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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Hachi 2

Human Graduation

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Sep 19, 2013 12:29 | Go to Hachi

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[HACHI - Chapter 2 : Human Graduation]

I'm really starting to like this series. I so want to read chapter 3 now :3


To his true self.
☆ A much talked about Tokyo fantasy!! New serialization second installment with center color and extended to a grand 25 pages!!
Chapter 2 - Human Graduation

Hachi : What…?
Hachi : Where am I?
In SFX bubble : POKE~
Hachi : Why are the bubbles taking the form of monsters~~?
XXXX : You remember these monsters, don’t you?
Hachi : Who are you?
XXXX : You’re inside a dream.
Hachi : A dream…?
XXXX : C’mon, look at these people Hachi.
In SFX bubble : SLIP…
Insert on right : Vampires, mermaids… a world of drifting monsters…?!

XXXX : These are all people possessing the power to transform, “half”.
XXXX : Since ancient times, they’ve been living together with humans by using this power.
XXXX : And with this, people made tales of their original transformed appearance,
XXXX : These are now known as “legends”…!!
Hachi : Eh?! That’s how they came to be!!
☆ Scoop!! “Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation” will beon Jump Live everyday starting 9/23!!
XXXX : However, they started killing each other during the Middle Ages.
Hachi : Why?!
XXXX : The real reasons aren’t definite but, it’s clear that with the development of civilization, the power of the “half” has become obsolete.
XXXX : And right now, they are awakening from their long sleep——,
XXXX : See.

XXXX : And they’re coming back with a plan for revenge.
Hachi : …Heh…?
Scientist : Good morning.
Hachi : Uwaaaaaah~~?!
Scientist : What, you could have slept a bit more (heart insert)
Hachi : Where am I and who are you?!?!

Scientist : Don’t you remember? I carried you in an ambulance.
Hachi : Then, this is an hospital?
Hachi : Rather, why was I carried in an ambulance…?!
Scientist insert : Hmph, hmph.
Scientist : It’s fine, you’ll remember later anyway.

Scientist : From now, I’ll be acting as your overseer doctor.
Hachi : Overseer??
Scientist : Use black pills for your bloodsucking transformation,
Scientist : The white ones to return to human form.
Hachi : What?
Hachi : Where have I heard of bloodsucking transformation before…?
Hachi near bubble : Hmm.
Scientist near bubble : Ah, I know it must be confusing.
Scientist : Just try to remember all of that later,
Also here is my business card, contact me if anything happens.
Hachi : Hele…n of the Mutant… Laboratory?
Helena : It’s Helena.
Hachi : Ah!!
Hachi : Wait, what’s with all this nonsense——

Tekkin : Ahh!
In SFX bubble : BA-THUMP…
Hachi thoughts : ——That’s right,
Tekkin : Hachi——…
Tekkin : I
Tekkin : I heard youre getting discharged from the hospital but
Tekkin : A-are you alright?
Hachi thoughts : At that time we were attacked by a monster,
Hachi thoughts : I,
Hachi thoughts : Drank blood,
Hachi thoughts : And turned into a monster, a “half”——!!!
Tekkin : C… can I ask you something, Hachi?
Hachi : What? What is it?

Tekkin : Yesterday——
Hachi : Ooh!! The weather sure is nice!!
Hachi’s thoughts in bubble : Please Tekkin,
Hachi insert near bubble : Look, a sparrow——
Hachi’s thoughts : Don’t ask about what happened yesterday.
Hachi’s thoughts in bubble : It’ll be really troubling otherwise…
Insert near bubble : Hachi expectation of his transformation into a half.
Insert below monster : Yo’, I’m Hachi~~.
Tekkin’s thoughts : Hachi is my hero…
Tekkin’s thoughts : It seems Hachi doesn’t remember “that” time…
Tekkin’s thoughts : Also, he——
Tekkin : H,
Tekkin : Hey, Hachi?!
Hachi insert above bubble : Great.
Hachi : The bus is here, yes yes, I’m taking it!!
Tekkin : I have a lot of things to ask you——
Hachi : You’re not going this way, right?
Tekkin : Aah…
Hachi’s thoughts : …Maybe that was a bit too much…
Hachi’s thoughts insert : She’s injured after all…

Hachi thoughts : ——Still, so suddenly,
Hachi thoughts : Learning I’m a monster,
Hachi : I guess it’s my human graduation, huh?
In SFX bubble : BUMP
In SFX bubble : CRACK
In SFX bubble : FWISH
In SFX bubble : STEP
Old man insert : We’re doomed~~
Old man insert : It’s the end~~
Hachi : ——I guess I should try them out and see the result for myself.
Hachi insert near bubble : Hmm.
Hachi : So, the black pills are for the bloodsucking transformation?
Hachi : And the white to return to human form, right.

Hachi : …And if
Hachi’s thoughts : I can’t turn back,
Hachi’s thoughts : And get stuck this way…
Hachi’s thoughts : I feel like I can’t really trust the story of such a suspicious woman.
Hachi : ——…And yet,
Hachi : What if,
Hachi : I became really awesome?
Hachi’s thoughts : How awesome it would be to look like Spiderman!!
Hachi’s thoughts : Suppress bad people in one hit,
Hachi’s thoughts : I’d suddenly become a hero!!!

In bubble SFX: GULP
Hachi : Eeh~~ You want to interview me~~?
Hachi : Damn, I took the medicine——
Hachi : Ugh
Hachi : Arrrgghhh
Hachi : hhhh
Hachi : Ugigigigigigigi.
Hachi : It’s pressuring meeeee!!

Hachi : Uwaah.
Hachi : Phew,
Hachi : I thought I’d die…!
Hachi : Now then,
Hachi : Heh Heh,
Hachi : How does it look? The me as a half——
Hachi : Eh…?

Hachi : Is this?
Hachi : Is this
Hachi : Me…?!
Hachi : I
Hachi : L-l-l-l-l-look
Hachi : Scary!!!

Hachi : I have atrociously sharp claws!!
Hachi : Jagged fangs!!
Hachi : And then, the worse… of it,
Hachi : These full of malice and muddled
Hachi : Eyes!!!
Hachi : More importantly, I’ve turned into a complete midgeeeet!!
In SFX bubble : Ding, Dong.
Hachi : Eh?
XXXX : Who is it~~?

XXXX : Is it time for the newspaper——
In bubble : Phew~~
XXXX : Huh?
Tekkin : Hmm…
XXXX : Tekkin?!
Tekkin : Sorry to come so late,
Tekkin : You’re Hachi’s elder sister, right?
Hachi’s sister : Are you alright? It must have been terrible~~!
Tekkin : Yes, I’m fine.
Hachi’s sister : Still, I must say you turned into a beauty~~ (heart insert)
Tekkin : No, err…
Hachi : Geh!!
Hachi’s thoughts : W-w-why is Tekkin here?! Please, don’t let her inside big sis——
Hachi’s sister : It’s fine, come on in!
Hachi’s sister : Hachi’s in the bath right now so wait——
In bubble SFX : RUN RUN RUN
Hachi’s sister : Huh? From the first floor?
Hachi’s sister : I’ll bring some juice afterwards.
Tekkin : Thank you very much.
Hachi : Crap,
Hachi : This is bad.
In SFX bubble : STEP… STEP…

Hachi : I can’t grab the pills
Hachi : With these paws!!
Tekkin : Hachi?
Hachi : What’s with you coming here in the evening?
Tekkin : Sorry to disturb you…
Hachi’s thoughts : I’m so not going out of the futon!!
In SFX bubble : BA-THUMP
In SFX bubble : BA-THUMP
Tekkin : I just came to talk about the detective audition there will be tomorrow at school.
Hachi : Heh?!
Hachi : A detective?!
Tekkin : That’s right, you didn’t hear since you were sleeping but,
Tekkin : We were witnesses of the bloodsucking murderer, you know?
Hachi’s thoughts : Does that means she remembers me transforming——?
Tekkin : …What “that” you?

Tekkin : The one who beat that monster who attacked us,
Tekkin : Hachi, that was you right——…?!
Hachi : ——~~Eh?!!
Hachi : Did you see it, Tekkin?!!
Tekkin : So it’s true, isn’t it? Hachi!
Tekkin : I couldn’t bring myself to talk to the detective about it while not believing it but,

Tekkin : That thing…
Tekkin : Makes me… anxious
Tekkin : I can’t really tell why.
Tekkin : You became “something” and saved me, right…?!
Hachi’s thoughts : That’s right,
Hachi’s thoughts : It seemed like Tekkin was at her limit back then but,
Hachi’s thoughts : In the end, she faintly saw me as a half.
Hachi’s thoughts : It should be alright to fully show her, I guess?
Hachi’s thoughts : We’re childhood friends after all.
Hachi’s thoughts : Even though my appearance is awful, on the inside it’s still me.
Hachi : …Tekkin…
Hachi’s thoughts : If it’s her, then she might accept it,
Hachi : This is how I really am.

Hachi’s thoughts : The me as a monster——.
Hachi : Seems like I’m a half or something.
Hachi : Heh heh,
Hachi : I’m scary, aren’t I?
Hachi : It seems that when I drink blood it activates my power of bloodsucking transformation,
Hachi : And I turn into that midget like thing.
Tekkin : I see…
Hachi : Tekkin?
Tekkin : …Ry.
Hachi : Eh?
Tekkin : So…

Tekkin : Sorry…!!
Hachi : …It can’t be…
Hachi : It must be because I’m not human——…
Hachi’s sister : Huh?
In SFX bubble : BAM
Hachi’s sister : Tekkin??

Insert on TV : Abnormal Growth
Presenter : Our following subject is about the abnormal growth of vegetation in Tokyo——
Heey, is everything alright Hachi~~?!
Hachi’s sister Insert : The beauty went home.
In bubble SFX : GULP
Hachi : Huff
Hachi : Huff
Hachi : I turned back…
Hachi : Damn…it.
Hachi : I won’t use this another time——
Hachi : What?
In bubble SFX : FLAP
In bubble SFX : BOOM
Hachi : Ouch!

Hachi : What?
Hachi : An earthquake?
Tekkin : Haa
Tekkin : Haa
Tekkin : Was…
Tekkin : That
Tekkin : That was really Hachi…!
Tekkin : Hachi——

Tekkin : Huh…? It grew so much in so little time.
In bubble SFX : …FWIIISH
In bubble SFX : FWISH
In bubble SFX : FWISH
In bubble SFX : FWIIISH
In bubble SFX : FWISH…
In bubble SFX : FWISH…
In bubble SFX : FWIISH
In bubble SFX : FWIIISH
Tekkin : What?
Tekkin : No way…!!!
In bubble SFX : FWIISH
In bubble SFX : FWIISH…
Tekkin : The plants are

Insert : Breaking through the ground——!!!

Hachi’s sister : Hey, hey, hey, Hachi!
Hachi’s sister : Calm down, you get right?
Hachi’s sister : If you go outside right now, you’ll die!!
Hachi’s sister : Wait, Hachi!
XXXX : They are awakening.
XXXX : And have come back with a plan for revenge.
Basilisk : Something huge is happening in Tokyo——.
Hachi : Hell if I care about
Hachi : This plan or something——!!
In bubble SFX : WOBBLE
In bubble SFX : WOBBLE
Hachi : I couldn’t careless about being,
Hachi : A Human or a Half…

Hachi : I’m coming right away, Tekkin——!!!
Old man : …We’re doomed,
Old man : It’s the
In Bubble SFX : RIP
Old man : End…!!
Left : Major changes affecting Tokyo. Hachi running to Tekkin’s help——!!
HACHI …Chapter 2 / End.
Next issue, third installment extended to a grand 23 pages!!

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#1. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2013
nice so you officially gonna do this series.......are you gonna get to world trigger
#2. by DH777 ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2013
Good job, you really know about manga...
#3. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Sep 19, 2013
Thanks! Please catch up to world trigger

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