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World Trigger 31

Jin Yuuichi ⑤

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Sep 29, 2013 07:18 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 31 : Jin Yuuichi ⑤]

Back to Jin’s battle!! What is the settlement?!
[World Trigger]

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Chapter 31 - [Jin Yuuichi ⑤]
Ashihara Daisuke
It’s a battle
After all.
Right : Following the great popularity, the chapter is extended to 21 pages this week!!

I get it… You prepared to fight from the very beginning,
You had an hidden card, huh…?
It’s something like a natural talent I got from hawks.
I got a grasp on the “wind blade” ability.
Three weeks… is the time remaining until the Official Enlistment Day.
During that time, I’ll definitely defeat you and recover the Black Trigger.
Sorry to disappoint you but,
It won’t happen.

The plan is over.

Tachikawa and Kazama have “bailed out”.
Narasaka and Shouhei, you withdraw too.
We lost then~~!
Rather, this victory was Jin’s with 6 and us 1?!
What of Tachikawa and company opponents?!
Beating the Black Trigger is so difficult!
So we achieved our mission after all.
Did you see that, Arashiyama? My deciding twin-snipe!
Good job, Kitora, Ken.
You did well too, Mitsuru and Ayatsuji.

Thank you.
Good job!
So the plan failed, huh~~
I can’t believe we were defeated in one swoop by the fifth ranked team~~.
Even though our team publicly announces completed job on television, that doesn’t change the fact that we’re ranked fifth.
Can you accept it now, and without confusing that we’re really ranked fifth?
That cheeky attitude of yours really never changes, Kitora…
Did you see my twin-snipe Superior Izumi.?
Ah, shut up. You’re really annoying.
C’mon, let’s get going.
You’ll soon be regretting having covered up for the Neighbor.

It seems you really don’t understand.
You people whose friends or families haven’t been killed
Don’t understand the true dread about Neighbor.
Jin isn’t taking the Neighbor seriously.
Someday he’ll understand what pain is.
But by then, it’ll be too late.
It’s not that he’s taking them lightly,
Did you know Jin’s mother got killed by a Neighbor?
5 years ago even his master Mogami passed away,
I’m sure he too must understand how hard it is to lose people dear to you.

As for the danger the Neighbor represents too,
I’m sure he understands it from the important people he lost.
I think that he has a plan.
It’s simply
That I worry about you guys.
…Now then, become we go back,
If you could please get these heavy things off me.
How could all of this happen!

Jin’s interference!
The stampede of the top teams!
But, more importantly…
General Manager, Shinoda!!
Why did Arashiyama’s Unit side with Tamakoma?!
Why did you protect the Neighbor?!
Have you betrayed Border?!
Had I left it at that, who would have become the robber?

I’ll say it once more,
I’m opposed to the robbery of the Black Trigger.
And to say the least, he’s Yuugo’s son…
If you still intend to send someone after him then,
Next time it won’t only be Arashiyama’s Unit.
You’ll be opposing me directly,
Kido’s Faction.

Shinoda General Manager
Is the master that taught Tachikawa Kei
Sword fighting.
In the whole Border Headquarters,
He is the strongest man that uses a normal trigger.
Angering him was a bad move.
It’d be in our best interest to win him over rather than using hard-line policies…
Then it can’t be helped.

We’ll have to use Amou
As our next “assassin”.
Send Amou…?!
S-Class Member, “Amou Tsukihiko”…!
Another Black Trigger user that can even match Jin Yuuichi,
His behavior is particularly bothersome but,
Having him would mean besting Jin Yuuichi in terms of raw fighting strength.
Commander Kido seems to thoroughly be in favor of fighting.

W…wait, however Commander Kido…
If we were to use him publicly then Border reputation would plunder…
You know that Amou’s appearance when fighting
Distances itself a little from human standards…
And if by any chance the townspeople were to witness him, it’d be extremely bad…
With his “wind blade”, Jin managed to defeat Border Best A-Class teams,
And if Shinoda joins him then
We too will have no choice but to play foul.
This would mean the annihilation of the town…!!
I’m coming in.

Hello everyone,
Sorry for intruding on the meeting.
You bastard~~!!
You have guts coming here after what you did!
Calm down, Kinuta. You’ll make your blood-pressure rise.

What have you come here for, Jin?
Have you come to declare war against us?
It’s not that Mr. Kido.
I came to negotiate.
You want to make negotiations…?! Even though you betrayed us…
No… he only joined hands with the Shinoda Faction to crush the elite of the Headquarters.
He stood above us in terms of battle strength, so for him this is the perfect time for negotiations.
I only have one request,
That is for you to approve of my junior, Kuga Yuuma’s enlistment in Border.

What do you mean?!
Tachikawa told me that
As long as the Headquarters doesn’t recognize it, the enlistment won’t be complete.
I get it…
It’s about this, “Except for sham battle, fight between fellow Border Members are strictly forbidden”
Your shielding behind Border rules,
Means you’re covering the Neighbor, isn’t it…?!
Did you
Think I’d ever agreed to such a request…?
Of course,
I didn’t say there’d only be this.

If you agree to it,
I’ll give you the “wind blade” in exchange.
In exchange for my junior enlistment,
I’ll hand over the “wind blade” to the Headquarters.

Are you serious, Jin?!!
What a thing…!!
He saw it coming, huh…?
I believe
You don’t see this as a bad deal for yourself, right?
It isn’t about it being bad…!
Against not knowing whether we’ll be able to use the Black Trigger at Tamakoma’s or not,
The “wind blade” who was able to hold its own against the attack of four of the top teams and who has a lot of people who can use it has more value…!
With such a bargaining point, even if the Neighbor that enlists causes trouble,
Then we’ll just have to deal with him using Amou and the “wind blade”…
It causes virtually no risk for us to get the “wind blade” in our hands…!
A deal, huh…?

It’s not even needed though,
Using the regulations for your external battle against Tachikawa and company as reason,
I could deposes you from the trigger, couldn’t I?
In that case, you’d have to confiscate the triggers of Tachikawa and the others, wouldn’t you?
My proposition is more convenient.
It’d allow us to welcome the Official Enlistment day in peace.
Did you said it wouldn’t only be your trigger
That’d get confiscated?
Give it a try,
And see up to where it’ll go.
Commander Kido…
Commander Kido…!

So, what will you do,
Mr. Kido?
Munch Munch (music note insert)

Oh, you guys,
…Wanna eat some bonchiage?
Insert : what will Jin tell his two “enemies”——?!
World Trigger …Chapter 31 / End.

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Posted on Sep 29, 2013
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Posted on Sep 29, 2013
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