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City Hall 1

Chapitre 1

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 3, 2012 10:27 | Go to City Hall

-> RTS Page for City Hall 1

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Chapter 01 :
Free for use


City Hall Security. Is everything alright Minister?
- Yes it is. Please, don’t bother me anymore tonight.
- Understood sir!

letter : Gigantic, robust, equipped with solid legs - strong arms and strong fists, the creature looked like an emaciated Nephilim.*

*TN : Nephilim are supposedly fallen angels, some believe they are giants.


No text


Upper left side (box): London, June 1902
Upper left side (below box) : “An earthly kingdom cannot exist without inequality of persons. Some must be free, some serfs, some rulers, some subjects.” -Martin Luther-


- Miss, I am afraid your skill won’t be of any use to us…
-Chief Inspector! It’s the Finance Minister!!
- What is it? Has he been caught again in an incriminatory situation!?
- No sir...
- He is dead!
- He was assassinated!!
- When you change your mind, you know where to find me!
- Thank you for your offer, but I won’t hold you back...
- My duty is calling me!


- Today will be a long...


- Downey, I am listening…
- Give me a report on the situation, make it as precise as you can!
The Finance Minister has been discovered dead this morning. It was after a tremendous racket in the City.
- Officer Hawkins, of the City Hall Secret Services found the body.
-An explosion…!?
-Yes sir...
- The whole front of the 101 Downing Street office was blown to smithereens!!


- Blown to smithereens. I would say it was deliberately destroyed, and what’s more, from the inside.
- But, it is impossible. From this height, nothing could have caused such damages…
- Chief Inspector Lester!


- Philipps, what do you think?
- I think he died only 2 hours ago. The death is probably due to crushing, but the autopsy will confirm this.
- However, I don’t get the burn marks on his body… They are the characteristics of a violent fire, but they seem to have gotten there only after he passed away…
- Burn marks we can only find at one other place in the office…
- …and this trail gets us directly on the window located 10 stories below.
- Exactly!!
- Although…
- This is not the strangest fact…
- What did you see?
- It is what I didn’t see that bothers me!
- Almost no debris in the street, the furnitures were pushed to the back of the room, and there are pieces of glass in the office…
- What caused all of this came from the outside and must have been really powerful!


- You can carry the body off Philipps!
- Lester!!


- I…I don’t want to hear anything on what you have just seen! You will be summoned in my office tonight to sum things up!!
- In that time, if even the smallest information leaks, I will personally bring down the one who talked!


- Chief Inspector! What happened…!?
- Is it really a murder?
- Do you already have some clues…!?
- Go to City Hall!!
- Hurry up!!
- For some unknown reasons, the Chief Inspector Lester made use of his weapons on the street. This will stain the Police image once again!!


- Miss Maple, I need to see him now, so don’t make me wait!
- It’s impossible Inspector, he doesn’t want to be bothered even under exceptional circumstances.


- Miss, don’t make me lose patience…You know I’m not a man that tolerates insubordination!!
- That’s why you will understand Chief Inspector, that I cannot let you in his office!
- Now, Now…
- After causing mayhem in front of the press…
- Now you are attacking my assistant…!
- Follow me Lester… Come in, and let’s talk!


- Have you gone mad Carlton!?
- What got you, for you to shot above you in the street??
- And in front of those journalist sharks!?
- Well…! Will you finally tell me what happened over there?
- Malcolm…
- The World has we knew it…
- Has ceased to exist!!


- Burned Paper: 101 Downing Street, you will bring down your hand and on the tenth floor, you will reduce to nothingness the whole of its inhabitants.
- Who could have perpetrated such an abomination, and by what wonder did he know how to do it?
- We have to face the truth…
- Out here, there is a criminal with an extraordinary span…
- He possesses the most powerful weapon Humanity has ever had…
- And he knows how to use it!!


- I agree with you, nothing worse could have happened… We have to protect the city inhabitants.
- Who knows about this fact…?
- Who cares? If this…terrorist decides to strike back again tomorrow, we will not hold more than a few minutes… We’re not equipped well enough to face such a threat!!
- Carlton!! I’m not asking you to comment, but to answer me!!!
- Don’t forget who I am, I’m the mayor!!
- Philipps and Downey.
- Philipps will stay as silent as a grave, I sure of this…
- Robert will say nothing, until I tell him what to do!
- You are responsible for their silence…
- If anyone discovers the truth…
Chaos will fall on London!!


- I’m as afraid as your are, my friend. But if we lose hope, on whom will the people rely on?
- I think I was afraid it would happen while I was alive… The past is so…
- Painful…?
- You’re right. But you’ve known me for a long time now and you know I don’t let myself be surprised!
- …So I don’t think I’m mistaken when I say that us too, have a secret weapon!!
- What are you talking about!?
- I only hope he will agree…
- What is it Mayor…


- Please call Jules Verne…!!

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