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Mutou Black 2

Palm (of the hand)

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 18, 2013 15:43 | Go to Mutou Black

-> RTS Page for Mutou Black 2

[Mutou Black - Nonoue Daijirou]

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[Mutou Black - Chapter 2 : Palm (of the hand) ]

In yellow : A pledge to the moon,
A vow to protect!!
Left top corner in blue : Chapter 2 : Palm (of the hand)
New serialization second installment extented to a grand 25 pages!!
Mutou Black
Nonoue Daijirou

Insert : Concealed, stifled laughs...
On plate : Kurotsuki Ryuu Aiki Jujutsu Dojo
Scraaaam!! You braaats!!
*LAUGH* x2
You’re also a kid though, Tsugu.

Old man Yabu...
Yuki-san… It’s true that Tsugu enlisted here and that makes only two people here but...
*DRIP* x3
Did you really think that I’d be enough for your dojo?
Moreover, I’ve been hearing a strange rumor lately,
Do you know about it?
「There are two monsters with strange hair in the Kurotsuki School.」
This place is also known as
The place where「monsters walk only on their knees」.
Look at what you did, it’s all your fault you disheveled bastard.

... It’s probably because since I’ve become a disciple here, he’s only made me do weird moves in training.
Truth is, I didn’t even want to do them,
But, as a beginner disciple, I had to endure.
...Well, I think you’d understand better if you could see for yourself, wouldn’t you?
Look at this!!! Do you see the face the old man is making!!?
N...no, it’s not what you think!! Tsuguharu!! Yabu-san!!! These movements are the essential foundation of the Kurotsuki School!!!!

Shut up!!
I really don’t want to do these!!
I’m really not pleased with what you’ve been making me do!!
Only weak people go down on their knees when it’s time to fight!!
I won’t do any training that makes me look like a loser!!!
...At least, in concern to your technique and skill, I don’t doubt them at all.
You even went as far as defeating the Ittou School to save Tsugu.
Still, society doesn’t think the same way as I do,
This is what probably gave birth to this gossip.
Somehow, I’ve also gotten to know your true personality......

...What’s with all this racket?
Ooh!? Master Yabu.

Well, this is a restaurant where
Four dirty-looking vagabond entered.
They are destitute samurai who were rejected by the country and there has been rumors about them having a 「change of rank」. Author note : Social position given by the shogunate, as a punishment you could de deprived of your territory.
Unable to order nothing but the pettiest things, even after they’d finished eating their stomach started rumbling again ...
Hearing this, one guest couldn’t resist and burst into laughter.
That was the trigger that made others follow and soon everyone in the room was laughing.
...Then, one of the people in the group
Drew his sword.
Fortunately, no one has been killed yet but,
As for the four people, they took the waitress in hostage and barricaded themselves in the shop.
I really wonder what they could be doing right about now.

Hey, Mr......
*SHWIP* x2
This has gone far enough!!
Sheathe your swords right now!!
Who the heck are you?
I’m the Kurotsuki School Aiki Jujutsu Instructor,
Kurotsuki Yukiji.

H...hey, is it “it”...
You know...the rumored “people with knees only”, right?
Idiot!! It’s the “monsters walking on their knees only”!!
Indeed, this is a good opportunity to make the Kurotsuki School more well known.
...What do you think Tsugu?
...That’s right.
What he did just now... He didn’t even stop to think of what the consequences for his actions could be.
He plunged in the fray without thinking about it!!
I don’t care about any of that!!!
Why the hell did you come here for!!
...I came
To talk with you.
I was rejected by the country and have had the same change in rank as you,
As a samurai you should understand what I’m talking about.

...Is that so.
Then you understand too, right?
Indeed, what were doing now won’t get us anywhere except transform us into simple brigands...
Our clothes are all tattered and we spent most of our traveling expenses because we went out of our country, while looking for a new government job,
...However, warriors will stay warriors until the end.
*PEEK* x2
Even though we don’t get anything, and our clothes are in pieces,
We don’t intend to be treated as losers!!

That’s why we decided to do this,
If we let the likes of these merchant hurt our solemnity as warriors...
It’d be like letting ourself get killed without uttering a complaint...!!!
Are you saying you understand all of that, Mister…?
I don’t understand.
I really don’t think the people you are right now
Have the right to call yourselves warriors.
What the heck,
What the hell are you saying, you bastard...
Then, what do you believe warriors are...

What do you think they are, dammit!!!
------Eh! That idiot, does he really intend to stay sited...
What the heck does he think he can do from this posture!?

Did you think we’d forgive you even if you didn’t oppose us now!?
It’s too late for that!!!
So that’s it!!
You better look well, Tsugu.
Indoors, stable footholds are rare since there are many obstacles...
It isn’t a good idea to try and fill in the distance between your opponent while walking carelessly.

Also, even if by any chance you manage to secure a foothold, getting in position with your weapon is not something that can easily be done,
That’s why...
In order to get the most power out of your weapon, it has to be held aloft.

Just like that.
At first… Even I was bewildered when seeing this stance but this has me convinced.
Sitting while being empty-handed... I’m certain of it.
It’s safe to assume the Kurotsuki Scool is a martial arts that shows its best in indoor fights.

Also, I think that the basis of this battle principles
Are probably these weird movements.
I see. I see.
Originally, a master warrior passes audiences with a lord and is used on occasion as the lord’s property...
Until the property’s maneuverability reaches its limits.

Kurotsuki School Forward-Sliding Move on the Knees--------- TN : Kurotsuki Ryuu Shikkou.

Do you still see it as a loser’s technique, Tsugu?
I won’t see even if you decide to bear the utility of this technique in mind still but...
Going as far as confronting enemies and driving them away using the same level of respect a lord would
Is exactly the dreamed technique Yuki wanted, you know...

Until now.........
You’ve used these hands for your country...
For your lord,
For the things you wanted to protect,
You shed blood, sweat and tears for these things.
I too was discarded by my country...
The hardships you’ve had to endure... Your afflictions,
I can understand how much it hurts.
Still, it’s exactly because of that...
That I can’t understand your actions today.

You are only vagabonds when you use power to protect yourself,
You can only be called a warrior when you decided to protect others because you have power!!!!


I think we all believe that considering what happened today that they should be taken into custody,
As such I, Yabu Osamu will take them under my custody.

I’m indebted to you.

Master!! We could hear your assertive words even though we were outside!!
I was really impressed by what you said!!
I have a different impression from you now, shaggy haired master!!
You’re really awesome!!
You’re just like a real samurai!!
Let me treat you to a drink!!
Tell us, shaggy haired old man,
We also want to learn how to move on our knees only.
So you know, it’s not walking on one’s knees only!!
It’s called a “forward-sliding move on the knees”, a technique originating from a high class warrior’s manners!!
That’s how you should call it from now, brats!!

It’s seems as the heir, you need to be reminded you’re still a kid...
What’s more, you’ve been criticizing it pretty harshly up to now...
Shut up, you blubberer shaggy haired bastard!!
Good grief...
His great efforts brought forth a big popularity!!
Mutou Black ... Second Chapter / End.
Next issue, a challenger comes to the dojo...!? Chapter extended to 23 pages for the necessary fierce fighting to come!!

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