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Yankee Figure 3

Heroism! The Crane Game

+ posted by Vaendryl as translation on Sep 15, 2011 15:44 | Go to Yankee Figure

-> RTS Page for Yankee Figure 3

For exclusive use by Animexis

page 1/59:
title) Heroism! The Crane Game
p1) My name is Yamashita Hitsuji
p2) I'm a high school student who loves figurines.
p3) And she's my class mate, Sakurai Sakura.
p4) her current height is 26 cm!

page 2:
p1) the stray cat Nyaasuke looked at us and grinned like only a cat can.
p2) that's how Sakurai-san got her current size.
b1) we've been looking for Nyaasuke every day since then, but haven't been able to find him.
-I love how she always talks like a grandpa
b2) it's been 3 days since she's started freeloading at my home.
b3) even so...
b4) it's so annoying to be tiny
b5) I can use neither brush nor toothbrush
b6) and I can only use clothes for figures
b7) that's Pipi's costume from magical senki.
-senki meaning "military history". not very important.
b8) MOE~
b9) don't say that you dweeb!
sfx: creak

page 3:
b1) and the biggest difference is I don't have any panties either!
b2) I put on some from a figure because it got washed
but it's all stiff and starchy so it feels terrible
text1) the stress seems to be building
text2) I wonder if I can't take her some place fun to change this mood
text3) when I think about places I know of that are fun...
b3) we arrived!
b4) Akiba?
sfx: waaaaa
b5) yay! there are so many anime DVD's!
b6) and here is a complete set of figurines you get together with a meal!
b7) look, look! they're having an event about a new game!

page 4:
b1) honyoo! I got a free tissue from a maid!
b2) MOE~
b3) hehehe, this is kinda fun isn't it
b4) Not in the least!
b5) what's up with this happy go lucky virtual town!
-she says optimistic town but didn't sound well
b6) If you're human you need some fangs on your soul!
b7) nu?
b8) oh? the prizes from that crane game has the same clothes I do right
sfx: grab
b9) to drop a prize after finally winning it
there are some pretty dumb customers around
b10) shall I just put this back inside
my store is pretty lucky
b11) m...my body is...
b12) huh?
where did she run off to?

page 5/63:
b1) how did you end up in there!
b2) what the heck did you do Sakurai-san!
b3) why aren't you speaking?
b4) honya!? did you perhaps stiffen up again?
-god that sounds wrong
text1) this is bad! if anyone but me touches Sakurai-san her body petrifies
text2) she'll turn back when I touch her though.

page 6:
text1) you WILL be taking me away from here
p1) is what her eyes are saying
b1) s..scary
b2) I'm sorryyy :(
b3) ooh, such a perfect figure!
b4) hehe, I haven't collected that one yet
b5) so cute! *pant
text2) gyah! I attracted people like myself
text3) MOE~~!
b6) all right! I'll give it a go
b7) no no, a collector of magical senki has the first try
b8) no, I will!
b9) oh dear
b10) such a wonderful doll!
b11) maybe I'll give it a try
b12) tha, that is...
b13) the number 1 employee from the maid massage shop "hoguhogu", Momoka-chan!

page 7:
b1) if it's for her I don't mind pulling back
b2) I guess so
b3) she is one of the Heavenly Four Maids of Akiba after all
b4) wait just a moment!
b5) I mean.. ehm...
b6) I won't let anyone touch that figure!
sfx: glaring
b7) hii
b8) in that case
b9) would you approve of a contest instead, master?
sfx: befuddled
text1) gyah, so cute
text2) moe~
text3) this is not the time to say that
b10) I understand
text4) I definitely can't lose!

page 8:
b1) first is apron
-silly pun that I can't translate. normally people say "first is rock"
stone, scissors, paper!
b2) kya, I won!
text1) so Momoka-chan is first up
text2) I'll start now!
text3) good luck!
sfx: kachin kachin, Grab, Wrrrr
b3) she's going up!
text4) no way, she got it in one go!?
sfx: grin
sfx: snag, shoelace gets pulled taut
sfx: slip, bang
b4) aah! so close!
b5) it got snagged by the thread of a doll next to it and fell down! 
b6) ouch ouch
b7) I messed up
sfx: dejected
b8) that was so close Momoka-chan!
b9) good luck on your next try!
sfx: cheer cheer
text4) she is good!
sfx: gulp
sfx: ha!

page 9:
text1) why do I have to go through all this pain?
sfx: grinding teeth
text2) this is all your fault!!
text3) I can hear it... I can hear the voice of your soul
text4) but even if I help you out, I'm not looking forward to what happens after that
b1) next up is this guy
sfx: chattering
b2) hmpf, as if that shrimp would ever get it in his whole life
b3) be sure to miss!
text5) everyone here is my enemy
text6) it feels like everything ends up working out against me
-sure is lampshading around here
text7) anyone, please! give me a piece of courage!
sfx: iyaaaaaa [or nooooo]
sfx: flinch

page 10/68:
text1) this is a battle! buckle up and go at it like a man!
text2) if you don't give up untill the very end, you'll definitely win!!!
sfx: gulp
p1) so say her eyes.
b1) that's kinda scary
p2) feels pressured instead
sfx: heart beating hard
b2) here I go!
sfx: battleroar,kachin kachin
sfx: wrrrrr
b3) !
b4) no way! Thanks to his battle spirit the movement of the cranes arm gives off a good feeling!
b) go!

page 11:
sfx: grab
sfx: wrrrr, rolling up
sfx: ooooooh, clap clap clap
sfx: aura of doom
b1) master, you won the costume!
b2) I’ll get killed!
b3) even if I save her I’ll definitely get killed!
sfx: chattering teeth

page 12:
b1) and now it’s my turn again
sfx: kachin kachin
b2) you made it grab her skirt on purpose!?
sfx: wrrrr
b3) and you’re lifting her like that too!!
b4) and she’s still making it move so well
b5) this is bad! so very bad!
sfx: wrrrr
b6) go, goo!
sfx: jumping and cheering
b7) this is Momoka-chan’s victory!
sfx: stomping
sfx: wobbling, slipping
b8) ah!
sfx: thud
b9) it fell because of all the tremors!

page 13:
b1) guu
sfx: don’t translate well at all
b2) god fucking dammit
sfx: ooooh
sfx: frozen, heart pounding
sfx: angry glare, (painful) throbbing, surprise
b3) hiii *scared
b4) you’re saying it’s my fault anyway!?

page 14:
b1) Momoka-chan, we’re sorry.
b2) because of us…
b3) no no
sfx: sweating
b4) please don’t let it bother you, masters.
b5) I know! as a thank you for cheering for me
b6) I’ll clip your nails as a free service
b7) at our maid massage shop “Hoguhogu”.
b8) she’s such a good irl
b9) moe!
b10) as proof I’ll put these nailclippers right here
text1) ehm, ehm
text2) I should get this decided now
text3) having her lay there so close to the hole is a big chance
text4) If I can just connect I should have no problem dropping her in.
text5) but if I fail, I have a big problem
b11) come
b12) on
sfx: clicking
b13) finally I should confirm it from the side

page 15/73:
sfx: heart pounding, fidgeting, button pressed
b1) oh no!
b2) because I was fascinated by her butt I pressed the button twice!
b3) the arm started lowering while it was out of position!
sfx: wrrrr
b4) this
b5) this way I won’t catch her!
b6) you idiot!!!

page 16:
b1) yes! I can definitely make her fall on my next try
b2) seems like you lost this match!
sfx: heavy heartbeats
text1) this is a battle
text2) if you don’t give up until the end, you’ll definitely win!
sfx: more heavy heartbeats.
text3) that’s
text4) the maid’s clippers
b3) !!
text5) It’s sink or swim!

page 17:
sfx: clip
text1) this is the only way!
sfx: falling on the ground, jamming his hand in
text2) the only way to make her move again
text3) is to touch her with my body
sfx: bounce
b1) the piece of nail I clipped off should work!
sfx: wrrrr

page 18:
b1) I’m back!!!
sfx: crash
sfx: touch

page 19:
b1) honyoo. you’re standing out too much Sakurai-san
b2) it would’ve been fine if you just grabbed onto the arm
b3) nu?
sfx: whispering
b4) wha…
b5) what the heck just?
sfx: jabber
text1) what was that
b1) ehm… wow, this figure is really well made
b2) to even include Pipi’s special kick techinique
b3) it seems I happened to flip it’s switch.
b4) that’s such a painful coverup
b5,6) Pipi kick!
sfx: speechless
b7) we’re leaving!!!
sfx: stampede
b8) hey, wait up!
sfx: pant pant
b9) Pipi kick…
b10) seems like we escaped
honyoo. seems like we finally arrived at our real objective
b11) nu?

page 20/78:
b1) here here
b2) this is best figurine specialty shop in all of Akiba
text on sign) [not a clue, probably the name of the store]
b3) there are brushes en toothbrushes here for figurines.
b4) anyway, these tiny ones are just as good as the real thing
b5) I think they’ll even make panties if I order them.
b6) so we came to Akiba for this reason?
b7) just for me?
p1) and so
b8) well, ehm
with these I can forgive you for what happened today.
p2) Sakurai-san’s life just got a little easier
b9) that’ll be 13’200 yen please
-about 170 dollars, 125 euros
text1) I need to take out a loan with my parents
p3) my life is gradually becoming harder

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