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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Hachi 1

Awakened Being

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Sep 12, 2013 21:37 | Go to Hachi

-> RTS Page for Hachi 1


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Alright, finally got this done. Took me 6hours+ for a final script of 3000+ words. Quite a lot if you ask me.
Anyway about that series, let's see how it goes. Doubt it'll go past 20 but I could be wrong.

Reserved for both English and French scanlations.

[HACHI - Chapter 1 : Awakened Being]
P01 (Cover)
New serializations, first new series!!!
Advancing against everything,
That is tainted by darkness darkness——.
Opening Color, 54 Pages!!

Uwoo! What a delicious smell,
Ah it stinks!! Is this perfume?
Yeah, that’s it. The good smell of grass.
On bubble SFX : Sniff, Sniff.
What’s more, the bittersweet smell of this tomato juice I’m drinking.
On bubble side : Great.
Today too, Tokyo is filled with all kind of smells!
YOSHIYUKI Nishi returns to serialization!! “HACHI”
…It’s so quiet.
In bubble SFX : boing
Insert : Tokyo, beautiful and fragrant city——.

They’re growing again,
My dog hair.
New Serialization, Opening color 54 Pages!!
Chapter 1 - Awakened Being
☆ Breaking common sense!! Shaking hearts and souls!! The first ultra-grand new serialization of Fall!!
He feels it
The titanic destiny awaiting him——.
The manga continues on page 23!!

Insert : a resounding assembly place!!
What did you say?!
What are you talking about?!
Get out you occult woman!
You watched too many movies!
A certain hall in the Setagaya ward. “Liaison Conference on International Crime” (Informal).
Are you saying mutants exist?!
Thoughts near man : What a babe.
Mr. Gen, this scientist will get herself pegged out.
Shh, let’s hear her out anyway, Yamada…!
Everyone, please consider the rational possibility for this.
Recently in Tokyo, serials murders have occurred in rapid succession.
SFX in bubble : LIGHT - BEEP - LIGHT

Pretty much all of these have been “bloodsucking murders”,
This is how it is.
All the victims have been drained from their whole blood,
And evidence of feathers and fangs was found at the scene of the crime,
As well as animal prints and scales…
This lead the Police to conclude it was only a case of animal violence,
However, this isn’t it.
The results I obtained from the DNA analysis of the animal footprints, proved it is
99% human!!!
Even as we speak, the number of mutants is increasing.

There is only one thing we can do,
Ah, Mr. Gen!
That is to discover from the early stages the humans showing these rogue symptoms.
That’s why I ask of you, Police officials to please help me to be
On the lookout for people that suddenly find themselves with great ability
Or for people that find themselves in a poor conditions for an unknown reason
And even possibly people that possess keen senses——.
Shinjuku Established Fourth Middle School.
Listen, Hachi!!
Sign : Staff Room
You climbed the rooftop tank again, didn’t you!
Inugami Hachi (14). TN : pretty well done his name his composed of the kanji for “dog” and “god”.
Well, it’s feel great up there~~.
Are these your 3 choices for next year?!
So, what about them?

This isn’t good at all,
Paper : Inugami Hachi - ① Hero!! ② A super cool hero!
You plan to be a “hero”??
For you to write that means you watched too many movies, didn’t you?
You’re not a kid anymore…
You should at least study a little~~
In bubble SFX : Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff.
Chikuwa* and mozuku vinegar*, TN : a hollow tube-like fish cake, boiled and mostly broiled and for the later type of edible algae served in vinegar.
In bubble SFX : sniff…
What you can find in yakitori*——. TN : a Japanese dish of chicken pieces grilled on a skewer.
I bet you drank sochu this morning!! TN : Japanese liquor similar to vodka

How do you know about this…?!
Insert : Cold stare from his fellow teachers
It’s not what you think…!
Nuts to you, drunkard teacher.
I’ll remember this, Hachiiii.
Hah Hah Hah.
I won’t let anyone belittle my dream——
Give your hand.

Hello, Hachi!!
Tetsukawa Makoto (14)
It’s no good to run in the hallway—— (note insert)
I keep telling you to stop stopping me with your hand.
I heard you were called to the staff room, what was it for?
No biggie~~
In bubble SFX : Rustle, rustle.
What? It looks like the class is in an uproar.
Looks like it.

Is something wrong?
It’s terrible Tekkin, look at this!!
The mysterious prophet has guessed right all of the lunch boxes contents for the class!!
On board : Nostrahachis’ great predictions.
He wrote them all over the blackboard!!
What’s with that prank…?
Awesome, he got all of them right!!
Who can he be? Nostra… Hachis?
Indeed who was it, huh?
Huh huh.
Don’t tell you did——

Hachi’s gone.
Hah Hah Hah
In bubble SFX : RUN RUN RUN
In bubble SFX : BAM
In bubble SFX : SMASH
Ah, look on the rooftop,
Someone’s there.
Huh huh huh…
I’m Nostrahachis
Heh heh heh, I bet you’re surprised!!

I thought it was you…
Hachi did it.
If we’re talking about him then
It’s likely to be the strange effect of his nose?! He’s like a dog.
I get it, he must have guessed the lunch boxes contents through the smell.
He’s really like a dog…
He never changes, he’s quite the prankster, that Hachi.
Alright, alright.
Him again, huh…
I’ve lost all interest~~.
That midget really is getting on my nerves~~
He’s like an idiot that keeps doing pranks.
He’d have been great if he could have repeated elementary school. - Hah Hah Hah.
Still, the main enigma is a guy like him was friends with our madonna Tetsukawa.
Stop it.

Oh, what’s wrong Tachikawa?
I was just saying how you were childhood friends with Hachi.
Apologize to Hachi!!
In bubble SFX : GRAB
You got angry just for this?!
He was spouting nonsense and wouldn’t stop talking about us being childhood friends.
It was idiotic to get mad at him especially since he was right on the money.
In bubble SFX : SIP
I don’t think so——
…What are you drinking?
Insert : ¥100 please.
Insert above bubble : Don’t have anything.
Tomato juice?
Yeah, it’s really cheap here in the Tokyo borders! Because of abundant harvest of the vegetable it’s really tasty.

Talking about vegetation, I heard in the news that it’s been increasing in Tokyo——
Hey, Tetsukawa~~
Bwa hah hah!!
Look, the gracious flowers of my love.
Are you the President of Shinjuku Fourth’s novelist club?!
Stay here, Hachi!!
In bubble SFX : GRAB
Near bubble : Don’t walk off on people.
Gazing faithfully ↓
She’s received a lot recently~~ hasn’t she?
Confessions, that is.
——Even though
It felt only yesterday that she was a tomboy.
Insert on top of panel : Eh… it’s no good…?

Look Hachi, it’s a rare card.
Hachi (10) ⇩
Tekkin (10) ⇩
Bubble : Awesome!!
No matter how you look at it, she looked like a man during our elementary school days,
As childhood friends we played together every day.
Insert on top : Hachi, got anything?
What’s more I was
Insert : Do your best Hachi
In bubble SFX : Sniff, sniff
The smell comes from here!
Everyone and Tekkin’s hero.
Insert : Hachi’s so awesome
Thank you , Hachi…!!
As we became second years in middle school she suddenly grew taller,
Huh? Did you shrink?
You got taller, that’s all!
However, I’d say she still looked like a man back then.
I’m going overseas with my mother this summer
Hachi talking : Nice.
Takkin : So I won’t be able to play with you. - It’ll be so boring.

But by the time of the opening ceremony of the second semester,
Hey, Hachi.
It’s been a while!!
Oh this voice, it’s Tekkin——
I’m late.
She had
Tekkin : Uwaaaah.
Hachi : ——…Right.
Become a woman.
Who are you??
From then on, Tekkin became the idol of Shinjuku Fourth Middle School and
Insert : Do your best~~ Tetsukawa~~

Our differences quickly spread us appart.
Tekkin : Ah, he finally gave up~~!
Tekkin : Huh?
I’m far from being a hero.
It’s the end~~ I’m doomed~~ ¥100 please~~
Don’t have anything!!
I’ve turned into a useless man.
In bubble SFX : RUSTLE…
On Paper : Career Aspirations Survey - Inugami Hachi - ① Hero!! ② A super cool hero!
Ah, dammit all!!

In bubble SFX : STARTLE
In bubble SFX : SHUDDER
Blood, it reeks of blood!!
In bubble SFX : SNIFF, SNIFF
In bubble SFX : SNIFF, SNIFF
Where from?
Is it that Old man?!
No, it’s from farther away.
Is there one more scent mixed within it?
In bubble SFX : SNIFF
This is

A snake’s.
It’s the scent of a snake.
In bubble SFX : BOING
Why are the smell of blood and of a snake
Mixed together?
Narration : An apartment in Shinjuku.
The blockade of the whole apartment is complete.
How does the corpse look, Mr. Gen!!
Yeah, I’m 100% sure.

This is a bloodsucking
The victim died because of blood loss,
The blood was squeezed out, not even a drop remains.
Is this
The same situation we’ve encountered before?!
Yeah, we’ve found evidence of animal scales.
What kind of scales are they?

They’re from a reptile,
The sink was filled with them.
This was a locked room murder——
That means… the thing that did this entered through the water pipes——!!
Mr. Gen!! Can it be just like that scientist said, it’s a mutant—
Calm down, you greenhorn.
The Police will not believe in the occult.
I’m sorry… too many of these cases have been popping up recently…
It’s fine, how is the eyewitnesses testimony proceeding?
About that, for now there is only been one person… but I don’t know what to think about it’s viability.
What? Tell me more.

A middle-schooler brat tried to trespass onto the crime scene,
As I was in hurry I was about to simply kick him out but then
He said “it reeks of blood
And of a snake here”.
It must be about the scales,
But, can this possibly be “it”?
Talking of the smell of a snake…?
Be on the lookout for people possessing keen senses.
That brat, which middle school was he from?

His uniform was probably from Shinjuku Fourth——
Don’t tell me that middle schooler is “special”…?!
——…Calm down.
Yamada, he knows your face… I’ll be going alone.
Insert : The following day
Heh!! If you followed the trail of the smell of blood that means
You found out a scene of one of these bloodsucking murders that have been the talk of the town recently?!
Your nose is so awesome!
Well, the Police officer got mad at me though.
I’ve decided.
I’ll become the detective know as “Sherlock Hachimes”!!!
No wait, being a detective isn’t only about sniffing smells, you need deductive power!!

It’s no good if I’m stupid then…?
Yeah… certainly.
Near bubble : You can’t only have spirit only like for Nostrahachis.
Insert : Spirit
Hachi : Dammit.
Tekkin Insert : Uwaah, his spirit came out!!
Eehh~~!! You wanted to do it that much?
And I thought for sure I had come across a good discovery~~.
I found this rare detective novel in the library for this occasion.
You’re talking about a being hero detective… but
Do you want to become a hero?!!
What are you saying out of the blue~~?
This really disturbed you, huh…
Hey, it’s fine to tell me, right?
What kind of hero do you want to be?!
I’m not telling!!

Because, if I were to tell you
As you’re popular now you’d probably just laugh at me.
What’s wrong with you recently…? You also went home ahead of me yesterday.
I’m perfectly fine!! Anyway, aren’t you and that president seeing each other?!
You and that guy
Balance each well,
Besides, if you keep hanging with me, you’ll eventually get into a quarrel with him.
What the heck?

Why aren’t you calling me Tekkin…?
It’s really confusing me… seeing how everyone behavior around me has changed so swiftly.
I thought you’d be
The only one that wouldn’t ever change——.
Hey, wait——
You idiot!!
I hope you never become a hero even when you grow old and die!!!
Screw that!!
Dammit, that really hit the mark…!!
Was what I said really that awful?
She even got that mad——.
That’s it.

Are you telling me
She isn’t really happy that way?!
Was she that troubled?
I never even noticed!
Hey, I’m sorry Tekkin!!
I won’t call you Tetsukawa anymore.
She run really far, didn’t she.
Can’t be helped then. I’ll buy her that ice cream she likes so much as reconciliation.
What the heck, I stepped on something.
Is that a contact lens or something?

That’s not it…! I’ve seen that somewhere before——
In bubble SFX : SNIFF…
In bubble SFX : THUMP…
…This smell,
It’s the same that was on that snake scale back then!!
Wait, why the hell would such a thing
Be in the school…?!
I didn’t find anything. I’d better get home. - It’s too scary.
——…Someone help…

Did I hear someone just now?
In bubble SFX : DRIP…
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
What an amazing amount of blood…!!
Whose blood
Can it be——

Huh… eh?
Who are you, old man?!
Thank god, you found us…!!
Hurry up, get a teacher or someone to call for an ambulance!!
She suffered a fatal wound
While being on the rooftop!!
B-but, but——
I’m not someone suspicious,
I’m a detective!!
In bubble SFX : SLIP
A detective?!
What’s with that sign…

In bubble SFX : SMIRK
——What’s happening…?!
Sorry, have your limbs gone numb?
I’d like it better if we could talk quietly, “brother”…
A monster…!!!

Let’s talk here.
Tekkin : …Run… Away…
In bubble SFX : CHOKING…
Don’t worry about her,
She’s really tasty.
Only, I had to snitch a bite at her with my fingers!!
Tekkin : Ha…
Hah Hah Hah…
In bubble SFX (the 3 of them): DRIP
It can’t be…

In bubble SFX : GUSH, GUSH…!!
In bubble SFX : POP
In bubble SFX : POP
In bubble SFX : CRACKLE
What? Are you friends?
She’s dying, she’s loosing blood…
She’s s-s-starting to look like a dead tree.
Is that so, sorry about that then… Heh Heh.

Heh Heh Heh Heh Heh.
In bubble SFX : CRACKLE
In bubble SFX : CRACKLE
Hah hah!
A maiden’s blood really does its work! Bwa Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah.
In bubble SFX : FWISH
That aside, I was really surprised~~ when I heard a brat that had sniffed my serpent smell had appeared.
I couldn’t believe there was someone who possessed a nose that could act just like a powerful detector.
I… intuitively… knew,
That we were the same——

In bubble SFX : CRACKLE
I was so delighted,
I came to give my greetings…!!

It’s a monster
Why are so surprised?
Are you someone was hasn’t transformed even once and is in a perpetual half-awakened state…?!
Heh~~, I get it.
You can’t get enough of “that” tomato juice, can you?
You drink the tomato juice from the Tokyo Borders, don’t you?
It comes with a gimmick to it, you see.
Have you ever felt weird? For you it’d be something somewhere around
Your nose, or something.
You have, right?
In bubble SFX : THUMP
In bubble SFX : THUMP

In bubble SFX : THUMP
In bubble SFX : THUMP
It really is like that, heh heh heh…
In bubble SFX : THUMP
That shows you are the relative of a god,
You’re a “half”——…!!! TN : half written has semi-god.
What did he say…?!
Hah Hah Hah. C’mon stop shaking. Didn’t you have a slight idea?
That I’m—— I’m…

Us, “half” are now executing a huge plan in Tokyo,
The bloodsucking murders as well as the weird increase in vegetation are all side-effects to that but,
Helping our sleeping comrades to awake is also part of our missions.
That’s why the thing mixed in that tomato juice is sold for cheap… Heh Heh Heh.
Do you get it now…? TN : Can has “Fresh” written on it.
That’s the source of our existence for us “half”.
This ability to transform, the source for any legends creation by the fear of people——

It comes from
These piggies offering their raw blood, their heat source to us!!
This differentiates gods and humans.
In bubble SFX : CRACKLE
The law of the bloodsucking transformation!!!
By the way, I’m the sacred basilisk of legend possessing the “evil eye” of petrification!!

…With that said, it’s time
For you to decide.
Will you die here or choose to come to me?
What’s this!!
Look at this!
Awesome, there is something huge on the rooftop!
Damn, outsiders huh?
In bubble SFX : DROP
In bubble SFX : DROP
Argh, what’s with this hand!!
Hah Hah Hah, disappear you all.
Haa, Haa!!

C’mon… Tekkin…
Get… up. We’re running.
Even if… you tell me… to run away…
In bubble SFX : CRASH
C’mon, hurry up Tekkin.
I have to get you to the hospital.
In bubble SFX : SQUEEZE
Tell… me, do you remember?
How in the past I went missing…
During a trip in the mountain?

I’m so scared, I can’t stop shaking.
Weird, I’m sure she should have been around here…
Found you, Tekkin!!
And then you found me by following my smell.
Why are you suddenly recounting this old story…!
Look, for now let’s run away——
You are my hero, you know?
But… you’ve never…
Under… Stood.

My hero has always
Been you
No way,
Wake up.

Don’t die on me,
Insert : Aaaggghhhh
In bubble SFX : STICK
Human blood is the heat source.
You’re a relative of a god,
A half.
Just wait, Tekkin.
Save you in a flash——…!!
Now then,
I think it’s about time to finish this.
In bubble SFX : SMOKY
What’s with that smoke?

There is something small on the floor,
And it’s revolving——
Going to
I’m her

I’ll defeat you
And save Tekkin.

It’s c-c-c-c-crazy,
In that short a time, you managed to go from an half awakened state
To a complete awakening——
In bubble SFX : SWOOSH
What’s…. More….
Your appearance,
Is that of Hell watchdog!!
In bubble SFX : DROOL…

I did… it
Passing through!!
Ambulance passing through.
In bubble SFX : WEE— WOO—
In bubble SFX : WEE— WOO—
In bubble SFX : WEE— WOO—
Huh…? Where am I…
You’ve finally come to, huh.
You’re in an ambulance.

About Te-tekkin?
Your friend is also in another one, her life isn’t in danger.
Thank goodness…!!
I’m pleased too,
Getting to meet such a splendid Cerberus hatchling.
For now recover, Inugami Hachi
For the battle is only starting…

In bubble SFX : RUSTLE
Oh, you came.
How is the research for the awakened being going?
Not well, he got killed.
Eh!! Are you talking about investigator Basilisk?!
Seems like a troublesome awakened being has made his appearance~~.
Is that so… that’s so sad.
In bubble SFX : DRIP
Hey~~ Can I go?
You’d be killed right away if you did that… - Geez…
Is anything wrong with the Boss?
He’s as usual. Only, his eyes have slightly opened.

I see…!
Rejoice, brothers.
For Tokyo will meet his end
In bubble SFX : RIP…
In bubble SFX : CRACK
Left : Great events are happening. Inside the kid’s body as well as in the land——
HACHI …Chapter 1 / End.
Next issue, Hachi has become aware of his own power. What is his destiny?! Center color and extension to 25 pages!!

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#1. by Eru13 ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Well, that was fast, props for taking the time to do it XD
You really don't think this'll last much? I think the first chapter was a lot better than any of the first chapters of the last like 5 or 6 action series Jump has tried to serialize...
#2. by vinceled ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Yeah but I don't know^^ I remember when reading it by raws it didn't really appeal to me but when I saw the cleaned version^^ It's true that there is a clear goal too :) I'm waiting for chapter 02 and 03 to see how it turns out.
#3. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
nice.....a second new series im interested in your translating.....so ur done with yur break....you were missed!
#4. by vinceled ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Yeah the break is pretty much over, I'm going to start catching up to my series now. Taking a break was really nice. Not having to worry about translating this and that and only reading (even though I love translating XD)
#5. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Thanks I hope you will release world trigger soon
#6. by Inumaru ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
So fast! Thanks a lot, Vince.
#7. by DH777 ()
Posted on Sep 13, 2013
Vinceled, could you tell me what scanlation will take this serie??
thank you for this translation... it looks promising

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