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World Trigger 24

The Headquarters Top Teams

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 6, 2013 20:31 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 24

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 24 : The Headquarters Top Teams]

☆ A bonus page is included in Comics Volume 1 which and has received a large additional printing in commemoration of the sales!! Comics volume 2 is scheduled to go on sale starting 9/4 (Wed.)!!
What have they brought back with them!?
These are the result of this expedition.
I’m offering them to you,
Commander Kido.
Good work,
Especially, for managing to come back safely.

You are Border’s most powerful units.
Top 3, the grand meeting!!
Chapter 24 - The Headquarters Top Teams
A-Class Rank 2, Fuyushima’s Unit -「No.01 Sniper」- Touma Isami (18)
A-Class Rank 3, Kazama’s Unit -「No.02 Attacker」- Kazama Souya (21)
A-Class Rank 1, Tachikawa’s Unit - 「No.01 Attacker」- Tachikawa Kei (20)
Ooh! Wonderful!
Trigger from an unknown World!
With this, Border trigger engineering will progress even further!
Can’t you make the Expedition Boat a little bit bigger?
I’ve long feet so it felt like I was dying from being too constricted.
Ashihara Daisuke

If it were any bigger than it is now, the amount of trion to make it fly wouldn’t even be enough!
Is that so?
……Now then,
I’m sorry to drop this on you so quickly after your return but,
I have a new mission for you all.
We’ve confirmed that there currently is
A Black Trigger in the Tamakoma’s Branch
A Black Trigger……!

Miwa’s Unit,
December 14th, A.M,
Due to the follow-up of a tailing, we discovered a Neighbor.
As a result of hostilities taking place, we then confirmed he activated a Black Trigger,
Which ability is
“To copy the opponents attacks and make it its own”.

After that,
Jin, group member of the Tamakoma’s Branch intervened in the battle,
Yoo’ Narasaka,
Wanna eat some bonchiage?
And then called for a ceasefire to show he was an acquaintance of that Neighbor.
It then seems that with Jin’s help, this Neighbor enlisted in Tamakoma’s Branch.
——— These are our current circumstances.
A Neighbor enlisted in Border!?
What’s with this!
If we’re talking about Tamakoma, then it’s highly probable.
From the get go, his engineers have all been Neighbor.
Our current problem is that this isn’t your everyday Neighbor,
He possesses a Black Trigger.
With this, there are now 2 Black Trigger in Tamakoma’s faction,
This will make Border’s internal power balance topple over.

That’s right,
However, this cannot be allowed.
That’s why you’ll have to secure the Black Trigger using any means necessary.
What is the action pattern for the”Black Trigger”?
Is there a confirmed time slot when he’s alone or something?
You don’t really want us to face all the members of the Tamakoma’s Branch, do you?
Every morning around 7, “it” leaves the Tamakoma’s Branch,
And gets back to Tamakoma at 9 at night, making it 11 hours out.
Yoneya and Kodera are currently surveilling him.
This means we have a chance everyday then,
In that case, we should elaborate a reliable operation……

Let’s act tonight.
You’d better not make light of the opponent.
Underestimating him?
What do you mean, Miwa?

Our opponent’s trigger is a “studying” trigger, isn’t it?
About right now, he’s probably “studying” with a Border trigger at Tamakoma’s,
The more time passes, the more it becomes disadvantageous for us.
If this drags on, things will turn sour for Yoneya and Kodera who are on lookout.
We have to end it tonight.
I see.
……Indeed, the faster the better.
Are you alright with this,
Commander Kido?

It’s alright,
I’ll leave the commanding of the units to you, Tachikawa.
Now then, let’s build up our operation until night comes.
Before that, let’s select the spot for our raid.
Tachikawa Kei……
I’ve never really liked him him……

No way!? What’s with these numbers!!
They’re on the level of a Black Trigger!!
You’re awesome, Chika-chan!!
How is this possible……!?
It’s good, so good.
Amatori’s trion ability is upper A-Class.
She has fortitude and a good ability to concentrate, and her personality also befits that of a sniper.
If she could learn “the way to fight”,
She’d have the disposition to be S-Class.

For Reiji-san to praise her that much,
Might that mean that Chika-chan is our best prospect~~?
Yuuma is strong, you know!
Right now his strength might be around B-Class Rank but,
If he were to get accustomed to the trigger from Border, he’d jump to A-Class level right away!
I’d probably be even stronger than you, Konami-senpai.
No way this would happen,
Don’t be getting cocky.
Hmph, hmph.
Then, I’d better give Yuuma-kun an explanation on the trigger.
Usually this is done when you move up to B-Class, but well.
How is it going over here, Torimaru?
Does it look like this four eyes can be of use?

……I can’t really say that
“I have high expectation for him from now on”.
In other words,,
For now you think is no good at all, right?
Shouldn’t you get stronger?
Weak people aren’t needed in the Tamakoma Group Members.
No, but you know, Konami-senpai

He told me
Konami-senpai, “is super cute”.
Yeah, I’m sure he said that.
Stop it already, what’s with this compliment.
I don’t need to be complimented by you!
You see……
Sorry, that’s a lie.
About that compliment, that was a lie.

You dare deceive me!? Four-eyes!!
I wasn’t the one who tricked you!
I’ve been hurt! My pride has been hurt!!
Hah Hah Hah Hah.
I told you it wasn’t me.
Alright, the break’s over.
Let’s start our afternoon training, Amatori.
Please treat me well!
Let’s go train too, Konami-senpai.
I have a hunch I’ll surely get more wins than losses today.
Whaat? You’re one thousand years too early.

Chika has a trion ability which is in a league of its own,
Kuga grew up while knowing what battles are really like so he has a high fighting ability,
If we’re talking about this team,
Then reaching A-Class definitely isn’t a dream.
I have to become even stronger……!
Now then,
Let’s be off too, Mikumo.
Yes, Karasuma-senpai!

1000 meters left until target place.
Hey hey, Miwa, you should take it easier,
You’ll get worn out.
Really, I don’t like him……
500 meters left until target place.

I see, so you saw it coming, huh?
It’s been a while, Tachikawa-san.
Were are you all headed together?
Even so he’s alone, Jin stands in their way—.
World Trigger …Chapter 24 / End.
Next issue, the Headquarters’ most powerful people vs S-Class Jin!! The greatest battle!!

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#1. by moshi ()
Posted on Aug 6, 2013
Thanks for the chapter man but
IMO it should be Kinuta on pages 02-03. It is Kinuta on world trigger wiki and in chapter 10. And on page 07 it should be Tamakoma.

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