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World Trigger 17

Jin Yuuichi ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 6, 2013 22:52 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 17 : Jin Yuuichi ② ]

I command you to capture the Black Trigger.
「Jin-san possesses the Black Trigger, just like Kuga」......!?
......No, more importantly
He’ll have to arrest Kuga......!?
The Commander ordered that Yuuma be erased———
「World Trigger」

Chapter 17 - 「 Jin Yuuichi ②」
☆ Volume ① of the comics will be finally be on sale starting July 4th (Thurs.)!! You’ll recognize it with its black cover!!
On the other hand, the Yuuma in question is at a Shinto Shrine——
Ashihara Daisuke
This place has a good feeling to it.
I guess so.
People rarely ever come here, that’s what make this place particularly good.
From time to time, I use it as my hiding place.
Ho Ho, somehow I can understand why.
That aside, let’s eat while waiting for Osamu.

Are you really a Neighbor?
Yep, it’s true.
Ah, but I have absolutely no relationship with those that keep making assaults on the city.
Yeah, Osamu-kun told me the same thing.
Yuuma-kun, there is something I want to ask you......

You said that people kidnapped by Neighbor get used in the Neighbor’s wars right?
Insert :
[That’s how soldiers gather trion.
It’s so they can use it on the battle on the other side.]
About it...... Could you tell me the way in which they are used?
Let’s see,
They get carried off to the「country」, I guess?
That’s right.
There are also lots of countries in the World on the Other Side.
For each country, the style in which they are used is different.
As for the Neighbor that come in the World on this Side,
In the same way, they are also Neighbor that each came from separate countries.

Therefore, whether the situation of the country by which they were captured.......
Is that of a war that is either being lost or being won,
There is a margin or not that allows to train soldiers.
The Commander Officer is either is capable man or a good-for nothing,
Meaning that depending on the various circumstances, the facts changes too.
Humans possessing a high trion ability get sent there because they are valuable.
In almost all cases, it means they possess a pretty important war potential.
As for you Chika, your war potential would probably be extremely important.
Then....... That means
That the abducted people that were sent in the World on the Other Side are alive, right......
I think that could be the case.
Is that so..... It’s really wonderful then......
Are you saying that because someone you knew was abducted?
......No, it’s not that,
I was only feeling uneasy about it.

......You know,
Lying is really boring.
Even though I told you what I knew, you’re still keeping secrets?
Well it’s fine, I can always ask Osamu later.
Noo, I’m sorry. Wait, please don’t do it!
Let’s see......
Let me tell you the whole truth.
While I was in my elementary school years,
A friend I was getting really well along got kidnapped.
The same thing then happened to...... My big brother.

It was probably my fault if those two were captured,
It seems that
They somehow got involved into it due to my talking to them about it.
I see......
So that’s why you said you didn’t want to rely on other people anymore, right?
For example Border.
Yes...... That’s because
I’d only cause trouble for everyone if I did this......
Even so I don’t rely understand the feeling,
I feel like this time, I brought Osamu and you into my problems......
Yet, just because he was with me,
This could waste all of what Osamu did for his promotion,
If it were the case, it’d would have been unforgivable.
Everything will be alright,
Osamu-kun probably doesn’t even care about all of those things.

「This is something I decided to do of my own accord」,
「This isn’t something you should worry about」,
......Is what he probably would say.
Hmph, nicely said.
Even before, Osamu-kun
Was more worried about you than for himself.
He has a weird way of balancing his and strangers’ troubles.
To begin with, there aren’t really any reasons as to why he’d have to worry so much about me.
Eh, but
Wouldn’t the agents from Border come aiming for you, Yuuma-kun?
No matter how much people Border sends at me,
I’ll manage by myself.
These aren’t people against which Replica and I could possibly lose.
There might be one, I guess?

Are you talking about the person with the sunglasses on his forehead......?
Might be considerably strong.
Somehow, I don’t even know whether I could win or not?
Then, if he were to become your pursuer......!
This meeting is now over,
I want you to promptly accomplish your mission.
......It’s fine,

There is no way this would ever happen.
I can’t do that.
What is the meaning of this, Jin-kun?
You won’t subdue yourself to an order of the Commander Officer, the highest person in charge, right?

I belong to the Tamakoma’s Branch,
Commander Kido doesn’t possess the right to directly exercise command over me.
If you want to use me, then please go through Rindou Branch Chief.
Border’s chain of command,
In order to avoid the redundancy of directives, only the superior officer to which you directly report to can give order to their subordinates.
In cases from top to bottom and left to right :
[Headquarters Commander
Branch Chiefs
General Manager
Department Chief s
Group Members directly reporting to Headquarters Commander
Branch Group Members
Headquarters Group Members
Department Personnels]
What a dull thing to do......
In end, it’s all the same thing, right?
Rindou Branch Chief,
Abide by the directive.
Good grief......
This is a Branch Chief Directive,
Go and arrest the Black Trigger user.

You can proceed as you please.

On accordance to the Branch Chief Directive,
I, Talented Elite Jin
Will accomplish my mission!!
No need to worry, Kido-san,
After all, as you may already know, my group members are superior to the others.

Now then, shall we go, four eyes?
As I thought......
This person is different......!
We really can’t rely on Tamakoma and his people!
Shinoda-kun, you’d do well to also dispatch a unit from the Headquarters!
This was something Commander Kido decided on his own,
Everything will be fine if we leave it to Jin.
That might be true but still......
Can I have a bit of your time?

What were the intentions
Of your Neighbor friend when he came to the World on this Side?
Have you heard anything about them?
The purpose...... Is it?
That’s right.
「What is he seeking?」
If we were to know this, then negotiations could be possible,
Even though he is the inhabitant of another world.
That’d be too easygoing against the Neighbor......
We’ll have to think about it if we can’t use him because he rejects our offer.
The origin of this coveted thing.
His aim......
......That might probably be it.

「An acquaintance of my Father is in Border.」
「I came here in order to meet him.」
......From what I remember, this is what he said.
He knows someone in Border......!?
Who is it?
No, I haven’t heard the name of this person......
It’s too vague, this doesn’t make us learn anything useful at all!
Are you sure this isn’t some story you just made-up?
What is the name of this so called 「Father」?
Even if you’d just gave us the name of your friend it’d be alright.

I don’t know the name of his father but,
This person is called......
Kuga Yuuma.
Rindou Branch Chief......!
Does he know Kuga’s father......!?

......Is it......!?

What the heck just happened......!?
Kuga’s father......
Who the hell was he......!?
Yuuma’s father whole story draws near!!
World Trigger... Chapter 17 / End.
Next issue, the tale of Yuuma’s father and his shocking relationship with Border finally comes to light!!

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