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Sakuran (Kakkokari) 00

Sakuran (Assumed)

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Mar 30, 2013 22:54 | Go to Sakuran (Kakkokari)

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[Sakuran (Kakkokari)]

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[Sakuran (Kakkokari) - Oneshot]

It's my first shot at a non battle manga, though this oneshot was really nice. I'll probably also do the oneshot by Iwamoto Naoki next week :3

Free for Use

P01 (color)
- Congratulations on the new school semester!!! Weekly Jump Spring Super Special Oneshots, 5 short stories!! 1st Story
- A seasonal flower dance short story!! A oneshot of 21 pages opening with a center color!!
- It’s somewhat a strange flower storm,
- That has come flying from the other side of the galaxy.
- (star insert) Jump Comics「PSYREN」, all 16 volumes are on sale with great popularity!!
- (star insert) Furthermore, the masterpiece 「Mieru Hito」has made its come-back at the Jump Book Store!!! Read it on iPhone and Android!! More details on page 142! Give it a read!
- Iwashiro Toshiaki
- left : (symbol insert) This season colors itself of signs of spring, while a kid carries a single sorrow.
- I hate Spring,
- Atchoum!!!
- It means a new semester…
- A new class, new friends
- An aura friendship that everyone except for me gives off.
In case something interesting begins,
A feeling of nervousness can be felt inside the school.
- Ah, Takkun!
- After all of my 16 years,
- Now, I have had zero friends and zero love experience.
- To make matters worse, I have a severe allergy to pollen. Spring is the worst, nothing good comes from it…
- Atchoum!!
- Ah.
- My head’s going blank…
- …But, these aren’t the only reasons.
- The true motive for my hate of spring is…
- This guy.
- Every year, around the time the sakura dances he appears riding a sakura storm…
- Its appeared since I was born,
- The delusion,
- Whose name is
- Sakuran (assumed)…!
- Again…!!
- Sakuran!!!!
- You’ve done it again this year!!! Come on out you bastard!!!
- Tee Heeeeee!!!! One hit certain kill!!!
- He He… Your skills sure have improved Eita-kun…!!!
- You’re such a simple minded person, doing a surprise attack each and every time!!!
- You’ve parred my blow, would you like to inform me of my name?
- I don’t feel like informing you!!!
Tee Hee!! You still don’t get it?
This is Sakuran (assumed)
It’s been 5 years since he’s been staying in my head,
He’s an alien delusion.
- Jinbo Eita-kun!! It’s been 5 years now, since your observation diary has started…
- This year, haven’t you at least made some friends?
- Shut up, it’s none of your concern!!
- It’s time to make some efforts already,
- You know this can’t do for a biological research, right?
- I don’t care, why don’t you find some others people for it!!
- He appeared on the spring 5 years ago…
- When having an allergy to pollen, things became hazy, then when I recovered my senses…
- Eh!?
Where the heck I am…!?
Tee Hee, Tee Hee
Gyaa, a monster!!!
Yes, Hello, I come from the Urara planet.
Tee Hee
Congratulations Jinbo Eita-kun,
You have just been elected as a sample of the Urara planet’s “Earthling Observation Diary”.
- Where am I!?
- You’re now inside the spaceship of the Urara Planet.
- I’m in space!!!
- English?
- B-Bring be back home at once!!
- Alright, I’ll bring you back,
- But this will depend on your behavior,
- I’ll always be watching you!
- For the sake of studying “earthlings”,
- I want to let me survey your life…!
- …This’ll be my only mission, tee hee.
- I’ll only be looking…and nothing more,
- That’s why, Eita-kun, I want you to live everyday peacefully, tee hee
- Also, when the 5 years have passed by…
- I’ll take you to the Urara planet.
- For the whole of eternity.
- What’s with this deal!!!!
It’s totally different from what you said? With this, it won’t be only surveying anymore!!!
- But it’s supposed to be the observation diary final stage…
- Then, a special remedy will be given to you.
- “During those 5 years, try to guess what my name is”.
- If you can guess my name, then I won’t take you along with me…!
- You’ll have 1 chance per year for a total of 5 opportunities!
- Also, let me give you a hint! My name…
- “You know it in the language of your country”!! TN note : he says the language of the country of the planet you are from
- W…wait, there is something I didn’t understand!!!
- See ya then.
- I’m telling you to wait!!!
- A dream……
- It was a dream……
- Since then, every year I’ve seen this delusion that and I’ve named it Sakuran.
- Each and every year it would come with spring.
- So this year either, you couldn't make any friends.
- The camp with everyone in August will be a good opportunity to make some.
- Fujizaki-san even tried talking to him, what’s with that attitude?
- Is your social disposition bad?
- Leave me alone.
- And then, just like this it’s been 5 years already.
This year is the very last chance on the quiz to guess his name.
Is there really nothing I can do against this delusion…?
- For these past 4 years, your answers have all been…”Spring Urara”, “Mofuzor”, “Mojarumaru”, “Mo”.
- Don’t you have any tee hee ideas?
- None at all!!
- I don’t see what it could be instead of thing related to the Urara planet!!
- That aside, you still have the same bad interior tastes.
- Eh…
- I did my best to pick what was popular nowadays but…
- Did I choose wrong…? Would you like it changed?
- No, it’s fine this way.
- …Okay.
- Then, next.
- In October, you were involved in a fight with Murakami-kun
- Yet, being completely isolated from the class, you knew the odds were against you.
- I’m quite curious about it,
- Why did you still take part in the fight?
- Hm, what’s wrong?
- It’s because he made fun of a pendant.
- Ha?
- I’ve always had it with me…
- …I see now.
This delusion
It was given to me by a playmate from my childhood days. TN : written using the popular expression osananajimi ^^
- I’m seeing in my subconscious is the “punishment” from that time.
- At that time…
- She was my first love.
- I was living a carefree life, but I betrayed her.
- I deserve this punishment.
- It must be something precious to you.
- That’s it,
- To make me remember,
- …Mirika.
- So that I wouldn’t forget,
- It’s Minazuki Mirika.
- Sakuran appeared before me.
- Mirika-chan? Let’s go home.
- I’m scared…
- I can’t.
- I want to reach the four peaks of Urokiri mountain.
- The four peaks!? This definetely can’t be done in a single night!!!
- What was it you said already…!?
- Let’s see…
- I want to see the stars…right?
- This…will probably the last time I’ll get to play with you, Eita-kun.
- That’s why, I really want to see the stars with you.
Should we go together?
I’m sorry, my father will get angry if I do…
It’s too bad,
Then, I guess I’ll go see them by myself.
- I never thought that I wouldn’t be able to see you anymore!!
- I should have gone with you.
- It’s my fault if Mirika disappeared!!
- Since then, I haven’t been able to come into involved myself deeply with others.
- I’m the worst.
- I don’t have the right to make friends.
- I understand, Sakuran
- I understand already…!
- So please…stop this delusion…!!
- Minazuki Mirika
- You finally got it right at the very end.
- Yo.
- You wanted to meet me so I came!!
- Ha!?
- I’m sorry for doing this,
- But there are various rules to this.
- I was really happy you remembered me.
- Thank Eita-kun…!!
- Mirika!!!
- Mirika!!
- …It was only
- A dream, huh…
- The delusions…
- Why am I being sad…
- Sakuran will probably not appear anymore…
- The delusions are over.
I should be glad about this…
Everyone, here is a transfer student.
- My name is Minazuki Mirika!
- Please treat me well, Tee-Hee!!
- So cute…
- Tee-hee?
- Tee-hee?
- Tee-hee?
- You thought that was a dream?
- Not at all, that was the true me!!
- I’ve infiltrated the earth again, to carry my observatory mission!!
- All of it
- Was true…!?
- From now, we’ll always be together.
A new semester is beginning,
A new high school life is starting for me and person of the Urara Planet.
I hate spring,
Who said such a thing?
The warm spring breeze of the new season, brings you a flower petal and the promise of a lovely future!!
Sakuran (assumed) / End. Next issue, 2nd story of the Spring super special oneshots!! Appearance of Iwamoto Naoki-sensei’s “Jeda’s School Route”!!

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