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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

World Trigger 26

Arashiyama’s Unit ②

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 18, 2013 14:31 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 26 : Arashiyama’s Unit ②]

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Chapter 26 : “Arashiyama’s Unit ②”
Left : Carefree time at Tamakoma’s…
Now then,
I’ll be doing a light explanation on the trigger of Border.
Thank you.
Look, this is how a trigger from Border is inside.
Ashihara Daisuke

These little chips are what you can call the “triggers”
Deciding what appearance to shape the trion of the user with when it gets outside.
Trigger come with a set of 8 chips total,
Enabling to switch over from defense to offense in battle.
Here, this side is the main trigger, for the dominant hand.
This one is the sub trigger for the opposite hand.
It’s possible to use 2 trigger with both hands.
Hmph, hmph.
It’s possible to do much more using a combination.
Then firstly,
Let’s look from the point of view of the attacker trigger that Yuuma uses.

The speed type attackers often use a lightweight blade,
Called “Scorpion”.

It enables them to freely take it in or out and they absolutely don’t weigh anything,
The blade can also be summoned from anywhere, not necessarily from the hand.
As for the control of the trion,
The blade shape and length can also be changed.
As it has low stamina and it’s pretty easy for a defensive long sword to snap.
When in defense, this trigger is pretty weak.

The most popular all-purpose blade,
Called “Kogetsu”. TN: Fox moon.
Contrary to “scorpion”, it cannot be taken in or out freely,
It has fairly high weigh, and its shape and length cannot be change but,
A high level of balance between offensive ability and stamina can be attained.
Its coordination ability undoubtedly make it a masterclass trigger.

Concerning the trion consumption,
When using this trigger dedicated option
It becomes possible to attack momentously.

As expected of Jin to choose such an unfavorable terrain.
I can’t even find an acceptable line of fire at all.

It’s too much for me to kill 4 people who are united.
Also, Jin still hasn’t even fired his “wind blade*” even once. TN : Fuujin.
He seems to be reserving his trion.
Where is the Arashiyama’s Unit sniper?
He must be trying to seize our movements……
It seems I’m never in time……
Mr. Kazama,
Ignore them,
Shouldn’t we obtain the Black Trigger instead?
Even if only our unit goes?
Kazuma’s Unit, attacker. - Kikuchihara Shirou (16).

Kizaki and others are at Tamakoma’s.
It’d be dangerous for us to disperse our offensive power here.
I see…… Copy that.
Aren’t Yoneya and Kodera here yet?
They’ll join us soon.
Yes, yes.
I together with Kazuma’s Unit and three snipers
Will be making a general offensive on Jin to bring him down.
Team up wuth Miwa and Yoneya to stop Arashiyama’s unit in its tracks.

That the Tamakoma and Shinoda Factions have joined hands means that
With the two black trigger and one third of the Headquarters Group Members,
By having more war potential they completely exceed us.
The urgency to usurp the Black Trigger has increased,
Failure will not be allowed, Miwa.
Understood, Kazuma.
……Next let’s separate here.

What do we do about this situation?
It’s not really a problem,
It puts me at ease just knowing that you’ll be in charge.
I’d be really pleased if Kazuma went there but,
It’s seems he’ll be coming here.
His role must be to stop our unit movements,
There’ll be probably be Miwa’s Unit too.
There will be Superior Miwa’s “red barette”. TN : lead bullet, probably referring to a sniper.
They might as well
Be trying to split then.
Won’t it be bad if our forces are incited in?
That’s right,
Let’s coordinate our ideas and then ambush them.

Oh, here they are.
Beat then smartly, Arayashima.
Right back at you, Jin.

Arashiyama’s Unit……
Why have you joined forces with Tamakoma?
What does Tamakoma plan to do using a Neighbor?
I honestly don’t know of Tamakoma’s aim.
I only heard about this situation from Jin.
What did you say……?!
It’s usually impossible for a Neighbor to enlist in Border.
But even so there are a lots of reasons for this,
Jin isn’t a man that does things without meaning.
Are you sticking up for a Neighbor only for such an ambiguous reason?!
Even so the elimination of Neighbor is Border’s duty!!

I know why you hate the Neighbor.
I’m not saying you should cast aside your grudge,
You’re doing this the wrong way, just like humans do when waging war.
If you won’t understand we’ll substitute with Jin
In being your opponents until we are satisfied with your answer.

If you’re feeling like fighting, let’s quickly start then.
Let’s solve this here quickly,
After all we have to backup Mr. Tachikawa.
Superior Izumi……
He’s taken a fighting pose!


……There you are,
Found you Satori.
Nooo! He lured me in!
He pretended to be on full attack while he was on full guard!
As ever, Superior Izumi seems so despicable!
A-Class Rank 5, Arashiyama’s Unit - Sniper - Satori Ken (16).
Dispose of that sniper.
I’ll cover him.


Hey, honor student.
Is it alright for you to enter people’s home like you please?
Well, you broke the window, didn’t you?
Left : A-Class Rank 7 vs A-Class Rank 5!! Heated battle!!
World Trigger
…Chapter 26 / End.

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#1. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Aug 18, 2013
#2. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2013
Are you sure it is three snipers on page 09 ? and you used Kazama instead of Kazuma earlier and it should be with on page 09
#3. by vinceled ()
Posted on Aug 26, 2013
Yes its three snipers.

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