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World Trigger 29

Arashiyama’s Unit ③

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Sep 22, 2013 11:02 | Go to World Trigger

-> RTS Page for World Trigger 29

[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 29 : Arashiyama’s Unit ③ ]

Damn I've just been so busy this week, cleaning/typesetting Biorg Trinity and Destro 246 and then having to do my translations. From next week i'll be even more busy. So with that said, I'm going back to translating then QC'ing.

A second person retires!!
Once again, a bail-out…
Who is it this time?!
Utagawa from the Kazama’s Unit.
Tachikawa has also taken a lot of damage,
He’s in pretty bad condition.
Good grief,
There really is no way to know who’s getting brought down.
As expected of Jin, carrying out his words.
That’s right.
[World Trigger]

Now, it’s also our turn to get our part done.
Clash between fellow A-Class members!!
This will get seriously bad if we don’t finish things fast, Miwa.
I know that!
Chapter 29 : Arashiyama’s Unit ③
Ashihara Daisuke
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Next I’ll be talking about the triggers for gunners.

Triggers for gunners possess up to four different modes,
Each of which has its different characteristics.
Yes, yes.
While it doesn’t possess any special features, it’s a usual trigger with high power named
Making it possible to attack on a large range through explosions, it’s an explosion trigger named

Enabling the creation of lines of fire and course selection in which the bullet will fly, it’s the variation trigger named

Enabling a pursuit of the target, it’s the induction trigger named

Thank you, Mitsuru.
During battle, any of these 4 modes can be chosen at will.

Great, great, you’ve finally stopped moving.
With this, even your shield will be going down.

Behind you, Izumi!!

Hey, can you move, Izumi?
I’m fine… He missed my vitals.
…However, argh…
I’m wasting trion.
Crossfire from a teleport…
As I thought, they’re well in sync with each other,
Arashiyama’s Unit…!

Did you think I wouldn’t be able to use my spear in a narrow space?
I don’t even need to care about that.

Are you finally intent on running away?

…A wire?!

Too bad,
My movements were only so I could stretch this wire,
This place is dark so you didn’t notice it at all, right?
Also, I destroyed your trion supplier-engine.
It’s the end for you.
So you think?

Bullet freak! It’s your turn!
Who’s the bullet freak, huh?
I’ll riddle her with holes.

I won’t make it…!!
Superior Tokieda!
Is he for real?

No Text

No Text

Take that, Tokki,
That’s how a headshot is done.
If he hadn’t been delayed bySuperior Tokieda,
I’d be dead too…!
Sorry, Arashiyama,
I’m fell off before you.
Tokki and a one-legged Kitora, huh?
At least, we’re not at a disadvantage with this.
See you later~~.
Touma sure has gotten hold of a really nice place.

Sorry Superior Arashiyama,
I let my guard down.
Reflect on it later, the battle isn’t over yet.
Now, it’s 3 versus 2.
However, as their feet are sealed,
They’ll soon pinch out.
No, wrong,
Satori, sniper of the Arashiyama’s Unit is here too.
Left : towards the conclusion of the battle.
World Trigger ...Chapter 29 / End.
Next issue, the long-awaited climax of the battle for the Black Trigger!!

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#1. by berserkfury ()
Posted on Sep 22, 2013
Appreciate this vince!.....so its gunner not shooter?.....alot of people are saying it's viper not piper!?

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