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World Trigger 20

Kuga Yuuma ④

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 6, 2013 22:56 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 20 : Kuga Yuuma ④]

The reasons
That pushed Kuga to come to the World on this Side......!?
Wasn’t it in order to meet his father’s acquaintance......!?
About four years ago,
Yuuma and his father, Yuugo
Participated in the Neighbor’s War.
「World Trigger」
The trigger users are here!!
Ordinary soldiers, step down!!
Retreat to the fortress!!
Left : The former days are revealed—

Don’t try to fight and escape!!
Surround the Trion Soldier, here!!


Caught one.
Yuuma at war!!
Chapter 20 - 「Kuga Yuuma ④」
Ashihara Daisuke
☆ Volume 1 of the comics will finally be on sale starting July 4th (Thurs.)!! It’ll be there very soon!!

Hey there, half-man,
Why the fuck are you spacing out for?
You didn’t really have to help me you know, I’d have managed by myself.
You’ve also captured 3 trigger users at once,
As expected of you, Yuugo.

We’ll use these guys to make a prisoner exchange,
And regain our group members!
Even so, I caught one of them.
Yeah, yeah
That’s great, Yuuma.
This country’s Self-Defense leader and Yuugo being old friends,
To repay a debt, Yuugo and Yuuma were lending their power to the Self-Defense.
I was only trained by my father for a bit,
But I still wanted to be helpful in battle.
As a half-man, in my own way, I managed to do things successfully.
Everything was going smoothly,
Until the day,
Yuugo died on.

That day, Yuugo had told him as follows.
Don’t go out to battle for a while,
Stay inside the fortress.
......Today, we found dead group members at the south gate,
Even so they were prominent trigger users in our unit.
According to our intel, it seems like the enemy has employed an assassin from a strange country,
I heard from witnesses,
That it’s likely to be a Black Trigger.
Won’t you need me to cover your backs then?
What are you talking about? Even with us only, winning this will be a cinch.
Do you understand? Do not go outside of the gate.
Just wait quietly here until I return.

Look at all this,
They’re being pressed down, aren’t they?
Must because there is a difference in the number of trigger users.
It looks like I have no choice but to go out there.
Yuugo told you not to go out to battle.
As it stands, the enemy will have his way.
I’ll make my attacks behind the scenes,
And destroy the enemy units.
*ZU ZU...*

Yuuma’s life met its end, there and then.

It was expected to meet its end there.
What the hell are you doing?
Wait a little more,
I’ll save you right away.
In order to save Yuuma,
Yuugo produced a Black Trigger.

He then sealed the body of
The dying Yuuma inside the trigger,
Substituting it with a new body made of trion
Thus barely keeping Yuuma alive.
In the end, having exhausted all of his power,

Yuugo turned to dust, crumbled and died.

He didn’t have to go and die protecting his own son......
I don’t have a say in this but I’d preferred if Yuugo had been left alive,
Well, his son has succeeded the Black Trigger.
He’ll probably not even be able to use it skillfully.
Yuugo’s death is a really sad thing but,
We don’t have a choice but to pursue this battle.
If we stop fighting here, that would mean that all that Yuugo has accomplished up to now would go to waste.
Let’s destroy Yuugo’s foe together!
I’m sure this is what Yuugo would have wished for!
They had no way of knowing that,

Along with the Black Trigger,
Yuuma had inherited Yuugo’s side effect enabling him「to see through lies」.
「See through lies」......!
Will you not be fighting anymore?
Idiot! It isn’t a question of fighting or not!
His father has just passed away, you know!?
I understand perfectly.
Up to now, you’ve brought us plenty of help,
I don’t have the right to oblige you to fight.

I’ll carry out what I’ve started with my father
Until the very end.
From there on, for a period of three years, Yuuma pursued the battle by substituting himself for his father.
During these three years Yuuma became stronger.
Because of his steadfast opposition, the enemy nation abandoned their plans for invasion and after a while due to a reconciliation, the war came to a close.
It was their friend’s victory.
However, Yuuma didn’t have any sense of accomplishment.
I didn’t even do anything......
Do you want to go to Yuugo’s birthplace?
According to Yuugo’s story,
There is an organization called Border that interacts with Neighbor from different places.

If you go there, you might even be able to recover your original body,
There should also be a friend of Yuugo there.
Is that so.....
In the end,
Yuuma crossed over several countries and came to the World on this Side.
That means ......
The reason why he has such a small build in comparison to his age......
That’s right, it isn’t possible for him to grow with his body of trion.
Yuuma’s body has not changed ever since he was 11.
If he can’t grow......
In other words, does that mean he is immortal......!?
Even taking into account all the power of Yuugo,
This won’t be possible.

Yuuma’s real body is being sealed inside his ring,
And even as we speak, it’s slowly heading towards its death.
When Yuuma’s body dies completely,
His body of trion will probably also get terminated.
I get it now......
He came to Border in order to find a countermeasure to this......
That was my original intention,
However, Yuuma’s were different.

For him,
As Yuugo had been pumped of everything by the Black Trigger,
He wondered whether or not it was possible to bring back his father.
However, before when he heard of Mogami Souichi,
This trigger was......
He perfectly understood that even Border didn’t have a way around this problem.
Yuuma no longer has
Any life plans.
Well then,
What do you intend to do from now?

Let’s see about that,
On this side, as a Neighbor I feel ashamed......
Even though it’s my father’s birthplace,
I don’t even have a place to return to.
Getting back to the World On the Other side.
I ant you to give Yuuma a 「goal」.
He needs one.
「Leaving」—— That is
Yuuma’s purpose now———
World Trigger ...Chapter 20 / End.
Next issue, what will Osamu’s answer be in face of Replica’s request...!?

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