open
SFX: ring~♪ ring~♪

Shizuka: Welcome~

Shizuka: Yes? Are you looking for something?

Woman: Um... do you have any batteries?
Shizuka: Batteries... I see. One moment please.

Shizuka: Masamune-san, can you tell me where the batteries are?

Masamune: Whaa?
Masamune: Ask Sasuke who’s working the aisles for that kinda stuff.

Shizuka: Excuse me~ Sasuke-san, do you know where the batteries...
Sasuke: Mm?

Sasuke: ............

Sasuke: Mm
SFX: slap
Masamune: That’s a menchi!!*
*[Sasuke mixes up denchi (batteries) with menchi-katsu (minced meat cutlet)]

Masamune: Jeez, can’t be helped...
SFX: sigh

Masamune: What size?
Woman: AA
SFX: holds up
Masamune: What do you need them for?
Woman: The remote
Masamune: Then these cheap ones should be fine.
Masamune mutter: Here

Shizuka: Thank you very much~
SFX: bow

Shizuka mutter: Welcome~
SFX: beep
Box: If you ask why I’m doing this,

That day, after it was decided Hibiki and I were to be transferred to surface duty... basically, put under Satsuki-san’s care,
We came here.

Box: This is the convenience store that Satsuki-san runs, “May’n Mart.”
Box: Shinigami expend a great deal of energy while on the surface, so they must replenish themselves by eating properly. In other words... they need [ i]”money.”[ i]

Shizuka: The entirety of the third floor at the top is Satsuki-san’s living quarters,
Shizuka: The second floor is the living quarters of the surface duty Shinigami Ruka-san and the others,
[Top right]: The inside is unkown
[Right to left, top then bottom rows]: Satsuki bedroom, Satsuki personal bath, Shizuka/Hibiki bedroom, Ume bedroom, Ruka bedroom, Yoshino bedroom, convenience store
Shizuka: And the first floor is the convenience store.

By the way, the current inhabitants are:
The boss of the surface duty Shinigami and owner of this store, Satsuki-san
She may look young but she seems to have a very long career as a Shinigami.

Then, the three Shinigami on surface duty,
Shinigami Ruka-san
SFX: proper

Shinigami Yoshino-san
SFX: smile

Shinigami Ume-san
SFX: gape~

And then the newly assigned
Shinigami Hibiki.
She’s my younger sister, Hibiki Aida.

Shizuka: Oh, and the two who work at this convenience store,
Shizuka: Masamune-san

Shizuka: And Sasuka-san.
Sasuka: Mm.
Shizuka: It’s their real faces.

These two are not Shinigami, but are called “Prisoners.” This refers to people who had fallen to hell. Apparently Shinigani who have the special qualification of an “Oni”* can take prisoners from hell as subordinates for their protection.
*[Oni is a Japanese demon or ogre.]
Those who possess the qualification of “Oni”
Satsuki Ayame
Um, to put it simply, according to Satsuki-san these two are...

Satsuki: My servants
SFX: snicker
SFX: keh!

These two are fulfilling their prison term in hell by helping the work of Shinigami.

Although from my eyes...
Masamune mutter: Like I said...
Masamune mutter: That box goes over there!
Sasuke mutter: Mm?
These two may not look like evil people,

I think there was something that made them go to hell.
Masamune: What is it Shizuka
Mutter: Quit staring
Shizuka: Nothing.

And finally, with the addition of myself, there are eight people here now.
I’m neither Shinigami nor a “normal” human, so for now I’m helping out with the store. That’s the rough picture of the current situation.

Sign: Satsuki’s personal bath
Ruka: Hey Hibiki, don’t fling the bubbles around.

Hibiki: Whaat? Then you should just go over there more!
Yoshino: Wow, Hibiki-chan’s legs are so smooth and pretty~
Ruka?: Eek! Hey, Yoshino!
Ruka: No!
Hey, don’t pour the water on me Ume!!
Ume: Ah-

Hibiki: Hey, look, is surface work stuff like [ i]this?[ i]
Ruka: Come on~... do this properly.
Ume: Ah
SFX: drip x2
SFX: dribble
Yoshino: Hibiki-chan, you’re so cute~ <3

Sign: Cleaning

Ruka: Say, by the way…

Ruka: Is it okay for you to be sharing a room with [ i]him?[ i]
Hibiki: Wha?

Hibiki: Forget it being okay, there’re only four rooms so there’s no other choice.
Besides, we’re originally [ b]siblings.[ b] There’s no way Shizuka would do something to me.
*[she wants it]
Ruka: No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m worried [ i]you[ i] are gonna do something.
Hibiki: Whaat? What do you mean!?

Ruka: Huh? Since you...
Have a [ b]“brother complex”[ b]
Hibiki: WHAAAT!!!?

Hibiki: S...stop messing around, why do I have to have a bro complex!?
There’s no freaking way!
SFX: panic
Hibiki: I don’t even think anything of him!
In fact, I don’t even like him!!
*[Yep she wants it]

Ume: “Don’t kill my brother——”
Hibiki: Guh

Yoshino: “I beg of you, please forgive Shizuka Aida, my brother!”
Love— this is love, isn’t it. I was moved.
Hibiki: ............

Hibiki: Shut up~!!
SFX: whish whish

Hibiki: No... that’s not it! That was... right, [ i]sympathy![ i]
SFX: point
Hibiki: His life was probably just plain and gloomy you know! So I thought it would be pitiful if he died just like that! Look, we [ i]are[ i] siblings after all.

Hibiki: B...besides, it sucks sharing a room with that guy!
He snores like crazy, (lie)
He grinds his teeth, (lie)
And to top it off he doesn’t even lock the bathroom door! (lie)
Hibiki: See, I can’t just push him off to someone else, can I!?
I [ i]am[ i] [ b]siblings[ b] with him after all——

Yoshino: Excuse~ me~ I’d like to share a room with Shizuka-san~
Ume: Ah.
SFX: crack
Hibiki: Wha?

Yoshino: Actually, I~ was really interested in Shizuka-san~
And I wanted to talk with him about a lot of things <3
SFX: Ufufu <3
SFX: bounce
Ume: Itome,* funny guy.
*[Itome means “string eyes”]

Hibiki: Ha... ha... haha... Is... is that so.
Hibiki: B... but you know, the actual person’s will is important for these kinds of things too, right?

Yoshino: That’s true. Then let’s have Shizuka-san choose whom he wants to room with.
SFX: gather
Hibiki: Y...yeah, that’s true. Let’s do that.

Ruka: ...Look, wouldn’t it be fine of [ i]Hibiki[ i] moved to another room?...
Ruka mutter: Not like anyone’s listening...

Shizuka: I’d like to be in a room with Hibiki.
SFX: blunt

SFX: Whoa~

Yoshino: Love, it’s love after all.
Ume: Ah.

SFX: blush

...That Shizuka, what’s with him.
SFX: thump thump thump
He said he wants to be in a room with me so clearly... It’s making me nervous.

Shizuka: Hibiki
SFX: thump!

Shizuka: Come to me when you’re done with your bath.
I want to talk about [ b]something important.[ b]
Hibiki: ...Yeah.
What do you mean, something important!?

SFX: pop pop pop
Hibiki: ............

SFX: splash
Hibiki: Alright.

SFX: step step step

SFX: cough

Hibiki: I’m here... Shizuka.

Shizuka: Okay then... take a seat there.
Hibiki: S... sure.
SFX: plop

Shizuka: Alright!
Hibiki, it’s done!!
SFX: thrust
SFX: thump
Hibiki: Huh, what is!!?

Shizuka: My deductions for the suspects for who killed father, mother, and you.
Hibiki: Huwha?

Shizuka: I’ve been thinking about it for a while. We should narrow down the suspects as much as possible with the information we have at hand.
Shizuka: It seemed it would be finished today so I asked to be in a room with you to tell you about it, but,

Shizuka: Sorry, did you not want to listen?
Hibiki: That’s not it. I was just misunderstanding something...
Hibiki mutter: I...I’m embarrassed

Hibiki: Of course I wanna hear. Tell me!

First, I tried to pick out the “suspects”... the people for whom the crime was possible, without considering the motives.
First, me,
Shizuka Aida
Gou Aida
And others

Shizuka: But we learned through the exchange the other day that at the very least I haven’t murdered anyone.

Shizuka: So for now...
SFX: squeak
Shizuka: I’m not a suspect.

Shizuka: Next is father. Your memories are important when considering this possibility.
Shizuka: I made a flowchart of what you told me about the incident.

Box: When you came to, there was the voice of father fighting with someone.
Father: Stop it Shizuka!!
What? ...My father’s voice.

Box: Father comes falling down (dead?)
Hibiki: !!

Box: You see someone holding a bladed tool.
...Who? Who did this?
...I can’t get up. Something’s wrong with my legs.

Box: You notice that your feet are cut off.
Hibiki: NOOOOOO!!!!

Box: Hibiki dies.
Hibiki: ...Huh?
The pain’s gone, was it a dream?
Saaya: It wasn’t.

Saaya: I’m sorry, but you’re dead.
Box: You meet Shinigami Saaya after dying.
Hibiki: I’m floating

Box: Yourself,

Box: Father,

Box: And mother; you confirm their deaths.

Box: And then,
Onii... wha?

Box: You confirm that I was holding the weapon thought to have been used for the crime
Box: And wish to “give Shizuka the greatest punishment” with your “last request.”

Shizuka: This part is crucial. The meaning of the “Stop it Shizuka!!” that father said.
Voice [mostly cut off, originally かと]  “Stop it Shizuka!!”  Father comes falling [cut offs]

Thinking of the events normally according to this chart, it leads to the line of thought that “I was trying to kill my family,”
Father: Stop it Shizuka!!
To which he said that.

Shizuka: You thought so too, right Hibiki?
Shizuka: But [ b]I haven’t killed anyone.[ b] Which means that can’t be possible.

Shizuka: What we can think of next is the exact [ i]opposite.[ i]
The line of thinking that [ i]Father[ i] tried to kill our family,
Father: Stop it Shizuka!!
Shizuka: And I stopped him.

Actually, this possibility is also very low. This is because that father was “done in” immediately after saying that,
Which means I had to have retaliated and killed father.

Shizuka: But as stated before, I didn’t kill anyone,
So this is highly improbable.
Shizuka: With this, the likelihood of father being the murderer is unlikely.
SFX: squeek
Hibiki: Phew.

Shizuka: With this, the most prominent one is
The outsider.
Shizuka: And it’s not just any outsider.

Shizuka: It was a crime by [ i]someone we know.[ i]
Father: Stop it Shizuka!!
Shizuka: This is because Father [ b]tried to stop me.[ b]

Shizuka: I think he tried to stop me because that someone had some sort of ties with us.
SFX: nod
Satsuki: Wait a second! There’s a big “hole” in your theory.

Shizuka: Satsuki-san!
Satsuki: Yo.

Satsuki: Sorry, I’m personally interested in this case, so I was eavesdropping here.

Shizuka: No... that doesn’t bother me.
Shizuka: ...What is that “hole”?

Satsuki: Although I can’t imagine that a sharp guy like you is overlooking this,
Satsuki: If you’re omitting a suspect because your eyes are clouded for emotional reasons, I’ll point it out.

Satsuki: Why is “Tomoe Aida”
Tomoe Aida
Satsuki: Not among the suspects?

Satsuki: It’s true that if these events on the chart were to have occurred without pause...
Satsuki: It’s unlikely for your mother to be the murderer.

Satsuki: This is because Hibiki hadn’t seen the moment her mother died.
Satsuki: She didn’t see it... but your mother ended up dead.
This means it’s sensible to think that she already died prior to this chart… But this is strictly if there was no pause….

Satsuki: But there [ i]was[ i] one...
Your feet are cut [words cut off on both ends]
Hibiki dies
Satsuki: It’s hard to think that Hibiki died right after she noticed the amputation of her feet...

Satsuki: First she must have lost consciousness, then died.
A span of a few minutes,
Satsuki: An “empty time” that Hibiki is not aware of, results.

Satsuki: If you factor that in, doesn’t the possibility of your mother being the murderer remain?
Shizuka: No, that isn’t plausible.

Satsuki: !?... Why is that?
Hibiki: ............

Shizuka: The “premise” for her is different...
Shizuka: The murders were [ b]impossible[ b] for mother.

Shizuka: Mother... due to an accident from a long time ago, [ b]was blind.[ b]
Shizuka: Moreover, she had severe after-effects from the accident, and three months ago when the incident took place, she couldn’t even perform day-to-day activities without our family’s support.

Satsuki: ...I see... that was rude of me.
Shizuka: ...Not at all...

Satsuki: But in that case, what are you gonna do? The outsider...
Satsuki: If you were to consider people you knew, that’s a considerably wide range.

Shizuka: True. The only things we have as clues are why I was the only one alive... He or she [ i]didn’t[ i] kill me, or [ i]couldn’t[ i] kill me...
Shizuka: As well as the reason my memories are missing.
...That’s about it.

Shizuka: Truthfully... there’s nothing that comes to mind at the moment.
It’ll probably be very difficult to find clues at the scene over three months from the incident.

Shizuka: So I was thinking...
This is where I think I need your consent, Satsuki-san.
Satsuki: Oh?

Shizuka: I think Hibiki will be continuing her work of granting “last requests” here.
Shizuka: At that time... if I’m able to grant that request without using any shinigami’s powers, with [ i]my own power[ i]...

Shizuka: I’d like you to let me use that “last request” for myself.

Satsuki: Fu...fufu

Satsuki: Interesting! You’re interesting after all!!

Satsuki: Go ahead and try it. As long as you’re able to convince the target of the “last request”...
Satsuki: I won’t really have any complaints about it.

Satsuki: And this is perfect. It’s not like I came here to eavesdrop from the beginning.
Satsuki: I came to tell you your first job in surface duty, Hibiki.

Satsuki: Fufu...
Now, I wonder if you can do it. Something like granting this “last request” with your own strength...
Satsuki: The target is someone with a deep connection with you two.

Satsuki: Her name’s “Shiroha Houjou”
Satsuki: One of the people who were killed by that Asami Arisawa.


Ruka’s worries

SFX: stare~
Ruka: Wh...what is it Hibiki?

Hibiki: Didn’t you have black-hair last time (chapter 5)?
Ruka: Urgh!!

Hibiki: I think Saaya was saying it’s not mandatory, but you should have black hair...
I thought you looked up to Saaya...
Saaya mutter: You should have lack hair
Ruka: That’s right! That’s why I dyed it black in front of Saaya-sama!

Hibiki: The heck is that... your rebellious phase?
Ruka: No! I want it to be black!! But Satsuki always changes its color while I’m sleeping!
Hibiki: ...Why?
Ruka: I don’t know!

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