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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

World Trigger 10

Border's Upper Echelons

+ posted by vinceled as translation on May 27, 2013 12:07 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 10 : Border’s Upper Echelons]

Free for Use

Trigger authentication.
Opening of the direct passage to the headquarters.
[World Trigger]
So the trigger is needed as a key to enter the base, huh?
That’s right,
As such, only the Border staff is able to enter here.
Then, I’ll take my leave here,
We’ll stay in contact, one way or another.
Left : Finally headed to the headquarters.

Ah, Jin-san!
Ugh, Jin-san.
Hello there, Jin-san.
It’s Jin from the Tamakoma Branch……!
What is someone from the Tamakoma branch doing at the headquarters……!?
Even I have to come to the headquarters from time to time,
To show off that I’m a talented elite.
Jin Yuuichi (19) - Member of Border’s Tamakoma Branch - S-Class Group Members

Hello there Sawamura-san,
You’re also really beautiful today.
You’re disgusting! You’re the worst! Sexual harassment is a crime you know!
Keep your hands to yourself!
Well, well.
Ha Ha Ha.
As an apology, let me carry this.
You’re also going upstairs right?
It’s not like I need your help!
Ha Ha Ha.

Meeting Room
Jin Yuuichi reporting,
Due to a call by the higher ups.
Chapter 10 - “Border’s Upper Echelons”
Ashihara Daisuke
Thank you for coming.
Meeting all of the higher-ups in the same room------!!

If I’m not mistaken, this is……!
You alright, four eyes?
Oh, what’s your name?
Ah……I’m Mikumo.
Mikumo-kun, right? Nice to meet you, my name’s Jin.
He says it
As if I didn’t know already……
Seeing that everyone is finally here,
Let’s get to the main issue.
We need to find countermeasures to the irregular gates
That have started to open within the city since yesterday.
Border Headquarters Commander-in-Chief - Kido Masamune (highest person in charge)

Please wait a moment,
We have yet to reach an agreement concerning Mikumo-kun’s punishment.
Border General Manager - Shinoda Masafumi (Commander of the Self-defense unit)
General Manager Counsellor - Sawamura Kyouko
An agreement?
It’s already decided,
He should be dismissed, dismissed I tell you.
He committed a grave infringement of the regulations each unit has to observe.
What’s more he committed this twice in the same day, didn’t he?
Headquarters Development Chief - Kinuta
If we let this pass, the problem would be that it’d invite the other C-Class Group members to behave the same way.
This would make the townspeople think that we’re good-for-nothing and that “Border is lenient”, right?
Media Countermeasures Chief - Netsuki
In the first place, he made it clear that people like him can’t abide to the rules.
I’m talking about the C-Class Group Members which are allowed to keep and carry a trigger.
As you’ve seen for yourself, this is foolish.
Measures need to be taken.
This is all I have to say.
Surprisingly, I believe him.

I’m against the idea of administrating punishment,
After all, Mikumo-kun did save citizen lives.
Even so, wasn’t the Neighbor defeated by Kitora?
This same Kitora also reported the large merits that should go to Mikumo-kun relief operation.
Heh, Kitora really did that?
Furthermore, according to the report from Arashiyama Unit,
When that Neighbor attacked Mikado Third Middle School, it was Mikumo-kun himself who repelled it.
Even though he committed an infringement of the unit regulations,
In an emergency, people who can do their job but even more than that are valuable.
Rather than punishing him,
I suggest he be promoted to B-Class, don’t you think such a display of ability is magnificent?
I understand the reason behind the General Manager words

The people that don’t abide by Border’s rules
Are not needed in my organization.
Supposing an event similar to what happened today were to happen,
What would be your choice of action?
I see……
……In the event that people in front of me were being attacked,
……I think I would definitely go to their help.

Listen to me, you shouldn’t even consider it,
You should fire him right away.
What idiot honesty, as if he were a hero……
It’d be such a waste to fire him……
Mikumo-kun has said enough already, hasn’t he?
What really matters today is what we should do about the irregular gates!
In that bombing not long ago,
It is confirmed that at least 18 people passed away,
Injured people amount to more than 100 people,
Countless buildings were damaged,
The only precedent for this tragedy was during the first Neighbor invasion!
As it is, the number of people that leaves Mikado City will also certainly increase.
Compensation for the injured will also prove to be a really serious amount of money,
Right Karasawa-san?

Not at all,
As long as I’m in charge of collecting money,
You could say, that I’ll haul it in as long as it is necessary.
Foreign Affairs Operations Manager - Karasawa.
However, if incidents like today continue to occur,
As one would expect, the sponsors may choose to withdraw from this whole mess,
Development Chief.
……I understand all of this without needing to tell me.
Still, acting as the representative of the whole Development department, I can say that the problem of the irregular gates is in partial control.
Right now, the gate are forcefully blocked by a trion barrier……
Also, it’s already been 46 hours since this system has been functional,
And nothing has happened since its start up……
That’s right.
……So, the reason you were called here,
Can you guess it? Jin.
Tamakoma Branch Branch Chief - Rindou Takumi

But of course,
This is because I’m a needed talented elite right?
How did you get to this conclusion!?
Please leave it to me,
Will you let me find the problem causing of the irregular gates?
Sorry to thwart what you’d planned but,
Would allow me to find a suitable punishment for him?
What do you mean……!?

Does he have something to do with any of this?
My side effect tells me he does.
Side effect……!?
……Fine then.
You’re free to go.
Commander Kido……!?
The next meeting will start tomorrow at 9P.M.

Glad to be working with you,
He remembers……
I’m going to find where the problem is from.
I’m looking forward to working with you, Kinuta-san.
*BAN* x2
I understand!
Take a look at this.
We couldn’t get out as we were surrounded by rubble,
That’s when someone from Border saved us……
That’s right, he was a kid with glasses.
An boy in glasses came to save us really quickly,
He was from Border.
He was awesome.

Numerous people at the shelter said they were saved a Border agent wearing glasses……
This is all Mikumo-kun’s doing,
With a bit of a secret seasoning of yours it’d make a really delicious thing…… TN : words on play there, the name of the Media countermeasures chief is written as a noun that can mean roots.
That’s right……!
Border’s rootstock would probably enable for a good recovery……!
You’re not saying anything, are you alright?
Hey, wait a second there, what’s the meaning of all this Jin!
Ha Ha Ha Ha.
I don’t really know why,
But when he started talking around, the atmosphere swiftly changed……
「Jin Yuuichi」……

Can you ask something?
Of course.
Was the completely destroyed Large Neighbor yesterday in the Danger Zone
Your doing as well?
The middle school students eyewitnesses that were taken into protection said you were classmates.
They also said that as there weren’t any units back then,
You took action and brought it down, did I understand it right?
No other units before yours has come here before.

……That’s right,
This is also something I did.
Is that so,
I have no more questions then,
Thank you.
Commander Kido,
Please allow our unit to watch over Mikumo-kun.

I doubt whether Mikumo-kun did really did defeat this Neighbor.
Why is that?
The Neighbor we retrieved today at school
Was defeated with Mikumo-kun’s very own trigger.
However, yesterday’s Wormster
After inspection revealed through the reaction that it hadn’t been defeated with a trigger belonging to Border.
A trigger that did not belong to trigger,
That would mean a trigger belonging to a Neighbor then.
………Still, he affirmed “I did it myself”,

I’ll assemble the proof of this,
Then I’ll bring him down immediately.
A-Class Rank 7 - Miwa Unit Chief - Miwa Shuuji (17)
I see.
I’ll leave it in your care then.
In case I really get involved with a Neighbor, what should I do?
It’s already all determined.
You’ll have to get rid of it,
After all, all Neighbors are our enemies.
A crisis is drawing near…
World Trigger … Chapter 10 / End. - Next issue, the punishment Osamu receives from Jin leaves place to an unexpected situation!?

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