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City Hall 5

Chapitre 5

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 20, 2013 11:27 | Go to City Hall

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[City Hall]

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[City Hall - Chapitre 5]


“If women never have a hand in my novels, it is simply because they would talk all the time and the other wouldn’t have anything to say anymore…”
Jules Verne

…So, you say she tumbled in there, weapon in her hand screaming to anyone who cared to listen that the “Culper Ring” had just fallen on them!!
I’m tellin’ you, it was chaos!!
Ha Ha Ha!! You’re always over-exaggerating, Malone…!
That’s how you wish it had happen…
…But it didn’t.
Tell us your side of the story then! I want to know everything, even the smallest of details!!
OK…if you insist…
…but the truth is less novelistic than you think it is!!

Several days before, Chicago…
Our informers are sure of it…
They’re hiding in this warehouse…!
They are supposed to get their largest delivery tonight…!
Al Capone will be there too…
We can kill two birds with one stone…!
Cutting the head of this network and retrieving the goods!!

Be careful, Milly…This game is the most dangerous we’ve participated in yet and I only have two shooters to cover your back before you get in there…
After that, you’ll by yourself for several minutes!!
Don’t worry, Jim…I’m used to this type of gangster…
We’ve been tracking him for more than two years now after all…!
Then, promise me you’ll be more careful than usual!!
Wallace and Petri just need to be synchronized when they shoot and everything will be fine.
Let’s meet up inside and later we’ll go partying about the most beautiful catch the Culper Ring has ever made!

All units…
The wolf enters the sheepfold…
I repeat…
The wolf enters the sheepfold…
Get ready to fire…

Look at this punk!
This old hag stinks of alcohol, you can smells her from fifty meters away!
It’s not good…
Don’t be that hard on your mamma!!
Ha Ha Ha!!
She must’ve been drinking to forget she gave birth to you!
I dare you to say that again!!!
If I hear even one of you raise your voice once more…
I’ll get you six feet deep without prior warning…
Mr. Nitti would like to finish his deal in silence…
…So, shut your traps!!
And get rid of this drunkard right away!!
Dio Buino!!

But, Vito…
What do you want us to do with her…?
How am I supposed to know that…?
Drop her in the waterway!!
It’ll make her mind clearer!!
D’ambrioso is there, Milly…
Stay alert!
I wouldn’t like him to do a remake of the slaughter that happened at the central station!
Hey, old hag! Go and drink your wine elsewhere!!
Pfff…We’re in a free country so I can do what I want, Stronzo! TN: stronzo means asshole
I’ll send your corpse to the fishes in the harbor quickly!!

Please, have mercy…
You should have thought of this before…

I wasn’t asking for mercy on myself…
…But for them!!
Milly…watch out!!

D’ambrioso will soon come to see what this ruckus is about!!
Sorry, it’s a hobo…
Even tough I told them to take care of her in silence…
These guys are good-for-nothings!!

Amelia Earhart!!!
Culper Ring!

They have Tommy Guns!!! TN : Thompson Submachine Gun, Caliber .45
Bring in the smoke bombs!!

Culper Ring!!
Get out, hands up, Vito!!
Nice to see you again, signorina Earhart!!

Get in there!!
So then, this is the little mouse that eats at my turnover…
Miss Earhart… you aren’t welcomed here!!
Padrino…she didn’t come by herself! We should get away from here before the rest of her team arrives!!
I’m troubled Franky… I don’t like this…This little joke of an attack that happened tonight will cost me no less than twenty million dollars, and only because your men couldn’t get rid of a…
Do what needs to be done, Vito.
Franky, ask your men to cover our backs!

[Amelia trying to escape from Vito]

There are two types of men I loathe more than anything…
Those that use paper…
…And those who hit women!!
I’m flattered of such compliments…
…But if this is the limit of what you can do, then I can get rid of you in three seconds.

Have mercy, Vito…
Spare me…
I…I’ll do whatever you ask of me!!
…And end of countdown!!!
You should know better than anyone that women can act really well…
You eunuch!!
Are you alright…?
…Was there…

….They took a boat…!
And I couldn’t…
I couldn’t…!!
“It’s all right…!”
Is what I said at the time…
You brought down Vito D’ambrioso, the mad shooter of the central station and called him an eunuch!?
For Amelia!!!
Hip Hip Hip…
Mr. Ness!!
Won’t you join us?
I need to talk to you.
Right now…

“He” wants to see you…
Who is that, “he”…?
I see…
You’re leaving for Washington in one hour…
No thanks…
I’ll pilot myself…
Agent Earhart!!!
You’ve done a very good job!!

Congratulations on your success for this mission, Miss Earhart…Oh, I know that you feel guilty for letting Capone and Nitti escape, but you’ve still given a hard blow on their firepower, taking all of this paper from them…
I doubt the black market will get up that soon…
But I didn’t have you come here for that…
You are one of the best agent in the Culper Ring, and your results are over the charts…
As you must know, our surveillance and intervention missions don’t limit themselves to the American ground but go well over this territory…
Our “snitches” as you call them, let me think that something of a gigantic importance is brewing on in London and that we may need reinforcement there.
And, as your face is now known of everyone in the underworld, I thought you could use your talents to serve our Anglo-saxons friends…
I don’t understand Mister President…
Are you discharging me, Sir!?
You should see that as a promotion…
…Agent 355!!

Who is she…?
Bang!! You’re dead!!
Take this dear and bring it to my room!!
As long as a woman has good assets, you forget all caution…
But…who’re you?
Amelia Earhart…
Your bodyguard!!

Amelia Earhart
American aviator and adventurer, she is the first woman to cross over the Atlantic Ocean by plane and this is only the tip of her achievements. She thinks women are as capable as men and she contributed to equality between sexes…

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