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World Trigger 9

Kitora Ai Part 3

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 1, 2013 22:07 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[Chapter 9 - Kitora Ai Part 3]

Free for Use

Opening Center Color for the conclusion of the air battle!!
Having his power hidden for a long time,
He now once again sets it free----!!
Ashihara Daisuke
Chapter 9 - Kitora Ai Part 3

Thorough Analysis!!
1 - The characters
Above Kitora (then down): Border
Blue bordered box : “Border Defense Agency”. It was created for the sake of protecting the earth from Neighbor. They fight the Neighbor by the means of Trigger, the technology of Neighbor.
Elite Border
Kitora Ai
Kitora Ai (kanji version)
Elite member of the Arashiyama Unit, a group from Border A-Class. She considers Osamu to be her rival.
If we abide by the rules of Borders,
He’ll have to be made an example to the C-Class group members.
He must be punished for what he’s done.
Her rival Osamu was severely blamed by her, seeing as he had committed an infraction.
As Osamu had been beaten, Yuuma used Osamu trigger to repel the enemies.
Near Osamu (then down) : Trainee Border
Mikumo Osamu
Mikumo Osamu (kanji version)
Belongs to the C-Class group members. He decided to cooperate with Yuuma so that people do not realize he’s a Neighbor.
He thought it was necessary to go repel the Trion soldier even if his power was insufficient.
Above yuuma : Neighbor
Blue white circled box : 4 years and a half before, invaders started attacking Kikado City. These beings known as Trion Soldier are the toy soldiers used to perform the raids.
Neighbor relying on Osamu
Kuga Yuuma
Neighbor possessing the power necessary to wield a powerful Trigger. He’s currentlu cooperating with Osamu so that Border doesn’t discover of his existence.
You’ll have to teach me about Japanese customs, Osamu.
He shares information with Osamu as he doesn’t have any knowledge of how things work on earth.
2- Trigger
Middle then right and down then left and up : The only weapon used in order to fight Neighbor!!
It is the only weapon that work on the Neighbor. The trigger can only be invoked with the trion energy coming from an organ that can’t be seen known as trion organ. The power of the trigger can change greatly depending on the amount of trion people possess.
The trigger power is directly connected to the performance the trion organ possesses.
There might be great differences in power output even when different people use the same trigger,
The difference of power output between Osamu and Yuuma is a great example of this performance difference.
Even when a
There might be great differences in power output between user depending on their trion power variations, even when the same trigger is used.
This is what happens when a diffrence user uses the same trigger as Osamu’s…
Yuuma, possessor of a strong trion demolishes the Trion soldier Osamu had a hard time with.
The trigger source comes from the Trion Organ.
The Ilugard is about to cause a disaster!!
What the heck!? What’s this……
Don’t tell me that……

It’s planning to fall on the city!?
Ashihara-sensei’s manga is only available for reading on Jump’s website!! Support him!
The Ilugard sustained too much damage.
Using all it’s Trion power on a suicide bombing,
It’s probably aiming to fall on a place with lots of people, thus involving the neighboring places in the explosion.
Then before it falls down, I’ll hit it while it’s still in the air.
I’ll approach it without Kitora noticing me.
No, forget that.
When you want to destroy something with a trigger, you usually generate a trion reaction specific to that trigger,
If you were to cause that reaction again, this would certainly come to Border’s perception.

……In other words,
If I try to hit the enemy, then I’ll get discovered by Border?
Then, I can’t do anything if it leaks out my secret.
That’s not it.
Kitora is being cornered by the suicide attack the Ilugard is planning,
So the Ilugard will be defeated even if you don’t attack.
I understand, then it should be fine for me to make it fall in a deserted place, right?
Then, let’s do this.
I’m counting on you Replica.

It’s hard…….!
What’s with this trion density……!
Does it……intend to go for a suicide bombing……!?
H-hey, look at this…….
It’s about to fall here!
Go to the shelter at once!!
On the double!!

Stop it!!!
Stop it this instant!!
This is bad……!!
It won’t stop……!!
Stop right now!!!
Kanji : chain

Ok, caught it.

Kanji : strength
…….Here I------------

*GU - KUN*
It’s being pulled back……


Mission complete.
What was that before……
Was the Neighbor pulled in to fall into the river……!?

Had it continued in its course, it would have certainly fallen on the city.
Was I helped by someone……? Some from A-Class like me was……
It thought we’d be buried alive,
We were saved thanks to you.
Thank you very much!
No, I only did something ordinary……
It wasn’t much……
While I was fighting,
He yet again earned the favors of the citizens……
He’s material to be an honor student,
So, is that his reason to want to be popular?

Here is the woman I was talking about, everyone.
She’s the one that beat the Neighbor.
S-she’s Kitora from the Arashiyama Unit!
Thank you!
As expected of one of the A-Class-group members!
I owe you my life!
They’re here?
What was it you said to Osamu?
I won’t let you win or something like that.
He isn’t how you imagined him to be.

He isn’t anything like the other C-Class members.
But, I must say you were quite impressive out there,
Beating that fish by yourself.
You’re wrong.
I wasn’t able to stop that Neighbor.
Someone else did.
I didn’t do anything,
I didn’t achieve anything noteworthy.
……I see,
So this is a A-Class member, huh……
This is all nonsense!

You didn’t “help” with anything! My store was completely wrecked!
It’s happened for my house too.
Same for my apartment.
What the heck is Border doing!?
Why are there Neighbor roaming in the city!?
This is because……
This is a new offensive method the Neighbor are using.
I think Border’ll soon make a more accurate announcement concerning this matter.
Any story related to damages will be addressed at that time.
I’ll deal with this, step back C-Class member.
For the moment, the people who are subject to property destruction will be transferred to the shelter.
This is an emergency, so please cooperate with us.

To think the city would get destroyed to such an extent……
It’s been 4 and a half years since I’ve seen such a thing……
As long as the irregular gates problem is not resolved,
It’s highly probable such a thing will happen again.
That’s right, it’s not over yet……
You’re over thinking things.
The problem of the irregular gates will eventually get settled by Border.
This is all you and the others can do.
From now on,
It’ll only be relevant on how skilled Border is.

Yes, yes. Hello?
It’s me, are you done?
I’ve disposed of all of them here.
The other team over there is also done it seems.
Please report to the headquarters immediately.
Kido-san asked to see you.
A direct order from the headquarters……
The only way to call for a talented elite such as I.
S-Class Group Members - Jin Yuuichi (19) - Member of Border’s Tamakoma Branch.
This self-proclaimed Elite is in fact a remarkably talented person!!
World Trigger…Chapter 9 / End.

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