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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

World Trigger 33

Kuga Yuuma ⑤

+ posted by vinceled as translation on Oct 3, 2013 10:59 | Go to World Trigger

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[World Trigger - Ashihara Daisuke]

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[World Trigger - Chapter 33 : Kuga Yuuma ⑤ ]
Near Osamu : Phew——
Osamu : I’m somewhat nervous…
Yuuma: Why?
You’re already enlisted.
Osamu : Alright… Let’s confirm ‘it’.
Kuga and Chika, as C-Class members you’ll be aiming to become B-Class.
Series Title : [World Trigger]
Yuuma : And if we manage to get promoted to B-Class,
The 3 of us as a team will aim for A-Class.
Osamu : If we become A-Class, we’ll take the selection test for the expedition force…
Chika : Then we’ll go to the World of the Neighbor
To look for my friend and older brother that were swept away!
Osamu : …Alright!
Left : At the Enlistment Ceremony——

Osamu : Today is the first step towards all of this…!
Chapter title : [Kuga Yuuma ⑤]
Author: Ashihara Daisuke
☆Comics Volume 2 on sale with great popularity!! It compiles the battle versus Miwa’s Unit!! Volume 3 is scheduled to go on sale on December 4th (Wed.)!! Don’t miss it!!
★There will be an extra-story in the Jump NEXT going on sale October 15th (Tues.)!! There will even be a guidebook file included!!

Shinoda : I’m Shinoda Masafumi, General Manager of Border.
I welcome your enlistment.
As of today, you all are C-Class members… meaning you’re enlisted as trainees so
The future of the people of Mikado City is on your shoulders,
I want you to aim to become Regular members and devote yourself to your studies every day.
I’m looking forward to the day where I’ll get to fight with you.
This is it from me,
I’m entrusting the rest of the explanation to the members of the Arashiyama’s Unit.

Trainee 1 : Arashiyama’s Unit…! It’s the real deal!
Trainee 2 : Arashiyama!
Yuuma : Oh,
Arashiyama is as popular as ever.
Trainee 3 : Ah, wow. They look really pleased…
Novices can be so simple-minded.
Yuuma : Hey,
What do you mean by that?

Trainee 4 : What’s with him?
Trainee 5 : His hair is all white.
Trainee 3 : I meant that stupid people are easy to manipulate.
Arshiyama’s Unit being composed of people that were chosen to publicly advertise the face of Border,
They don’t really possess any strength, they’re only a mascot team.
This is common knowledge for the people who know of the ‘hidden face’ of Border.
Trainee 5 : Well, even if you don’t know, it’s obvious when looking at them.
Yuuma : Are they serious…?
It doesn’t seem like they’re lying…
Replica: They seem pretty stupid so it’s possible they’re being manipulated.
Arashiyama : Now then,

Arashiyama : Let’s start with the orientation but,
Firstly we’ll split up according to positions.
The people wishing to become gunner and attacker are to stay here,
While the people that aspire to become sniper
Will follow our member Satori to their training location.
Osamu : Will you be fine by yourself, Chika?
Chika : Yes, I’ll be alright.
Satori : Alright, alright. Snipers come over here~~.
Arashiyama : Once again,
I’ll be in charge of the Gunners and Attackers,
My name is Arashiyama Jun of the Arashiyama’s Unit.

Arashiyama : First things first,
Congratulations on your enlistment.
General Manager Shinoda said it before but,
You people are trainees.
As such, only when you get raised to B-Class and become Regular members
Will you be able to take part in the Self-Defense Duty.
Then, “how do I become a Regular member”, you ask?
I’ll start explaining how with ‘this’.
Each of you,
Please look at the back of your left hands.

Yuuma : “1000”…?
Arashiyama : As we’re speaking, in the activated trigger holder you all have
Is information on the trigger you chose for fighting.
The numbers on your left hand…
Reveal how long
You’ve been using this trigger.
Getting this number to reach “4000”
Is the necessary requirement to get promoted to B-Class.

Yuuma : Oh.
Insert on Yuuma : Scorpion : 1000
Arashiyama : In truth, most people start with 1000 points but,
People for whom high talent has been recognized during their interim enlistment
Start with extra-points.
Of course, the number attributed varies depending on the hope we have for their fighting potential.
Knowing this, you should work hard.
Insert trainee 5 : Hound : 1900
Insert trainee 3 : Hound : 2200
Insert trainee 4 : Kogestu : 2100
Yuuma : Wow…
Look at them being all self-important.
Arashiyama : There are two ways for you to increase your points.
Get a good score at the joint training that will occur twice a week or
Struggle for point at the Rank Battle.
Firstly, you’ll experience directly what the training is like.
Follow me.

Kitora : Mikumo,
Osamu : Kitora…
Kitora : What are you doing here?.
You’re already B-Class, right?
Osamu : I’m here using a procedure of transfer to act as Yuuma’s chaperon.
Yuuma : Oh, Kitora.
It’s been a while.
I enlisted in Border so treat me well.

Kitora thinking : So this is the person Jin told me was a Neighbor…
Come to think of it, this might explain…
That atmosphere back then…
Yuuma back cameo : Triggers originally belong to Neighbor, right?
Yuuma : I want to get up to B-Class as fast as possible but
Do you know of a good way?
Kitora : It’s simple.
Either get a perfect score on all the trainings
Or win continuously on the Rank Battles.
Yuuma : I see,
It’s really easy to understand that way.
Arashiyama : We’ve arrived.
You’re first training will be…

Arashiyama : A Fighting exercise against a Neighbor.
Inside a room with virtual battle mode,
You’ll be fighting a Neighbor Border reproduced from the data it has gathered.
Trainee XXXX : A fighting exercise from the get-go…?!
Yuuma : Nice.
Kitora : Back then it suddenly started with ‘that’ too.
Osamu : For me too…
Kitora : With this it’s possible to get a general understanding for everyone fighting ability.
Arashiyama : I believe there are some people that already personally experienced this from their Interim Enlistment but
Let me still say that in Virtual Battle Mode you don’t expend any trion.
You won’t get hurt either so fight with all your might.

Arashiyama : This time, you’ll be fighting
Against a Neighbor of “beginner level”…
A Colossal Neighbor all of you have already seen before although
Its size has been a little reduced for training purposes.
In that state, while it possesses no offensive ability it is thickly armored.
The time limit is 5 minutes per person,
So the faster you defeat it the more point you’ll receive.
I’d like the people who have confidence in themselves to aim for a high score.
The explanation is over!
Let’s get to all the rooms!

Kitora : It’s good to be able to defeat ‘yours’ within one minute for the first time.
How minutes did it take you the first time, Mikumo?
Osamu : Well, I…
Announcer : Room 2, complete
In 58 seconds.

Trainee 6 : He did it within 1 minute!
Trainee 7 : He’s awesome…!
Trainee 4 : As expected of you.
Trainee 3 : Well, it’s no big deal.
Kitora : 58 seconds,
It’s so-so.
Osamu thinking : I got disqualified by reaching the time limit when I did it…
Controller 1 : The newcomers this time aren’t that strong.
Isn’t the person that defeated ‘it’ in 1 minute the best so far?
Controller 2 : Well,
It’s only because the first timers take too much time, right?
Kuroe took 11 seconds,
Kitora, 9 seconds.
I think Midorikawa was 4 seconds, right?
Room 5, get ready.
Controller 1 : It feels so pitiful when you compare the newbies to “them”.
Announcer : Begin.

No Text

Announcer : Only…

Announcer : 0.6 seconds…?!!
Trainee 3 : What…
Controller 1 : What with him…?!!
Yuuma : Great,
I should keep on going like this.
Insert : To be precise, it’s 0.59 seconds!!
World Trigger …Chapter 33 / End.
Next issue, Yuuma displays the height of the overwhelming ability he’s acquired…?!

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#1. by michalek10866 ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2013
Thanks for a quick release
#2. by duenneud ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2013
0.59 secs!!! Thank you very much!
#3. by babybird130 ()
Posted on Oct 3, 2013
So fast! I didn't even see the raw but you translated it.

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