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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

La Vie en Doll 1

Doll 01 : Haruno Kasumi, 14 years old

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 13, 2013 09:18 | Go to La Vie en Doll

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[La Vie en Doll - INOUE Junya]

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[La Vie en Doll - Doll 01: Haruno Kasumi, 14 years old.]


For those interested, in an attempt to have more regularity in translating and posting translation, I made a schedule on my home page telling what chapters will be out which week. I'll be updating it every month.

P01 (cover)
Right white text : Once again, a godly manga is born…!!
Yellow text : An INOUE Junya new serialization!!
Left white text : Opening color, a titanic 45 Pages!! [45 Pages in bold]
Bottom white text 1 : Awakening!!
Bottom white text 2 : The other me
Bottom white text 3 : Inside of me!!

Thunder lighting peal suddenly!! [lighting in yellow]
New story on the magical girls emitting those flashes!!
New Series. La Vie en Doll.



Text on top : After all, something like depending on life… This isn’t how my real self is!
A yarning real magical girls story by the genius author of “BTOOOM!”!!
Doll 01 : Haruno Kasumi, 14 years old.
Left side text : Start of the long-awaited colossal new serialization!!

Look, she’s a lost cause that Kasumi…
Hiding herself once again and looking at something.
It must be something weird~~~~.

Kasuno Kasumi. TN : she makes a mistake on her name.

Metropolitan Area Private School, Middle Schooler : Haruno Kasumi (14).

As usual, you have a bad expression in your eyes,
Why are you hiding?
My name… isn’t Kasuno,
It’s Haruno…
What’s this!
Let’s see?
… “That’s it! Psychology.”
“The round about way to understand what HE thinks”…?

What the hell?
Are you interested in someone?
Eh~~~~?! Let me see, let me see.
Me too, me too.
“The 20 secrets on drawing out the favors of your chosen one?! ”
It talks about “The surefire way to sleep over at his house”,
Kasumi was reading that?
Wooow~~ It’s so interesting~~.
They’re the worst…
Serina… Too shameless, 30 points.
Lola… Too cocky, 25 points.
Mana… no delicacy, 20 points.

It looks interesting so I’m borrowing it,
Is it alright?
The super S, Sado-san.
Cute, stylish, popular,
Outward appearance, 80 points.
From my point of view, with her awful personality, 15 points.
Still, she manages to skillfully hide it from the boys and the teachers,
So after all, I guess she deserves the 80 points.
All of them is getting on my nerves,
It’d be great if they could die…

It’s the CD you lent me…
Thank you.
Emi, always smiling
Kind, with whom I can talk of anything. She’s my only friend, 90 points.
Even so she’s in a different classroom,
She’s the only one
I get along well with.

C’mo~~~n, hurry up and get to your seats.
Damn… the teacher is here.
See you later, Kasumi.
Don’t bring such things with you to school,
I’m confiscating it.
Look like…
It’s minus 20 points for all of them.

He might be a bit plain, but I secretly think he’s awesome.
This is Muteki, written with the characters for courage.
This is commonly seen in popular storyboard but…
Him being a sportsman makes him my favorite among the boys,
From a girl point of view this shouldn’t matter but it’s really great!!
In all honestly, he gets a loveably 99 points.

In comparison…
I don’t even possess any redeeming feature and I have a bad expression to my eyes making me look like a rebellious woman…
My existence is like that of scum, left in a corner of the classroom…
I hate it… 20 points.
Taking into account the fact that I seem to still be growing… 35 points.
Muteki is just sooo radiant~~~~.

East Europa, Miraberg Republic

Am I being followed…?

Please return
The relics of the Queen…
Crap… Of all things for me
To get found out by the Virgin…

You don’t seem to be carrying the relics…
I’m sure you were carrying until a while ago…
Yet their response disappeared.
Did you let go of then somewhere along the way?
I totally failed to notice…
Come to think of it, before…
Did you send off the relics somewhere?!

I guess it’s fine then…
I acknowledge the fact that you have no intention of telling me where they are,
Thus, continuing that conversation any further would simply be a waste of time…

I’ll now be proceeding with your disposal.


I’m home Big Lucce.
What’s wrong?
Did you not receive your meal?
Is it good?
Big Lucce.

Hmm… Hmmmm…

Mom… 5 points,
Doesn’t care about the home,
She’s also unable to keep a long-lasting job and keeps going barhopping every night.
She always drinks until morning then sleeps until evening.
The house smells of alcohol and tobacco…
I’ve had my fill already.
We haven’t had anything but rice to eat for a while,
She has a super laissez-faire attitude.

Dad is gone,
Before I entered middle school he went missing overseas.
Somehow… I feel that just about everything
Started spiraling downhill from then on.
With such a family, it’d have been normal for me to go out and then stray from the path,
However… Even if I happened to have a talent in straying from the right path,
I’m fundamentally weak-hearted,
So it’d be absolutely impossible for me to get along well with other and act like a delinquent outside!!
So I keep on shutting myself away in my room…

Oh, you’re already back, Kasumi?
Early this morning, a package that was addressed to you arrived
Right when I was falling asleep. - What a pain.
Seems like
It’s from overseas.
Did you order something strange through mail order?
What can it be?

Miraberg…? It’s my first time hearing of this country…
The name of the sender isn’t even written.
Don’t tell me it’s a bomb!?
I can’t think of any people for whom it’d be advantageous to have me killed…
Well… I don’t think this is the place where I’ll have
To say my farewell to this world.

What’s this…?
A mirror…?
It looks considerably antique…
Here is a ring…
What a small ring~~.
It fits perfectly on my pinky.

Heh Heh… (heart insert)
Huh…? It seems there is something else.
It’s from dad!!

That package…
I let you take care of Dolucce~~.

Ex…cuse… me, could… we talk for a bit?
I am looking for someone,
So could you let me enter in that building?
Who the hell are you?
I don’t have any reason to let you in!!
Are you straight in your mind?!
Wait!! Now you’re running away?!
Someone help me get him————!!

The following day——.
Really~~~~~~, it’s from your dad?
But didn’t he go missing?
Well, that’s right but…
It came together with a scrap of paper that looked like a memo.
“Dear Kasumi, from your father with love.” was written on it.
I don’t understand anything more than that.
Ah… This is so cute.
I know right, it was included in the package too…

For example, if it were to get stuck and you couldn’t remove it anymore,
In that case you’d have to apply some soap on it and get it out slowly.
Is that so?
… But somehow, this mirror…
Every time I look at it, it makes me all giddy…
Eh…? You too?
Isn’t it
Because it’s an old mirror so it must be bended, right?
I’s the same for me too, every time I look at it…
My head…

What’s wrong?
Just now…
Did it smile?
Hmph (heart insert)
It really did smile.
Look, look, look. Just now, inside …
Someone looked at me and smiled!!
Eh~~? Nonsense…

What? Seems like you brought something weird once again, didn’t Kasumi?
She’s only spouting strange things,
She said she saw herself smile from inside the mirror.
I’m telling you it’s true!!
What? All I see is you making a fuss over something idiot.
Give it to me.
Now matter how I look…
I don’t see anything strange with it.
So it’s not true after all,
Every time I look at it
Even though I’ve been looking at it all the while…
Wait! In that case you should keep watching a little longer…

I always get this feeling from you Kasumi,
It always feels like you’re lying…
Did you know? That this
Is called mythomania?
It’s not a lie!!
Like I’d want to lie!!
After all, this is…
This is a present I received from my long time missing dad.

What in the seven hells are you doing,

A good-for-nothing Kasumi, a useless Kasumi;
If you think of yourself that way then——,
Let’s switch places!!

Is something wrong?
Ah… Muteki,
It’s nothing worth worrying about.
Sorry, did we trouble you?


Why ~~the hell
Did I keep enduring your insults until now?
I’d have been better if I had retorted sooner.
Ka… Kasumi?
Y… Yes!?
I.… love you,
How do you fell about me…?

Let me ask you again,
How do you feel about me?
Tell me, do you love me…
Or not?
R.… right,
If I had to say… I guess I love you.
Really… that makes me happy.

[Kiss Scene]

Narita Airport, Arrival Lobby.
You did great meeting her, // Did you gather anything from that?
Yes… // Mr. Samuel.
I managed to see the particular building where the target lives.
Well done, Michael.
It might be abrupt but let’s head over there to retrieve the relics of the Queen.
Is that alright with you, Rebecca?
Yes… Master.
Insert : The cost of the awakening is an even more dreadful retribution…!?
[La Vie en Doll] Doll 01 / End. Next X (Kai). Next chapter will be published in the August issue! On sale on July 10th.

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