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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

World Trigger 11

Jin Yuuichi

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 23, 2013 18:23 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 11 : Jin Yuuchi]

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Jin-san, do you already have any ideas?
You know......about the irregular gates’ origin.
None at all.
Still, no need to worry,
My side effects tells me everything will be alright.
Chapter 11 - 「Jin Yuuichi」
Side effect......!
Ashihara Daisuke
Left side : The elite throws down the gauntlet on the obscure irregular gates origin!!

On sign : Mikumo.
For humans possessing a high Trion Ability,
The trion exerts an influence on the sensory organs and the brain,
In some cases, it manifests itself with an extrasensory perception.
These people extrasensory perception is generally referred as side effect,
It means there is an「additional function」.
An 「additional function」......

Is it something like a psychic ability?
It has no relations to supernatural abilities such as flying in the sky or being able to produce flames,
After all, it’s only an extension of a human’s ability.
It’d be something like when a person shuts their eyes, their hearing improves without knowing why,
Or even being able to hear a conversation taking place hundreds of meters away from yourself.
I see......
So the fact that Jin-san seems to be reckless and laid-back
Is because it means he possesses a great side effect, right......?
Does he even have such a great side effect?
Well, let’s meet again tomorrow?
Ask me any questions you have left then.
What’s that sound?
Where are you right now?
Eh? Right now?

I’m at school.
At this hour!?
It’s because Replica told me he had some knowledge on what could be causing the irregular gates,
I’m just investigating about it.
Even so
You told me to 「leave it to Border」, didn’t you?
If I ever find something, I’ll tell you too, Osamu.
Then, see ya tomorrow.
Does he ever sleep......?
Only 42 hours left until the coercing blockade dissolves......
Can I really afford to sleep carefree......?

Is he the four eyes tied together with that defeated Neighbor?
Are you joking?
A-Class, Rank 7 - Miwa Unit Group Members - Yoneya Yousuke (17)
It’s very likely to be him.
Woow~~ It really doesn’t match with his appearance~~
Maybe he’s an humanoid Neighbor?
It makes my tension go through the roof just thinking that maybe I just saw an humanoid Neighbor for the first time!
If that were to be true, he’d be a troublesome opponent.

Don’t let yourself get distracted, Yousuke.
Wanna eat some bonchiage? TN : fried, soy-sauce flavored rice crackers.
Uooh, Jin-san!?
Uha Ha Ha Ha Ha, did I scare you?
I came to tell you this,
This afternoon, there is an important mission, so you have to get back to the Base.
Here, this is the directive.
On paper : Directive
See ya. Take care~~
What a bad timing......
Somehow, he plays his cards really well!
Yo’ four eyes. Sorry for the wait.
Ah, good morning.
So, before that,
Let’s talk about the people that know about the irregular gates origin.
Do you know some people, Jin-san!?

None at all.
But I think you have an acquaintance that does, four eyes.
What do you mean!?
No entry - Dangerous Zone.
This place is......

I knew it,
He’s one of your acquaintances, right?
Yo’ Osamu.
Who are you?
I’m Jin Yuuichi!
Nice to meet you!
I see, so you’re the much talked about Jin-san, huh?
Wow, you’re really small, aren’t you!
How old are you?
My name is Kuga Yuuma.
Even so my height is low, I’m 15 years old.
Kuga Yuuma......
Yuuma, is it?

You came from
The World on the Other Side, didn’t you?
Wait, don’t worry,
I didn’t mean it like that,
I don’t plan on arresting you.
I went to the World on the Other Side a few times,
So I know that there are some good guys among the Neighbor.
Well, at least that’s what my side effect tells me.
Let me tell you about it for a bit.
Jin-san’s side effect......!?

I can see the future,
That is, a little bit of the future of the people I have before me.
The future......!?
Yesterday, when I saw four eyes at the Base,
Or even today, I saw a picture of me meeting someone here,
And I saw an image of the future of this 「someone」that was informing me on the irregular gates enigma.
I presume it must be him.
So then, Kuga......
Have you identified it!? The source of this problem!
Yeah, not long ago.

The criminal was this thing here.
What the heck is that......!?
Is it a trion soldier......!?
I’ll make a detailed explanation.
Nice to meet you, Jin. I am Replica.
I am Yuuma’s overseer.
Oh, the pleasure is the same here.
This is a small trion soldier specializing in reconnaissance and spying named 「RAD」.
However, it’s more similar to a remodeling machine that installs gate-outbreak devices.
I investigated into the scenes from yesterday’s and before yesterday’s occurrences,
And it turned out it had been inputted into the Wormster abdomen.
Then I analyzed the acting program after picking it up.

After separating from the Neighbor, RAD conceals itself underground.
When there are no more people in its surroundings, it starts to move here and there.
In places with lots of people in the vicinity, it enters the gate starting-setup mode.
To open the gate it gathers trion little by little from the people who walk close.
Border Group members were often close when a gate opened,
Meaning it was able to acquire large quantities of Trion from the humans possessing high trion ability.
Until now, for all 6 cases, there were unexpectedly off-duty group members close to the scene,
As such there weren’t any victims.
In other words, that means that if we defeat all of the RAD......
No~~ I think it’d be way too hard.
The RAD don’t have any offensive power and are so to speak small-fries yet,

They numbers are huge.
From what I can detect right now, there are thousands concealed in the city.
I think it’d take at the very least around ten days if we had to get rid of them all.
No, I’ve just found the perfect solution.
From there on, it’ll all rest on Border’s work.
The competent elite
Has come back to make his report!

Kinuda-san, take this.
I want you to parse it in less 2 hours and then and project its siblings reaction on a radar.
Netsuki-san, I want you to setup an emergency broadcast,
Here is its picture.
Shinoda-san, please dispatch all of the units.
It’s to exterminate really harmful insects.
The origin of the gates opening in the town areas has been confirmed,
It’s a deed of this small Neighbor.
Border will act right away and all at once to exterminate them.
This thing was discovered thanks to an anonymous information to Border!
Now then,
Let’s go everyone.

Due to Jin’s directives,
Everyone up to the C-Class Group Members was mobilized for the all-at-once strategical extermination of the small trion soldier and
Acted with devotion through the day and night.

All of the responses have disappeared,
Meaning the RAD have all been completely eliminated.
Ok, operation complete.
Good work, everyone,
Thanks for all your efforts!
That means the irregular gates won’t be opening anymore, right?
Yeah, from today everything will go back to its usual motion.
Thank goodness......
But really, they served their purpose,
To be so great in numbers.
What the hell are you talking about?

You were really useful, it was all solved due to your and Replica-sensei’s help.
It’s too bad you’re not part of the Border Group Members,
I’d have had you acknowledged publicly for your meritorious deed.
Then, I want Osamu to profit from my meritorious deed,
Take back his punishment.
Ah, this should probably be possible if we were to credit him for everything,
His demotion would be withdrawn and he’d certainly be promoted to B-Class.
W-wait a moment,
Even though I haven’t done anything!?
Four eyes, if you hadn’t been here, I’d never have met Yuuma.
Don’t you realize how much of an important person you are?
No way......
It’s fine, I tell you.
Otherwise my notorious deed will go to waste.

By going up to B-Class, you’ll be part of the Regular Group Members,
No one will get mad at you for fighting outside of the Base.
You’ll even be able to use the trigger for fighting purposes.
From what I can tell you of my experience......
Don’t run away when you’re offered a power up,
If you do, you’ll regret it later.
Also, four eyes you undoubtedly......
Have people you want to help, right?
Didn’t you enter Border for this very reason?

Who is this girl Osamu watches out for!?
World Trigger... Chapter 11 / End.
Next issue, the girl brings up an enigma!? Also, what has become of Osamu!?

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