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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

World Trigger 22

Tamakoma’s Branch ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Jul 15, 2013 06:41 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - ASHIHARA Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 22 : Tamakoma’s Branch ②]

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Top Left : Aiming for A-Class!!
Chapter 22 - 「Tamakoma’s Branch ②」
Now, people!
Ashihara Daisuke.
From now, you’ll all be aiming for A-Class!
And in order to do that......
Bottom left : In order to go to the World on the Other Side!!

Excepted Osamu-kun who’s already in B-Class,
Chika-chan and Yuuma-kun,
You will both need to move up to B-Class!
That’s basically it!
Firstly, B-Class...... Is what you have to reach to become Regular Group Members,
Participate in the Self-Defense missions,
And also, if you want to move up to A-Class, you’ll have to take part in the B-Class「Rank Battles」without which this can’t be done!
「Rank Battles」......?
Right,「Rank Battles」.
To move up to the class above,
You not only need to have achievements in the Self-Defense missions,
B-Class Rank Battle - Self-Defense missions
C-Class Rank Battle
But also participate in a「Border Group Members’ sham battle」, except you can’t do it your own way.
That’s why it is also know as 「Rank Battles」.

You compete with people who are in the same class as you are,
B-Class Rank Battle
C-Class Rank Battle
And the stronger people get the right to move up.
In other words,
If I want to become a B-Class,
It’ll be alright if I kick the C-Class guys asses.
When does it start?
Well, well calm down please.
There is this thing called Border Headquarters’ 「Official Enlistment Day」that takes place thrice a year,
It’s a day where all of the Newly Entered Group Members make their C-Class debut all at once.
Until that day comes, you will not be able to take part in the Rank Battles.
No need to be in a hurry, Yuuma.

You’ll need some time to get accustomed to a Border’s trigger.
You’ll not be able to use your Black Trigger in the Rank Battles.
Hmm......? How come?
Is it because I’d be hunted by the people of the Headquarters?
There is also that but,
It’s mainly because the Black Trigger is too powerful, that’d place you automatically around S-Class,
You’d have to step out from the Rank Battle.
B-Class Rank Battle
C-Class Rank Battle
You’d have ahard time trying to form a team with Chika-chan and Four-eyes.
Hmph...... Is that so?
Then, I won’t use it.
What will you choose, Chikan-chan?
Do you want to be an operator or a combatant......?
Of course, she’ll be a combatant, right?
She has a really awesome trion.

Also, in order to defend herself from Neighbor targeting her,
She said before that she’d be fine by fighting by herself.
Is Chika-chan really that awesome?
You’d be surprised if you could see it.
I too.......
Want to fight by myself.
Then it’s decided you’ll be a combatant!
Next, you’ll have to decide your position.
The distance at which the Self-Defense Group Members fight from is divided into different positions.
....... These 3. So, let’s talk about for a bit so we can know which suits you better, Chika-chan.

Do you have good reflexes?
Do you move quickly?
No, not very......
Are you good at arithmetic?
My grades are...... Average.
Have you ever played chess or shogi?
You also have no experience in team sports,
I’m sorry...... I have no particular redeeming features......
No, it’s alright. I was only asking you some questions.
Chika may not be able to move quickly but,
In marathon or even for long distance races, she’s really fast.
She has endurance.

Besides, she’s also very patient and serious.
She’s really good at working steadily and laboriously.
She is able to concentrate really well.
Surprisingly, her body is also really flexible.
Oh oh......!
Heh Heh, I see.
Endurance ◯
Patience ◯
Ability to concentrate ◯
Flexibility ◯
......Alright, I got it!
From the result of my analysis,
The best position Chika-chan could occupy would be a......
On board right of the SFX :
Black Trigger
Left of the SFX :
[Expedition Force
Expedition Force Selection Test
B-Class Rank Battle
Self-Defense Missions
C-Class Rank Battle
Left of Usami:
Nearest place to be able to go
Moving up
Regular Group Members (in fluffy bubble)
In pyramide :
I was about to say it!
Why did you say it in my place!
Ha Ha Ha.
It’s because you were putting on airs.

My dorayaki
Have disappeared!!!
Who ate them!!?
Tamakoma’s Branch Member - A-Class Group Member - Konami Kirie (17)

It must have been you again, right!?
You ate them, didn’t you!?
Munya Munya.....
Indeed, it was satisfying.......
It really was you———!!?
Sorry, Konami.
I used them yesterday as replacement for sweets to serve to the guests.
I’m going to buy them once more.
I want to eat some now!!
What do we have here?

You’re being really boisterous, Konami.
Do you never get tired of it?
Are these people Tamakoma’s Branch......?
Are you three
The newcomer Jin-san told me about?

How come I didn’t hear about this!?
Why have newcomers come here!?
I still hadn’t said anything but,
The truth is......
That those three
Are my little brothers and sister.

Is that true?
To think Jin had siblings......!
Torimaru,* did you know about any of this!? TN : pun on his name - Tori means bird and Maru means bird, his name is written with those kanji.
Of course I knew of it.
Were you not aware of it, Konami-senpai?
Tamakoma’s Branch Member - A-Class Group Member - Karasuma Kyousuke (16)
Now that you say it, they are falsely similar to Jin......
Did you know about it too, Reiji-san!?
Well, here is what I know.

I know that Jin is an only child.
Tamakoma’s Branch Member - A-Class Group Member - Kizaki Reiji (21)
This gullible girl there is Konami Kirie, 17 years old.
So I was tricked!!?
Ha Ha Ha.
Well, I can’t believe you really thought it was true,
As expected of you Konami.
The thickly haired man before you here is Karasuma Kyousuke, 16 years old.
I’m the thickly haired man, nice to meet you.
Finally, this subdued muscular person is Kizuki Reiji, 21 years old.
Subdued muscular......?
With this, am I even human?

You’ve all been introduced to each other so let’s get to the issue at hand.
For some reason of their own,
Those three are aiming for A-Class.
From now, they’ll be throwing themselves into the harsh world of the talented people.
Like Usami said before,
There is still some time remaining before the C-Class Rank Battle starts.
On phone : December 15th (Sunday)
The next Official Enlistment Day will be on August 1st,
Around three weeks from now.
You’ll use those three weeks to train,
More specifically......

You’ll be training by Reiji-san and the others.
They’ll be your masters,
They’ll be coaching you one-on-one.
Hey, don’t decide everything of your own volition!
I still haven’t recognized their enlistment......

This is
An order from the Boss.
An order......!?
Then, if this is an order from Rindou-san, I guess it can’t be helped.
That’s right, we have no way around it.
......I got it. But I’ll agree to it only if
I get to go with this one.

From what I can see, you’re the strongest among the three of you, right?
I hate weaklings.
Hoh hoh,
You really have expert eyes.
Then, Chika-chan, you will go with Reiji-san,
Only him has experience as a sniper.
I look forward to working with you......
Nice to meet you.
......In the end, for me it’ll inevitably be you......
Please treat me well.

Alright, with this done,
You three better listen closely to what your master says,
And polish your skills in the three weeks you have!
Come to think of it,
Won’t you be coaching, Jin-san?
This time, I’ll have to pass on it,
I’ll have various matters to take care off.

Commander Kido,
We’ve managed to get in contact with the Expeditionary Force.
「We’ve safely departed from Menoeides,」
「We’re scheduled to arrive at the Headquarters Base in about 68 hours 」.
That’s all, sir.
Thank you for your work.
Three more days,
The dangerous shadow looms in even closer...
World Trigger ...Chapter 22 / End.
Next issue, Yuuma and the others start their training!! And as thanks for the big popularity, a center color!!

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