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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo 8

Chapter 8


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[Scanlation with this translation reserved for otakami and Simple Scans]

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 8

p.01 (038)
A synopsis for Shinigami-sama so far
String-eyes and Sharp-eyes are siblings Sharp-eyes likes string eyes a lot and got pissed at the girl with the halo on her head and A middle kick to high kick combo She did some pretty good kicks to String-eyes Halo has a Twin-tail older sister And she thought her sister was trying to kill her And when she did a “Last Request” that she wants to know why she was trying to kill her String-eyes said he’d do it and they went to Halo’s house Oh yeah Halo’s father’s a famous guy and their house was huge And when they asked if they can go in she said they could And when they went in it was cold inside And when they opened the drawer the knife wasn’t there And when they asked what’ll they do they took out a computer And when they looked at the computer a diary came up And as they were looking at it Twin’s secret was on it and they found out Twin wasn’t trying to kill Halo but was trying to kill the father Droopy-eye Slicked-back And when they were thinking waah~ Slicked-back came And they went waah~ and so they tried to hide someplace for now so when they opened the closet something fell out with a thud And Halo who saw that went waah~ It was her older sister Sharp-eye Twin-tails The end. ...Huh? There’s space left... but since no one’s gonna be reading this up to here anyways so I’ll talk about stuff I like. What I like are games I especially like fighting games a lot I was playing a portable game in chapter 6 but I’m actually an arcade fan so all I do with portable games is frame counting When I went to the arcade near the train station the other day there was a new one of a fighting game I liked and when I tried it out right away my favorite character was nerfed But it was always called OP, OP, and it was annoying so it was just right To be specific, the hadou’s execution time increased a teeny bit That’s not much of a problem if you adjust your distances The character’s abilities are high in the first place so no matter what character you fight against as long as you don’t mess up your tactics it doesn’t seem like you’d be outmatched against any character Also, what can be said in general is that the damage of ultras went down This doesn’t really matter much either Because I didn’t depend on ultras for damage in the first place In fact I was like serves you right to the damage reduction of that ultimate character’s cross combo There were also a lot of new characters and I haven’t fought against all of them yet but none of them seem to be like a game breaker Well balanced overall Looks like I can play this for a long time I was kind of talking a lot and now I’m starting to want to go to an arcade... Can I stop already? I already talked a lot I talked enough to be OOC Not like anyone’s reading this text anyways To be honestly, when I think of how the editor M-san will react... he’ll have no choice but to say good work on the phototypesetting ...Man~ it’s just a little more~ Oh yeah If there are any people who read this text until the end, thank you? No, I’m sorry It’s such a mess Also, to all the Ume fans, I’m sorry Ume’s the only one getting treated like this Since it can’t be helped This time Because looking at how the synopses were so far I had to explain the synopsis in 1 panel! Oh It’s finally over! Bye bye~
And now the real story starts

Kureha: Wake up, Shiroha...
SFX: push push
Kureha: It’s morning already.

Shiroha: M...mm...
SFX: mumble

Shiroha: Oh~ Kureha-chan~ <3
Kureha: Don’t give me that.

That was a memory of days gone by...

SFX: brush
Kureha: Really, every single morning. Get your act together!

Kureha: What’ll you do if I’m not here anymore!?
Shiroha: Wha?

Shiroha: Kureha-chan, you’re going away?
SFX: teardrop
Kureah: What!?

Kureha: Stu~pid...
SFX: pinch~
SFX: panic
Shiroha: That hurts~ Kureha-chan~

Kureha: There’s no way I’d go away.
SFX: squeeze
Kureha: Since—

Kureha: You can’t to do anything without me, right?
Shiroha: Uh huh...
I can’t do anything without you.

Shinigami-sama ni Saigo no Onegai wo
Chapter 8
Yama-guchi MI-KO-TO

Shiroha: Kureha-chan!!

Shiroha: Ah... ah... aa...
Shiroha: W...h...y

Shiroha: Kureha-chan... Kureha-chan...
Shiroha: Kureha-chan...

Shiroha: Kureha-chan
SFX: slip, slip
Shiroha: Kureha-chan

Shiroha: ...Ug...ugh...
Shiroha: Kureha... chan

Ichirou: ...What,

Ichirou: There’s no one here...

Ichirou: I see. So the closet opened...
Ichirou: And that was the sound of Kureha’s body falling.

Ichirou: ...Phew.
SFX: tch
Ichirou: But still,

Ichirou: What a disgusting smell.
I can’t stand the odor.
Ichirou: So even with the air conditioning and a sleeping bag and antiseptics...
If two weeks pass, it’ll start decaying...

Shiroha: Wh- what’re you saying, father... Kureha-chan’s dead...
Shiroha: How could you... Why can you stay so calm!?

Ichirou: Shit!
So it’s as I thought. It’s starting to rot from where I stabbed her.
SFX: shift

Shiroha: ...You’re lying... Dad... you’re lying, right?
SFX: rustle, fumble

Shiroha: If it was going to come to this, I should have stuffed her with antiseptics directly in the stab wound.

Shiroha: Did you kill Kureha-chan... dad?

Shiroha: Dad, answer me. Hey... dad...

Shiroha: Weren’t... we close?
Shiroha: We didn’t have mom, but we were living our hardest with just us three, right?

Shiroha: Hey, answer me! Dad!!

Ichirou: Aah damn it!! My suit got dirty!


Ichirou: So [ b]killing[ b] may be easy, but hiding it is difficult...

He was the culprit after all!
I can’t forgive him.

Let me go Shizuka! Are you fine with it!?
...? He’s shaking.

Is Shizuka... Also mad...!?

Ichirou: Now, what to do... At this rate, there’s a high chance it’ll be found out from the stench.
Ichirou: ...That said, it’s a bit [ i]bulky[ i] to move.

Ichirou: I suppose I’ll dispose of it by cutting it into pieces.

Ichirou: If I remember correctly, there should have been a saw downstairs...
SFX: shut

Hibiki: Hey, we have to do something...

Shizuka: ...Is it... really okay to do something?
Hibiki: Huh?

Shizuka: Since we’re... simply here to do Shinigami work...
Is it okay if we meddle in anything else?
Hibiki: Th...that...

Hibiki: That may be, but...
SFX: grip
Hibiki: At this rate...

Hibiki: Shiroha will have to watch her own sister get cut to pieces!

Shizuka: ...Yeah... you’re right, sorry.
Shizuka: This wasn’t the time to be wavering.

Shizuka: Hibiki...
Shizuka: I’m gonna do something a bit reckless.

Ichirou: Ah, here it is. This...
Should be able to do the job.
SFX: smoke
Ichirou: Hm...? What’s that? There’s a strange smell coming from above...

SFX: open
SFX: smoke x3
Ichirou: Wh...what is this?

Ichirou: Is it... a fire!?

Ichirou: ! So that’s the source!
Did it short-circuit because I set the air conditioner to the lowest temperature and left it running for a long time!?

Ichirou: Shit! The fire extinguisher—
SFX: dash

Hibiki: Shizuka, what’re we gonna do? Sure we drove him away for now, but...
A small fire like this will get put out right away and—
Shizuka: No, it’s okay... It’s fine like this.

Shizuka: Unless that man is extremely stupid, he should back out for now.

SFX: fsshhh

SFX: drip drip

SFX: thud

Ichirou: Phew
SFX: pant, pant

SFX: shift

Ichirou: All right...
Ichirou: Let’s hurry and continue.

Hibiki: !
It’s not working!
Shizuka: It’s okay.

Shizuka: It starts from here.

SFX: riiing

Ichirou: ...The phone... huh.
SFX: riiing

SFX: riiing

SFX: riiing
Hibiki: Isn’t he going to igno...

Ichirou: ............!

Ichirou: Oh no!!
SFX: dash

Hibiki: Why’d he suddenly go to answer the phone? ...He looked like he was going to ignore it.
Shizuka: He noticed it. That it was a call [ b]he had to answer[ b].

Shizuka: That call was from [ i]the fire department[ i]!

Shizuka: Look over there.
Hibiki: Is...isn’t that—
Shizuka: Yep, [ i]a fire detector[ i].

Shizuka: That kind of detector is made to contact the fire department when it goes off... but,
They’ll call the place first to see if it’s not just a malfunction.
Ichirou: Oh, that was a malfunction just now.
Yes, it’s okay.
Shizuka: Naturally the fire fighters will come if he doesn’t answer the phone, so he has no choice but to answer it.
He has no choice... but that leads to a result that comes with a large problem.

Shizuka: That is:
He made it publicly known that he was here now, at this time, at this place!

Shizuka: Coming here must pose a substantial risk for that man.
That’s why he definitely must have set up an alibi that “he wasn’t here.”

Hibiki: I see... By answering the phone just now the alibi he made became no good.
In other words... it means he won’t be able to do anything that could stand out at least for today.
Shizuka: Right.
Hibiki: ...All this in that instant, wow.

SFX: clack

SFX: sigh

Ichirou: ...Can’t be helped. I’ll stop for today.

Hibiki: Hey, what are we going to do?
Shizuka: He’s that famous, so he shouldn’t be able to make time for himself that easily. I think it’ll be okay for 4 to 5 days.

Shizuka: Let’s report it to Satsuki-san after all.
We can’t handle this incident.

Satsuki: ...This is

SFX: step step step

Satsuki: Hibiki, did you take care of that girl’s soul?
Hibiki: No! Her body didn’t have a soul when we got there.
Satsuki: I see... this is the [ b]worst case[ b].

Hibiki: ...Wa...Wait a second. Didn’t some other Shinigami do it before we went?
Satsuki: I checked, but there was no trace of that.

Satsuki: It means Houjou Kureha became
Satsuki: ...an [ b]“evil spirit.”[ b]

Hibiki: ...That can’t be.
Shizuka: What do you mean?

Satsuki: Like I explained to you before, Shinigami grant “last requests” so that people’s souls don’t become evil spirits.
Satsuki: In other words, if souls with strong feelings of regret are left alone, they become evil spirits.

Satsuki: Souls are generally not able to leave the body on their own.
A Shinigami goes to take care of it, and then the soul can leave the body for the first time.
Satsuki: For a soul to separate from the body in any other case...

Satsuki: Is when it becomes an evil spirit.

Shizuka: And what about souls that turned into evil spirits...?

Satsuki: They’re [ b]erased.[ b]

Shizuka: E...rased?
Satsuki: It’s the rule to erase souls that turned into evil spirits.
It’s unfortunate, but Kureha Houjou’s soul will [ b]end here[ b], never to be reincarnated again.

Hibiki: Shiroha!
SFX: sway

Satsuki: I’ll take over everything for this incident.
...Give up on Kureha.

Shizuka: Please wait! There was a misunderstanding this time, and Shiroha-san’s “last request” is still unused,
So if we change that to “save Kureha-san’s soul”...
SFX: sigh

Satsuki: I thought you’d say that... but it’s too bad.
Satsuki: It’s not possible.

Satsuki: In the unlikely event that you could restore an evil spirit, there’s only one method—
Satsuki: To let it fulfill its goal.

Satsuki: Remember. What was Kureha Houjou trying to do?
Satsuki: What was her goal right before dying?
...That’s right.

Satsuki: To kill her father.

Satsuki: Not being able to fulfill that goal turned into regret and made Kureha into an evil spirit.

Satsuki: That means we have to kill her father in order to save Kureha.
Satsuki: However, you cannot murder for a “last request.” That’s why it’s not possible.

Shizuka: How egocentric ...
SFX: grind
Hibiki: ...Shizuka?

Shizuka: When we get down to it, this was a mistake of you Shinigami, wasn’t it?
Shizuka: Didn’t Kureha-san become an evil spirit because you neglected her body for two weeks?

Satsuki: Ha! You sure can talk~ but you guys have no right to preach.
Shizuka: ...What do you mean?
Satsuki: Kureha died [ b]on the same day as Shiroha[ b].

Satsuki: That’s right. So it’s the day you siblings caused that [ i]huge uproar[ i].
Satsuki: Because of that, headquarters was in havoc. As a result, we overlooked Kureha’s death.

Satsuki: Stop acting so haughty even though you guys are also responsible for it.


Shizuka: ...Excuse me, Shiroha-san.
Shizuka: Is it okay if... I look at all of Kureha-san’s diary?

Shizuka: I know it might be a little late, but I want to know the truth behind this incident.
SFX: nod
Shizuka: Thank you.

SFX: click

Shizuka: Month ○ Day × I learned of my father’s, Ichirou Houjou’s secret...
Shizuka: My mom, who died in a car accident 13 years ago... that wasn’t an accident.

Shizuka: She was killed. By Ichirou Houjou.

At that time, my father was running in the national diet elections for his first time...
He was a new face and his popularity was low, so anyone would think my father would lose.

But he was elected...

It was my mother’s death in an accident... The incident occurring during the elections was even covered on TV.
My father gained attention as a hero of tragedy
And was elected.

This was all something he set up...
To get money and something for people to talk about for the election... he killed mom, betting on the money from insurance.

He had a collaborator named “Minamida”...
And I learned of this when I found letters from him...

Of course, I can’t forgive him even if it was only this... but those letters continued...
“Your loss in the next elections is certain, so I will present you with a new plan...”

“Kill your second daughter, Shiroha, while making it look like an accident”
“And bring about the miracle of 13 years ago once again.”

“You may think you could be suspected for this second time, but it’s okay.”
SFX: grip
“At the press conference, say ‘When the time comes, I’ll let my eldest daughter succeed me’”

“If you show them that it’s not for your self-interest, the public opinion will move.”
Kureha: You’re kidding me!!

To kill not only mom, but even Kureha...

Month ○ Day × This letter alone isn’t enough to report it to the police. I have to find more proof.
...But how? It’s frustrating, but a child like me wouldn’t know what to do.

Month ○ Day × The elections are approaching... since it’s come to this, I’ll have to question him directly
And record his voice...

Month ○ Day × I talked with my father on the phone... When I said “I know that you’re planning to [ b]kill Shiroha[ b]”
And now we’re going to meet and talk the day after tomorrow.

Month ○ Day × It’s tomorrow, at last. To be honest... I’m scared...
SFX: clack clack clack
But I’m going to do this for Shiroha. I will protect that girl.

...Now that I think about it, ever since that day she saw the knife we haven’t... talked at all.
This might be the first time in our lives that we haven’t talked for so long.

...If I were to kill dad, I wonder if Shiroha would cry.
I wonder if... she’d hate me...

Oh... I’m crying...
...It’s hard, after... all. To be hated by Shiroha...

I’ll apologize... to Shiroha, after it’s all over...
Because no matter how much she might hate me... I—

Shizuka: “I like Shiroha... a lot.”
Hibiki: Shizuka!!

Hibiki: We can’t... go any further...
Hibiki: Shiroha’s... going to break apart.

Shiroha: I...I’m...I’m... *hic*
SFX: hic x2
Shiroha: Th... the one... to... a...apolo... to Kureha...chan

Hibiki: I understand... Shiroha. You want to apologize to Kureha, right?
SFX: sqeeze
Hibiki: For mistrusting your own sister.

Hibiki: I also mistrusted my brother... and wasn’t able to believe in him and made him die... so I understand...

Shiroha: ...Hi...Hibiki-chan, you’re crying?
Shiroha: Wh...why?

Hibiki: Because, Shiroha, you cried for us siblings...
Hibiki: So I’m crying for you sisters.

Hibiki: Hey... Shizuka.
Shizuka: I know... I know, Hibiki.

Shizuka: Shiroha-san, I’ll ask you once again.
Shizuka: What is your “last request”?

Shiroha: Th...that’s—
Shizuka: You don’t have to think about anything too complicated. Please openly tell me what you feel right now.

Shiroha: P...please save Kureha-chan.

Shizuka: I will definitely grant that request!

Hibiki: Can you do it, Shizuka?
Shizuka: I can! If my predictions are correct, Satsuki-san is making a big [ b]mistake[ b] about something.

Shizuka: Hibiki... this time, I’m gonna do something [ b]very[ b] reckless!


The convenience store without Masamune and co.

Customer: Excuse me, I want like this.
Ume: Ah

Customer: ...Ah... you say. Excuse me~
Ume: Ah

Customer: ...... ......
Ume: Ah

Masamune: We’re back~
SFX: lined up
Ume: Ah
Masamune mutter: Whaa!
Masamune: Hey... whoa!?

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