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World Trigger 25

Jin Yuuichi ③

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 18, 2013 14:15 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 25

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 25 : Jin Yuuichi ③]

Today too, my best was getting 3 wins and 7 losses, huh……?
There is a wall right before the 4th win.
Left : Training continues at Tamakoma’s——
『World Trigger』
You’re not the only one whose skill has increased.
I see.
Taking 3 wins from Superior Konami is already quite the feat, you know.
How about a fight against me, Superior Torimaru?
Not now.
Why does Torimaru get the respect he deserves straight from the beginning!?
How can your partner get stronger?
My hands are full thinking about that right now.

Hang in there Osamu!
The goal is close!
When fighting with the trion body, it’s not that much about physical strength but,
More abut the control of the trion body that gives off a “feeling” that you’re moving your body.
If you manage to comprehend this “feeling of motion”,
You’ll be able to move even better than before using the trion body.
Take the training of your body seriously.
Yes sir!
Haa…… Wheeze……
Don’t die on us! Osamu!
Come to think of it,
Recently, Jin hasn’t been here at all.
He told me he had things to do.

At any rate, he must be moving stealthily behind our backs again,
After all what he likes most are “secret maneuvers”.
Left : Jin, beating the Headquarters to the punch!!
☆ A large additional printing is under way!! Comics Volume 1 is on sale!! The long-awaited Volume 2 is scheduled for release on 9/4 (Wed.)!!
Chapter 25 - [Jin Yuuichi ③]
Ashihara Daisuke

Oh, it’s been a while Jin,
Why are you here?
Yo’ Touma,
How is Fuushima doing?
Our Commanding Officer is currently down with seasickness.
Don’t jabber about unnecessary things, Touma.
For you to have lied in wait for us here
Means you also know what our intentions are, right?
You’ve come here to stand in the way the training of my Group Member, haven’t you?

Recently, our junior has been progressing well so,
I’d like you not to bother him.
……You knew I’d say that, right?
I have no other choice then.
As a talented elite,
I have to protect my cute junior.

What’s with you, Jin? You’re unusually fired up.
Hey, hey. What’s with this?
Is this turning into a battle against Jin?
“Except for sham battles, fights between fellow Border Group Members are strictly forbidden”.
Are you prepared to receive a severe punishment for this violation on the Units Duty Regulation,

If you want to use this argument, then I’ll say that my junior is a legitimate Border Group Member.
In that case, what you’re about to do can also be considered a rule violation,
Did you say that “he is a legitimate Border Group Member”……?!
Don’t fuck with me! You’re only sheltering a Neighbor, dammit!!
There isn’t a rule saying it’s forbidden for Neighbor to enlist though.
By enlisting via the legal process, he’s become an authentic Border Group Member.
No one has the right to utter any complaints about this.

You’re wrong, Jin.
You’re junior still isn’t an authentic Group Member.
Even though the enlisting legal process has ended at Tamakoma’s,
Until he is accepted at the Official Enlistment Day,
He’ll not be recognized as a Border Group Member by the Headquarters.
For us, your junior is only
An unauthorized Neighbor and that until January 8th comes.
As such, there wouldn’t be any problem for us if we were to kill him, you know.

That right now made me understand
Why I don’t really like Tachikawa……
For some reason, I feel like his methods resemble
Those of Jin……
Stay out of our way, Jin.
You have no right to dispute this decision,
We’ll now be resuming our mission.

Even if we set the crumbling of the power balance between the Branch and the Headquarters aside,
The circumstances are that Border doesn’t have any reason to leave
The Neighbor possessing the Black Trigger at large.
No matter the means used,
Commander Kido wants to put this Black Trigger of Tamakoma’s under the control of the Headquarters.
The difference will only reside in whether Tamakoma chooses to oppose it.
You letting us pass through here would be best for each other.
……Also, should the fact that you’re using the Black Trigger
Mean that you intend to fight against the Headquarters, don’t you?

Mr. Kido might have his reasons but we have some too.
For you, this is but a mere Black Trigger,
However, for the original owner, this is something that is even more important that his life.
I don’t really intend on fighting but,
I can’t let you through here obediently.

So in the end you choose to oppose us, huh……?
You obviously know this but,
We were chosen to be part of the Expedition Force,
Meaning we were the only unit that was judge able to oppose a Black Trigger.
Right now, the people you are opposing
Are us, not other people.
Do you have confidence you can win by yourself?
I did not come here being conceited,
I’m well aware of the strength of the Expedition Force.
What’s more, the A-Class Miwa’s Unit is present.
Even if I use the Black Trigger I’d probably be able to hold out fine for five minutes tops.

That is to say
“If I were by myself”.

Arashiyama’s Unit has arrived.
We’ve come here on General Manager Shinoda’s order
To act as reinforcements to the Tamakoma’s Branch!
Arashiyama’s Unit……?!

You’re joining hands with General Manager Shinoda’s faction……!
We’re late it seems, Jin.
No, perfect timing, Arashiyama.
You’re a great help.
I heard it’d be for Mikumo’s team,
And we owe him a large debt.
Are you also here for the four-eyes, Kitora?
I’m here only because this was an order.

Now that Arashiyama and his crew are here,
It’s obvious the victory will go to us.
My side effect tells me so.
I don’t really want to get into a quarrel with the Headquarters,
So I’d be really pleased if you decided to fall back,
I get it,
Your side effect is the “vision on the future”, right?
It’s been a while since I haven’t seen you get serious,

I’ve always really wanted
To overturn your foresight.

Good grief,
I knew you’d say that.
Towards a serious battle between fellow Border Members!!
World Trigger …Chapter 25 / End.
Next issue, Jin & Arashiyama’s Unit join forces!! The greatest battle is dawning!!

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#1. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2013
Thanks as always and it should be unit in last line

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