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World Trigger 23

Tamakoma’s Branch ③

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 6, 2013 14:20 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 23

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 23 : Tamakoma’s Branch ③]

I was kind of busy with other things lately so I'm only posting this now. Chapter 24 coming next!!

Great thanks!! In celebration of the big popularity, center color!!
★ Comics volume 1 is on sale with raving popularity!! The long-awaited volume 2 will be on sale starting 9/4 (Wed.)!!
Starting to aim for A-Class!!!
Chapter 23 - 「Tamakoma’s Branch ③」
Ashihara Daisuke

Thorough Analysis!!
Playback of Chika, Osamu and Yuuma’s story!!

From the left and down:
[Mikumo Osamu - Member of Border and a kid from Mikado City. B-Class Group Member. Is weak but enlisted in Border in order to protect Chika. Takes care of Yuuma.
Title : Is the expulsion crisis the turn around of the tables for him!?
White box : Responsibly used his trigger even so he didn’t have the right to use it. Osamu was in almost expelled from Border but, with the assistance of Jin, S-Class Group Member of the Tamakoma’s Branch, the crisis was avoided, and in the end his rank went up to B-Class.
Title : Osamu’s tenacity, all for Chika’s sake.
Waiting for Osamu, Yuuma unexpectedly met with a girl called Chika and who knew of Osamu. In order to protect her whose nature made her the target of the Neighbor, Osamu enlisted in Border.
Blue box : Amatori Chika - continuously the target of the Neighbor for her high trion ability. She worries a lot for her friend and brother she has parted ways with after getting them involved in her troubles.]

From the right and down :
[Kuga Yuuma - Neighbor that came to Mikado City in order to revive his father. With his body on the verge of death he manages to live with the Black Trigger from his father.
Yuuma, Osamu a united front!!
After meeting with Yuuma, Osamu saw the down being relentlessly attacked by the Neighbor. In order to save Osamu who is unsuited for battle but doesn’t include his life in the equation when fighting, Yuuma repelled the Neighbor.
The Miwa’s Unit violent attack instant kill!!
After determining that Yuuma was a Neighbor, the A-Class Group Members of Miwa’s Unit violently attacked him. They seemed to be showing overwhelming strength but, did not manage to rival Yuuma, possessor of a Black Trigger and they got repelled magnificently.
Osamu, providing a new objective for Yuuma!!
In order to protect Yuuma from the Headquarters wishing to taking his Black Trigger, Jin invited Yuuma to go to Tamakoma but, Yuuma after understanding the revival of his father could not come true decided to return to his original World. However, in order to make Chika’s wish come true, Osamu asked him to join them. As a result, together with Osamu and Chika he enlisted at Tamakoma’s.
Osamu aiming for A-Class in Border!!
In order to be selected as Expedition Members so they can go to the World On the Other Side to save Chika’s brother and her friend who are there, our 3 characters are aiming to become A-Class Group Members!!]

Training starts!!
The highly popular comics volume ① is having an additional printing!! Hurry on to the bookstore!!
What is this place used for......?
To think such a a large room was located below the Base......
Tamakoma’s Branch - Training Room N.001.
This is a space that was created to use our trigger in.
Though, for people like Reiji-san and the other who are part of the sniper group, they’ll need more space so this place isn’t enough.
A space to use our trigger in......!?

Trigger aren’t only mere weapons,
They are the 「technology」 supporting the foundations of the Neighbor Culture.
... Well, it’s something Rindou Branch Chief told me before.
...... Now then, for now
Show me how long you can hold.
Came at me with your full strength.
...... Yes!

Tamakoma’s Branch - Training Room N.003.

You’ve manage to hit the target.
It seems you an hold your own using a Border trigger made for sniping.
If you can aim well, then you can hit your mark.
Firstly, you’ll train using still targets, you’ll have to make sure to always hit them.
I’m sorry but,
From now until evening, I’ll be on Self-Defense mission.
If you can continue shooting at the same rhythm you used now,
In around 2 to 3 hours, your trion will probably not be enough to produce any more bullets.

When that happens, it’ll mean today’s training session is over.
She’s obedient and she’s got motivation so it should be fine but......
I honestly don’t think she’s cut out for battle......
Tamakoma’s Branch - Training Room N.002.
Let me tell you frankly, I mainly rely on my intuition so,
I’m bad at training strangers.

Choose whichever trigger you want,
They’re all going to get destroyed anyway.
After that I’ll let you take time to think on why you lost.
I can’t make a distinction between them.
Is it alright for me to come up with a plan while I fight?
It’s fine~~.
Also, because room 001 and 002 are in virtual battle mode,
It’s OK even if you fight seriously.
Tamakoma’s Branch - Operator Desk.

Virtual Battle Mode……
What’s that, Shiori-chan?
Virtual Battle Mode,
With the linking of the computer and the trigger,
It falsely replicates the movements of the trigger.
It doesn’t mean you’ll really be consummating trion though,
As such it’ll enable you to train by fighting continuously.
Hmph, hmph.
So it’s a training mode where your trion doesn’t decrease, huh?
It’s really practical~~.
In other words,
It means that no matter how much you worry, it’ll end with your loss,
Don’t call me midget,
My name is Kuga Yuuma.
Treat me well, Konami.

What happened to my due respect!
I’m your senior, aren’t I!?
About that.
If you win against me, I’ll consider it,
Oh~~ well said~~.
Do you really think you can win against me using a trigger from Border……?
Guess I should mention it, did you know I’ve been in Border even before Jin was?
Let me wager too.

If you manage to win against me,
Then I’ll call you by your name.
You’re weak.
Are you really a B-Class?
Good work~~.

Hey, Osamu-kun, here is some water.
Th…… Thank you very much.

……I won.
Did you lose Konami-senpai!?
I-I didn’t lose!!
We fought for 10 rounds, and I only managed to win the very last one.
In total in was 9 to 1 for her.
That’s right I won 9 to 1!!
That’s means I’m superior to you!!
For now that is.
Kuga lost 9 to 1……!?
He might not have gotten accustomed to the trigger of Border yet but……
Does that actually mean she’s really that strong……!?

Still, I was able to catch a hold of your manner of fighting.
Next time, I might even be able to seize more victories.
You better not get cocky, Yuuma,
Because that was very first but also your very last win!
Hey, let’s go at it again, once more!!
They’re full of motivation.
What about you?
Up to it for one more round?
I’ll do it!

Are they still going at it?
Reiji-san, good work~~.
Where is Amatori?
Did she come back already?
Come to think of it, I think she still hasn’t gotten out.
Hey, Amatori……!!

By any chance, is it already time to close this place?
Has she been continuously shooting all this time since morning……!?
Just how much trion does she exactly have……!?
Gate opening, gate opening.

Expedition boat docking.
All group members in the vicinity be careful of the arrival.
I really got tired of waiting
For the return of the Top Teams.
The most powerful in Border Headquarters sharpen their fangs——.
World Trigger …Chapter 23 / End.
Next issue, Yuuma and his teammates continue their training and the Headquarters starts moving!?

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#1. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Aug 6, 2013
I think it should be Reiji on page 3
btw Thanks for the chapter
#2. by Isabells ()
Posted on Aug 7, 2013
Thank you for your hard work!! I was worried since it's been a tiny while. Can't tell you how excited I was to see you post!
#3. by vinceled ()
Posted on Aug 10, 2013
Thanks for your answer^^ I'll try to have chapter 25 and 26 out quickly :D

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