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Translations: Bleach 617 by BadKarma , One Piece 777 by cnet128 , Gintama 531 (2)

World Trigger 32

Jin Yuuichi ⑥

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Sep 29, 2013 07:19 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 32 : Jin Yuuichi ⑥]

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Bottom : Ashihara Daisuke
Title : Chapter 32 - [Jin Yuuichi ⑥]
Gazing ahead
At the same future——.

…Really, you’re being cryptic.
What did you hand over the “wind blade” so quickly for?
Are you running away after your victory?
Insert : Delicious bonchiages!!
Go and get it back this instant!
Then we’ll battle once again!
Don’t spout nonsense, Tachikawa.
Getting back the Black Trigger would get me suspended…
If you felt it was time to relinquish the “wind blade”,
Shouldn’t you have done so from the very beginning?
You wouldn’t have had to fight us.
Well, I really wonder.
I thought it wouldn’t have been enough to give the “wind blade” at yesterday’s stage.

I was able to make it due to Tachikawa and Kazama,
I feel like this was what influenced Kinuta on his position.
So that’s why you beat us the best ranked in A-Class really flashily,
It was so you could increase the “wind blade’s” value, wasn’t it?
That was “plan B”.
What an irritating guy you are.
For you to go as far as selling the “wind blade” like this,
What do you plan by having a Neighbor enlist in Border?
What are you conspiring about?
Even I didn’t tell this much to Mr. Kido…

What are you conspiring about?
This deal
Is too advantageous for us.
Are you aiming for something?
I’m not conspiring anything really,
I’nm only providing my cute junior with help while hiding in the shadows.
I don’t really intend to win over you,
Nor do I want to cause a rivalry for leadership in Border.

I do not want any of you to interfere
In the battles of my junior.
Let me say one more thing…
Mr. Kido.
My juniors are there
So you can execute your “true objective”.
Someday, they’ll definitely be helpful.

My side effect tells me so.
…Alright then.
I accept the deal,
You’ll hand over the Black Trigger, the “wind blade”…

And in exchange, I’ll recognize Kuga Yuuma of the Tamakoma’s Branch
Enlistment into Border.
You know,
That new member called Yuuma
Is trying pretty hard to adapt to human customs.
I want to build
“Fun times” for him.
“Fun times”…?
How does it relate to his enlistment in Border?
Is there a meaning behind this?
Of course there is.

Enjoyed myself the most at the times when I was in a rivalry with you Tachikawa.
In Border, it’s possible to have fun as much as you want.
So I’m sure he’ll also have fun everyday.
He resembles the me from the past.

Also, I look forward to the time when
He’ll come to surpass me.
So he’s someone that can do that,
I’m looking forward to it.
…I don’t really understand
The reasons.
Why did you relinquish the Black Trigger you obtained by fighting…
This was a memento of your master, right?
Mr. Mogami wouldn’t get mad for relinquishing a memento from him.
Rather, he’d be pleased to know it was used to settle a fight between Border members.
…Ah, that’s right,
One more thing.

Since I relinquished the Black Trigger, I’ll be reinstated in the “Rank Battles”.
I look forward to get up to ranked first attacker by myself.
…That’s true!
You’re not S-Class anymore!
There is that too!
You should have said so sooner!
How many years has it been?!
Around 3 years, right?!

Things have become interesting!
Right, Kazama!
Not at all,
It’s totally not interesting.
Ah, welcome back Jin~~.
Good work.

Did something happen, you haven’t been here at all lately?
I was really popular here and there,
I’m a talented elite after all.
Have you gotten accustomed to the trigger from Border?
Shiori taught me a lot of things about them,
And the day I get more wins than losses against Superior Konami is nearing.
Oh, I hope you can do it.
Are you moving forward in your training, four-eyes?
Well, only little by little…
He’s keeping Torimaru really busy.
Well, it’s because he’s putting together a special training menu for me…

Well, Kyousuke is good at teaching so it’ll be alright.
Train well, lads.
The crucial moment will come in the blink of an eye.
Good night~~
See you tomorrow.
Have a good night.

Why did you relinquish the Black Trigger you obtained by fighting…
This was a memento of your master, right?
It’s alright…
The future has already started to change…
Superior Konami,
I’ll choose the scorpion.

So it’ll be the same style as Jin’s, huh?
No matter what you use, you’ll never win against me.
…I really wonder about this?
Superior Karasuma…
Want to become a gunner…

A gunner…?
As gunners fire their trion as bullets,
The consumption is more intense than for attackers.
You know that people that become gunners usually have room for trion, right?
I see…
So it’s no good, huh….?
…Wait a little bit.
I’l reschedule the menu.
Yes! Thank you very much!

You pass.
Thank you very much!
Her sniping sense isn’t really high but,
With her frankness and hard work it doesn’t matter much.
She’s a great student.
Next we’ll be working using moving targets…
But before this, I’ll teach about standard tactics for snipers.
Yes! Please teach me well.
Just like Jin said
“That” day arrived in the blink of an eye.

January 8th,
Border member Official Enlistment Day.
Finally it’s the start.
Insert right : A new battle is starting!!
Insert left : Finally, standing at the starting line!!
World Trigger …Chapter 32 / End.
Next issue, who’ll be the person appearing before Yuuma who became a Border member…?!

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#1. by michalek10866 (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
#2. by babybird130 (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
So fast!
#3. by DH777 (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
Thanks... :D
#4. by duenneud (Registered User)
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
p.s. so sad that you dropped uncanny brains...

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