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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Mutou Black 1


+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 17, 2013 11:47 | Go to Mutou Black

-> RTS Page for Mutou Black 1

[Mutou Black - Nonoue Daijirou]

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[Mutou Black- Chapter 1 : Spring]

Free for Use

In the blades clamored world of Edo, let’s pierce the knowledge of the sword-less style ------.
Second new serialization!! 54P with color opening!!
The Kurotsuki Ryuu Aiki-Jujutsu will certainly bring you down!!
Mutou Black
Nonoue Daijirou

Edo the magnificient!
Listen well everyone, the true meaning behind all of my Kurotsuki Ryuu is the “Aiki”. TN : literally School of the Black Moon.
On plate : Kurotsuki Ryuu Aiki-Jujutsu Dojo.
Aiki as it is known is a technique that enables your mind and breathing to become one with your opponent’s.
With this, it’s possible to match the breathing to the opponent’s when he attacks while receiving the attack strength, making a circular motion and rotating in the intended direction.
It thus becomes possible to get the better of a person that is physically stronger than yourself.
When a power clashes agains another power, there would usually be one side that necessarily ends up injured,
However, when aiki is involved, it’s possible to bring the confrontation to a close without anyone having to get hurt.
Second of the new serializations!!
「Mutou Black」
In other words, the main aim of the Kurotsuki Ryuu Jujutsu is to also find the way that will enable the opponent not to get hurt too.
It can be said to be a “sword-less at heart” style!

New serialization
54 Pages with color opening!!!
Dreams of a faraway time are budding in Edo!!
The curtain raises on brand new tale!!
Plunging into an unknown World, opening the door and we reach the second of the new serializations, coming at full power!!
First chapter - Spring.
Nonoue Daijirou
Mutou Black
Read the continuation of this manga 25 pages forwards!!

Huh!? There no one here!!
It was futile…!!!!
…What’s that,
Were you by yourself once again 「training on training」?

No…no way!! I wouldn’t dare doing something so futile!!
I was though…
M…more than that, what business do you have with me today, Yabu-san…
Just so you know, I heard it all…
Well, it’s already been a week since you’ve arrived in Edo, Yuki-san…
And as I am this dojo’s landlord, I thought I ought to have told personally,
If you don’t get yourself one or two disciple soon,
I’ll have to throw you out.
I lent you this dojo because I like your personality, but you should know…
That currently, Edo is filled to the brim with people aiming to become upstarts and that were raised in the way of their own school.
I have heaps of people asking to rent here and offering a better price than yours.
Well, either way as you don’t have any pupils, you’ll soon become unable to pay the rent too.
The most I can do is to persuade you not to die.

I hadn’t really wondered why the disciples I had gathered played hooky…
I must have proceeded badly…
Yabu-san told me of a secret place where people gather.
I guess I’ll have to do m best to advertise publicly there…
How do I advertise in public…?
…No, this is…

Blood thirst------------!?

Hey, you shit!!
Why are you wedging yourself in for!!
Listen to me, blockhead!!


What’s with this shaggy haired person------!!?
Please excuse my impertinent interruption.
I understand that quarreling to such extents before the public eyes is solely for the sake of attracting attention on yourselves…
Still, given the state you are in, it wouldn’t have been weird if either one of you had died.
Had it become this way, the problem wouldn’t have been yours to bear anymore,
It would have probably involved the fiefdom and your kin, thus the strife would have only become bigger, you know?
In the first place, what we call「swords」…
He… no way!?
Shut up, you talk too much.
Don’t pitch your morals in a men’s bout!
That’s right!! Get the hell out of here, shaggy hair!!
Shaggy hair!!
You should just get the hell home and get to sleep!!
You’re uncalled for here, you shaggy hair bastard!!
Shaggy hair!!

I might be mistaken but that guy, he look like a bumpkin, doesn’t he…
You should leave him alone.
………What about it…
Weird face.
Besides if it’s alright with you,
Would you mind starting on that match continuation?
Yeah!! That’s right!!
We don’t have to be concerned about his boorish behavior, we don’t have all day after all!!

It seems these dimwits didn’t notice, but you’re not that buff, are you?
Yet, while being bare handed, you nevertheless managed to dispose of both these two guys who have wounds all over their bodies, and at the same time to boot.
Still…By plunging your neck deeply into their fight,
The person to have died could have been you.
These two quarreling men…
Despite the fact that they are samurai, somehow they are competing with wooden swords, see?
You can say that if fights are started in many places of the streets is only because…
…Well, because they need to do them.

These are fake battles, started after fellow people have prepared and acknowledged what should happen…
They are street fights for schools advertisement.
Nowadays, dojos are being built everywhere like crazy in Edo whose tenants are frantically trying to gather followers.
Each and every of them is competing for the sake of expending their dojo’s prestige.
I don’t know if you’ve been intruding on these fights often, but you should know that…
At one point, you’ll surely become an object of their revenge with all their disciples against you…
Wh…why the heck are you crying!!
Did you become afraid because you understood the dangerousness of what you did!?
You’re off the mark.
It’s already been one week since I came to Edo…
I thought that all the people in this town were solely frightening people but…

I’m so impressed!!
You’re such a wonderful kid!!
L…let go of me, it’s sickening!!
I only helped you because I thought I’d get a guilty conscience if you had died because I had turned a blind eye on what was happening…
It’s no good!! You don’t need to be so modest!!
You are wonderful, I tell you!!
You boldly volunteered yourself just so you could protect a complete stranger like me that was standing up against the killing intent of all these adults!! You are so affectionate!!
Also, even though you’re not that old, you’re astonishingly well knowledgeable!! You’re also so wise!!
If you hadn’t stop them, I would have suffered once again these two’s revenge…
Thank you!!! You are the full moon blooming in Edo’s darkness!!
You don’t know anything, followers are…

Did you really think I’d be a conceited person that would let myself get flattered easily!?
Anyway, isn’t there anything else you want to enquire!?
Ah!! Then…
What will they do after this match has been decided?
It seems it just ended…
…Now, the winner will introduce himself,
With his worn out body, he’ll frantically advertise for his dojo.
The loser will obviously not introduce himself.
He’ll merely stay groveling on the ground.

With this, not only will a great number of people remember his face but more than that,
His dojo will not be able to recover from this blow.
From the beginning, this bout was something he had no choice but to participate in, in order not to sully the name of his dojo,
Right now in Edo, people who are powerless…are all losing and going back home like dogs, with tails between their legs…
Thank you for teaching me so many various things,
Wouldn’t you like to come to my house?
By all means please accept, I want to express my gratitude to you.

Kurotsuki Aiki Jujutsu Dojo
…I noticed,
This isn’t an house, it’s a dojo, isn’t it!! - Also it’s run down.
Is it really alright, we can’t be here without the authorization of the head right?
Ah, don’t worry it’s fine.
After all…
I, Kurotsuki Yukiji am the head of this dojo, you know.

T-the person in chaaaaarge!?
I knew you were possessing some talent still…
To think a man possessing delicate features like you would be the head here…
Anyway, is this really alright? I noticed…
There isn’t a single disciple in this dojo, isn’t there?
On plate : Kurotsuki Yukiji
Thinking of it, I also haven’t seen any weapons around…
Makes me think you aren’t that much motivated………
…Except for the followers, it is perfectly normal that there are no weapons around,
After all, from the start my school specializes in the 「Toshukuuken」martial arts, you know…
Author note : bare handed martial arts.

…Every person has something valuable they want to protect,
Be it either oneself or one’s family, pride, country, land or even master…
For the sake of these valuable things, people get injured, sometimes mortally.
This martial art is a technique I came up with after thinking it through.
I must tell you that I also went through this experience before…
…And that was when I realized it.
But, I’m putting the cart before the horse here…
I realized……I can’t forgive people who hurt other people own valuable possessions…
Techniques that hurt people are solely brought forth and produced to hurt each other mutually…
This is why I developed it,
The weaponless,
Bare handed,
That isn’t made for the sake of killing,
But instead is a martial arts made for the sake of protecting.

This is the Kurotsuki Ryuu
Aiki Jujutsu!!!
This is only a mere pipe dream!!!
There is no way this could work!!!
Martial arts are made for the sake of hurting people!!
Besides, you’ve seen it for yourself, haven’t you!?
You know how much powerless people are hurt by powerful people in the Edo we live in right now!!
You don’t really believe so, do you?

If you really were thinking that way,
Then back then, you surely wouldn’t have helped me.
Your eyes at the time you saw the loser…
They didn’t have a look of pity or disdain in them,
Instead they looked to be full of sorrow.
After all,
You are a gentle person.
With that said…
Err…would you by any chance
Like to participate in an introductory trial…you know…

Those guys…
I heard a voice but to think you’d taken in a disciple;
And this is a child, isn’t it!!
Indeed, I took in a disciple but I’ll have to expel him…
After all, he’s a kid right…
…However, I’ve nevertheless recognized your efforts…
…I understand now, you were thinking this way all along; your indiscreet talk about me really set my teeth on edged.
You’re really heartless, I shouldn’t have complimented you after all.
Did you really think I’d be deceived that easily just because I’m a kid, you bastard…?

Screw that…
You can kneel however much you want, but I’ll never enter such a tattered dojo…
… I’ll definitely become a disciple over there,
At the Ittou Ryuu Bunpa. At the Tsugami Ittou Ryuu,…!!! TN: sword school section
Four years ago…
My mother was killed.
Because of our hairs, my mother as well as myself were treated as monsters in our surroundings,
As such we lived quietly in the middle of nowhere….
I can tell you that the times we descended to town to do our purchases horrible things often happened to us,
Nevertheless, I was living happily with my mother.
But then… one day, once I’d come home,
I found my mother…
My mother and myself, had during our lives continuously been robbed of everything and that since our birth…
But you know,
If you can become strong enough, everything changes,
In the end, no one is able to snatch anything away from yourself.

However this time, it’ll be me.
I’ll snatch everything away from the rotten bastards who stole from me.
Then, the very first person I’ll stole everything from will be you.
Mark my words.
………It seems
He went through a lot…
I might not know of the full circumstances…still…
I know that look you have on your face right now.

To tell you the truth, I quite liked him;
That kid.
…By the way, Yuki-san
It happens that the Tsugami Ittou Ryuu is the name of a dojo I know of that is situated in the vicinity…
Bring me………a brush and the inkstone, as well as some paper.
I’ll draw the map to the place.
I’ll wait a bit longer concerning your disciple gathering.
The truth is that from the very beginning, I only said that to motivate you.
…But now,
You should give it your best
And make peace with him!

On plates : Tsugami Ittou Ryuu Dojo

You were the dimwit I saw observing the road game before, right!!
Know your place, you little shit!!
…Hey, Tazaki,
Hand over your wooden sword.

…Tell me, kiddo
There is no way you’ve forgotten, right…
Let me tell you again,
You can’t become a disciple of the Ittou Ryuu…
Like I told you before, for a kid like you to take part in the training,
Some conditions must be met!
I 「promise」I’ll admit you, but until then
You have to do anything without complaining.
Whining is also out of question.
The only thing you can do for now is to work diligently as this dojo’s servant!!

One more thing…
It’s already been four years since you first came here…
I believe you’ve been holding well day after day despite how hard you were worked, haven’t you?
However recently, even I who valued those guts of yours so much…
Have become sick of it, it wouldn’t be a problem if I told you to leave, right?
No…Anything but that…
I thought you’d say that!!!!
For a kid like you
Who is parentless,
Has a weird hair color,
And has been a loser since your birth, there aren’t any other dojo you could possibly enter, right!!?

This isn’t true!!!!
What the hell…
Did he come here for…
…I don’t know who you are, still I’m quite stumped.
If you think you’ll have you’re way when coming suddenly in the middle of training then…
Take it back.

What you said about him being a dejected loser since his birth,
Please take it back right now.
What the hell are you babbling about?
I don’t believe I said anything wrong,
So why should I take it back, huh?
Are you by yourself? You’re an acquaintance of that kid?
This make things easier then,
After all a loser’s acquaintance is also a loser…
Well then, let me tell you how we handle losers here at the Tsugami Ittou Ryuu.

Shouldn’t you be apologizing instead?
Say it, 「I’m sorry for suddenly talking superfluity」.
If you do as told, then I’ll forgive your rudeness.
In the end he’ll probably decide to apologize,
After all, that guy too-----…
That boy is my important benefactor,
He is the full moon in blooming in Edo’s darkness.
Don’t decide he’s a loser of your own accord!!!
…………I see, I understand now,
In the end, you’re choosing to go with this answer…

Enjoy our warm welcome then.

No text

He is able…
To confront a large number of people who possess weapons
All the while using his bare hands and making it look easy…
This …
This can’t be--------
I have no intention on quarreling with you,
I only came to talk about that boy.

………That means I misread you intentions then.
I thought you were 「an idiot who came looking or a fight without even wearing a sword」…
…The martial arts that can bridle a large number of people using your bare hands only;
This is the one thing I’ve come to suddenly understand when I saw what happened.
Despite being located in the Aizu-Han Fiefdom, a certain small country rejected every controlling…
As if this weren’t problematic enough, in this very country a secret martial arts that made use of one’s bare hands was passed down from person to another.
This martial arts enabled for the destruction of the human body using motions with the least power possible,
It is told that with the power he was wielding, the master of this martial arts defeated one thousand people by himself.
It’s know as the country of the new moon’s Otome Ryuu martial arts.
Author note : this country couldn’t avoid the leaking of this martial arts secret outside of its borders.
You are the master, aren’t you?

………There are
Two point that you made a mistake on and that must be corrected.
The technique I’m using isn’t the Otome Ryuu,
You should bear in mind that the technique you are talking about is from a dead country.
The Kurotsuki Ryuu was a martial arts I made for the sake of protecting others,
Therefore, you shouldn’t have assumed it is a technique made to snatch people lives away.
...Right now, it’s it not worth worrying about this guy’s background,
...I understand now.
What was required was to actually validate one thing only,
That is confirming, that none of my disciples had been hurt.
Still, as I thought, this guy is pretty naive.

However, even so it’s only for form’s sake, seeing as my followers bit the dirt,
Hey, kiddo,
I can’t let that man leave unscathed.
If it leaks out several people couldn’t defeat a single bare handed man,
It looks like that man has come for you.
Get out of my sight.
This dojo will be finished.
On the other hand, it still holds true that his skill is the real deal...
Meaning that even if I were to compete squarely against him, I probably wouldn’t come out unscathed.
------...Now that it has come to this,
There is only one alternative left.
I’ll have to bet it all on the fact that...

He’ll most certainly come rushing to protect the kid-------------

A shallow cut-------------!?

[Flipped around!!]

Scary :P

Kill him.
Pick up that katana and kill him!!
If you can do this, I’ll recognize you as a disciple of this dojo!!
I won’t impose odd jobs on you anymore!! You’ll also be able to attend training!!
If you want, I’ll even give you a certificate!!
All you have to do is to kill him!!

You’re making the right choice.
Next, you’ll only have to...
...Recognize me?
Even so you tried to kill me just now?
This doesn’t give you the right to plead for your life.
You know it, right?

Have no choice but to be continuously deprived of everything.
But you don’t really think so, do you?
You are
A wonderful person.

I’m not like you.
Thank you,
For everything you’ve done for me during these four years.

...Four years ago,
I decided I would become strong,
But all I’ve been doing is going around any dojos I could find.

I went around ten to twenty dojos for practice,
...But nothing worked.
That was when I heard it would be possible to become a follower at the Tsugami Ittou Ryuu Dojo,
But I was told that if I wanted to take part in practice, there would be conditions I’d have to meet first.
Still, I was delighted...
That I’d be able to become stronger there.
However...one year passed while I still wasn’t able to touch a blade,
Soon, a second year came to pass in the same fashion...
....Then, somehow I understood.
Aah...that man didn’t have any intentions of making me stronger,
His whole plan was only to have fun teasing a loser.
Even so I understood...I was scared about being recognized.
As it stood, I would die while being a loser and without having been recognized.
...But then, this happened,
Today, the truth finally reached my eyes.

...Even if I was actually a fool,
Curiously, I still tried to show off.
For a rejected loser like me,
This was the chance I had against those who stole from me...
............But in the end,
Everything is going right as he said it would.
No matter how far I go,
Even when I die, I’ll be a loser.
You’re wrong.

At that time, instead of saying that you didn’t pierce that man with the blade...
It’s better to say that you couldn’t do it!!
This was a reflection
Of that 「pipe dream」I believe in.
You certainly aren’t a loser,
You are my pride
Once again.........
No matter how much you decline, I’ll say it.
You are necessary for the Kurotsuki Ryuu!!

I don’t believe you.
Before you risked your life to protect me...
So I’ll believe that you aren’t part of those who rob from others,
For now, as for your pipe dream...
I don’t really believe I made the right choice.
You said it yourself that martial arts are made in order to kill people,
Then that means there can’t possibly exist a technique that also protects the enemy.
I can’t stomach it, are you saying that while people come to kill you one after the other...
Even then, are you maintaining that it isn’t a dream to continuously watch out for them and that until you die?
That’s right.

Then, show me the proof of this!!!!
I am Tsuguharu!!!
Starting today, I’ll be Tsuguharu of the Kurotsuki Ryuu!!!
This time, you’ll have to reflect your techniques in my body!!
Until you die, you’ll have to protect your enemies as well as your allies!!
Do whatever it takes to protect them and then...
Using your teachings, show me proof that I ain’t a loser!!!!

I swear.
I’ll stick to my teachings until I die...!!!
I’ll certainly
Burn them into your memory!!
Now, things have come to life!! An important commitment has been taken!!
Mutou Black ... Chapter 1 / End
Next issue, inquisitive eyes in the dojo...!? There will also be a Center color and an extension to 25 pages!!

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