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Hachi 3

Small Hero

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Sep 29, 2013 14:30 | Go to Hachi

-> RTS Page for Hachi 3

[HACHI : Tokyo's 23 Palaces - YOSHIYUKI Nishi]

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[HACHI : Tokyo's 23 Palaces - Chapter 3 : Small Hero]

Old man : It’s the end,
We’re doomed.
It’s the end,
We’re doomed.
insert text: "Chaos descends on the capital!!"
☆ Third installment of the new serialization extended to 23 pages!!
Old man : It’s the end…
In bubble SFX : SMOKE...
In bubble SFX : FLOAT
In bubble SFX : RISE
Old man : …Is everything in order, my children?

XXXX : Yes! Just in time, Lord Zeus.
Zeus : I see, then let’s depart,
Author : YOSHIYUKI Nishi
Title : Chapter 3 - Small Hero
Old man : To the capital the Gods reside in.
Insert : Tokyo’s destruction, continues!!
Hachi : …Hey,
Can you hear me?
Wake up, Tekkin.
Tekkin : …Huh?
Hachi : Great!! You’re alive!!
Tekkin : Huh…? What happened…
Hachi : I smelled you had come here, then freaked out when I saw you like this!
Tekkin : Hachi… what the heck
Is all this…?

Insert : Shinjuku Station
Tekkin : ——That means the bad “half” are the cause of the abnormal vegetation growth in Tokyo…?
Hachi : Yeah, probably.
Speaker : Everyone, please calm down.
Follow the instructions of the person in charge.
Tekkin : What did they do all that for…?
Hachi : Dunno.
Even the me as a “half” doesn’t know.
Tekkin : Say,
Hey, Hachi.
Hachi : Ah.
Sorry, it’s because there are a lot of people.
In bubble SFX : WHOOSH
Hachi : That’s right, Tekkin is scared of me.

Hachi : T-that’s right Tekkin, let’s go to your house! Your parents must be worried!
Tekkin : You saved me once again, Hachi.
Hachi : Huh? Ah, it’s nothing.
Tekkin : I… have to apologize to you about before——.
XXXX : Arrgghh
What’s that…?!
Hachi : what’s with these people?!
Tekkin : They’re… holding people in their mouths?

XXXX : What, is this some sort of performance…?
What do they think they’re doing during such a crisis…
It’s disgusting…!
Hachi : It’s not that…
They’re “half”!
Tekkin : Eh?!
Hachi : They have fangs growing——
In bubble SFX : STICKY
Hachi : : Run awayyyyy!!
XXXX : Eh??
Why are they hopping——

XXXX : Hiiii
Monster : Found myself some quality goods!!
Tekkin : Nooo——
Hachi : Dammit!
XXXX : Hey, I know how you guys must feel but,
You should only eat with your fingers in a moderate amount, it’s fine to get those who don’t oppose any resistance too.
In bubble SFX : WOBBLE…
In bubble SFX : SLASH
XXXX : What?
Person 1 : Arrgghh…!!
Person 2 : Guuh…!!

Hachi : You
Get the hell out
From Tokyo!!
Tekkin : Hachi—…!
Hachi : Phew… I made it just in time.
Person: Nooo…
XXXX : Yes, yes. Alright.
Hey, midget. You are the awakened being that defeated Basilisk aren’t you?
Monster 1 : What, then I’ll kill the muuutt!!
XXXX : Hey, enough of this. He must be strong despite his appearance.
Monster 2 : I’ll scoop out his eyebaaaalls!!

Hachi : Cerbe——
XXXX : Heh heh heh heh heh…!!
Impressive, the destructive power that your revolution power gives birth to is as strong as a bullet’s.
Even though it doesn’t seem like I can restrain you don’t put on airs, would you.

XXXX : Instead on staying on the humans side——
Come with us Cerberus!!
In bubble SFX : PUNCH
XXXX : Damn,
As expected, you’re pretty fast!
Tekkin : Hachi!
You’re bleeding…!!
Hachi : He only grazed me.
Hachi thinking : I’m bleeding that much even though he only grazed me a little…!!
In bubble SFX : DRIP
Hachi thinking : ——Somehow, even if it’s only with Tekkin I have to get away…!!
In bubble SFX : FLAP FLAP
XXXX : Really, what an awful thing to do. Do you understand that you just killed members of the same race as you are?
Geez, this is why incomplete awakened beings are such a bother.

XXXX : ——But you see…
You have quite some nerve.
Hachi : …Get away from here, Tekkin.
Tekkin : You’re… coming too, right…?!
Hachi : 10 seconds.
I can hold him off for 10 seconds.
Hachi : Gooooooo
XXXX : Hey, midget.

XXXX : Try to at least entertain me a little, alright?!
Tekkin : No,
Hachi thinking : He’s

XXXX : Now, fly.
Hachi thinking : He’s just
In bubble SFX : BOOM
Hachi thinking : So huge——…!!
I’m no match for him.
Tekkin : Ha…

Monster : A…wesome…!!
In bubble SFX : THUMP
Monsters : The boss did it!!
And with only one hit to boot!!
Hurray for Ares, God of War!!
Ares : Really,
So it’s already over, huh? What a disappointment.
Ares : Huh?
In bubble SFX : RUN RUN
Hachi : Ugh…
In bubble SFX : GROAN…
Ares : Heh,
So that woman is a friend of the midget…?
Tekkin : Hachi…!

Hachi : Idiot… Why didn’t you run away like I told you to——.
Tekkin : …I won’t.
I won’t run away…!
I’m sorry for before…
I couldn’t believe it was really you.
But, I won’t run anymore.
In bubble : TEAR
Tekkin : I’ll stay with you.
I realized,
Ares : Heh Heh Heh.

Ares : It’ll only be for a while so
I’ll be borrowing her, alright~~.
Tekkin : I
Realized… that
Hachi thinking : Damn… I-I can’t move at all…!!
Hachi : Stop… it…
Tekkin : No matter what form you take, you’re still you, Hachi——…
Also… do you know?

Tekkin : After observing the you as a half carefully I thought
That you might look great after all?
So, hold your chest high.
My small hero…!!!

Hachi : No, don’t go.
Ares : Hah Hah Hah.
…Listen, Cerberus.
Don’t die, alright?
Tekkin : Ha…

Hachi : Tekkin.
Insert on 4th panel : Arrggghhhh
In bubble SFX : COUGH

In bubble SFX : SPLASH
Topmost bubble on left : Breathing has stopped.
Topmost bubble on right : Blood pressure dropping.
Bubble on the right : Quickly…
Bubble below on the left : Hurry up…!
Bubble above on right : Blood transfusion impossible——
Bubble below : Good luck.
Bubble below right of the topmost left bubble : His hands lost their strength.
Bubble below right : …Chi-kun.
Bubble right below : Eh?
Bubble below left : Hachi-ku…
Below above left : Great…
Below below right : Ah, look.

Helena : …Good morning, Hachi-kun.
Hachi : …You are
He… He…
Helena : I’m Helena.
Hachi : Why the heck am I like this…?
Helena : Well explaining all of it would take a while but,
For the time being, look.
In bubble SFX : CHIRP
In bubble SFX : CHIRP
In bubble SFX : CHIRP

Helena : Welcome, Hachi-kun,
To the Tokyo 6 months later,
In bubble SFX : DING DONG
In bubble SFX : DING DONG
In bubble SFX : DING DONG
The 23 Palaces.
In bubble SFX : DING DONG
In bubble SFX : DING DONG
Insert in white : Tokyo has completely changed!! Where is Tekkin——?!
Top big writing : HACHI
Bottom big writing: Tokyo’s 23 Palaces.
HACHI - Tokyo’s 23 Palaces … Chapter 3 / End. TN: romaji version : Tokyo Nijuusan Ku.

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#1. by DH777 ()
Posted on Sep 29, 2013
Thanks.... :]

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