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World Trigger 3

Kuga Yuuma Part 2

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Feb 24, 2013 17:28 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 3

[World Trigger]

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[World Trigger - chapter 3 (Kuga Yuuma 2) ]

Free for Use

The name of the creatures in the manga has been updated, it changed from "Naver" (false) to "Neighbor"(correct) . This change was decided after seeing an extract from the WSJ Digital released in the USA.

- first panel SFXs : *WHISPER*
- Listen Kuga,
- Don’t talk about yesterday’s events,
- I mean about the Neighbor that attacked at the danger zone* TN note: the name was wrong so it has been rectified
- Of course, you shouldn’t say anything about you being a Neighbor either.
- second panel SFXs : *MUNCH*
- Uh-Huh
- Try hard not to stand out.
- To start, don’t strike or kick others,
- The use of the trigger is absolutely forbidden.
- That’s about everything you can do right now to not bring attention to yourself.
- left : Yuuma’s unreliable…
- and full of riddles…
- First of all, he has to learn not to attract attention…!
- I also think Osamu’s right
- Right now, nothing would be gained by having Border’s noticing you.
- Uh-Huh
- bottom : World Trigger
P02 - 03
- Well then, Osamu
- I’ll do as you say.
- top right : Extended 23 pages, the 3rd chapter of the new serialization!!
- first panel bottom right : Lunch break on the rooftop!!
- first panel bottom left : Chapter 3 - Kuga Yuuma Part.2
- Bottom of right page: Ashihara Daisuke
- Hey, hey, what’s all this?
- *STEP*
- Why are there so many people here?
- Who gave you permission to use the roof?
- Ah?
- It’s them…!
- They’re yesterday’s 3 idiots,
- They seem to be doing well.
- Are you all first years?
- Have you already finished your lunch?
- Was it good?
- Eh…Err…
- Now, you need to pay us for using the roof.
- It’ll be 500 yen per person. TN note : about 5$
- C’mon one coin is enough.
- Hey, is there really a rule like that?
- No, it’s made up.
- Hey!
- Stop screwing around!
- …Ah?
- *LIFT*
- Ouf
- Give me all the money you have, four eyes.
- So weak…
- What’s with those guys
- Do they have zero memory?
- ……You’re wrong.
- These guys, maybe
- After yesterday’s events, they were taken into protection by Border.
- When protected by Border, any ordinary person
- For the sake of secrecy’s protection will get their memories wiped…
- They have no recollection of yesterday’s event.
- Uh-Huh,
- I can’t send these guys flying right?
- …That’s right.
- Japan sure is an affectionate country towards bad guys.
- This is only because not many people do bad things.
- I see.
- C’mon, hurry up and take it out.
- What? You don’t have any change?
- That’s such a shame; you’ll have to give out one thousand yen then.
- *BAM*
- *BAM*
- Sorry,
- *GRIN*
- But could you get out of the way?
- Hiii…
- first before last panel SFXs : *IN DROVES*
- Please calm down.
- ……Hey.
- What’s wrong?
- Just now, I solved everything peacefully, right?
- I didn’t hit them or anything.
- Yeah…I guess you can say it was… peacefully resolved?
- Kuga-kun, you were amazing!
- You went all “BAM!”!
- Uh?
- Was this some sort of Chinese kenpō? TN note : kenpō, 拳法 is the name of several Japanese martial arts.
- Yesterday, you also stood up to them,
- It doesn’t seem like you’re an ordinary person Kuga-kun!
- Not at all, I’m nothing of the sort,
- I’m just your average person.
- You’re standing out…
- Tell us, tell us
- Where did you live in before coming here? Which country?
- It’s a weird place, so I shouldn’t talk about it.
- ‘Kay.
- Hmmm
- I think you wouldn’t know the country, even if I told you its name.
- From the way you’re talking, it sounds like a really small country,
- So, you’ve never heard of soccer, tennis or baseball before?
- How can he not know of soccer!
- At the very least, he’s not European.
- Then, can you tell us what was popular in your country?
- The hobbies or taste in music or even the sports?
- Hmmm…
- I’d say, WAR?
- War…?
- War…!?
- I’ve visited various countries, but wherever I went there was usually a war.
- There were battles almost everyday
- At least, from what I remember.
- Do you mean these countries were engaged in territory wars…!
- We can only guess…!
- You’ve sure had an impressive childhood…
- Like I’ve said before,
- You’re not an ordinary person!
- Thinking battles are a common occurrence,
- This is the environment that forged Kuga’s personality…
- But, if we’re talking about war,
- In some ways, our city is also at war.
- Yeah, that’s true.
- Kuga-kun, do you know anything about Neighbors?
- Yeah,
- I don’t much though.
- About 4 and a half years ago, a black hole suddenly opened in the middle of the city,
- From there, the Neighbors invaded us.
- No more than two days later, they successfully destroyed the east part of Mikado City,
- The victims accounted for more than 1200 people.
- More than 400 people are still unaccounted for.
- What…!
- That day was a very frightening one!
- My house was also completely wrecked.
- Even though my family was saved, they abandoned the house.
- Same with me.
- What about you Mikumo-kun?
- No, as for me, I went to an elementary school near Hasano…
- Ah, so you’re from the neighboring town?
- Well, all of this basically means that
- As of now, Mikado City is still at war against the Neighbors.
- Hmmm…
- But, you sure talk about all of this in a relaxed way,
- It doesn’t even seem to affect you.
- This is because Border is here!
- Border made an analysis on the Neighbor technology, known as “Trigger”
- And now, they have a Special Defense Organization fighting with these weapons!
- And he’s on about it again…
- Look,
- Over there, you see it don’t you? Their base.
- Until that base was built,
- The Neighbor kept appearing here and there in Mikado City.
- But, nowadays, the base acts like an induction device,
- It restricts the Neighbor from appearing at any other place than the bases surroundings.
- That way, the city is safe and our minds are at ease too.
- Sigh, I’d like to enter Border too
- I wonder how I could integrate it.
- below previous bubbles : Haaaaaa…
- It’s impossible for you.
- Hm?
- If you want to integrate Border, why not ask Osamu…
- He said…
- black SFX : *MUNCH*
- *GRAB*
- Hey, Kuga, come with me for a bit, I have something to tell you!
- What was that?
- Do you want the fact that you’re part of Border to stay secret, Osamu?
- That’s right! Listen, you can’t tell anyone!
- But, just now if I had said it, you would have been treated like a hero from Border
- Don’t you want to be a hero?
- This…this doesn’t concern you!
- Hmph…
- Fine then.
- But, it wouldn’t be wrong to get some fame out of it.
- Osamu, aren’t you also part of Border?
- Is it ok for you to hide my existence?
- …From my point of view, I don’t think that you resemble any of the other Neighbors.
- Also, I’m in your debt because you saved me yesterday.
- …But, if you commit even one crime,
- Then, I’ll stop covering up for you,
- And report you to Border!
- Is that clear!
- Yeah.
- Long story short,
- I was extremely lucky that the first person from Border was someone like you Osamu.
- *NOD* *NOD*
- What are you saying?
P18 - 19
- SFX across page : ALARM
- small black SFX across page : *CRACKLE*
- white SFX fourth panel : menacing atmosphere
- last panel black circled SFX : *SLUMP*
P20 - 21
- The Neighbors appeared outside of the danger zone…!?
- How come!?
- 2 Mole Mod, huh?
- Gates shouldn’t open so far away from the base…!
- Hurry everyone!
- Do as in the training sessions and go take shelter in the designated area!
- Quickly!
- Have the pupils managed to escape!?
- They did, one way or another…
- As for Minamikan’s…!
- Minamikan…!
- *WHIR*
- *BOOM*
- Run!
- It’s coming over here!
- white SFX : *CRASH*
- Osamu, what do you intend to do?
- You needn’t ask!
- The Neighbors,
- I’ll hold them all back!!
- He’s going to protect the pupils!!
- World Trigger
- Chapter 3 / End

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