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World Trigger 27

Tachikawa Kei

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Aug 22, 2013 16:57 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 27

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 27 : Tachikawa Kei]

The battle continues with the chapter ending in a really nice way. Next week there will be a center color. I think it'll also come back to the fight between Kitora and Yoneya.

Crossing swords!!
『World Trigger』


Narasaka, that didn’t get him!
It’s fine, just shut up and shoot.
Jin has a side effect for foresight,
So it can’t be helped if he sees our attacks coming.
We’re not aiming to hit him, just trying to seal his movements by shooting.
We’ll surpass his ability to cope using the density of our attacks.

Touma, how about your get moving too?
Could I shoot even if I missed out my bullets,
Could my sniper’s pride really allow this?
“It can’t be helped if he sees our attacks coming”?
It’s because you always think like that, that you’ll forever be number 2.
With that said, I’m off to meet with Miwa and the others.
I’ll leave Jin to you guys.
…What did you say?!
Leave him be Narasaka,
He’ll indeed be most useful as a piece over there.
Still, it’d be troubling if you were to leave too.

☆ Comics Volume 2 will on on sale on 9/4 (Wed.)!! Osamu will be on the cover!! Volume 1 is also on sale after a large additional printing!!
Right Boxes :
[Jin vs Tachikawa / 3 members of Kazama’s Unit / Narasaka & Kodera.
Touma (on the move)
Arashiyama / Tokieda vs Miwa / Izumi.]
Left Boxes :
[Kitora vs Yoneya
Satori (on the move)]
Insert : A scattered front!!
Ashihara Daisuke
Chapter 27 - “Tachikawa Kei”
He’s stepping back more and more
Despite having a Black Trigger.
It’s a natural behavior preventing us from surrounding him.

You’re not projecting it,
How this amorous piece will get devoured.
Still, what should we do?
At this rate, we’ll end up outside of the Danger Zone…
Don’t worry,
Jin will never expose the citizens to danger.
It’s true he’s being too passive,
What is he planning…?

“Kogetsu” or
Which should I choose?
There is one more trigger for attackers, right?
The blade Osamu uses.
That’s right, it’s called “Ray-gust”.
What differs in “Ray-gust” compared to the two others is that
It’s a defensive trigger.
Its blade can be transformed, much like for “Scorpion”,
And in exchange for having low offensive power, it possesses high stamina and even includes a shield mode.

So it had such a function…
However, its blade is really heavy.
Attackers fundamentally like to go on attack so,
It isn’t as popular as the other too.
But, “Ray-gust” is also perfect for strong people,
Much like our member, Reiji.
Oh, Mr. Reiji, huh?
Hmph, hmph. I see.
… “Kogestsu” being the most popular must mean that
The best ranked at the Headquarters use it too, right?
For example, Headquarters top Tachikawa uses it.
He was Jin’s rival.

He was Jin’s rival…!
Which of them was stronger?
Several years ago,
“Kogetsu” wasn’t the most favored among the trigger for attackers.

Back then, Jin and Tachikawa were
Respectively ranked 1st and 2nd in the individual competition but,
Jin said “With Kogetsu, I absolutely can’t win against Tachikawa”.
As such, together with engineers he built a brand new trigger, “Scorpion”.
So Jin made this, huh?
He had to go that far…?!
From the time he started to use it, they became equally matched in fights but,

In term of total achievements,
It’s a quite the loss for Tachikawa.
What’s wrong, Jin?
Why aren’t you using “Kogetsu”?
What are you planning?
That he “was” his rival means that…
It’s not the same anymore, right?
It comes from when Jin started using the Black Trigger.

The Black Trigger usually cannot be used if there isn’t a good affinity between the people,
And the one Jin is currently was the trigger everyone desired.
With no less than 20 people people who could activate it at the time,
There had to be a competition between all the candidates.
Back then, Jin beat out all competition achieving
Complete victory in the blink of an eye.

That means, Tachikawa settled his dispute with him at the time, right?
He didn’t even participate in the competition.
He wasn’t compatible with the Black Trigger.
That’s why even right now,
Their dispute still isn’t settled.

You’re being quite passive, Jin.
You emitted more pressure in your former days.
He isn’t even fighting fair-and-square,
He’s simply stalling for time.
As we speak, the Tamakoma’s members are certainly running away along with the Neighbor.
Jin is devoting all his attention to protect himself by using his foresight.
Micro flashback : At this rate, we’ll end up outside of the Danger Zone…
Micro flashback 2 partly hidden : He’s stepping back more and more.
He’s making us deplete our trion.

His aim is to
Get us to withdraw by having us run out of trion.
Ah ah…
…I understand,
You’re dead set on making us go back, aren’t you?
Instead of “crushing” us you prefer to have us “withdraw” it seems but,
It’ll only be the short end in the friction with the Headquarters.
He has enough room to spare to worry about a settlement while fighting.

Why have Mr. Kazuma and the others stopped attacking him…?
“He’s planning to have us run out of trion…?”
They’re only overestimating him. Isn’t he only running from one place to another?
Sure, he was at the training before the expedition and I only fought with him several times but,
I didn’t find him to be that strong…
If the “OK” is given to strike him simultaneously, it’ll all be settled right here.
Mr. Kazuma,
After all, we should just ignore him and proceed to Tamakoma’s.
Our target is Tamakoma’s Black Trigger,
Chasing him around is only a waste of time.
I see… This is the sealing hand by Jin’s “escape”, huh?
…Indeed, even if we continue fighting, we’ll make no progress.

Let’s head to Tamakoma’s.
Good grief…
I knew it’d turn out like this.

Fighting body, activity limit reached,
Bail out.
You took it out, huh? The “wind blade”. TN : Fuujin
I don’t have a choice,
But to go with plan B it seems.
Insert : Displaying the Black Trigger Real Ability!!
World Trigger …Chapter 27 / End.
Next issue, center color as thanks for the popularity and for Comics Volume 2 going on sale!!

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#1. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2013
wow vince the raws arent even out yet, will you be getting them out this fast from now on
#2. by vinceled ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2013
As long as the chapters continue being that interesting I really might. Though it'll also depend of my university schedule later.
#3. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Aug 22, 2013
ok cool.....thanks for all your work
#4. by Isabells ()
Posted on Aug 23, 2013
Ya this is amazing. I got excited thinking the RAW is out, but I can only find up to 26. I guess you got hook ups we can't even imagine. Thanks so much. :D This is seriously my favorite series right now. And I really hate reading manga that have fewer than 100 chapters out. So you're really helping to alleviate my frustration.

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