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World Trigger 13

Amatori Chika ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jun 23, 2013 18:57 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 13 : Amatori Chika ②]

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She’s a human
That draws Neighbor on herself.
She draws Neighbor on herself......?
「World Trigger」
Osamu, if you’re going to tell us the whole story, I’d be better to change locations first,
There are other Border agents in the vicinity.
Let’s go somewhere else.
Do the RAD not appear anymore?
If some have been overlooked, the irregular gates will pop out once again.
Don’t worry, there are no responses from any RAD.
Who is Chika, this girl that is said to be calling Neighbor on herself!?

Chapter 13 - 「 Amatori Chika ②」
Ashihara Daisuke
On sign :
[Yumide City Station has been closed due to it’s proximity with the Neighbor Danger Zone and has been transferred over to the Shin Yumide City Station. Please use it yo your convenience. - Mikado City Office of Yumide City Station]
......How should I begin?
Firstly, why were the both of you together?
I met him at the appointment place under the bridge......
I fell into the river trying to ride a bike.
I really don’t understand.
Well, it doesn’t matter.
For now, I’ll introduce each of you to the other.
Right : How are Osamu and Chika connected!?

This is Amatori Chika,
A second year student at our school.
She’s the little sister of a senpai I’m indebted to.
......Nice to meet you.
Then, this is Kuga Yuuma,
He transferred into our class not long ago.
As he grew up in a foreign country he still doesn’t know much about Japan.
The pleasure is mine.
Eh, he’s in the same school-grade year as you, Osamu-kun!?
Then, he’s older than me!?
I’m really sorry, I didn’t know I was younger......
Don’t mind it, I don’t really care about age differences.
Concerning the Neighbor, Kuga is well acquainted......
No, that’s not it.
He’s well versed as far as information on Neighbor are concerned,
So he’ll probably also know the reason why you’re being targeted by the Neighbor, Chika.

That means he must also be a Border agent, right.
Well, you can say it’s something like that.
No way, not at all.
The only reason I can think of as to why she’d be targeted by the Neighbor
Is that it must probably be due to her trion.
How does the trion get involved in the equation......!?
It’s also possible there is no connection but,
The Neighbor that come to this World
Are generally seeking trion.

For this purpose, people possessing high trion ability are captured alive.
People possessing low trion ability
Are solely targeted for their trion organ.
That’s how soldiers gather trion.
It’s so they can use it on the battle on the other side.
Why do they expressly capture humans from this side......!?
It’s probably because there are a lot of humans on this side.

It’s typical of Neighbor to want humans that have a strong trion.
If they are aiming for her, it means that Chika’s trion is too rich,
Also, her trion ability must be pretty high.
Trion Ability?
......What is it?
A special power used to fuel Neighbor weapons.
If you like, we can make a test to measure how much you have?
Right, Replica.
That’s right.
It can be done.
Nice to meet you, Chika. My name is Replica.
I’m Yuuma’s overseer.
Nice to meet you.

With this measuring cord, it becomes possible to get an estimate of the trion ability.
Here, use it to your convenience.
But, I’m a little scared.....
I’ll make the measurement before her, alright?

Measuring Complete.
This cube is the converted vision of Osamu’s Trion Ability.
The cube size represents the level of the Trion Ability.
What level does this size represent?
Let’s see,
It’d take three times this size to be a likely target of Neighbor.
......It’s not like I want to be targeted though.
You should take the measurement too,
Don’t worry everything’s going to be fine.
If you say so Osamu-kun......

It’ll only be a matter of a small minute,
No need to worry about it.
So, are you and Chika going out together?
Y-you’re wrong!
This isn’t it at all!!
What, really?
Chika is the little sister of a senpai I’m indebted to......
This is only how I got to know her......
Well, I get it already.
More importantly,
If it’s so obvious that she’s being targeted by Neighbor,
Wouldn’t it be alright to go and ask Border for help?
I can’t......

Around half a year back.
I don’t want
To depend on Border.
Amatori Rinji (20) - Chika’s big brother - Osamu’s tutor.
You say you don’t want to rely on Border...... Have they done something for you to feel that way!?
It’s just that I feel perfectly fine handling matters on my own.
This isn’t a valid reason!
Let’s get back to talking about Chika......
Around the time she started being targeted by Neighbor,
The Border Base didn’t exist yet
And almost no one knew about Neighbor.

That’s why there wasn’t anyone around her
That took her seriously when she asked for help.
Then in the middle of it all.
I believe you, Chika-chan!
There was only one person that took her seriously and became her friend but,
One day, this friend suddenly went missing.

That means that...... A Neighbor.....!?
That’s what Chika said.
Since then,
She’s been afraid to ask people for help.
It turned out into a trauma.
In the end, we are the only one that can see Chika’s problem
For what it really is.
If something were to happen to me too, I count on you to take care of Chika.
Stop it, don’t talk about bad omen......
It’s only if the worst were to happen.
Just in case.
Doesn’t want to involve other people in her troubles.

She’s afraid that if she dragged other people into it,
She’d be the only one to continuously escape from the Neighbor unscathed.
Though, I really don’t understand why see thinks that way.
Is that so......
Then, that means it’s fine if I get dragged into it?
As you are a Neighbor, the only one really getting dragged into this mess is me.
Oh, that’s right.
However, even if Chika wanted to escape by herself,
She’d have no trigger to back it up.
It seems she understands whien Neighbor are aiming at her.
Up to now, even I was dubious about it......
I see, you mean she has a side effect, right?
......That might be the case.

It’s all so clearer now,
You decided to enter Border so you could protect Chika, right Osamu?
It’s not like I wanted to help her or anything.....
I did it so I could protect the city......
It’s so obvious you’re lying, so boring.
No need to gloss over it,
Wanting to help someone is a fine reason.
......It’s not such a nice story though,
I only thought I’d get in Border because......
I was angry at myself for not being able to do anything.


It’s huge!
How much bigger is it compared to Osamu’s?
It’s unusual,
I have no recollection of a trion organ being that big,
It has wonderful character.
So that’s why she’s being targeted by Neighbor.
It’s not a case to express your admiration!
Now that we’ve discovered the reason why Chika is being targeted by Neighbor,
The real challenge is to find how we can settle all of this!

I think the most pragmatic solution
Would be to go and ask Border to shelter her.
Yet, you wouldn’t want this right, Chika?
......That’s right,
I don’t want to involve other people in my troubles.....
Up to now, I’ve managed by myself,
So from now on, I’ll probably stay the same.
Listen, it’s no valid reason to......

Don’t move,
It’s Border.
I’m sure of it,
I found proof of it on site.
This isn’t a trigger under the supervision of Border,
As it’s confirmed to be a Neighbor’s,
We’ll proceed with it’s immediate disposal.
The secret has finally been exposed!?
World Trigger... Chapter 13 / End.

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