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Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 7

Chapter 7


-> RTS Page for Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 7

[Scanlation with this translation reserved for otakami and Simple Scans]
[umm ok, what the heck? I had the wrong chapter posted here for the longest time... gaaaaahhhh orz]

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 7

p. 01 (magazine)
A synopsis for Shinigami-sama so far
Yoshino: This time I’ll tell you about May’n Mart in one panel~ <3
Mutter: *hick*

The room assignment diagram for May’n mart that appeared last time
Don’t you notice anything from looking at this...?
That’s right, Masamune and Sasuke’s rooms aren’t there!
Satsuki: Since convenience stores are open 24 hours a day, right?
SFX: shock
May’n mart is always open, 24/7, with no breaks.

And now the real story starts

p.02 (087)
Chapter 7

Shizuka: You won’t be able to run with your legs like that...
So please stay hidden somewhere in this room.
Shiroha: B...but, you’re also hurt from protecting me.

Shizuka: I’ll be okay, so please try to hold out against [ b]her[ /b] without making a noise.

SFX: step x5

SFX: haa x3

SFX: tap
SFX: roll

Asami: I found you~ <3
SFX: stick
Asami: The sixth one <3


Satsuki: Good, you’ve gotten changed.
I’ll explain the work I told you about yesterday then.

Satsuki: The target’s name is Shiroha Houjou. Gender: female. Age 15 at time of death.
Satsuki: She’s one of the people killed by that Asami Arisama whom you know well.
This “Last Request” will obviously be a “request after death.”

Satsuki: Here’s a sudden problem, Hibiki:
There are two types of “Last Requests,” “requests after death” and “requests in life.”
Satsuki: Explain the meaning of and difference between these two.

Hibiki: The difference between “requests after death” and “requests in life” is just as their names say, whether you grant the “Last Request” after death or in life... while they are alive.
Hibiki mutter: Don’t make fun of me.

Hibiki: The meaning as to why there are two types...
Hibiki: Is because shinigami can’t perfectly predict people’s deaths.

Hibiki: People’s probabilities of dying change within seconds.
Whether they go left or they go right, what they bring with them, what they talk about... all that, and even the blink of an eye have an effect on the probability of dying.
Left or Right?
A or B?
Hibiki: It’s virtually impossible to perfectly predict hundreds, thousands of deaths every day.

Hibiki: That’s why, excluding special cases, the only ones whose deaths can be predicted and who become targets for “requests in life” are those like Asami Arisawa who die from illnesses...
Hibiki: Other deaths caused by accidents and murders mostly become “requests after death.”

Hibiki: Additionally, for “requests after death,” Shinigami investigate and approach the targets [ b]after they die,[ b]
Hibiki: So there are times when there’s a time lag of a few minutes to a few hours at most from when they die until their requests are granted.

Hibiki: ...Because I knew that, I was able to carry away Shizuka’s body before it was found by other Shinigami.

Satsuki: I see... you may be an idiot,
Satsuki: But it seems you’re not ignorant.

Shizuka: Uh... um, Satsuki-san,
Shizuka: May I ask a question?

Shizuka: There were six people in all who were killed by Arisawa-san...
Have you already granted the “Last Requests” of the other five?
Satsuki: Oh, well you see...

Satsuki: For better or for worse, those guys, just as Asami Arisawa said, were...
Well, they were a worthless bunch.
Et cetera
Satsuki: The assessment resulted in five of the six being unqualified for the “Last Request.” In fact, three of them were to be sent to hell.

Satsuki: But... only that Shiroha Houjou was such a normal girl that you wouldn’t understand why she participated in a gathering like that...
Satsuki: Well, you can hear the details from her.
Mutter: I’ll call her now.

Hibiki: Say, Shizuka,
Does she... hate us after all?
Shizuka: ...That might be.

Shizuka: For now... let’s apologize together when we first meet her.
Satsuki: Hey~ come in.
Hibiki: Yeah.

Shizuka: I’m so...!?
Shiroha: I’m sorry!
SFX: squeeze

Shizuka: Y...you’re—


Shizuka: I see, so you were Shiroha Houjou-san.
Shizuka: ...Oh, but now that I think about it rationally, you were the only female.
SFX: sparkle

Shiroha: Yes... it’s been a while.
Shiroha: I’m sorry. Because I broke our promise... I died.

SFX: whack
SFX: ah
SFX: panic

Hibiki: So!? How are you two related?

Hibiki: ...I see. So Shizuka protected you...

Shiroha: Yes... as people were being killed left and right...
Shiroha: He tried to save me without a care for his own life...

Shiroha: You were so dashing.
SFX: pissed
SFX: sparkle sparkle
Shizuka: S...still, ultimately I couldn’t save anyone.
Shiroha: Don’t say that! You tried your hardest for us, Shizuka-san!

Hibiki: Daaa!!
SFX: thwack
SFX: gah

Hibiki: All right, all right, I got it already.
Shiroha Houjou, what’s your “Last Request”?

Shiroha: ............

Shiroha: My older twin sister, Kureha Houjou...*
*[Kureha’s name means “read feather” while Shiroha is “white feather.”]
Shiroha: I want to know the reason why [ b]she was trying to kill me[ /b]...

Shiroha: Our family lost my mother early on...
Shiroha: It was a family of three, with my father and Kureha, my twin sister.

Shiroha: ...We were very close...
Shiroha: At least, that’s what I thought.

In particular, Kureha-chan
Kureha mutter: Shiroha, you’re going to be late~
Was always nice... she looked after me, who didn’t really have things together.

She’s really good at school and sports
Shirt: Houjou (3-B)
And I was really proud of her... the big sister I love.

Box: But everything changed starting from one day.
SFX: open
Shiroha: Kureha-chan
Box: I went into Kureha-chan’s room thinking of borrowing her notebook.

Shiroha: Huh? Kureha-chan’s not here?
SFX: slide
Shiroha: Sorry, I’m gonna borrow it without permission.
Mutter: Is it here?


Kureha: What are you doing, Shiroha?

SFX: bang

Kureha: You didn’t see anything.
Kureha: ...If you tell anyone about this

Kureha: I won’t let you off the hook.
SFX: glare

From then on... Kureha-chan didn’t come home very often...

And even when she did come home, she just shut herself in her room.

I thought of talking about it with father...
But he seemed to be really busy at the time and wasn’t home most of the time...

I didn’t want that. Drifting apart from Kureha-chan like that...
That’s why one night, I gathered by courage and went to her room to talk with her properly. But... that’s where I heard it...

Kureha: ...Going to kill...
Kureha: ...Shiroha...

Shizuka/Hibiki: ............
Shiroha: I think she was probably talking with someone on the phone...
Shiroha: I couldn’t pick up any other words, but I clearly heard just that.

Shizuka: ...And why did you attend something like the Boy A fansite’s meet-up?

Shiroha: ...That’s
...Because I wanted to know

Shiroha: What reason people could possibly have to be able to think of killing their family.

Shiroha: I... couldn’t even imagine, no matter how hard I thought about it.
That’s why I wanted to ask Boy A, who killed his entire family...

Shiroha: ...Why is it?
Shiroha: Did someone as kind as you...

Shiroha: Kill your family?
SFX: grab

Shizuka: I’m sorry... I haven’t killed my family.
Shiroha: Huh?

Shizuka: ............

Shiroha: Oh no...

Shiroha: So you two are siblings and are trying to find the true criminal...

Hibiki: ...So, um... I’m sorry. It was my responsibility that you died...

Hibiki: Whoa, what?
SFX: trickle trickle

Shiroha: You must have gone through a lot, Hibiki-chan.
SFX: squeeze

Hibiki: Huh... uh... um, I’m...
Shiroha: It’s okay.

Shiroha: I had the chance to live... but I didn’t choose that.
So it was my fault that I died.

Shiroha: But... Hibiki-chan, you really didn’t even do anything but you went through such a horrible time...
Shiroha: And... because of a misunderstanding, you even let your big brother, Shizuka-san, die once.

Shiroha: It must have been a lot more painful for you than me...
Shiroha: So please don’t apologize.

SFX: hug
Hibiki: Thank you.

Hibiki; ...You’re a good person.
Shiroha: That’s not true...

Shiroha: I’ll help.
Shiroha: If Shizuka-san finds the answer to “why Kureha-chan was trying to kill me”...

Shiroha: I’ll offer up my “Last Request” to you guys.

Shizuka: Thank you...
Shizuka: I will definitely grant that request!


Shizuka: Um, I said let’s inspect your house for now, but...

Shizuka: Is it really here?
Shiroha: Yes, there’s no mistake.
SFX: wowie~

Shizuka: It’s a rather grand house...

Shiroha: Um, I didn’t mention this, but...
My father is a member of the National Diet.
Shizuka/Hibiki: !!

Shizuka: Could it be... Houjou... that Ichirou Houjou?
Shiroha: Yes.
Hibiki: I know him too.

Shizuka: The home of a famous politician... Aren’t there people on security or something...?
Shiroha: Oh, that’s okay. This is a secondary residence, and it was basically just me and Kureha living here...

Shiroha: Please try moving that rock.
SFX: move
Hibiki: Oh, it’s a key.
Shiroha: It’s a secret hiding spot only for our family.

Shiroha: It’s all right. Kureha-chan doesn’t seem to be home now.
SFX: slip
SFX: phew

Shizuka: Alright, let’s go in then.
SFX: stretch
Hibiki mutter: Huh!? Fingerprint countermeasures?

Shizuka: We’re coming in~
SFX: open

Shizuka: ...It’s cold.
SFX: shiver
Hibiki: Yeah... it’s kinda cold.
Shiroha: Really? Oh, I’m a ghost so I don’t feel it.
SFX: shake shake

Shiroha: This is Kureha-chan’s room.

Shizuka: Is it okay?

Shiroha: ...Yes, since that’s my “Last Request”...

SFX: click

SFX: fwoosh~

SFX: shiver

Hibiki: Oh, the air conditioner’s on!
No wonder it was cold.
SFX: Vvvv [meh, not too sure about a good SFX for this]

Air conditioning in this season?
SFX: sniff sniff
And, what is this...

Shiroha: Um... the knife was in the drawer on this desk.

Shizuka: I’ll try opening it for now.
SFX: nod

SFX: s...slide

Shizuka: ...Huh? There’s nothing inside.

Shizuka: ...What should we do, the knife was our only clue of her intent to murder...

Shizuka: Shiroha-san, do you know a place your sister always hides important things?
Shiroha: ...Um,

Shiroha: For that... there’s just a little space in the back of that bottom drawer.
Shiroha: Since I used the same desk as Kureha-chan...

Shiroha: And I hid letters and stuff that I didn’t want my father to see in there.
Kureha-chan might have, too.
SFX: rustle rustle
Hibiki: Is there anything?
Shizuka: Hm?

Shizuka: This is...
A notebook computer.

Shizuka: Shiroha-san, can I look inside of this?
Shiroha: Um... th- that’s—
Shizuka: Of course I won’t disclose any of it.
Shiroha: ...I understand.

Shizuka: There might be a diary or something that could be a hint...
SFX: tap tap tap
Shizuka: I found it. It’s a diary.

Hibiki: Wait a sec. if that’s important information, wouldn’t there be a “lock” on it or something?

Shizuka: Oh, I’ve already figured that out.
Hibiki mutter: Fast!!
Hibiki mutter: What are you?
SFX: tap x7

Shizuka: ...Th...this is—

Hibiki: What? Did you find something out?

Shizuka: ...Um, for now... just listen to this calmly.
Month ○ Day X, Shiroha saw the knife.
Hibiki: ! It’s a diary entry of that day.

I didn’t want Shiroha to know...
SFX: tap x5
What do I do? I could call off the plan and think of another method...

No... I don’t have time anymore.
It’ll most likely be too late within a week...

If I can’t stop him even after showing this evidence,
...When that happens, I will [ b]kill that person[ /b]...

Shizuka: To protect Shiroha.

Shiroha: Huh?

Shizuka: Your sister... wasn’t trying to kill you.
She was trying to kill someone in order to protect you.
Shiroha: N...no way
Hibiki: Who do you mean someone!? Who was it!?

Shizuka: Wait a bit. If we can find out “that person”...
SFX: tap x4
Shizuka: There must be something in the entries further back!!

Shizuka: !?
SFX: thump

Ichirou: Hey! Is someone here?
Shiroha: Th... this voice is...
Shizuka/Shiroha: Father
Shiroha: huh?

Shizuka: The one Kureha-san was trying to kill was your father.

Shiroha: Y...you’re lying!
That can’t be!

Hibiki: Hey!! It’ll be bad if we don’t hide now!
Hibiki: Shizuka... c’mon, hurry! What’re you doing!?

Shizuka: W...wait a sec...
Strange... It’s strange...
SFX: tap tap
Hibiki: Huh?

Shizuka: This diary entry is over two weeks old... and,
So Shiroha-san is already dead...
Hibiki: What? ...I- I don’t get what you’re saying!

SFX; step x3
Hibiki: We can’t go any further! Let’s hide in the closet for now!!

SFX: grab


Shiroha: A... a... a... N...no way

Shiroha: Kureha-chan!!

SFX: click


I can see, I can touch

Hibiki: Oh yeah, you can see spirits, huh, Shizuka.
SFX: nod nod
Shizuka: Now that you mention it...
Maybe it’s because I died once?

Shiroha: *giggle* Not only can you see, but we were able to touch <3
SFX: squeeze~
SFX: thump thump
Shiroha: I didn’t think anyone would touch me after I died, so I was very happy.

Shiroha: Um... if it’s okay with you, just one more time, could you tightly...

SFX: squeeze~
Hibiki: It’s fine if it’s just me, right!?

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