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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

City Hall 3

Chapitre 3

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Apr 24, 2013 17:05 | Go to City Hall

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[City Hall]

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[City hall - chapter 3]


I’m kinda busy with finals right now (studying for them) so as a break, I wanted something short and easy to translate and nothing is better than doing a chapter with little text and going from your mother tongue (French) to English :3

Now back to this chapter. Of the eight chapters comprising volume 1 this is one of the best, I think. The art is amazing and make the action scene all the better.

- Chapter 3
- Man usually avoids attributing cleverness to somebody else unless it's an enemy. - Albert Einstein
[We finally see what a papercut look like and it’s done with a scene of city destruction]
- Get a!!way from here
- Mr. Stone!! Make the tanks come and warn the headquarters! I want an aerial strike in two minutes!!
- Commandant, are you ordering for an intervention of the squad in the middle of downtown!?
- This is not the tearoom, Oliver!! Don’t talk back and do as I say!!
- It seems we have finally arrived!!
- I really wonder how!!
- What do you mean?
- It’s nothing…
- I was only wondering if you really had a driving license…
- Idiots!!
- What!?
- Not you, them!!
- They’ve gotten the AFV out!!
- Why do you see a problem in that? If they manage to bring him down, it’ll be all the easier for us, right…?
- The thing is we’re in the downtown…
- It’s the heart of the Business District!!
- You!!
- What the hell you are doing? Don’t tell me you really are thinking of using such machinery here!?
- …Who are you?
- Jules Verne, inspector!! I command you to tell me who the mastermind behind this operation is!!
- Inspector!?
- Ha Ha Ha!! C’mon…you better go away before I lock you in!
- We are on a special mission the Mr. Mayor Little!!
- Yeah right, and the Queen of England is my great-aunt…go away I tell you!!
- Jules, there is no chance for him to believe us. He doesn’t even seem to know where this creature comes from…There are no other solution but for us to go by ourselves?
- Don’t you find this absurd, Arthur! There are tanks in the streets!! Why not bring in the Military Aircraft if they go that far then!?
- They’re going to piss him off…
- You must find a solution, quickly!!
- These guys really don’t have any imagination…
- Fire on sight!!
- Permission granted!!
- Fire!!
- Nooo, not the Café Diem!
- These idiots don’t respect anything!!
- Come with me Arthur, I have an idea!!
- Hey you two, where are you going??
- On your stomach!!
- This building offers a perfect view of the landscape…Let’s find a high spot and we’ll be able to counter attack before this crazies burn the city to the ground!!!
- Good news! Now that we have it, you’ll finally be able to leave this typewriter aside for the moment!!
- Which story do we go to…?
- The rooftop, of course!!
- No…wait an instant…
- Where is my typewriter?
- I use my imagination!!
- I hope nothing happened to it!
- …Don’t worry!
- How will you proceed once you’ve reached the top?
The plan is find the perfect place from which we have the best viewing of the papercut actions! From what I know, replicate something like this shouldn’t pose that much difficulties…
- …But it requires to keep watch on it for controlling purposes!
- Controlling…!?
- This isn’t an automaton! If I don’t tell it what to do, it can either annihilate everything…or even not move…
- Well, that’s what I was told!
- Eureka!!
- I’ll leave this mission to you then!!
- I’m going back in the street!!
- Where are you going!?
- To find our opponent…
- If you need to see the creature to control it…the so does he!!
- Indeed…
- I only need to reach the rooftop now…!!
- Let’s do this…!!
- The best angle is located between York and Guilford…
- But it is also the most obvious…
- The only place possible…
- Is among the people!!
- Twelve meter high titan possessing dented cogs as well as slanted machinery. Made of robust alloy and using part from watches.
- Easy!!
- Oops…
- Whatever…Flat with balcony are always sold at a higher price…
- Dammit, is it an habit of theirs to fire on everything they are scared of…??
- I’m on your side, dumbasses!!
- Burn and block - counter attack
- Counter!!
- I can’t do it…
- Too many people…
- Too many factors…
- It’s like trying to get a hold of time…
- I might be a little rusty…!
- Let’s try that…!
- Goo!!
[The papercut continues to destroy pretty much everything]
- The hand and its spirit…
- In these two novelists is contained my one and sole enemy!
[The hand of the villain of this story, crumbling the piece of paper he wrote on and burning it using a lighter]
[Our two heroes watch as the papercut vanishes and the villain escapes and that unbeknownst to them]
- Arthur Conan Doyle - Physician and writer, historian by spirit, he mainly known success due to one of his most surprising characters of the crime fiction literary genre : Sherlock Holmes! This oppressing hero would go on to become his worst enemy…

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