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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo Oneshot : Oneshot


[scanlation with this translation reserved for otakami and Simple Scans]

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo

[Some basic notes, since this is the actual beginning of Shinigami-sama. (It would be wise to put these at the front or on page 5.)

A Shinigami is a Japanese word meaning “god/spirit of death.” They are often reminiscent of the grim reaper.

The “saigo” in the title and in “last request” is a different word from last in the general sense (最後), and instead refers to one’s death or last moments (最期). Saigo no (o)negai could mean “dying wish.”]

Box: Mukai Takeshi (age 17) Occupation: ghostwriter (additionally, student)
Box: When I woke up this morning, my hair was completely white.

Box: Well, I haven’t really been living decently at all...
Box: So I thought... things like this might happen, but...

The incident occurs in the morning!

SFX: zzz
Box: This... is absurd.

Fresh one shot 37 pages
Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Can you hear
The soul-shaking poem of the Shinigami...?
Mikoto Yamaguchi

SFX: roll
Box: Think... I remember seeing this girl somewhere...

I think she suddenly appeared while I was sleeping... and kinda introduced herself...
Kiriko: I’m...

Takeshi: ...Shini...gami?

SFX: whoosh
Kiriko: Yes!
SFX: jolt

Kiriko: I’m a Shinigami. Shinigami Kiriko.
Takeshi: ......
SFX: smile

Box: At that time, I went 4 days without sleeping and could finally go to sleep...

SFX: appear...

Kiriko: Umm~ excuse me
SFX: poke

Kiriko: I’m a Shinigami~ please wake up~
Box: Shinigami Kiriko (rookie)
SFX: poke poke

Takeshi: Ohh... huh?

Kiriko: I’m a Shinigami, Shinigami Kiriko.
Kiriko: Please tell me your last request.
SFX: daze~

Takeshi: Ohh... then wake me up at 7 in the morning.
SFX: plunk
Box: That’s what I said, thinking it was a dream... so it was real.

Wait. Something’s off.
What did a... [ i]Shinigami[ i] just tell me?

Takeshi: [ i]Last[ i] request...
Takeshi: “Last”!!!?

Takeshi: Don’t tell me I died!
SFX: panic
Kiriko: Yes... you were scheduled to, but...

Takeshi: S...schedule? What do you mean?
Kiriko: Oh! Please wait, I’m getting a call from headquarters.
SFX: beep
Kiriko: Yes, Kiriko speaking. Is something the matter, senpai?*
*[Senpai refers to an upperclassman or someone who has been doing something longer than you.]

Saaya: What the hell are you doing!!

Saaya: We’re in a huge mess because you did something so outrageous!
Box: Shinigami Soul Administration Bureau Shinigami Saaya

Saaya: You accepted the Last Request, “wake me up at 7 in the morning,” of “Takeshi Mukai,” who was supposed to die in two hours...
Saaya: You [ b]revived[ b] that boy.

Kiriko: Ah... um... then, should I kill him again?
Phone: You dolt!!
SFX: spark
SFX: jolt

Phone: He’s plenty healthy now. If you kill him that’s just murder, you dolt!!
Phone: Even though I told you so much that “murder” and “resurrection” were forbidden for “Last Requests”...

Kiriko: ...So,
For now it seems you’re not gonna die.
SFX: smile
Takeshi: ...Oh.

Takeshi: Wa-wa-wait a minute!! I was scheduled to die!!? You revived me!?
Takeshi: Why do I have to go through this!!?

Takeshi: And besides, you, a Shinigami!!? You’re a kid!
Takeshi: A Shingami should kind of be more... wicked, or at least like this!!

Kiriko: ............
Takeshi: What? She froze up...

SFX: Ahahahaha
Takeshi: Geez~ she started laughing

Kiriko: Senpai, please explain.
Saaya: ...Get him on the phone.
Takeshi: Ohh... she’s an idiot.

Saaya: First, we twisted your fate, and for that I apologize.
Phone: Y...yeah.

Phone: I’m sure you have lots of doubts, so I’ll explain it one by one.
Takeshi: ...Please.
Takeshi: This one’s got it together.

Saaya: I’ll explain the work of Shinigami first.
We manage human souls as well as grant the requests of [ i]certain humans.[ i]
Saaya: Those particular humans are those who meet two conditions.
One is obviously “someone whose death has been determined.”

Saaya: The other one is “someone who had not used up a certain amount of luck.”
Saaya: In other words, “misfortunate people.”

Phone: It’s a little weird to say this... but you life was remarkably miserable.
[right to left (top to bottom), this is gonna be a bit hard]
Often treated as the one at fault
Unpopular with girls
At vending machines, with a 50% probability your money
You get tricked with defective products
[Cut off]that, you always become
Underprivileged, [cut off?] thief gets in 18 times
Hit by a car 36 times
Finger [cut off] laugh
Right after birth
Every time you get on a train,
Even though
SFX: packed
Takeshi: Ahaha, I [ i]had[ i] sort of noticed.

Takeshi: Well... I’ll believe you.
You even know all that about me... I can also see that this isn’t a normal situation.
Phone: I’m thankful.
Takeshi: It’s just...
Why’d a kid like this come?

Kiriko mutter: So this is the lower world~ I wonder what these are?
SFX: excited

Phone: Huh? Can’t you tell from looking?
Takeshi: ?
SFX: stare~

Phone: Look ve~ry closely...
Phone: 90% of men’s “Last Requests” tend to be “that way”... basically,

Phone: That girl is 100% in accordance to your tastes.
Takeshi: ...What?

Takeshi: I-I-I-I’m not a lolicon!!
SFX: blush
Phone [left bubble]: Really? Oh, her age?
Phone: It’s okay, since she’s 16
Takeshi: Oh really— wait, no!!

Kiriko: Did something happen, Takashi-san?
SFX: close in
SFX: thump!

Phone: Oh, it was just decided how we will treat you.
Kiriko, having failed her mission, will remain on the surface and continue her work as punishment.
As for you, we Shinigami will take your life which was supposed to be lost, and have you help the rookie Kiriko.
SFX: closing in
Kiriko mutter: What is it?
Takeshi mutter: Too close, too close

Phone: Which means I’d like you two to live together for the time being and do Shinigami work.
Takeshi: Huh?
Phone: Well then, standby until you have further orders... that is all!

Takeshi: Whaaa!!!?

My name’s Mukai Takeshi
I will introduce you to my cute girlfriend today:

Kiriko, she’s a bit of a childish but cute girlfriend.
But she has one secret.

She’s actually... a shinigami——
Kirino mutter: Lower world <3, lower world <3
SFX: spin spin
Takeshi mutter: Stop frolicking
Box: ...I can’t ever laugh at this joke...
Mutter: At least give me a witch or a goddess...

Kiriko: Takeshi-san, those clothes are a “uniform” for a “school,” right?
Takeshi: Y- yeah, that’s right, you know this?
Kiriko: Fufu... I studied it.

Kiriko: A “school” is a place to study.
A “uniform” is clothes you wear to go there.
Takeshi-san, you go to “school” wearing that

Kiriko: Wait, Takeshi-san, why aren’t you going to school!?
Are you a “delinquent”-san!?
Takeshi: No!!
SFX: point!

Takeshi: You woke me up at 7 am [ b]three days later.[ b] Thanks to that, I’ve been fired from my job for not doing the manuscript.
Paper: Someone who doesn’t follow deadlines doesn’t deserve to live, stoopid
You’re fired!!
Takeshi: I’m not a “delinquent,” I’m “underprivileged”! I can’t do anything without money, get it?

SFX: Ahahahaha
Takeshi: I see, she was taught to laugh whenever she’s in a bind.

Takeshi: For now, it seems if I help with the Shinigami work I’ll get my living expenses covered, so I’ll do it...
Kiriko: Takeshi-san, what is “underprivileged”?
Takeshi: The world’s most pitiable creature.

Takeshi: This is it...
Takeshi: An orphanage... huh.

Oh, I see... those chosen by Shinigami were “misfortunate people,” weren’t they.
Takeshi: Kiriko... what kind of person is the target?

Rin Mitsuki, nine years old. She lost her parents at the age of two, and due to not having any relatives, was sent to an orphanage.
She has a weak heart, so even until now she spends most of her time in her room
——She has approximately 10 days left in her life.

Takeshi: ...I wonder if
Someone like me could grant the last request of someone like her...
Kiriko: It seems other Shinigami couldn’t...
But I’ve heard that it’s a job suited for you.

Takeshi: All right!!
Let’s go grant that girl’s request then!!
Kirko: Yes!!

Rin: Idio~t!
SFX: boom

Takeshi: Huhh?

Takeshi: Rin-chan... I wonder why you say something like that~?
Rin: It’s ‘cause you guys treat me like a kid like that, idiot~

Takeshi: Ahahahaha... A kid [ i]is[ i] a kid~
SFX: irritated x2
SFX: hmph
Rin: Hmph, I know much more about the world than you.

Rin: See, I read and memorized the content of all the books here!

Fufu... Rin-chan, there are all sorts of
Wonderful things in this world that are not in books.

Rin: Problem: Answer all six of the major legal codes of Japan.
Takeshi: Wha?

SFX: glance
SFX: Ahahahahaha

Rin: Problem: Answer three famous pieces by the artist Parmigianino who was active in the early days of Mannerism.
Problem: Explain the four steps of instruction written in German philosopher Herbart’s Allgemeine Pädagogik.*
*[Fudging hell, these terms aren’t even on Wikipedia. At least they’re right there on the Japanese one. Too bad it doesn’t help me nearly as much.]

Takeshi: I’m sorry for being rude. Rin-san, please tell us your last request.
Rin: You should have done that from the beginning.

Rin: As you can see, I love books,
Rin: So my “last request” is...

Rin: I want to read the “ultimate story” that can move me emotionally
Rin: With “family” as its theme.

Takeshi: ...I see, suited for me...
I, who have been called a genius high school author (self-proclaimed)...

Takeshi: Will show the child the true skills of a pro!
Kiriko: A ghost one, though
Takeshi: Shut up!!
SFX: clap clap

Box: The next day
SFX: tear

SFX: flutter
Rin: Not good at all.
SFX: shock

Takeshi: ...I took you a little too lightly. Next I’ll really show you the true skills of a pro...
Kiriko: A ghost one, though.

Box: The next day
SFX: burn
SFX: shock
Rin: Reject!

Rin: Your writing has too much waste. Something like this can be written in three pages.
Rin: The characters are being pulled by the setting and fall flat.
Rin: Your organization is too amateurish and the end can be predicted too easily.
Rin: The first and third person perspectives are getting mixed up. Did you get proper language education?
SFX: Noo~

SFX: flip

SFX: flip flip

SFX: flip

Rin: Uh huh, I think this is well made.
SFX: tap tap
SFX: haaaa

Rin: But...
It’s not good enough.
SFX: flop
Takeshi: H...how...

Rin: I think it’s a good text made by mixing the tastes of various authors,
But there’s one vital thing that’s missing.
SFX: gulp

Rin: There’re no words from you, yourself.

SFX: laze~

Takeshi: I know... I know it myself, too...
That’s why I’m perpetually a ghostwriter.

Kiriko: Please cheer up, Takeshi-san.
I made some onigiri.

Takeshi: Oh, this is good!!

Kiriko: I put konbu in and puffed it up when cooking the rice.
Takeshi: Wow~ that’s unexpected. To think you had such a specialty.

Kiriko: I’m a rookie and I still don’t know much,
Kiriko: But I at least made sure to study about how to make a man happy.

Takeshi: Oh yeah...
Takeshi: The room’s gotten cleaner since you got here.

Takeshi: Hey, Kiriko...
Takeshi: What do you think a “family” is?

Kiriko: Ahahaha hahaha hahaha
Takeshi: My bad, my bad, I’ll change the question.
If you were to be asked, “do something to [ b]let me feel[ b] a family,” for a last request, what would you do?

SFX: reach

Kiriko: Then
Kiriko: I’d hold hands.

Kiriko: I... don’t get complicated things...
Kiriko: But I believe there are things that can be conveyed just by holding hands.

Kiriko: Don’t you... feel anything?
Takeshi: Yeah... it’s real warm.

Rin: Here you are.

Rin: Fufu...
You’d better move my heart today.

Takeshi: No, I didn’t write one today.
Rin: ...Huh? Why!?
Takeshi: Hey, just listen.

Takeshi: I thought about it in my own way... family.
Takeshi: And so I thought—

Takeshi: Let’s say I lined up a hundred million words...
Let’s say you were satisfied with that... how much meaning would that hold...?
Takeshi: In the end, what you can convey with words is only a momentary emotion, right?
I think there’s something more important.

Takeshi: Give me your hand.

Rin: Wha?
Takeshi: Hold hands with me.

Takeshi: Take my word for it and just try holding hands.
Family... no, you should be able to understand a lot more things than that.

SFX: slap

Rin: Don’t mess around with me.

Rin: What do you mean, hold hands? In the end you’re just trying to trick me because I’m a child.

Rin: I want to read it in a book. It’s no good if it’s not a book.

‘Cause I’ve always only been reading books.
I don’t want to start knowing about the world other than through books [ i]now.[ i]

Rin: Since my mom and dad died when I was little and I barely remember them,
SFX: squeeze
Rin: I wanted to know. What... is a family like...? That’s all, but—

Rin: Why don’t you grant it!!?
SFX: suddenly [I know, lame -.-]

Takeshi: ............
Rin: Wh...what is it, acting speechless now?
Do your job properly.

Rin: Hey, tell me!! Does a mom smell good?
Is a dad’s back broad!? Hey!!
Takeshi: ...*grumble ....*grumble
Rin: What? I can’t hear you! Say it clearly!

Takeshi: ............
Takeshi: Like [ i]I’d[ i] know.

Rin: L...like I’d know?
Hey wait, where are you going?
Takeshi: I can’t do it! It’s impossible for me to grant your request.
Rin: Why?

Takeshi: Because I
Takeshi: Don’t even have any family.

Takeshi: Heck, I don’t even know if I had any.

Mukai Takeshi
Right after birth, he had been thrown away in a trash bin with his umbilical cord still attached.
Those chosen by Shinigami are misfortunate people...

Takeshi: Argh, I give up!! Whataya mean suited for me?
Takeshi: It’s the least suitable!

Kiriko: Are you going to quit?
Takeshi: Quitting or not, it’s impossible!! And you... put some clothes on!

Kiriko: In that case, please give me writing paper.
Takeshi: There’s no more, I used it all...
Wait, what are going to do?

Kiriko: Of course, I’m going to write a story.
Takeshi: Wha!? There’s no way you could do it.
Kiriko: Still, I have to do it.

Takeshi: Look, when it comes down to it, she just wants to complain.
Kiriko: Still... I have to do it.
Takeshi: ...Then, no matter what impossible challenge... or how much you’d hate it, you’d respond?
Kiriko: Of course.
Takeshi: ...Really.

SFX: grab

Takeshi: If I had said “I want to do whatever I want to you” as my last request,
Takeshi: ...Would you... have obeyed it?
SFX: thud

Kiriko: Of course. If that’s what it took to fulfill your heart, Takeshi-san.
Takeshi: ............Why is there a need to go so far?

Kiriko: Because it’s your last request.

Kiriko: Rin-san will die in 36 hours, 43 minutes, and 17 seconds.

Takeshi: ...But, what can [ i]I[ i] do?
I can’t teach her anything.
Kiriko: That’s not true.

Apparently she never opened her heart to any Shinigami before us.
But had she showed her smile to you...

Kiriko: She somehow felt it. That you and her were similar...
That you would understand her.
Takeshi: ...If we’re not able to grant her last request, what happens to her?

Kiriko: Souls with strong regrets become “evil souls” and are removed from transmigration... and are to be eliminated.
Takeshi: Kiriko

Takeshi: Go buy writing paper for me.
Kiriko: Yes!

Takeshi: *pant
Takeshi: *pant

Rin: *pant
Rin: *pant

Rin: *pant
Rin: You look horrible, onii-chan.
Rin: *pant

Takeshi: Haha!
Takeshi: You too.

Takeshi: It’s finished. It’s the masterpiece that will move your heart.

Takeshi: This time, I’ll specially... read it aloud for you.

Rin: Yeah, I’ll listen.


SFX: streak~

Rin: ............

Takeshi: What’s up? I’m still in the middle... is it moving you to tears?

Rin: No... ...that’s not it...

Rin: Onii-chan, you
Rin: Are crying so much...

Takeshi: Ahaha... huh, that’s weird... was I moved by my own writing?

Takeshi: ............
Takeshi: ...I’m sorry. ......I’m sorry. Being like this at your deathbed...

Rin: Onii-chan ... let’s... hold hands.

Rin: Kiriko one-chan, too...okay?
Kiriko: Yes.

Rin; It’s warm...
Rin: It’s really warm.

I’m sorry for being...
So selfish, onii-chan.

June 17, 11:36
Rin Mitsuki, dead———

Kiriko: Takeshi-san.
Kiriko: Takeshi-san,
Rin-san has already departed.
Takeshi: ...Dammit.

Takeshi: Dammit!!!

Takeshi: I... in that small child’s very last moment,
Takeshi: ...I made her apologize.

Kiriko: ............

Kiriko: ...It’s okay.
SFX: touch
Kiriko: Rin-chan... was able to die properly.

Rin: Do you hate it that much that her last words were “sorry?”
Takeshi: ...Yeah...

Rin: Then, “thank you,” Onii-chan.
SFX: shriek

Saaya: Mission accomplished, good work!

Saaya: What are you two so stunned for...?
SFX: daze~
Kiriko: Why is senpai here?

Saaya: I came to guide Rin Mitsuki-san’s soul, naturally.
Saaya: ...And, rather than that,

Saaya: What are you two hugging for?
SFX: let go

Saaya: For now, I’ll commend your success.
We’ll keep having you two work together.

Saaya: It’s strictly work!
SFX: mad

Saaya: Hmph.
Saaya: Well,

The birth of a great pair!?

The human who failed to die, Takeshi, and the shinigami who failed to kill him, Shinigami Kiriko...
It might be a surprisingly good combination...

It’s just, I don’t want them to commit any mistakes...
That of a human and a shinigami.

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