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Biorg Trinity 2


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Dec 31, 2012 02:16 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 2

[Biorg Trinity]

1. Do not use for scanlations without my permission.
2. No non-English scanlations before a release in English is out
3. If you want to translate to another language ask me first.


[Biorg Trinity]


Page 01 (color)

- Upper page : Biorg·Trinity
- On the arm of the girl : Oh Great - Maijou Outarou
- Pink text on girl scarf: So, that’s how you really are, heartily lost (star insert) in incoherence!!

Page 02

- This is what I always feel,
- bubble : Fumiho
- When standing at a distance, this is what always happen when I try to get close to you….
- Do you know?

Page 03 - 04

- Upper right : Therefore, I’m always think about the way
- Bubble : For the sake of your loved one, you usually do wonders.
- Bottom left : To bring the distance between us to “0”.

Page 05

- Haaah?
- No way…… how did you get here so fast!?
- Oh, who’s this? Isn’t this Matsukage.
- Shut up. Don’t meddle in Hosaka.
- I always tell not to interfere in woman’s talk.
- Hey…
- Stop it… I don’t need your handkerchief……
- I already have this vest, so you no need do lend it to me…
- No. Take it, then return it back later when it’s washed.
- Yes, Yes. It’s not a big deal.
- Please, Hosa-kun.
- Yeah.
- I'll stall any people who tries to come.
- Let’s go Fujii.
- Ow, ow.
- Stop, you’re ripping my ear off.
- You should get going too Fumiho.
- Won’t you wind up in trouble if you are involved? - I completely destroyed the windows and other school property.
#6 (bottom right corner)
- Doesn’t matter, surrender.
- Quickly.
- box : First known fact.

Page 06

- Now,
- Look at this.
- Thanks for coming to me.
- What you have right here, is the genuine and latest version of “Bug Release Drug, ver.7.5.”.
- Uwooh, exactly what I wanted……
#5 (box)
- When, caught by Kiwako, it was revealed Matsukage had just been using it, the smell had spread and filled into the “air” and giving a stench similar to when a really bad shampoo is used.
- You can take it now or whenever you feel like it!!
- For example, at tomorrow’s lunch!! Instead of buying one strawberry milk pan at the stand, substitute it with this!!
#7 (box)
- Second known fact.

Page 07

- box : This wicked sickness giving holes in the hands of people contracting it,
- box : Became ommonly known as the Bio Bug.
- box : It’s first reported contractor was
- box : An American old lady who had fused with a TV remote control by “sucking it in” the holes in her hands.
- It sure is convenient (heart insert). - Now, I don’t need have to look at the remote anymore.

Page 08

- box : With the illness spreading like wildfire, the “Perforated” numbers augmented worldwide. These “Holes” allowed the disease contractors to fuse with things they had chosen to absorb and that as far as the molecular level.
- box : For example, you would become a butterfly-human if you had chosen to absorb a butterfly or even a bike-man, if absorbing a motorbike was your choice.
- Can…….
- box : Finally, you’d become a spider-man
- Fumiho…I really can’t.
- Fumiho…I used it way too many times.
- I told you not to use it to keep a good equilibrium.
- ……But…
- box : If absorbing a spider had been your choice...
- Matsukagecchi’s butterfly
- Was really cute.

Page 09

- But
- This time it doesn’t count; you can make it even cuter.
#5 (all boxes)
- The World was already in full-blown chaos… Wars continued just until before we were born.
- Year 2014 - First Bug War - Military Conflict against America’s Army, the Bug Units as a whole rebelled against the Pacific Fleet.
- Year 2018 - Second Bug War (World War III) - Appearance of inhuman weapons. Bug soldiers were brainwashed, and were forcefully fused with weapons.
- Year 2021 - Bug War of Independence - Bug disease contractors rally in Ex-Australia. Independence Declaration.
- Year 2025 - Bug Charter Establishment. Bug disease contractors fundamental rights were proclaimed, established and adopted worldwide.

Page 10

- I...
- Ah
- This butterfly...
- Really……… I finally did it…He’ll…….finally stop rejecting me.
- Sob
- This butterfly wasn’t good enough yet… Next time I’ll fly like a birdie… And I’ll continue to get even better.
- …It showed me my limits. I can’t use this thing again, so I’ll need to find a “substitution”.
- box : Due to start of the development for a “medication”,
- box : The wars ended.
- Ok!! After we’ll hold a strategy meeting.
- box : However, the side effects were that things people had fused with would be “vomited”,
- Good luck, I rooting for you!
- Thank you Fumiho,
- Thank you…….!!
- box : Then, as a result of the overuse of the drug, the body would be reset to its original state before the fusion.

Page 11

- Pon
- Thanks.
- Huh?
- Glance Glance.
- Eh, Eh, Wh...
- Eh? What’s happening?
- top of the panel : Pause
- near Fumiho’s feet : Shock
- middle of the panel : Step Step Step Step Step
- Thud Thud Thud Thud
- Ah, hey!
- Wait!
- My body...

Page 12

- Yeeeah. But you chee,
- I heard a pretty loud noise coming from over there so I must report the cause…
- We’re screwed, he’s getting his roots out.
- top left bubble : You don’t want me to shout, do you?
- No, we’d die if you ever did.
- Game Over. This is bad, time’s up.
- Thud Thud Thud Thud
- HEY!
- Near the ears : Hey (several times)
- What’s with this appearance,
- Ma-tsu-ka-ge!!
- Thud Thud Thud
- It’s fine,
- Right.

Page 13

- Hey, what the hell are you doing!!
- Fumiho, you promised to help me, didn’t you!!
- Waaah, It’s true, I promised.
- I’m sorry.
- Sigh……
- It’s fine…That body’s a lost cause.
- But… I don’t know what to do from now on…… *MOSHA* *MOSHA*
- Cough.
- I’m really ashamed.
- I can’t believe I let such a thing happen…
- It’s too late already, it can’t be helped.
- I was rejected from my body, that means that at that time, my personality and the spider’s were swapped, I lost control over my body, it’s been completely hijacked.
- Why didn’t you tell me about this? - You.
- Sorry, sorry, sorry. I really am.
- Matsukagecchi do you want to eat some cheese?
- Yes, I’ll eat some.
- Also, I think I might have a good idea.

Page 14

- Ah?
- Karaoke? Right now?
- I can’t…… I have a competition coming soon.
- Anyway, don’t talk to me in front of the senpai. – Get lost!
- Oh…sorry but could you come along for a bit… grosss, you’re full of sweat.
- Come to think of it do you like spiders Honda?
- Ah? - Spiders?

Page 15

- It appears that spiders are really hard-workers when they are inside a house------,
- In the end, they are useful insects as they can get rid of flies and cockroaches……it can almost be said they are like guardians deity?
- Anyway, you shouldn’t ever kill them. – Otherwise you’ll be cursed.
- Honda-kun.
- E----rrr…What?
- Did you hear that from your grandmother again?
- Yeah, she knows a lot of things because she 100 years old.
- Right of legs : See Ya.
- Left of legs : I’m going this way.
- Well…
- Show me your house carefully next time…
- Yeah, but only when you’ll have earned yourself a place as a regular. Then I’ll show you how incredible spiders can be.
- What’s with him? I never said I liked bugs…
- Thank you Fujii-kun. (heart insert)
- Is it…… really all right…? – All This.
- Well… It should be, I guess.
- I wish him good luck.
- Above fujii : Do your best!
- Somehow I wish him good luck too…
- Just for an instant, I got jealous of Matsugake.

Page 16

- Heh----------? The person Matsukagecchi has been in love all this time was Honda-kun,
- I never noticed, I wonder when it started.
- Top left of fumiho : Amazing.
- ………….Eh.
- Box : Even though she was only a spider,
- …………You really didn’t know…….?
- I’m only with Kiwa-chan so…
- She doesn’t talk of such things…That’s why I didn’t know……
- Near Kiwako’s scarf : Spins
- I came to realize that all girls talking about this are only worried about “appearances”. – Not you though.
- Box : She could still be able to be with the person she loved.
- Woow------. It’s true. - Awesome.

Page 17

- Fujii-kun, you only got them today too?
- You’re now a “Perforated One”
- Yeah.
- The shape is cute.
- Stop…!! Time…
- She’s too close.
- Errr…
- I can even feel her breath!!
- Her fingers.
- If only she’d get them out of the way…………

Page 18

- What do you want to do first, Fujii-kun?
- Wh…………
- Left insert : Heart Thump.
- You have the choice between going to the training or taking the medication.
- I have 2 rounds with me… so I think you should manage.
- Which would you prefer first?

Page 19

- J…
- ……Just…whatever…you think is good……?
- Box : The thing……I’d prefer the most,
- Hm---, as I like then… From my point of view, I think you’d want to “prioritize” the training as it is about the absorption rules.
- Matsukagecchi, on the contrary preferred to take up the medication first… - “Spiders” will is pretty amazing.
- Let’s see…Tomorrow’s training is at the City Meeting Hall, 2P.M.
- Jaaaaaaaam
- Box : Of course……This is…
- This is …!!

Page 20

- Ack!
- Fumiho!
- Don’t you find this strange? Errr, look, over there!
- Instakill…
- Eh… Hosa-kun, where? – What’s strange?
- Ah, look…… Err, maybe this ant?
- Boring.
- Ah…it’s true. I think it really is weird.
- Did ya just confusedly try to take a feel at Fumiho’s ass?
- I didn’t!

Page 21

- Hyaaaaa
- Today, we’re going to Odaiba.
- Or not!?
- Munch
- Kyaaa
- Gross
- Huh? - The guide was eaten.
- Ahhh. That guy was such an interesting fellow.

Page 22

- Get on.
- Did you see, after he was eaten, that guy’s blood scattered everywhere like piss.
- Ah.
- Yeah.
- ……What is it Fujii?
- Here Fumiho, your helmet.
- Fuuuu-jiiiii-----iiii----
- I’m leaving you behind you bastard.
- Box : As the World Wars came to a close, the “Black Caucasoid” Necro Maria-sama then made a declaration.
- The SuSpension BRIDGE theORY as the PEOple call it, it ExiSts.
- HUMANS PERsue eaCH OTHER when THey Feel INseCuRE,
(lower cases and upper cases must be respected).
Page 23 - 24

- This is the World we all are living in,
- This is a messed up World hanging on this great suspension bridge.
- through LOVE.

Page 25

- Love will surely save this world
- ………… huh?
- Fujii-kun
- Fujii-kun
- Fuuuu---jiiiii---iiii---kun
- box: Fumiho and Hosa have been childhood friend since their smallest of days,
- Today, will you come to Hosa-kun’s house?

Page 26

- Alright.
- What is tragic with my feelings for Fumiho
- Is that they’re increasing at a heart breaking pace.

Page 27

- Dum----my (heart insert)
- Eh?
- What?
- Nothing, you’re just super annoying.
- Eh? So what?
- Enough. - What’s wrong with you.
- Shut up, idiot!
- Insert right near bubble : Love.
- Insert middle : Standing in front of this star,
- Insert left : I’ll take my chance at salvation.
- Insert near bike wheel: He fell in love at an irritatingly fast speed.

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#1. by ToreToreChopper ()
Posted on Jan 7, 2013
Hi!Thanks for your translation, but... i did not understand some sentences...
On page 13 (#4)
- Didn’t someone also beat some sense into me? - You.

I don't understand who is speaking... And i don't understand why Kiwako says "you" in the bottom of the balloon...

On page 22 (#6)
What do you mean with “Black Caucasoid”?
Black as the color of her skin, so caucasoid is a distinctive factor... or does black mean "dark", as Black Magic or alike?
#2. by vinceled ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2013
yeah, for page 13, talking is Matsukage.

Page 22: I'm sorry but I fail to answer this. the manga is very vague and very little information is given. I assume it refers to her skin color though
#3. by ToreToreChopper ()
Posted on Jan 8, 2013
Thanks for the answer, but I still don't understand the sentence on page 13...
I'm not an English tongue, I come from Italy, so I'm not so used to "beat some sense into"... I don't understand if it means "make Matsukage aware of the danger" so "warn her", or it means "beat the shit out of her and stop her"...

...The best explanation I can give to "Didn't someone also beat some sense into me?" Is that Matsukage, after she gave up, blames on the others saying "Why did nobody try to stop me?!" Or something... and in the same balloon we see Kiwako's reaction that pisses off and says "you…(ugly spider-bitch)" and in the following balloon Matsukage says "sorry sorry..."

Did I understand what happen in that frame?

On page 22 #4
Are you sure that Hosaka says "Fumiho is calling you"?? Isn't it kiwako that is calling Fujii?
#4. by vinceled ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2013
Beat some sense into someone means well beating the person up to make her come to realize that what she was doing was wrong :).
About Kiwako's apologizing I think it's because Matsukage says that if she hadn't interfered all of it wouldn't have happened. Matsukage kinda lost control because Kiwaka pissed her off.

Page 22. Thanks you for noticing the mistake. The sentence is Fumiho, here an helmet.
#5. by ToreToreChopper ()
Posted on Jan 14, 2013
Oh my... Everything's so clear now *^*

Thanks a lot!!!!

EDIT: I understood an other thing...
I think Kiwako says "Didn’t someone also beat some sense into me? - You." to Fumiho, because Fumiho well beated Kiwako after she went against Matsukage, so in the small drawing kiwako is pissed off (or distressed) and says "You" with an angry/hurted tone...

So Fumiho, that was already apologising, respond "Sorry, sorry, sorry. Really."
The problem is that Fumiho and Matsukage both have pig-tails... so it's not simple to understand who's talking... xD

What do you think?
#6. by vinceled ()
Posted on Jan 17, 2013
No the person saying that is Matsukage to Kiwako, the first girl to apologize was Fumiho. Kiwako has light colored hair in the manga. Matsukage is now a spider and there aren't more confusion possibl between the characters. If you want to use the scans by the way I think you should ask here http://mangahelpers.com/t/hoon

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