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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Trigger 19

Tomakoma’s Branch

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 6, 2013 22:55 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 19

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 19 : Tamakoma’s Branch]

☆ In commemoration of volume 1 of the comics that will be on sale very soon, center color!!
On July 4th, the long-awaited volume 1 of the comics will finally be on sale!!
Carried in these bodies (in white circled with red)
is the Black Trigger—— (in black circled with red)
Chapter 19 - 「Tamakoma’s Branch」
Ashihara Daisuke

Thorough Analysis
There are good reasons to read it.

Blue box on top right :
[It is confirmed that lots of fellow countries of Neighbor living in another dimension are currently in a state of war. Even if this is a battle between fellow Neighbor, the trigger is being used. In order to activate the trigger it is necessary to secure trion, as such the Neighbor send in Trion Soldier to Mikado City. People possessing a high trion ability get abducted, and then recruited in order to fight the war in the other dimension.]

Sentence beside blue box left :
[The whole particulars on the Neighbor are made public!!]

Below sentence :
[The Wormster and the Vander are Trion Soldier created specifically to capture people alive.]

Names :
[Wormster - Vander - MoleMod - Ilugard - Rad]

Sentence on left :
[There also exists Trion Soldier made for attack and that either specialize in bombing or in combat.]

Sentence near rad :
[Unique Small Trion Soldier used in order to open the gate to the Other Dimension.]

Replica’s box :
[Concerning their aims, various Trion Soldier exist, such as those that specialize in bombing, battle and capture. Depending of the circumstances in the Neighbor countries, the nature of the dispatched Trion Soldiers also vary. The likes of Rad used in order to open the gates anywhere, showed the interactions in Border’s Defense Readiness.]

Sentence on Yuuma’s right :
[Yuuma’s weapon, the Black Trigger!! ]

Blue box on Yuuma’s left :
[The trigger the people possessing great Trion ability leave behind in exchange of their life is the Black Trigger. It is indeed powerful but if the required affinity between users is not possessed, it’ll be unusable. Yuuma’s Black Trigger can copy his opponent’s trigger abilities and make them his own.]

Replica’s bubble at the bottom :
[Jin Yuiichi is also a Black Trigger holder. ]

Sentence near Replica’s bubble :
[Yuuma’s Black Trigger enables him to make his own the attack he has received! ]

Sentence below Commander Kido on Yuuma’s right :
[Kido, the Headquarters Commander apprehends Tamamoka’s power-up because of the Black Trigger. ]

Big Sentence on Yuuma’s left :
[Yuuma’s destiny topples around with the Black Trigger——.]

Sentence below big sentence :
[Additionally, in order to avoid Yuuma’s Black Trigger going over to Tamakoma, Kido will keep watch over Yuuma!!]

Sentence below Yuuma’s small panel on left :
[Knowing of the Black Trigger’s power, and of its possible consequences, Jin invited Yuuma to Border.]

Sentence on blue strip at the bottom:
[In the end, will Yuuma give the expected answer!? The story continues from the next page onwards!! ]

Kuga will enter in Border......!?
I didn’t necessarily meant I’d to take him to the Headquarters,
I was only asking whether he’d like to come to our Branch or not.
There are a lot of people that went to the World of the Neighbor among our Group Members,
That’s why even so you are from the other side, they won’t make a fuss about it.
For now, how about you come and take a look?
It’s fine but only if Chika and Osamu can come too.
Alright, It’s decided then.
Left : Will Yuuma become a member——!?

Look, we’ve arrived.
This place is
Border’s Tamakoma’s Branch.
There is a building right in the middle of the river......!
It seems that in order to build our base, we had to purchase this place from
A no longer used institution that examined anything in the water.
Most of the group members are currently out but
I wonder how many people are in the Base?
Tamakoma’s Branch Group Members......
Jin-san’s co-workers......
As I thought, everyone in here must be talented, right......?
I’m back~~.

Oh, Youtarou,
Is there currently anyone here?
Newcomers, huh......?
Tamakoma’s Branch - someone’s child - Rindou Youtarou (5)
Don’t tell me 「newcomers」.
Welcome back, Jin-san~~

Oh my,
Eh? What?
Are these by any chance guests!?
Tamakoma’s Branch Operator - Uchimi Shiori (17)
This isn’t good!
I don’t think we have any sweets!
Wait here a moment!
I’ll come right back!
There wasn’t anything else but dorayaki...... TN : а red bean pancake which consists of two small pancake-like patties wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste.
But these dorayaki are really good,
Eat them and you’ll see.
My name is Uchimi Shiori,
Nice to meet you all!
Hmm let’s see the thing you usually say when you’re about to eat something......
Thank you for the food.

Ah, Youtarou!
You’ve already eaten yours!
It was too delicious, Shiori-chan,
I can’t possibly be satisfied with having one only.
You’re a bad kid,
I’m quite interested in eating this so called dorayaki, you know.
Sob, sob......
My dorayaki......

Here, If you want......
I’ll give you mine.
......You know, you’re really cute.
Can I marry you?
If we get married,
You’ll even let to touch Raijinmaru’s stomach.
It feel pretty nice, you know.
Raijinmaru. TN : Round God of Thunder
I’ll make him roll around......
Roll around......
*SHOVE* x3

If we get married, you’ll really get to touch his stomach.
What the hell,
What’s with this feeling of weakness......
Is this place
Really Border’s base......?
Come to think of it,
This place has a totally different mood compared to the Headquarters......
Well, you know
With all but 10 people for our whole crew, we can only be considered to be a small base.
I’d say we’re distinctively stronger.

Excepted Jin-san, there are only 3 more people composing our Self-Defense Group Members,
And they’re all people that equal A-Class level.
The Tamakoma’s Branch is group composed of only a talented selected few!
Everyone is A-Class......!?
Do you also wish to enroll?
That would increase the number of people wearing glasses around here.
Excuse me......
This person called Jin-san...... Told us about it before but,
Have you ever gone to the World on the Other Side, Uchimi-san?
Yes, I have.
Only once though.

Concerning the people that go to the World on the Other Side,
On which criteria is the selection done?
Let’s see,
The selection is done by passing a selection test, only for the A-Class Group Members,
Generally, the selection is done among the different teams.
I only got to go because I gave it my very best.
On pyramid top to bottom :
[A-Class Group Members (Elite) - About 30 people
B-Class Group Members (Main Force) - About 100 people]
A-Class Group Members......
It’s full of awesome people there, right......
Even higher than the 100 people of B-Class and the 400 people in C-Class,
They wear the uniform of warriors.
Does she really intend on going to the World on the Other Side......?
Hey, you three.

I’ve contacted the old man,
You’ll be staying here tonight.
If you do, the people from the Headquarters won’t come to your pursuit,
There are also a lot of available rooms.
Uchimi, take good care of them.
Four eyes,
Come with me,
The Boss wants to meet you.
Excuse me for interrupting,
I’ve brought you these two.
Oh, there you are.

Kuga-san’s son, right?
Nice to meet you.
Same here.
I’ve heard about you from Mikumo-kun and Jin,
I don’t have any intentions of arresting you.
Still, there is one thing I want you to tell me,
You came here in order to meet your father’s acquaintance, right?
Do you know his name?

Mogami Souichi.
The name of the acquaintance my father told me about is......
Mogami Souichi.
Is that so......
As I thought, it really is Mogami-san, huh......
Mogami Souichi was a Member of Border Establishment,
As well as your father’s rival.
He was Jin’s master.

This Black Trigger that Jin has
Was Mogami-san’s.
Then, that means he......
Five years ago, Mogami-san
Died, only leaving us this Black Trigger behind.
This trigger was......

If Mogami-san was still alive, I’m sure he would have protected you from the Headquarters.
I’ve been indebted to Kuga-san for taking care of me ever since I was a newcomer,
I want to repay that debt in full.
If you were to enlist here, I’d also be able to protect you freely.
I’d be able to compete face to face with the Headquarters.
......How about it?
Will you consider entering the Tamakoma’s Branch?

I thought this would have been good for Kuga......
I just don’t get why he refused....
I’m sorry, Jin-san.
You even went to such troubles for me.
It doesn’t really matter,
You’ve made you’re own choice.
It’s fine as long as you don’t regret it.
......That’s right, more importantly,
I’d like to hear your whole story,

The up to date story
Of your father and yourself.
....... I think it’s about high time I told you, Osamu.
The reasons
That pushed Yuuma to come to the World on this Side.
Left : Yuuma’s former days—
World Trigger... Chapter 19 / End.
Next issue, Yuuma’s heroic story starts coming to light——

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