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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

World Trigger 6

Arashiyama Unit

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 23, 2013 23:49 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger]

1. Do not use for scanlations without my permission.
2. No non-English scanlations before a release in English is out
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[World Trigger - chapter 6 Arashiyama Unit ]

Here is a veeeery late release for the chapter due to the fact that I've been busy with real life problem, namely my studies at university.
Hope you enjoy the chapter ^-^

Free for Use

- Osamu, nimble and evading all the attacks,
- Cut his quick opponent in two with a single strike of his sword!
- left : Mimicking the reality!!
- “World Trigger”
- That was one enemy already skewered with the katana!
- Whooa!
- Just like a pro!
- Hey, stop it!
- You’re going over the top with your story!
- No need to be so modest…
- He’s so modest……
- Even if he’s so strong, he doesn’t brag about it.
- Whooa
- Just what you’d expect,
- From a powerful person……
- I counting on you so I won’t get exposed, hero
- Damn you……
- *THUD*
- *ZOOM*
- *THUD*
- No way……It’s over already……!?
- How come……!?
- Arashiyama Unit reporting, we’ve arrived on location.
- Chapter 6 - Arashiyama Unit
- A different emblem than Osamu’s!!
- Ashihara Daisuke
- They’re Arashiyama Unit……!
- They’re A-Class members!
- The Arashiyama unit?
- From Border?
- It’s the Arashiyama unit……!
- Please, excuse us for our delayed arrival!
- Are there any casualties!?
- We just confirmed it right now! Everyone’s safe!
- Thank goodness……!!
- *PHEW*
- Although……
- I wonder who……
- Did this……!?
- Hey, go tell him Osamu,
- Go and get yourself praised for your notorious deed.
- ……I won’t get praised.
- I didn’t tell you Kuga, but……
- I’m still only a trainee.
- As such, I’m not allowed to use my trigger outside of the base.
- What I did, is a violation of the rules.
- I’ll probably get a disciplinary punishment.
- Is it you……?
- I’m a C-Class member, Mikumo Osamu.
- I thought the other members wouldn’t make it in time……
- As such, I decided to act on my own judgment.
- You’re a C-Class member……!?
- C-Class……!?
- *GRAB*
- Good thinking!
- You’ve done a good job!!
- Arashiyama Unit Commanding Officer - Arashiyama Jun (19)
- …….Eh?
- Hadn’t you done that, there undoubtedly would be victims!
- My little brother and little sister are pupils in that school!
- Uwaaaa! Fuku! Saho!
- *DASH*
- Uwaa! Nii-chan!
- I was so worried!!
- *RUB* *RUB* *RUB* *RUB*
- Gyaaaaa! Stop it!
- …….Looks like you were praised after all.
- Gyaa
- Gyaa
- Somehow, he seems like a nice guy, that Arashiyama.
- ……In Border, among all units, his is also the best.
- Representing Borders, they also make TV appearances.
- They’re famous people in Mikado City.
- I see, TV, huh?
- No, but seriously it’s awesome!
- I’m having a hard time believing this was done with only a single blow!
- Moreover, with a C-Class Trigger……
- Even some of our regulars wouldn’t be able to do that!
- No, it was no……
- It was no big deal.
- Why are you acting so modestly Kuga-kun?
- Kitora, can you do something like this?
- Whoa
- Last bubble : Woow
- Of course I can but,
- I not so stupid as to try fighting using a C-Class Trigger.
- Arashiyama Unit Member - Kitora Ai (15)
- Even more so if I were only a C-Class member trainee.
- After all for trainee, except for training they don’t have authorization to make use of their trigger.
- Arashiyama Senpai, it’s precisely what he did. This constitutes a violation of that rule.
- Please do not praise him, he is an offender.
- Trainee…….?
- Offender……?
- What’s with her?
- Kitora Ai,
- While she was still a middle school student, she got accepted as an A-Class Elite Member
- Heh……An elite? Her?
- Indeed, the rule has been violated but,
- As a result he was able to save citizen lives……
- That’s right!
- Mikumo senpai is our savior!
- Urgh…
- No at all……I wasn’t the one to save you……
- ……Of course it is valuable that he saved people,
- However,
- That does not excuse what he did. He has to be punished like any other C-Class member would have if they had used their trigger.
- It’s clear as day he could have gotten himself in serious trouble, For example,
- Had he been a member lacking in ability and wanting to act as a hero, we would have arrived upon a crime scene,
- As such, he’ll have to be punished, to set as an example to others C-Class members,
- This is needed to protect the rules of Border.
- As such, in accordance to those rules, he has to be punished.
- It’s just as she said……
- I have to accept whatever is decided for me.
- Tell me,
- Aren’t you overlooking the fact that you all got here later than you should have?
- …….Who are you?
- A human whose life got saved by Osamu.
- S……stop it Kuga! You should stay quiet!
- In Japan, is an authorization necessary to help someone?
- Pfft
- ……Each individual is of course free to decide,
- However,
- This doesn’t have any relation to what we are talking about now, right?
- To use your trigger, you necessarily must get authorization,
- Don’t you find this obvious?
- After all, the trigger belong to Border.
- What the heck are you talking about?
- Aren’t trigger originally Neighbor property?
- But do you guys even ask the Neighbor each and every time for authorization when you use them?
- A……are you questioning Border’s activities!?
- ……Rather, it seems that you are
- Unable to stand the fact that Osamu got praised?
- Wha……
- Eh……?
- What are you talking about!?
- I……I merely explained about the organizations rules…….
- Hmph
- Now……
- This is only a boring lie, right?
- What……
- The hell……!?
- Is wrong with him…….!
- Alright, it’s enough.
- The investigation of the scene has just ended,
- The whole squad has been called to withdraw.
- Tokieda senpai……!
- Even though……
- Kitora, I understand you’re not satisfied but,
- Any rewards or punishments in regards of Mikumo-kun’s actions will be decided by the higher-ups,
- We have no say in this.
- Arashiyama Unit Member - Tokieda Mitsuru (16)
- Isn’t that right, Arashiyama-san?
- That’s right! It’s totally as you’ve just said Mitsuru!
- Our unit will have to report the events that happened this time,
- Before the day is over, Mikumo-kun will have to present himself at the headquarters.
- I’ll do my best so that your punishment isn’t too strict.
- I’m in your debt, after all you protected my little sister, and my little brother.
- I’m really thankful……!
- Nice, Nice
- No……I should be the one saying this……
- *Ding* *Dong* *Ding* *Dong*
- Bye Bye, Mikumo-kun! Kuga-kun!
- See ya later.
- It suuuuuuuucks……
- Kuga-kun, why……did you snap at the people from Border,
- Even though you know it made you look suspicious.
- That woman was acting way too proud.
- I really hate self-important people, so in way I couldn’t let something like this pass.
- Kitora……surely wasn’t in the wrong when she talked,
- It’s true that the only thing I managed to do was to almost die.
- Everyone was protected only because you intervened,
- Kuga.
- What are you saying?
- Wasn’t it you that saved all those pupils from school?
- ……Eh?
- You helped all the people that had failed to escape,
- Then, at the time you were about to get done in,
- I came to your help, right?
- Wasn’t the only person I saved you, Osamu?
- Chapter 6 - End
- What a pain……
- Isn’t that also wrong for me to receive the considerations for things you’ve done yourself?
- You’re really a pain to deal with, Osamu.
- Kitora’s blocking the way out at the school gate!! What for!?
- World Trigger

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