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World Trigger 7

Kitora Ai

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 29, 2013 13:51 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger]

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[World Trigger - chapter 7 - Kitora Ai ]

Free for Use

- Osamu, will you go to the Border base now?
- Yeah, to receive my punishment, I’ll have to present myself at the headquarters,
- As was arranged between Arashiyama and I.
- left : Aftermath of the Arashiyama Unit encounter……
- ……Huh?
- What’s happening?
- Can we also take pictures?
- Ah, I’m sorry but, could you stop please?
- With the pictures that is.
- It’s really troublesome,
- After all, I’m no celebrity……
- “World Trigger”
- Chapter 7 - “Kitora Ai”
- She’s a popular A-Class!! She’s grown too accustomed to photos!!
- Ashihara Daisuke
- What the heck……is she doing?
- Hah……!
- ……I’ve been waiting for you.
- I mean……for you, Mikumo-kun.
- I’m affiliated with the Border headquarters, my name is
- Kitora Ai, I’m part of the Arashiyama Unit.
- We’ll be traveling together until we reach the main base.
- An A-Class member has come to pick Mikumo senpai up……!?
- Whoa
- Mikumo senpai is awesome……!
- What the heck is with this development…
- So that you don’t misunderstand,
- I must tell you that I didn’t come here to serve as your escort.
- I came solely for watching you over, so that you don’t run.
- I didn’t intend to run away, so watching me over is useless.
Do you think I would have faith in the words of a human that violated a simple rule?
You’d had better think about your position a bit more.
- Why……?
- Why is she involving herself so much for someone like me, who’s only a mere C-Class……?
- Today, that Neighbor……
- Was destroyed accurately with a strike on its center……
- Could he really have dealt such an accurate blow while slipping through the enemy's blades, let alone stop him……?
- And to boot, with a training trigger……!
- Of course I can,
- In front of the senpais, I affirmed I could also do it however,
- To do this, I had to be skillful……
- Then, how can a man in C-Class possibly do something like this……!?
- And what’s more, he’s the same age as I……
- Could he possibly surpass me in terms of skills……!?
- ……This is improbable!
- I’m an A-Class member……! I should be the one above him!
- Mikumo-kun,
- Even though you were flashily treated as a hero,
- You shouldn’t get carried away.
- No……I won’t,
- Not at all.
- To be honest with you, the unit could have controlled the situation,
- You were only lucky enough to be closest to the scene!
- No way,
- It’s impossible.
- I don’t intend to criticize but,
- You really weren’t on time.
- Like always.
- Wha……!?
- What’s with you!? Popping out so suddenly!
- It’s not sudden, I’ve been there since the beginning.
- What reason do you have for coming with us!?
- I should ask that question to you,
- I was a person involved before,
- I was there at school at the time the Neighbor came out,
- Had he waited for you guys, how many people do you think would have died?
- Shouldn’t you be thanking Osamu instead?
- As an outsider, shouldn’t you stay silent?
- I said so before, but what he did, while being a good deed is still a rule infringement,
- To protect the rules, a proper assessment of what he did must be done.
- I don’t see why what he did has to be considered an infraction,
- He fought, still he gets scold off rather than being praised
- Also, just because he went to save me, on the opposite, it isn’t considered admirable?
- Even so, this……
- It almost seems like for you Osamu is a rival.
- Wha……
- Osamu and you aren’t having a contest though.
- F-fool, what are you saying,
- That I, have a C-Class as a rival……
- Hey, Kuga, watch your mouth! You’re talking to an A-Class member!
- I perfectly know that she’s an A-Class.
- Then, please do remember this.
- The A-Class members make up for 5% of all of Border forces and are at the highest ranking in the organization, they’re elite among elites!!
- A-Class members (Elite), about 30 people.
- B-Class members (Main Force), about 100 people.
- C-Class members (Trainee), more than 400 people.
- Elite……Troops……?
- Why are you doubting what I said despite the fact I’m in front of you!?
- These two are totally incompatible……
- ……That’s right,
- Can I ask you something,
- Today’s Neighbor at the school……
- How come it appeared here?
- Why did a Neighbor appear outside of the Danger Zone……?
- Yeah, tell me about this
- Shouldn’t it have actually appeared inside the Base surroundings?
- ……I can’t tell anything to outsiders.
- I’m no outsider, I’m a victim of this attack.
- ……That’s right,
- As a C-Class, you haven’t heard the information,
- Let me inform you then.
- I still don’t know of the whole story, however……
It appears that the Border Base induction device is not working,
- Thus, what we can call irregular gates are starting to open.
- The headquarters engineers are currently all gathered to investigate the source of the problem.
- Irregular gates……!?
- It’s also happening outside of your school,
- Since yesterday, we’ve had 6 reports about apparition of Neighbor outside of the Danger Zone.
- Until now, as for all 6 cases, there were by chance some remarkable members close to the scene,
- So, there weren’t any victims.
- However, I don’t know what could possibly happen from now.
- To avoid causing panic, no official announcement has been made but,
- Now, that a Neighbor has appeared here, it can’t be said anymore that this situation isn’t strange.
- No way……!
Then, you have to hurry and do something……!
Shouldn’t you be telling this to the engineers?
- We can’t do anything except avoid raising a fuss.
I am a protection member.
By fighting, I have for duty to protect the townspeople.
- ……I see.
- It seems to be exactly as she said.
- ……Eh.
P14 - 15
- Good grief,
- What a busy day.
- *OOOO*
- What!? That Neighbor……!
- I haven’t seen something like that before……!
- Kuga, what is that……!?
- Illugard……! It’s quite rare to see it.
- It is
- A Trion Soldier specialized in Bombing.
- *ZU ZU ZU ZU *
- The city……!!
- The is no time for me to wait for the other forces……
- I need to go now.
- I’ll come with you.
- Do you intend on intruding again!?
- In the first place, what could you even do against an aerial enemy?
- I’ll think about that on my way there.
- Trigger On!!
- The weapon……won’t come out……!?
- When the Trion you have is insufficient, producing the weapon becomes impossible.
- Yours was consummated whole at the battle at school.
- ……As expected of a C-Class.
- Please, stay here quietly.
- Kitora, will you really be fine by yourself?
- Isn’t this your first time seeing it?
- What a foolish question.
- I’m an A-Class member.
- This Neighbor,
- I’ll get rid of it.
- What is the true power of an A-Class!?
- World Trigger Chapter 7 - End.

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