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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

World Trigger 18

Kuga Yuugo

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 6, 2013 22:54 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 18 : Kuga Yuugo]

Left :
[At last, the tale about Yuuma’s father
Finally starts——]
「World Trigger」
Come to think of it,
Why did you come to the World on this Side, Yuuma-kun?
I did because my father died.
So...... Sorry I asked.
It’s fine, don’t mind it.
A little while ago,
I went around countries here and there, with my Father.
If I remember well, I was only 11 when my father died.

「If I die, go to Japan」,
「I have an acquaintance in an organization called Border. 」
As such, I came to Japan just like my father had told me to.
According to my father,
Border is the organization that becomes a bridge connecting to the Neighbor of the World on the Other Side.
Is what he told me, but still
When I came here, things didn’t seem like this to me,
The Neighbor flashily assault the people on this side,
And Border has made the Neighbor their sworn enemy.
Insert :
[What’s more, to make sure the Neighbor are all killed
Is the task Border was given, you know.
Please evacuate at once.]
The story as I heard it from my father is considerably different.
Is that so......
What sort of person was your father?

He was quite the strange fellow.
......For example,
When I was 6, he told me
About what I call 「The 3 teachings」.
「The 3 teachings」......?
First one,
「Protect your own things yourself」,
「A parent will not always be there to protect you」,
「As soon as you train yourself and wrack your brains about it, do whatever you can by yourself」,
「Get to know the things you can’t do anything about」,
「Avoid dangerous situation and put some work into your imagination」.
「There is never only one correct answer」,
「All things possess various solutions」,
「Conversely, there are also times when there are no solutions」,
「Don’t get caught in always doing things the same way」
Here is the third.

「Don’t think that what parents say is always right」.
He sure was a weird father.
Well, that’s the sort of father he was.
Even so the story by my father on the World on this Side is different,
I wasn’t really that surprised by it.
The issue is......
Whether there really is 「an acquaintance of my Father」in Border
Or not.

Are you talking about「Kuga Yuugo」......!?
Chapter 18 - 「Kuga Yuugo」
Deep connections——
☆ Volume ① of the comics will be on sale starting July 4th (Thurs.)!! Check out its black cover!!
Commander Kido, General Manager Shinoda, Branch Chief Rindou...... It seems like these 3 people
Are acquainted with Kuga’s father......!
Who’s he this so called Kuga?
We’d also like to be enlightened on all of this, please.
Ashihara Daisuke

Kuga Yuugo......
Four years ago......
Before Border’s existence became known to the public, Yuugo-san took action,
So to speak, he was a person that was formerly connected with Border’s establishment,
He was a member during Border’s beginnings.
Concerning Rindou and me, at the time he was our superior.
As for Kido-san, he was his colleague.

Kuga’s father was
A member during Border’s establishment phase......!?
My Father wasn’t part of Border.
Why did he say something so vague back then......
No, it might simply be because he didn’t know?
Currently...... Where is Yuugo-san?
Have you hear anything about it from his son?
I was told that......
Kuga’s father had passed away.
It’s such a shame............
Let’s put this matter aside.

More importantly, it’ll not be necessary to dispatch the units,
There are no reasons as to why we should fight with Yuugo-san’s son.
......We haven’t yet confirmed that it is truly Kuga’s son,
It is also possible that he assumed the name for himself.
To my understanding, this can be investigated at a later time.
I’m counting on your to make it connect together.
I intend to Shinoda-san.
Then, you’re dismissed,
If there are any developments, report directly to me.

......Are you really satisfied with this, Commander Kido?
I might not know anything about this so called Kuga but......
That’s right.
As it stands, if Tamakoma joins hands with the Black Trigger,
Border’s internal balance will......
I am well aware of this,
That he is Kuga’s son is a whole another matter entirely......
We’ll get our hands
On the Black Trigger using all means necessary.

That Kuga’s father is acquainted with the upper echelons means
Everything will now be alright for Kuga, right?
Well, I wonder about that.
No, but......
Before, Branch Chief Shinoda......
Yeah, I saw that.
I think that somehow you’ve also noticed, four eyes but
Border is currently roughly broken in 3 factions.

There are the people bearing a grudge against the Neighbor and have gathered in great numbers,
Commander Kido’s faction with the following doctrine 「The Neighbor can never be forgiven」.
There are the people who don’t bear any grudges against Neighbor but fight them in order to protect the city.
The Shinoda-san’s faction with the following doctrine 「The peace of the city comes first and foremost」.

Are the people who follow this doctrine 「There are also some good guys among the Neighbor, so let’s get along well with them」,
In other words, us of the Tamakoma’s Branch.
That’s how it is ...... But well,
Our’s and Kido-san’s way of thinking is bipolar.
That’s why we’re not on really good terms.
This bastard traitor from the Tamakoma’s Branch......
So that’s the reason......
Also, because Kido-san has the largest faction,
Even when we do something, it only gets overlooked via a kingly flexibility.

If Yuuma were to join forces with us,
This power balance would probably get toppled over.
Kuga could make things change to such extent......!?
That only serves to demonstrate how important the Black Trigger is.
Kido-san is likely to want to avoid such a situation,
He’ll probably try to snatch the Black Trigger for himself using any possible means.
Do you even perceive how big of an issue this is?
Before Jin, no......
We have to hurry and do whatever it takes to secure the Black Trigger for ourselves before Tamakoma does.
It looks like we’ll really have to make a general mobilization of the Regular Group Members.
Right...... I wonder about that though,

Didn’t Miwa’s Unit go as far as to suffer damage against this opponent?
No matter the number of people we send,
Would the B-Class even be up to the task?
That’s true.......
While it may be true, we still need to take measures!
Even if we were to mobilize a battalion, it’d be too conspicuous,
I think the risk is too big to be worth it.
Then, what others choices do we have!?
True, now that you mention it......
What is your take on the matter?
Whether or not the units should be mobilized is outside of my area of expertise......
It doesn’t matter, I still want to hear it.

Is that so......
Don’t you think
It’d be perfectly fine if we didn’t do anything?
There wouldn’t be any problems in having the Black Trigger entrusted to Tomamoka’s Branch, right?
Rather, it’s be favorable to us as we’d know its whereabouts.
As for me, if I were thinking about business with Tamakoma......
The situation I think of would be that of 「plundering」.
The only think we should do for now is to wait and to prepare.
In theory, it is best to avoid a conflict when chances of success are low.
While we’re standing still and doing nothing, what could it be we need to prepare?
......I get it.

If we wait a few more days,
The top teams that are currently on an expedition will return.
That’s it!
......It’ll go as follows,
We’ll wait for the return of the expeditionary teams then they’ll unite their forces with Miwa’s team......

And with the union of these 4 teams, we’ll secure the Black Trigger.
Oh, here they come,
It’s Osamu and Jin.

Osamu, were you scolded by the upper echelons?
No......well rather than being scolded,
Let’s say that for now my punishment has been put on hold.
Oh, it’s fine then, you must be relieved.
I can’t afford to relax yet,
It’s highly probable that Border will come aiming for your trigger.
......How do you think we should proceed from now,
Hmm, let me see,
I’ve thought about it a lot, but with such a situation,
I really do think it’s best to go with the simplest method.
The simplest......

What do you say about enrolling into Border?
Left : At last, Yuuma becomes a member!!
World Trigger... Chapter 18 / End.
Next issue, what will Yuuma that has been invited by Jin do!? Just before the volume ① of the comics goes on sale, a center color!!

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