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Biorg Trinity 3

Bug 03

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 24, 2013 11:37 | Go to Biorg Trinity

-> RTS Page for Biorg Trinity 3

[Biorg Trinity - Maijou Outarou & Oh Great]

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[Biorg Trinity- Bug 3]

Page 01
- pink: A serialization making you want to strike your head!
- yellow bubble: Awesome reactions.
- yellow: An unreasonable World that gets you to think straight.
- blue under hosa’s foot: 2nd issue in the magazine for this new serialization!
- artist and author name: Oh! Great - Maijou Outarou
- blue bottom: an incredible due x an incredible brand new world x and a center color for all of this!

Page 02
- Chomp
- I love the snow. The reason why is because Enomoto Fumiho likes snow too.
- Yeah,
- It’s good.
- Fujii-kun, what the hell are you doing here at this hour?
- building : Choufu City Hall
- Bet you’re skipping, skiiiippiiiing.
- Scram! I’m here for important stuff…
- Certain kill, mud bazooka.

Page 03
- I wonder what it’ll be like the day Fumiho decides not to ride on Hosa’s bike.
Same bubble right to left
- I bet it’d be really gre----at.
- I won’t. It’s dangerous.
- Is it ok? You’ll remember the training starts at 2 P.M. right?
- At the City Meeting Hall.
- Yeah. Because she said that, I gave it my best.
- The “worried face” she had at that time was archived in my “Fumiho library”
- She’s really cute…

Page 04
- Could these possibly be the “holes of love”? An opportunity sent by Kami-Sama so Fumiho and I could get closer in our relationship? Are these a way to find a place inside Fumiho’s heart?
- Fujii-san?
- Oh my, aren’t you full of energy
- Yeeees, yes, yes, it’s me.
- Let’s get training, let’s study, study!!
- The holes kick ass!!
- Board behind Fujii above box: Bio·Bug Department - Administration Bureau

Page 05
- This person on this image is G·Rodriguez,
- One among the many of the fish-men types.
- Fuck,
- Am I really the only one on training?

Page 06
- As the “holes” in your hands allow for you to absorb only one thing,
- So to speak they are like this bricks here.
- on picture : Bio Bug Explanation
- Let’s see G·Rodriguez as this black ball…he absorbed his goldfish with his left hand,
- But, as you can see, his transformation was really unstable.
- Then, trying to fix this “instability”.
- With the “Bug” in his right hand,
- I don’t know why, but he decided to try absorbing enormous equipment used for buildings construction.

Page 07
- Err… this indecent image shows how after trying to go over the “Fusion Limit”, one becomes a crashed bug ……
- Bio·Bug Department - Administration Bureau
- Handing counter
- Please take a numbered ticket.
- For parking tickets, head over to the “reception”.
- (those were not important, decide not to them to the script)
- Like always,
- Anyone who gets out of here makes such a face…
- Here is your smartphone that was given to us to keep under custody.

Page 08
- I think I’m right saying the training gave you quite a blow, being particularly heavy even though,
- I should also mention some other important things. First, do not loose your smartphone under any circumstances.
- On it has been installed 2 doses of the “drug”. TN note : literally Cancellation medicine.
- Also…
I’d like you to look over at this leaflet.
On leaflet : Multiple serial murder cases!! In the recent years, a serial killers have repeatedly been aiming for “Bug Rar”!! Be careful!! It is thought the criminal is mainly aiming for the “drug”.

Page 09
- Wow
- Oops
- Even though I should know better, this made me really anxious,
- Let’s see, after school today,
- I’ll go shopping with Acchan.
- Tomorrow will be with Micchii, after tomorrow will be……
- How can you be so free?
- It’s obvious… She always goes at “Tenjindoori”, this shop called “GENes”……
- Because, I can’t help but think about “Enomoto Fumiho” when I picture it.
- Multiple serial murder cases!! In the recent years, a serial killers have repeatedly been aiming for “Bug Rar”!! Be careful!!

Page 10
- Ah
- Bingo!
- Well, I only have to call to her now…
- Shock
- Ehh

Page 11
- A phantom killer!? TN note : a person who attacks people randomly on the street - toorima 通り魔
- I…I don’t really know, but…I saw it written on the leaflet………
- He’s been following Fumiho for a long time now.
- Wh…What do I do? Kiwa, what can I can do!?
- Where are you right now?
- What does he look like? Any special characteristics?

Page 12
- …Say……Fujii……
- My bad, but I’m entering the bath,
- Deal with it yourself.
- Eehhh
- Ehhhh, wait.
- Anyway, the woman you love is in a though spot,
- It’s your one chance to shine dumbass!!!
- Wh…
- Whaaaa……

Page 13
- …Ehh?
- Hosa…?
- Tch…… - Do you think I haven’t already noticed you?
- Stare

Page 14
- Board in front of the tree : This tree is called Sanson Kanae. Please do not take any picture!! Phone number – 0424-000-0000
I’m home Sanson-san.
Entry Prohibited
- I’m home----.
- Slam…
- Do you…Do this everyday……?

Page 15
- Anyway, you were really gross you know, acting just like these bastards stalkers!!
- Ehhhhh, me!?
- I mean, stop slapping me on my back when it’s so cold outisde……
- You eavesdropped on my and Fumiho’s conversation, that’s why you came here, right?
- Instakill for you.
- Hmmm……I can’t say it’s really the truth…
- Brrrrrrrhh
- Brrrrrrrhh
Clack Clack
- Well
- You’ve seen for yourself.
- II already knew about it……

Page 16
- This is what Hosaka Jyouji has always been doing,
- He’s always been watching over Enomoto Fumiho.
- To tell you the truth……I think Enomoto Fumiho is stronger than me but,
- I don’t think it’s a bad thing for someone to watch over someone else like this that somebody to watch over is a bad thing…… the times ask for it.

Page 17
- I didn’t like that it was imposed on you.
- *TAP*

Page 18
- *BANG*
- It’s the scheduled time for the bombarding of a mega crashed bug.

Page 19
- Arrgghh…
- Maybe that was too much at once…?
- Hah.
- Get on!

Page 20
- Just this time, I’ll let you do the driving…But before that, I want you to tell me, you have a license, right?
- Sit whenever you want,
- But, if you touch anywhere strange, I’ll freaking kill you.
- Ye……
- Yeah…Thank you Kiwa.
- So… That’s why she likes Fumiho and I to take place on the rear……
- Where is it forbidden to touch? - Is this weird?
- Ah! wa…, dummy…
- Here is… Hey!
- Ehh, sorry…Then, is it fine here?
- Ahhnn! H…Here…
- Even though Kiwa and I have been friends with each other since our middle school days, for Fumiho and Hosa they’ve known each other since they were aged one year old.
- That’s why even so I don’t know everything, it’s pretty obvious they would be that close.
- Kiwa,

Page 21
Hosa……he’s really cool, you know.
However this “commonness” , is this time swiftly swooping down on me, turning me into a rabid monster.
- As for me,
- I’m an oddball.

Page 22
- I……
- Want to be like him.

Page 23
- Today, that bastard Fujii,
- I thought he wouldn’t come as he had training……
- I should have thought better, I was negligent.
- Fumiho too loves the Bug holes (heart insert)

Page 24
- Fuck…
- Don’t become my “enemy”, Fujii……
- Time sale, ongoing. All goods are half priced. - TN note : special offers available for a limited time of the day
- Oh, a new flavor.
Banana Milk, huh?
Board behing hosa : The old man’s tofu
- This tastes good… Fumiho…
- …Her sense of taste is completely off so she might like it…
- Fujii…Errr…I think he has a sweet tooth…?

Page 25
No Text

Page 26
- You bastard, you know I find tobacco really disgusting!!
- Did you really think I hadn’t noticed you?
- small below bubble : I could smell you from 100 meters away.
- You’re the man who’s been circling around Fumiho lately, right?
- Fsssh

Page 27
- Tobacco consumption taxes only keep on increasing, you knooooow.
- I ain’t the one increasing those taxes.

Page 28
TN : the firearm hosa has is a galil assault rifle, made by Israeli industries. It pretty much resembles the AK-47.

Page 29
- I wonder…
- When has it become legal for high school students
- In this country to arm themselves with submachine guns?
My name is Nicholas.
- Nicholas the “Smoke Head”.

Page 30
- What do you want?
- A “Bug Rar” that absorbed tobacco, huh…?
- The bullets are going right through him.
- Hey, it’d probably be best to do things in order, right?
(below previous bubble) You won’t understand anything if you don’t listen to me, you know.
For now, listen to what I have to say, after tat you’ll be able to shoot me to your heart’s content.
- Let’s cut to the chase, hand me Enomoto Fumiho over.

Page 31
- Munch
On package
- Potato Chips - Sweet-and-Sour pork
This tastes good.
Mom, where did you buy this?
- I really need to get some more.

Page 32
- You’re still up? Get to sleep already.
- It’s only 8 P.M.
- I still don’t know enough about Enomoto Fumiho yet.
- I also still don’t even know enough about these two yet.
- You’re always unsteady on your feet. It’s like there are always weird things happening around you, I hate it…
- Say, can I open another bag already?
- You’ve already finished the previous one!?
- As a woman, I won’t grow fat even by eating between meals, it’s in my nature.
- I’ve decided.

Page 33
- Tch.
- You really don’t understand, huh.
- It’s not working at all.
- Obviously, a kid like you wouldn’t understand.
- How ashamed I feel,
- Hearing everyone saying the same thing over and over, ”Don’t smoke” or “Go to the smoking section”…

Page 34
- By making Fumiho-chan receive the brunt of my ten million minutes of love for tobacco, TN note: makes about 166,667 hours or 6944 days or 19 years.
- Do you think this messed up world will finally be able to change?
- As a component in the tobacco leaves, the nornicotine is
- A nerve paralyzing poison that kills any insects that tries to feed off the leaves.
- As for Humans, when firsthand eating is involved it would only result in death after taking 2 or 3 leaves.
- What’s wrong? Has the smoke dulled your movements?
- It slowly goes through every opening in the clothes,
- Then, it even enters the skin directly.
- Kuh Kuh, finally. You’ve revealed your true colors it seems…
- It suits you much more to be this way,

Page 35 - 36
- Biorg Hunter.

Page 37
- Kuh Kuh…… A scrap car location, huh?
- Where have you gone off to Biorg?
- You know, it doesn’t matter where you’re hiding, even then the smoke will still pass through any openings.
- Kyu Kyu Kyu Kyu.

Page 38
- Let me tell you, I’ve had my fill of you “Bug Rar” bastards.
- Even though I always get rid of you again and again, you’re just like the maggots you are, you always continue hatching around Fumiho.
- That’s why, I’ve decided to completely give up on treating you in a humane like way by feeling compassion or pity for you bastards.

Page 39
- You Bug bastards only deserve
- Instablowing!!

Page 40
- Have you forgotten that it doesn’t work against me dumbaaass
- You have no right to keep that girl for yourself!!
- Hey,
- Can I ask you something?

Page 41
- Have you seen today’s weather forecast?
- Ah?
- Something like, it will “smoky” up to your brain?
- But you know, all the attacks I made weren’t directed towards your “body”.
- Hah.
- Haaah.

Page 42
- But against what was covering your smoke body.
- Your clothes.
- W…Wait.
- I…I’ll be torn to pieces.
- My body…
- It’s bad! Time out! Is it for real? It’s seriously bad!!
- I’ll disappear…

Page 43
- “From dusk to the dead of the night pay heed to any sudden gusts”
- I think.
- on tank : Gasoline - Dangerous - Inflammable
- …Woow you really look like a small fry now.
- You know, this Gatling Canon is the result of 3 month’s work.
- I had to use way more than 1 scrapped car for this. - Ah, who cares?
- P…Please…
- I’ll really keep my word,
- I won’t approach that girl a second time.
- So…Please? Please? Please?
- I’ll keep watch
- Over Fumiho.

Page 44
- Eeehhh, it’s fine right?
- Only for little bit, ok?
Shut up! You broke the mood of the ride!
- I’m got out of a bath to come into this cold!
- So?
- What was it about?
- Eh?
- What have you “decided”?
- Ah------……
- I…For now, I don’t know what I’ll use these “holes” yet.
- What is it you want, Fujii-kun?
- But I want to use them for Fumiho’s sake.
- I’ll keep watch,
- Over Fumiho.

Page 45
- This is probably the only thing I can do!!
- I’ll win over Hosa!!
- I know I can do it!!
- Positiveness, negativeness. I don’t understand which feeling you’re relying on.
- that I was really happy.
- Disgusting!!
- Aah.
- Even though I know she was worthy of care for Hosa, I had resolved to take care of her too,
- I’m all fired up!!
- Even though at the time, I still didn’t know anything.
- on tank : Gasoline - Dangerous - Inflammable

Page 46
- Two people sharing the same resolution. Towards whom will the teeter-totter balance lean to?
- Hmph.

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