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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Trigger 21

Mikumo Osamu ③

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 6, 2013 22:58 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 21 : Mikumo Osamu ③]

Great, I'm finally caught up with the Japanese releases!!

Getting back to the World On the Other side.
The reasons that made me come here have already disappeared,
If I stayed here any longer, I’d only be bringing trouble.
「World Trigger」
The several days I spent here were really fun.
It’s been a long time since I enjoyed myself so much.
......Is that so?
Left: An aimless Yuuma—

From now on, you’ll probably enjoy yourself a lot,
I know it.
I need to provide Yuuma with a goal......?
Can I
Really do something like that......?
Chapter 21 - 「Mikumo Osamu ③」
Ashihara Daisuke.
☆ Volume ① of the comics is on sale with rave reviews!! Hurry on to the bookstore to get it!!
Osamu-kun, Osamu-kun.
*FWIP* x2
Can I talk to you for a bit?
Right : What are Osamu’s thoughts!?

You want to enter Border......!?
You want to become part of the Self-Defense Group Members!? But it’ll be dangerous!
I know......
Well~~ Sorry about that.
I thought that Chika had been scouted by Jin-san too,
So I ended up telling her and she really got into it.
I’d usually give her a warm welcome for this but,
For the time being I thought I ought to report it to you too, Osamu-kun.

The person that had originally been invited to Border declined,
And the one that hadn’t been invited wants to enlist......
What do you plan to do after you enlist in Border?
......Yuuma-kun told me that
My brother and my friend that had been captured
Are probably alive in the World on the Other Side.
After giving it a lot of thinking,
I came to the conclusion that
I really want to go and look for my brother and my friend.
I can’t leave other people to take care of my problems forever,
I want to go and look for them myself.

She’s serious about it......
You heard it before, right?
If you’re serious about going to the World on the Other Side,
You have no choice but to become part of the A-Class Group Members, you know?
Becoming A-Class means
You’ll have to become as strong as those people Kuga fought before and,
Even rival in power Arashiyama-san that you’ve seen on TV.
Do you understand how hard all of this will be?
That’s right, also,
Even if you become an expedition member,
That doesn’t mean you’ll have the right to choose your destination.
You probably won’t even get to go to the country your brother and friend were abducted to.

I understand......
There is probably no meaning at all behind what I’m doing,
I can’t stay here doing nothing,
When I know that even if it’s only for a little, a possibility exists......
Chika is hanging on to it that much......
Is that so?
Then, it should be fine to tell you I guess.
I’ve also told you before, but because our team is a group of talented people only,
There are no way for a newcomer to enlist right off the bat.

So if you’re really aiming for A-Class,
Then you’ll first have to enlist at the Headquarters by forming a team,
Still, I’d really like for Chika-chan to enlist here.
The Headquarters,
Let’s talk for a bit.

Oh, Osamu,
What’s wrong?
Chika said
That she wanted to enlist in Border.
It seems like she’s doing this so she can
Search for her brother and friend that were captured by the Neighbor.
Ah, I see.
What’ll you do, Osamu?

At first, I thought I’d stop her but,
Far from coming back on it, she didn’t listen so I decided I’d help her.
I’m going to form a team with Chika,
Aiming to become A-Class from the Tamakoma’s Branch.
Looks like fun.
Want to form it with us?
I know you can’t help it but see when you’re being lied to.
I heard the story about your father from Replica,
As well as the reasons that made you come on this Side......
Yeah...... Unfortunately,
It was a wild goose chase.

I already
Don’t have anything to do on this Side anymore.
......In that case,
Lend me your power,
In helping Chika to go look for her brother and friend.
Honestly, for Chika and for me as I am right now,
It’ll be really hard to reach A-Class.
A-Class Group Members (Elite) - About 30 people.
B-Class Group Members - (Main Force) - About 100 people.
Chika and I understand that perfectly,
So we need to have a powerful leader.
As usual, it’s a pain to take care of you, Osamu,
Even so you’re doing for Chika......
If you keep doing favors for anyone,
In the end, you’ll end up dead.
......When my father
Died helping me,

I didn’t understand
Insert :
[What the hell are you doing?
Wait a little more,]
The reasons behind his smile.
If I ended up dying that time, it was because I didn’t listen to my father’s advice,
But that doesn’t mean he had to go as far as dying in my place.
I wonder why he was smiling then?
This is what
I’d have wanted to ask him.
......Still, as for you, you don’t even need to worry about this, Osamu.
Even if you were to lose, you’ll still find a place in your heart to worry about strangers.
What pushes you to risk your life to help people?
Is it because it’s in your nature not being able to overlook people in trouble?

It’s not like that,
It’s simply
Something I thought 「I ought to do」, that if I were to run away even once,
When the time came where I had no choice but to really fight I’d end up running away.
In my opinion, this is how humans are.
That’s why, I don’t do anything for others,
I do things for my sake.
I see, typical of you, I must say.

You’ll eventually end up dead if you don’t run when things are bad,
Running away is also part of fighting.
......Now then,
Guess I’ll help with all this, huh?
It seem that
If I leave you and Chika alone, you’ll die right away.
I’m looking forward to the times after the team is formed.

Osamu invited me so I’ll be on your team.
For now at least.
Also, I still have to learn how to ride a bicycle from you, Chika.
Thank you......!

The leader will be Osamu.
If it isn’t that way, the team cannot be formed.
What are you saying! The leader has to be you!
You are powerful, have knowledge and have much more experience than me!
I don’t possess any of the abilities you have!
So why should I be the leader!?

I think
That’s how things should be.
Me too,
I think it’d be alright if you were the leader, Osamu.
It’s been decided it seems.
Then, let’s go and see Rindou-san right away,
It’ll be pretty embarrassing seeing as I refused just a little while ago.

Wow, that was fast,
Here are the documents for your Enlisting & Transfer.
Did you see that this would happen?
Didn’t I tell you before?
「You’ll enjoy yourself a lot」, right?

Your official enlistment is secured by the completion of this forms.
As the Branch Chief,
I welcome you in joining the Border Tamakoma’s Branch.
From now,
You guys are a team.

With this team, you’ll get promoted to A-Class
And then,
Aim to get chosen for the Expeditionary Force.
World Trigger ...Chapter 21 / End.
Next issue, what unforeseen situation awaits the 3 people aiming for A-Class!?

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Thank you

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