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World Trigger 2

Kuga Yuuma

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Feb 17, 2013 19:21 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 2

[World Trigger]

1. Do not use for scanlations without my permission.
2. No non-English scanlations before a release in English is out
If you want to translate to another language ask me first.

[World Trigger - Kuga Yuuma]

Free for Use

Lots of talking in this chapter, it was a pretty interesting chapter, I hope it’ll develop well

P 01
- red writing : Is he a friend or foe?
- black writing above Isumo : The 2nd chapter of the new serialization with a center color, extended to 25 pages!!
- chapter title : 2nd chapter - Kuga Yuuma
- yellow writing : The answer lies in his fearless eyes
- author name : Ashihara Daisuke
P 02
- effect across page : *Fwwooosshhh*
- effect on second panel : *Step…*
- We’ve arrived at the location
- It can be confirmed the ground has been crushed by a large Neighbor
- The damage is major
- Which of our units was in charge?
- Please wait a moment while we investigate the matter
- Woow, everything is in ruins
- This must have been done by someone from the A-Class.
- …really?
- left side : Yuuma gave it his best to leave his mark
P 03
- ……This is really strange
- You're the first on the scene, no other unit has been there
- What…?
- No other unit ever went to that location,
- Does that mean you were really the first to arrive at the location?
- ……What do you mean?
- If no unit was here before…
- Then who could have done this…?
- Hey!
- Wait! Kuga!!
P 04
- Are you the same as a Neighbor!?
- You know, that thing from before…
- You’re wrong.
- Before, that Neighbor was only a huge “Trion soldier”
- He was created, just like a toy soldier.
- Even though like the “Neighbor” I crossed the gate illegally,
- Compared to them, I’m still closer to “Human”
- Wha……!?
- Ah, also, this doesn’t have any relation to before, but,
- There are also many other kinds of illegals in this World.
P 05
- ……You really didn’t know?
- What about at Border?
- I never…heard of this before!
- Stop talking nonsense!
- Hmmm…
- My old man must have thought it would be bad to talk about this
- If I keep this up, I'll quickly be identified as the perpetrator at the incident scene.
- ……Ok, I know what to do. Osamu,
- Forget everything I’ve told up to now
- ……What!?
- I’m not a Neighbor.
- I’m a genuine Japanese person.
- No, no, no!!
- What are you saying now! It’s the total opposite; you’re a suspicious guy!
P 06
- When I tell you I’m a Neighbor, you refuse to believe me,
- but when I tell you I’m Japanese, you say I’m a suspicious guy……
- Hmmmm
- So what are you really!?
- Japanese……I’ve never been a Neighbor.
- This is weird……
- What the heck is he really…!?
- *Gulp*
- Before, he helped me
- So I don’t think he’s a bad guy…
- The weird thing is how he can use the “Trigger”…
- He’s in possession of a Neighbor weapon
- Only Border members should possess this, never letting them out of their sight…!
- Hey, Kuga
- Could you elaborate on what you’ve told me…
- Hmmm… please wait a moment.
P 07
- *Grooowwlll*
- I’m starving.
- For now, let’s grab something to eat.
- Before that…
- Do you have any Japanese money?
- I have some, but I still haven’t tried using it.
- Errr…
- *Rustle* *Rustle*
- Here
- *Fwish*
- *Shock*
- I never thought it would only be paper…
- Can you really buy something with a 100 of those?
P 08
- SFX for the first three panels: *Chatter*
- I…Idiot! Hurry up!
- Let’s get out of here!
- SFX : for the two following panels : *Whisper*
- This guy…!
- He said it was his “First time in Japan”,
- But, did he really come here with no knowledge at all…!?
- When you come here, you have to be really careful…!
- It’s should be fine now, Kuga.
P 09
- Don’t show off your money in front of other people,
- If you do, you’re just asking for trouble
- Hmm…? Really?
- Before people were talking about it…
- *Bam*
- Oh, I’m sor…
- Ahhh, it huuurts
- I think you broke my leg,
- I’m 100% sure it’s broken.

P 10
- Brat, how will you compensate me for this?
- You’ll have to pay for the damages.
- 50 thousand…, no 100 thousand?
- This will cost you 100 thousand.
- These guys…
- Did they see the money before…?
- The damages…?
- Is it for the doctors bill?
- Don’t talk to them! They’re not really hurt!
- Hmph, you’re right.
- *Punch*
- Shut up, four eyes,
- Or we’ll kill ya.
TN Note : about 5000 or 10000€ or even 6700$ or 13400$
P 11
- Whether it’s broken or not,
- All that matters is you quickly fork out the money, dumbass!
- I get it now.
- *BOOM*
P 12
- *Crack*
- Aaarrrrghhhh!!!!
- Aaarrrrghhhh!!!!
- *Falls*
- Hmph
- *Nods*
- Now, it’s really broken.
- Here,
- 10 bills for the damages.
- *Flip*
P 13
- *Pouf*
- Looks like we’ve reached a mutual agreement
- Right?
- *Smiles*
- Hiii…
- Hiiiiiiii!!!
- *Run* *Run*
- That went nicely.
- No way! You went too far!
- Too far?
- I don’t know anything about this.
- Are you saying I shouldn’t do that?
- Didn’t you think it was funny?
- This guy…
P 14
- He really isn’t from here
- He wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t from Japan
- It doesn’t look like he has any malice,
- It seems like Japan really is a dangerous place
- I wonder what will happen next.
- On the contrary, I feel that he’s dangerous
- Then, let’s go shopping for…
- *Walks*
- *Grab*
- Wait! I’ll pay!
- No need, I can spend my own money.
- Leave it to me!
- You have to get accustomed to the way of doing things in Japan first!
- Wait for me here!
- Try not to stand out!
- Okay.
P 15
- Ok, the brat is finally alone.
- *Toss*
- Let’s go.
- Hmmm……
- Maybe 100 sheets wasn’t enough…?
- Also, no matter how many I have isn’t this only paper?
- But, 10 sheets was enough for the doctor…
- Strange…
- ……Yoo’
- Kid.
- We don’t have enough money
- Would ya give us the money yer holding?
P 16
- What?
- Are you talking about these sheets of paper?
- Surprisingly, why is Japan full of poor people?
- *Giggle* *Giggle*
- …The truth is my old man has a deadly illness,
- And I want to help him, that’s really why I want the money.
- ‘Kay.
- I hope this much is enough to cure him…
- Thanks, you’re a really big help!
- Now, I’m sure he won’t die!
- …But,
- If I find out you’re lying, are you ready to go flying?
P 17
- It ain’t a lie, I swear!
- I’m telling the truth!
- *BOOM*
P 18
- *Flump*
- Wha……
- Ehhh……?
- Heeeee…….
- I told you
- That I’d send you flying
- …You guys
- Shouldn’t lie
- last panel SFX : *Chatter*
P 19
- Uwaaa!?
- Ah, welcome back.
- *Pat* *Pat*
- What happened here!?
- It’s all right Osamu.
- *Smile*
- I didn’t break their bones, this time
- I think.
- That’s not the problem!!
- From the time you get out of school, you have to be careful…
- It’s so yummy!
- *Munch* *Munch*
- You’re extremely violent!
- you have to stop using violence to solve your problems!
P 20
- Hm? What’s wrong with it?
- For you guys isn’t it usually “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”?
- ……You’re wrong!
- I keep telling you this isn’t the way I do things!
- You can’t solve violence with violence! I would never stoop to their level!
- In the first place, violence is prohibited by law!
- Yeah…I really don’t get any of Japan’s rules…
- Then in case I met some others guys like them who don’t abide to the rules,
- What do you suggest I should do?
- “Even though rules make the World go round”
- “You don’t always have to abide by them”
- …Is what my father used to say.
- *Munch* *Munch*
P 21
- When you’re in danger, try to use your strength to protect yourself,
- Before running away because of the difference in numbers…
- What’s the deal with this guy…
- His thoughts are like that of an elementary school student,
- But there’s a certain seriousness in his way he talks…
- Is it really that bad to behave this way in Japan?
- Earlier, there were lots of people talking…
- …!That’s…
- That’s it! It’s really bad to behave this way in Japan!
- Hmph
- *Munch*
- Is that so?
- Then, you’ll have to teach me Japanese customs, Osamu.
- …Eh!?
P 22
- I still don’t understand this place.
- SFX for first panel *Rustle*
- I’m certainly not doing well for now
- Aren’t I?
- …This guy maybe reckless, but he isn’t dumb
- I’ll take this away with me.
- I’m starting to understand where he comes from; his world is completely different to ours…
- I wonder who exactly taught us about this world…
- ……Agreed,
- I’ll teach you everything there is to know about Japan
- In exchange, you’ll have to listen to all of my advice.
- Ok, thanks!
- See ya!
P 23
- Ahhh, thank god!
- I can relax a bit now.
- ……Ah! Hey!!
- Yeah?
- white SFX on third panel : *Screech*
- The light’s red…
- *THUD*
- *BAM*
- Kuga!!
P 24
- *sst*
- ……Ah
- Damn it, it happened again.
- *Crackle*
- When the light is red you have “to stop”.
- *Crackle*
- *Crackle*
- Am…Ambulance! Call an ambulance!!
- Are you hurt!?
- *Thud*
- Ah, it’s okay I’m not hurt.
- SFX near woman *Stare*
- Eh!?
- …Whaat!!?
P 25
- Your car is completely wrecked,
- *Rustle*
- Don’t you want compensation…
- *Flap*
- Whaat!?
- No, why would I !?
- He’s not a bad guy…
- I don’t think he’s a bad guy
- He’s just
- The perfect example…
- Of a Neighbor…!
- The very next day, Osamu Mikumo’s destiny would change forever
- All thanks to his fateful encounter with the mysterious Kuga Yuuma.
- small text near previous : They were destined to meet…
- bottom: Next issue, the 3rd chapter comes with an extended 23 pages!!

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