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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Akazukin Eliza Oneshot

+ posted by unfoo42 as translation on May 7, 2009 10:34 | Go to Akazukin Eliza

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Akazukin Eliza (Little Red Riding Hood Eliza)

Eliza: Grandma,
Eliza: What big eyes you have!

Grandma: All the better to see you with!

Eliza: Grandma, what big arms you have!
Grandma: All the better to hug you tenderly with!

Eliza: Grandma, what a big mouth you have!
Grandma: Hihihi...
Grandma: All the better to eat your delicious self with...

?: Eliza!! Please go out with me!!
?: I love you!! Let's get married!!
?: I love you too!!!

**I can't tell if this is an sfx or kanji

Grandma: You dickheads better get out of here!!

?: ngugugu...

?: This granny is gettin' in the way again...
?: Every freakin' time.

Gran: Hmm
Gran: If you want to get close to Eliza,
Gran: you'll have to get by me first.

?: You're butting in way past your age!!

Gran: Uruaa

?: Uwaaa
?: Behah

?: Ngi
?: Daaa

?: Guhaa

Gran: You scrubs...
Gran: I'll never allow guys like you to even call Eliza's name.
?: Monster...
Eliza: Grandma!!

Eliza: You did it again.
Eliza: Please stop it!!

Gran: What are you saying?
Gran: While I'm healthy, I'll bar all these dumbasses from getting close to you.

Gran: If one of them even touches you with one finger,
Gran: I'll wipe him out so that not even one strand of hair remains.
Eliza: ...Aww, again with this...

Gran: I'd do anything for my cute Eliza.
Gran: There, there.
Eliza: Stop it! Ahahahaha
Gran: Since I already took out the morning trash, I'm going to my training shed.
Gran: I'll throw these guys out on the way.

?: Eliza!! I'll be back again!!
?: Since today's no good, let's have a date tomorrow!!
?: Let's have some dinner tonight!

Gran: Put a sock it in!!!
?: Pigyaaa

Eliza: Stay safe.
Eliza: I hope they stay alive long enough to be thrown away.

Eliza: Aww, Grandma is too nosy.
Eliza: If a guy gets even a bit close to me, she goes on a rampage.

Mom: You should feel happy. It shows how much your grandma loves you.
Mom: I don't really like those flashy guys from around here either.
Eliza: I feel the same way.

Eliza: But the way it is now, if a really cool guy shows up, he'll be torpedoed by Grandma.
Eliza: If I don't end up married, who's going to take responsibility.

Mom: You can't help being cute.
Mom: You're the spitting image of me when I was young. And that's high praise.
Eliza: I seriously don't wanna believe that...

Mom: If he was here now, Grandma could also take care of her own health.

Mom: Gusta... What happened?
Mom: Even though Grandma also took kindly to you and beefed up...

Eliza: The training in order to protect was too tough and he ran away...

Mom: All set!! Here's mushroom soup and bread.
Mom: Be a dear and deliver this lunch to your Granma.

Eliza: Man, even though she's way past 70, she trains everyday at the top fo the mountain in her training shed.
Eliza: Grandma sure is something.

Wolf: Hey wormy,
Wolf: Find anything you can eat?

Eliza: Hello!
Elize: I can't see your face, but is something wrong?

Wolf: Huh?

Eliza: !!
Eliza: Oh! He's cute.

Eliza: What's down there?
Wolf: Ah!! No, don't!

Eliza: Daaaaah!!

Eliza: Hii

Eliza: Kyaaa!!

Eliza: What...

Eliza: the hell!!

Wolf: Uwaa

Eliza: What're you up to!!
Eliza: And what is this monster?

Eliza: Don't think I'm just a pretty face!!
Eliza: Even when Grandma ain't around, I'm good enough to protect myself!

Wolf: Wa... wait a second...

Wolf: This here's Wormy. He's my pet worm.
Wolf: Usually, he's very gentle and doesn't do anything.
Wolf: When he's hungry, he gets a bit excited.

Eliza: Ahh~~ Grandma's soup!

Eliza: What am I going to do...
Wolf: Strange. He's not a normal creature. He only eats poison.

Eliza: Hey!! Did you just call my mom's soup poison?!
Wolf: But he really only eats poison.

Eliza: Hm? Hold on.

Eliza: Don't tell me...
Eliza: Ah!! I knew it.

Eliza: Mom used KO mushrooms by mistake!!
Eliza: She's done it before. Not again~~
Sign: If eaten, the body will be knocked out.
Wolf: Ahh, that must have been what set him off.

Eliza: So this is why
Eliza: that wormy, was it?
Eliza: attacked me?
Wolf: Sorry about that.

Eliza: Man~~ What am I going to do about Grandma's lunch...

Eliza: Eh?! Did you just?!

Eliza: No, why did you eat that?
Eliza: Are you ok?!

Eliza: Okay. He ought to get better in a bit now.
Eliza: Carrying him was tough.

Eliza: Ughh~~
Eliza: I'm all sweaty and dirty.

Eliza: Hmm~~

Eliza: He shouldn't wake up for a while,
Eliza: so it should be fine...

Eliza: Hah, I feel refreshed. <3

Eliza: Hm?

Eliza: Ahhhh!!!

Eliza: M-my clothes!!
Eliza: Ahh, you ate them!

Eliza: What are you going to do about that!! Throw them back up now!! Why you!!
Wolf: Hm?

Wolf: Huh... where am...

Wolf: ...
Wolf: Uh?

Eliza: Gyaaaaaa
Wolf: Waah
Wolf: Waah
Wolf: Waah

Eliza: Noooo Yaaaa
Eliza: Noooo

Eliza: Why did you have to wake up~~~?!
Eliza: Waaaah, you saw me naked!

Wolf: I... I'm sorry...
Eliza: Don't be lookin' over here!!!
Wolf: I'm really sorry.

Eliza: If you see anymore, I won't ever forgive you!!
Eliza: Cover your eyes!

Wolf: I swear... I didn't see anything.
Eliza: You're such a liar!!

Wolf: It's true I saw you, but...
Wolf: I was still so out of it, that I barely remember anything...

Wolf: You're so beautiful...
Wolf: that everything went white and I was blinded.
Wolf: I swear...

Eliza: Je
Eliza: Jeez...
Eliza: What're you saying~~...

Wolf: I'm a bit late in saying it, but my name is Wolf.
Eliza: I... I'm Eliza.

Wolf: I came from a far-away city to look for someone.
Eliza: I see. No wonder you didn't know.
Eliza: Hmmmm

Eliza: ...wait,
Eliza: Who cares about that!!!

Eliza: What are you going to do about my clothes?!
Eliza: Wormy ate them!
Wolf: Wormy did? They must have had soup on them...
Wolf: There were mushrooms in the soup after all.

Eliza: If I don't have any clothes, I can't move from here.

Wolf: Then I'll go quick to a nearby house and grab a change of clothes for you.
Wolf: I'll be back soon, so don't move!!

Eliza: There's a training shed close by on top of the mountain.
Eliza: My Grandma will be there!
Wolf: Got it!! Wait here.

Eliza: This day sucks.

Eliza: But, he seems honest...
Eliza: Not bad at all.
Eliza: And his name... was Wolf?

Eliza: I hope Grandma is at the shed.

Eliza: Eh? If she's there...
Eliza: wouldn't that be really bad?

Eliza: Oh crap!! If he says my name, there's no way he's gonna get out of there safely!
Eliza: She'll blast him into orbit!

Eliza: I have to get there fast!!

Eliza: Aww, I forgot!
Eliza: There's no way I can go there naked...

Eliza: !!
Eliza: The wind must of blown by hood over there!

Eliza: No helping it, since I'm in a rush...
Eliza: Should be okay.

Eliza: Wolf!
Eliza: Wolf!!

Eliza: Hah... after coming this far,
Eliza: I should be there soon.
Eliza: Hah
Eliza: I think...

Eliza: Not good.
Eliza: Wolf!!!

Wolf: Hey, Wormy!!
Wolf: Spit her out!!
Wolf: Barf her back up quick!!!

Eliza: What's going on?

Wolf: Wormy ate your Grandma!!
Eliza: Are you serious?!

Eliza: So, she's in there?!

Eliza: Hey!! Let her go!

Eliza: Give me back Grandma,
Eliza: you little!!

Eliza: Kyaaaaaaa

Eliza: Ahh

Eliza: Kuh...

Eliza: My Grandma is...
Eliza: the most important thing in the world to me...

Eliza: You think that you can get away with doing that to her?!

Eliza: Hah

Eliza: Hmm~~~!!

Eliza: If my Grandma is in there!!
Eliza: Give her back right now!!

Eliza: Where are you?

Sign: Poisonous mushroom soup stain

Eliza: Hey...
Eliza: Nooo~~~~!!

Eliza: Hey, no!
Eliza: Let goo

Wolf: Wormy~~~~

Wolf: You even ate Eliza!
Wolf: Why would you do that?

Wolf: You ate such a great person!
Wolf: People are the exact opposite of your food!!
Wolf: You stupid thing!

Wolf: I'm sorry, Eliza... forgive me!
Wolf: I wanted to get to know you better too~~

Wolf: ?!!


Wolf: ?!!

Wolf: Eliza!!!

Wolf: You okay?
Eliza: Uh...

Eliza: I'm fine.

Eliza: I also saved my Grandma, somehow...

Eliza: Ah

Eliza: Sorry...
Eliza: I was so embarassed, that I... did that.
Wolf: Nah, it's cool.

Eliza: By the way, Grandma...

Eliza: She's like a shadow of her former self, but even smaller...

Wolf: Yeah, she's like a different person compared to before she was eaten...

Wolf: !!

Wolf: Grandma, don't tell me you're Mary-san?
Grandma: ?
Grandma: Yes, I'm Mary.

Wolf: I knew it...
Wolf: I was asked by Gusta to come here and cure you.

Eliza: Gusta... you mean, my father?
Eliza: What do you mean "cure"?

Wolf: Wormy is a creature that eats poison.
Wolf: He can also suck out the poison in people's bodies.
Wolf: Gusta-san wanted me to have Wormy suck out the poison in Mary-san's body.

Grandma: So my daughter's husband knew about it.
Grandma: That my body
Grandma: came from was created through all my efforts with doping...

Eliza: !!

Grandma: I enhanced my strength abnormally by taking tons of medicinal herbs.
Grandma: My bodies was actually near its limits...

Grandma: It was all to protect you.
Eliza: Grandma!!

Grandma: But along the way, you also got all strong yourself.
Grandma: Eliza, your spin kick is quite splendid... I was shocked.

Eliza: That's right!! I'm strong, so now it's my turn to protect you.
Eliza: I'm going to pay you back double for everything, so you better be ready.

Eliza: But I didn't know Wormy was going to suck the poison out of Grandma's body,
Eliza: So, I cut him right in two...
Eliza: I really did something bad...

Wolf: Don't worry about that at all.

Wolf: If he gets cut in half, he just winds up as two.

Eliza: Thanks, Wormy.

Eliza: Oh, you too, Wolf.
Worm: Nah, it was nothing.

Eliza: ...You know... I also...
Eliza: would like to get to know you better...

Wolf: ...Haha

Grandma: Eliza,
Grandma: I'll give this to you.

Grandma: You can use it as a new hood.

Eliza: Wow, it's a red hood.
Eliza: Thanks <3

Eliza: It's a bit long, bit if I tie it like so.

Wolf: It looks great on you, Eliza.
Eliza: You think so?

Eliza: I'll treasure it, Grandma!!
Grandma: Good...

?: After this, people began to call her Little Red Riding Hood,
?: because Eliza was always wearing her treasured red cloth as a hood.

?: Some time later, the now-unused shed became Wolf's home.
?: And Little Red Riding Hood spent her time together with Wolf and her family
?: living happily ever after.

Grandma: ?!!

Grandma: Crap... That was actually my traditional loincloth...
Grandma: Well, she seems to like it, so no matter...

?: The title was a little off, so I'll be correcting it now.
?: Quite a happy ending.

One-shot End

Endnotes: The end joke is that the author added a "fun" to the title, to make it "Aka(fun)zukin Eriza", but I don't really get it. It could "fun" which I think is the sound sumo wrestlers make when they stomp... but I'm not sure. If anyone knows, let me know :)

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#1. by Doragon ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
Here's some minor edits yo-

Eliza: Even when Grandma ain't around, I'm still good enough to protect myself.

Eliza: It's a bit long, bit if I tie it like so.

Nothing major, really. Anyway, thanks for the trans~
#2. by unfoo42 ()
Posted on May 8, 2009
Thanks, fixed it up...
Actually, I had meant to type it as you put it, but sometimes when you're going fast, your mind sees things that you actually didn't do ^^
#3. by msyukari ()
Posted on Sep 30, 2009
here's my take on the name change joke:

akazukin = little red riding hood, aka meaning "red"

"fun" can be used as a word for poo, droppings, excrement, or any other generally nasty thing that comes outta your body.

in the last frames we find out that eliza's "hood" is actually granny's panties.

so now she's akafunzukin: red-excrement-riding-hood

that is so disgustingly funny

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